Dev Update #11


As you perform various tasks in Stardew Valley, you’ll gain levels in 6 different areas:

Farming, Mining, Fishing, Foraging, Combat, and Luck

You can gain up to 10 levels in each skill area.Β For most skills, each level-up grants you new crafting recipes, cooking recipes, or other abilities. At levels 5 and 10, however, you’ll have a chance to choose one of two different talents. Talents grant you small perks related to the skill area. Depending on which talent you choose at level 5, a different set of talents will become available at level 10.

Below you’ll see a visual example of the farming talent tree:


As you can see, your choice at level 5 will set you on a path to being slightly more animal-oriented or slightly more crop-oriented. You’ll still want to do a little of everything if you want to be a well-rounded and successful farmer, but talents will make your favorite activities a little easier and satisfying.

Other new stuff:

Some new fishes and some new dishes:


Crab pots (put bait in them and wait overnight… you can catch all sorts of things!):

Crab Pot





Tappers that you can attach to a tree for syrup collection.

Polished the look and layout of town a bit:



Thanks for reading!


  • Maeka

    Very nice. Can’t wait until I can get my hands on this!

  • Zotac7

    I really want this game! Can’t wait!!!

  • Linka

    Whoa! You’re alive!

    I can’t wait for this game to be done. I’d say this will satisfy my farming sim itch for a good long while.

  • Dranar

    Really looking great, keep up the good work!

  • JezuitX

    Things are looking good. Can’t wait to play.

  • I can’t wait to play this! Thanks for the update.

  • Jeremy T. Gibson

    Everybody who’s published by Chucklefish is so finicky about having a finished product before releasing it. I wanna pay for this and play already! πŸ˜‰

    • GasaixYuno

      I wouldn’t mind seeing it be like on Steam Early Access or something.

  • Sam Roberts

    Awesome. I love perks like that. And checking traps the next morning would be a lovely task. πŸ˜€

  • balzac

    Everything you post makes me want this game more and more. I can’t wait until this game is done.

  • Amanda

    I. Am. So. Excited. The updates are keeping me afloat, but barely. This game is gunna be so cool πŸ˜€ You said you were hoping to release this in 2013 right?

  • Julia Lasseguarde

    most looked forward to game of this year? is for me! thanks for keeping us updated<3

  • Sasha Ilin


  • Sam

    How can someone be so amazing? I love you, CApe. Everything let me love this game and with every Devupdate.. it just gets better and better.

  • ryu

    i cant wait
    when is the release date becuase it’s almost the end of 2013

  • ryu

    you said it would be some where in the end of 2013
    it’s 0ctober, we cant wait no longer. im very excited
    atleast give us a close approx. of how much longer. i know you working really hard

  • Magzilla

    Ingenious! I love the skill hierarchies! Everything looks amazing, as always, so keep it up! I have faith that you will release the game before Christmas, so I will patiently wait to play one of the best looking games coming out. I think the best part of the Dev Update is the food pictures! They look amazing!!

    Seriously, keep it up. I can see the amount of work and dedication you’re putting in to this, and it makes me so happy. You are amazing, good sir!

  • Space Blizzard

    This started out with the promise of delivering an experience akin to Harvest Moon, but with every update it seems like it’s going to massively outdo Harvest Moon! Can’t wait.

  • Loukas

    The skill choice is a great idea! I wish it was every level though, that way you could have certain ‘builds’. What does luck contribute to and how is it raised?

  • Kayla

    You updated on my Birthday? What a fantastic birthday present. Everything’s looking awesome. Your doing a great job!

  • Zombiefilmfan

    Amazing update CA! Looks like this will be my casual game. Looks relaxing. I can’t wait to play it.

  • Jake

    Kind of disappointed that it ends at level 10. Even if unique benefits end at level 10, I would like to see something like small efficiency increases up to level 100 to extend the game’s life.

    • Liam Heffernan

      he might add more in the leveling department later on with updates maybe?

  • Jaan


  • Henry

    Ugh, this looks too good. Can’t wait to play this game! This is why I love indie games!

  • Orinoco68

    Nice update man. Am crazy excited about this game πŸ˜€ The amount of detail that must go into a project like this is mind boggling.

    Leveling and talent specialisation looks really cool, am eager to see what you have in mind for the different level up abilities and the talents for the other trees. Multiplayer is going to be on a completly different level now that each player can decide to specialise in their favourite aspect of gameplay. Grabbing my combat-oriented friend to keep me safe from monsters while I mine sounds like a lot of fun.

    Love the bait idea for the crab-pots. I’d imagine you could forage for bugs or use meat you’ve produced to lure aquatic critters in? It’s nice to see how all these mechanics mesh so well – farming/foraging helps out fishing, combat helps out mining etc. It’s obvious to see how much thought you’ve put into this and I hope you know how much we all appreciate it.

