Dev Update #10

Here’s another long overdue development update!



The most recent thing I’ve been working on is fishing. I’ve added:

  • Fish-catching “minigame” that requires a little bit of skill to succeed at, as well as provide more purpose for fishing equipment.
  • Variable casting distance (fishing in deeper waters can net you better fish…) that you can improve by upgrading your fishing rod.
  • Baits that entice certain fish, get fish biting faster, and more.
  • Bobbers that affect the way the minigame work… making your job easier and increasing your chance of catching difficult fish.
  • Improved the look of the water quite a bit.
  • A Fishing Shop and a fisherman NPC.
  • Fish length… bigger fish sell for more, and your biggest catch for each fish species is recorded!
  • More fish.


Here’s a video sneak peek:

You’ll also notice a new on-screen display in the upper right, which includes a snazzy new money dial to make your profiteering a bit more satisfying (sparkles, coin sounds, flying profit/loss indicators, you name it).

I’ve also added item quality (for select types of items), fertilizers, sprinklers, wells, little indicators when a “maker” is ready to be harvested, and the ability for your bee houses to produce flower-specific honey if they are close enough:


Fertilizers can increase the quality of your crops, make them grow faster, or retain moisture so you don’t have to water the soil as often.


Contrary to what one might think based on the low update frequency, I am working hard on the game every day. It’s just a lot of work for one guy, and my main focus is on developing… so unfortunately the updates get neglected sometimes. Anyways, thanks for reading!


  • Magzilla

    I just happened to check the page, and LO AND BEHOLD, another update!! Looks great! The detail of the water is amazing! Everything just keeps looking better and better! Keep it up!! <3

  • Maeka

    So awesome! Love the update.

  • Cory

    Once again i’m impressed!

  • Godfrey

    I swear, I am going to have a freakin’ party when this game comes out!!! Every new dev update is like a teasing stab in the gut!

  • FierceRogue

    You continue to impress me sir. 🙂

  • Aptom

    Great update! I have a quick question, sorry if this has been discussed before but are you able to plot your own land and build those fence posts, wells, etc in game or is the house and all that good stuff predetermined?

    • ConcernedApe

      All the fences, farm buildings (like coops & barns), etc. are placed by you the player, so those can be plotted any way you like. The only thing that has a set position is your actual house itself. That’s partly because there are scripted events involving the townspeople that take place in front of the house.

      • Aptom

        Ah thanks for the clarification. I have another question to add, will the world/terrain where the house/town be static or randomized each time a player starts a new game?

        • Tahlia Bruce

          I’d really like to know this as well.

          • nick33ss

            yes so would I

        • ConcernedApe

          Most of the terrain in the game world, such as the town, is static… although there are “dynamic” things taking place in them. The underground cave system & dungeons are randomly generated each time you play, though.

          • Aptom

            Great to know, thanks for the reply!

  • MoonGeek

    Just my opinion, but if you’re going to add fishing please do not make it painfully tedious. Either make the rewards worth your time, or some system that allows you to stay active while fishing. From the current system you have in place, it seems you’d have to invest quite a bit of time doing the same thing over and over for maybe a small profit that you could get from some other time sink that may be a bit more entertaining. Minecraft’s fishing mechanic is an example of how the tediousness (I can’t believe that’s a real word) can really take a toll on the experience of the player when trying to use said mechanic. The ratio of reward versus amount of time it takes to catch a fish simply isn’t worth it, resulting in no realistic reason to fish in that game. Obviously Minecraft is an entirely different game, and I am in no way saying Stardew Valley is a copy of Minecraft, I simply think it’s a great example of how a tedious fishing system can scare players away from using it.
    Thanks for your time if you read this, I really just want to see this game be amazing and fun in every aspect it contains.
    Keep up the good work,

    • Orinoco68

      In the latest Harvest Moon they implemented fishing traps you could craft and drop into the river. They’d break after a couple of uses but you could set them and then wander off to do other things while you waited for the fish.

      Something like this, or perhaps a net you could cast off a pier or string across a stream would complement rod fishing really well imo. Perhaps traps and nets could be the only way to get certain sealife (lobsters and crabs come to mind)?

      With both the active and passive ways of getting fish, fishing could become a legitimate way of life rather than only complementary to farming or mining 🙂

  • Cariyaga

    ConcernedApe, might I suggest allowing someone in on a volunteer basis, not to help you develop the game, but to give you playtesting feedback? They would also be able to assist you in writing these dev logs!

    • Matt Rempel

      I’m sure there would be a ton of people that would be willing to play test in turn for converting update logs into Dev blogs…

    • Amanda


  • Dashmaniac

    No offence ConcernedApe but you are making my life so freaking hard

    Im checking out this game about everyday for updates release dates screenshots you name it
    once its release i will play this game aloooooot never was so excited before about a game

  • Zachary

    Can’t wait for the game to come out cause it looks awesome.

  • JezuitX

    Sounds awesome. Keep up the good work.

  • Space Blizzard

    Love the new interface! This continues to be amazing.

  • StarboundContributorAffero

    WHoah! I’m really looking forward to this game!

    • StarboundContributorAffero

      Also will stardew be modfriendly?

      • Moira

        Yes, he has stated many times he welcomes modding as he programmed the game with that in mind. I believe he stated in an interview that if anyone wanted to mod the game, he’d be willing to answer any questions they may have.

        Hope that helps! Cheers!

  • Rrueya

    Each update really brings the world to live! I for one cannot wait to inhibit it 🙂

  • cαssч (ノ・◡・)ノ

    CA, it’s a-okay! I’m always happy to see a new update from you and we know you’re working hard on this game! Thank you for keeping us updated~ I love the new fishing and the fishing mini-game looks like a lot of fun! I can already tell I’m going to be spending a lot of time by the water! Beautiful work as always, please keep up the great work!

  • Luke Heard

    This looks so cool, the fishing looks awesome! Reminds me of Breath Of Fire III (or was it IV? idk.) fishing. Please add lots of fish verities and a way to display your prize catches! Keep up the great work, we’re all rooting for you CA!

    • Man_in_the_mists

      I’m 90% sure that you’re thinking of BoF 4.

      • Loukas

        After some Youtubing and a ton of nostalgia, it reminds me of both as they’re quite similar. Perhaps 3 a bit more because of staying on target with the fish to catch it. Anyway they were awesome games!

  • Smannesman

    I don’t mind the update frequency, just make the game you want to make. In fact if it were possible I would’ve pre-ordered it already on the basis of what you’ve shown already.

    • TheWierd

      “What he said!”
      As long as it’s Harvest Moon with multiplayer, I would pre-order it in a heartbeat.

  • Quark

    I have to say that I’m looking forward to Starbound and Stardew Valley more than any Triple-A title currently announced. Keep it up, man. I think myself and at least two of my sisters will end up getting this on release.

    Also, the fishing game looks amazing to me. Makes a heck of a lot more sense than simply pressing a single button when a bubble pops up above your character’s head. I can imagine some of the larger fish actually being a challenge to reel in, and thus feel more rewarding when you finally catch them.

  • Pamela Collins

    Yay! Beekeeping! =)

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  • Patrick

    Yay! thanks CA. Looks great! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Keep up the good work!

  • Random Guy

    I was going crazy waiting for gtaV, but waiting for this is worse!

  • DrKramshaw

    Agree with others who said, don’t worry about things like update frequency: the game seems to grow a lot between each time you post. I love seeing what developments you have made. Been following for a long time and would already be happy to pre-order even if it’s not going to be released for a while.

    I have a question, would it at all be within the realms of possibility for there to be a slider in the options to reduce the colour saturation of the graphics? I love your art and your style but I feel like personally for me on my screen it’s a tad too bright.

    • ConcernedApe

      Thanks! I can’t make any promises about the saturation but I’ll definitely take your feedback into consideration 🙂

  • GnomeBoy

    Can’t wait to become Fish master.

  • Sasha Ilin

    Good update! But when will game be realesed?

  • Anony M.

    I love how this game looks! Can’t wait to play it! I’m hoping multiplayer will be a lot of fun with my wife and me going on epic farming adventures. I always loved fishing in Ultima Online way back in the day, and this reminds me of those good old days when it was just a man, his fishing pole, and the wild world of Sosaria. Thanks for the great nostalgia! : )

    • Valdrrak

      Haha yea Me and my wife are looking forward to playing this together, I hope its going to be a good co-op game for us to play. kinda like a harvest moon to play with eachother.

  • Musadriff

    I really hope that after starbound release, chucklefish can give you some hand. This game is going to be awesome.

  • claudekennilol

    Great update. I really like the shop interface and how selling gives a very positive feedback.

  • Stevo Smith

    Just have to say, I would have pre-purchased this (ala Starbound’s pre-order) after seeing the first or second dev update, without hesitation~ Please keep on keepin on <3 This looks amazing and even more so each time you post something new!

  • Shiny

    I’m so excited for this game! It looks amazing! Judging from the videos, it has an amazing atmosphere and the farming looks addictive and satisfying. The fishing looks like it’s going to be awesome, too. I hate it when they make fishing boring in games, but it looks good for SV.
    Eeh I can’t wait. When this comes out, be prepared to have a lot of money thrown in your face!
    It just seems so awesome. Like Harvest Moon but with so much more content and freedom.
    Don’t worry about how often you update. It’s amazing that you’re doing this all by yourself; you’re an inspiration.