    Keep up the stellar work πŸ™‚

  • claudekennilol

    How does multiplayer work along with skills? If I’ve got a friend with “TIller” (plus crop value) and I don’t have it, if he plants stuff on my farm does it retain the +value? If no, as in that skill isn’t useful for multiplayer, is it justifiable that a combat skill would work while they’re in a multiplayer game? (as in is it justifiable that one skill works in multiplayer and another doesn’t?)

    • Orinoco68

      I took it to mean those talents would effect actions undertaken by that specific character. So in your example, I thought the extra 10% profit would only effect the prices of crops grown (or perhaps sold?) by the player with Tiller.

      That brings up the interesting question of how much imput that player has to have in the raising of those crops though. Is it simply enough for them to put the seeds in the ground to ‘tag’ them as effected by Tiller and have others help water them? Or perhaps the bonus 10% effects any crops harvested/sold by that player regardless of who grew it?

      I’d prefer it to be latter so that while you do get the bonus, it doesn’t mean that you’re stuck doing a single task in multiplayer because you’re seen as the most efficient at it. With Tiller effecting any crops *sold* (not necessarily grown) by that player, there will be more impetus for teamwork. Having a whole bunch of people work together to raise quality crops, then give them to an individual to sell and have the profits spread around equally would be a really good way to implement these sort of tallents imo πŸ™‚

    • Ben

      That’s a really good question. I’m really curious as to how different multiplayer will be from the single-player experience.

  • Adventure_time

    Are you guys going to offer helmets with this game? I don’t want a mess in my room when this game blows my mind. πŸ˜›

  • Mouko

    Aw, but what if I want ALL the skills?!

    • Magzilla

      Replay it all!! That’s what I’m looking forward to! πŸ˜€

      • Mouko

        Yeah, that’s true… though naturally I’d be more animal leaning regardless. I mean, just because we can’t get the perks doesn’t mean we can’t still do it, right?

  • Songtress

    That’s REALLY COOL. Though I am kind of glad that its 1-10 System , meaning that I am sure the increases game play ability (just to see the other skill paths.

  • Alex

    This game looks so good! the second it comes out I’m buying it

  • SolidSnake916

    This game cant even be compared to Harvest Moon! This game is on a whole new level and it looks so unique, there is similarities ofcourse like the graphics looking like Back to Nature and Friends of Mineral Town. But by what you have shown and said it already has more features then any Harvest Moon game out there.

    I was curious if you are making it so you can marry have kids?

    Also might we see more of the Character Portraits, if any changes, i very much care for these as character communication is key, especially if you start a family in the game. The previews you gave before are very good, but some seem out of place. They seem like city folks more then Town/Farm folks. If that makes since i could easily go into more detail on them, and i do understand they are a work in progress but i felt it should be mentioned.

    Thanks for this game and i cant wait to play this!

  • FierceRogue

    As always, great work ConcernedApe. I look forward to eating one of those big, juicy hamburgers! πŸ˜€

    • Shirou

      I didn’t expect to find you here xD Hello!

  • Novakid

    Dear ConcernedApe,
    Your game looks better than any harvest moon game there is, and they were produced by multiple people. Thank you for being awesome.

    Anyone who looked at even one of your updates

  • Rodrigo Deus

    Ape, in Harvest Moon game we had about 2 years of time in-game to do what the player wanted. How much time will exist in Stardew Valley?

    And, will the game be released before Xmas?

  • MithranAkanere

    I wasn’t expecting skills!

    This keeps getting better and better!

  • Beenie

    Are you still planning to release it this year?

  • Frostyfrog

    RIP, broken crab pot gif

  • Sam Roberts

    Really aint nothin much like gettin absorbed in games like this. Especially now since this has it all in one and then some. =D

  • meonfire

    awesome πŸ™‚

    but i ask myself .. how will this traits turn out in multiplayer ?

    do you get both if you play with someone who have chosen the other trait ?

    + i think there should be 4 different skills to choose from in that case πŸ˜‰

  • The last updates were August 4, September 5 and October 5. Nothing yet for November… and total silence on ConcernedApe’s Twitter for the whole of November. I’m worried that the game’s been abandoned.

    • Orinoco68

      I wouldn’t be too worried πŸ™‚ Ape’s probably got other end-of-year obligations keeping him busy atm. Seeing how much work has gone into the game so far I couldn’t imagine him abandoning it any time soon. He’s a one man team, Stardew Valley is his baby. It’s always good to see new info but all being considered, I think we’re in safe hands πŸ™‚