  • Mestifon

    Keep up the great work! Im looking forward to buying this game. And as soon as prepurchases are available you cant count on me buyin a copy.

  • Adam Pilc

    Can’t wait. The game looks and sounds amazing! keep up good work!

  • SleeKeith

    Wow, you have done a great job on fishing ! This game just gets better at every update. I just can’t wait to play it with my friends. Keep up the good word and thanks for the Dev Updates you do!

  • Chris Johnson

    Dude, so long as you update us every month or so to let us know you’re still around, that’s fine by me. Gives you more time to work and it gives the updates plenty more content to them.

    As for the fishing… YEAHBOI! I’m stoked about catching the River King! I think it’d be awesome if there were trophies applied to the fishing somehow, either for in-game contests or trading certain size fish to the fish shop for them. They would look great around the house as decoration!

  • Clownfish

    My family and I are really looking forward to Stardew valley! Thanks for the fascinating update Concerned Ape! (Anyone) What programing language is this developed in? (Just curious I’m starting to learn game design and this is very inspiring to me)

  • Zac

    Just heard about Stardew Valley from Starbounds site, this looks absolutely amazing definitely a future buy, keep up the really good work, reminds me of my childhood playing harvest moon, and more recently rune factory, can’t wait!

  • Alex Chung

    I am also looking forward to this and Starbound more than any triple-a title.

  • Antonio Souza Junior

    Nice Work!
    can’t wait to play it 😀

  • Warbasher

    This game is getting more and more enticing with every update! Right now, the gameplay looks like an fantastic mix between Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Minecraft, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Oh and the music, don’t even get me started – it sounds awesomely nostalgic and feels like a breath of fresh air. The amount of effort one person can put into one game is truly astounding and it shows.

  • Peter J. Ramaglia

    So I really do not know how this happened…but I first replied to this update when there was like 27-30 comments but for some strange reason my comment never actually posted. Disqus still auto-subcribed me as per my settings (which kind of tells me that my comment actually should’ve gone through). Has anyone else experienced this issue with Disqus before? It’s a bit annoying because I have to remember exactly what it was I was talking about…but the gist of the comment was asking a few game mechanic questions about the fertilizer.

  • Sarah

    No worries about the infrequent updates — you’re a one-man development team and working on the game takes priority over throwing meat to the ravening fans! Plus I’m impressed at the already fairly polished work you show when the videos come around, since each time there are new mechanics that already seem thought-out and the graphics look visibly refined each time you throw us some eye-candy.

    The fishing minigame already seems like an interesting addition and much more inspired-by-life than equivalents in other games — though obviously it remains to be seen if it’s fun! I’m rooting for you, guy — and like others have said, I’d have already preordered if given the chance.

  • Alex Chung

    I am totally stoked for this game.

  • Jake

    Since you have put fertilizer in the game will you also include soil fertility depletion, underground aquifers, crop rotation and capillary action in the soil bringing nutrients to the top soil? Will there be a difference between organic and artificial in the game? (I have already seen in the trailers that there was a girl talking about how you grow organic and thus care about the earth)

  • Rodrigo Deus

    I really love how the game seems to grow on each update, but I’m dying to play this and give detailed feedback for you.

  • Sombrero_Rangerino

    I just want this game so bad ._.
    I’ll play GTA V meanwhile xd

  • Ulcerus

    Wow… this is actually the first the I see the game “in action”, and I’m stunned! The game is beautiful! The music at the fishing dock is such a nice tune also. Well done! Really looking forward to this.

  • Francisco Macías

    Sprinklers? Why not irrigation canals? Using a river, a pond. It would be like this:

    XXXXXX Layout: X water, ::: Earth, soil.
    The crops will be irrigated permanently and it’s a bit more “pro”. It’s just an idea, and I’m just a new fan of your work. I’m really looking forward for play this game, with each new update I’m feel more and more like the first time I was playing Harvest moon. Sorry about my English by the way, I’m from Ecuador. ¡Que mantenga ese buen animo y mucha suerte en su proyecto!

  • Mouko

    Is there a way you could include animal breeding, to unlock coat patterns and such? Or would that be too complicated?

  • K Zhang

    This is gonna be the greatest thing ever.

  • Cazarroman

    I.. can’t believe I never caught on to this game until today. AMAZING!

  • ultrasam

    Keep up with the excellent job I am looking forward for this game

  • MithranAkanere

    This game seems to concentrate all the good stuff related to agriculture and countryside activities you can find in any other game… and then some more.

    Lookin’ good.

  • TheWierd

    I think this game will get more played time from me than GTA V ever will.
    Keep up the good work guys. Hope we get an estimate release date soon!