Dev Update #13

Season’s greetings!

Just want Β to touch in and let you guys know that progress on Stardew is still happening as usual. πŸ™‚

There’s nothing new to report on that wouldn’t be a spoiler… I’ve mainly been working on finishing up everything to do with NPC’s.

Here’s a few wintery things:






  • Paulo Buzon

    1st YAY !

    • HalloWorld


  • HalloWorld

    Awesome pics. I want stardew more than ever nao πŸ™

  • Sznejk

    Give release date.

    • cΞ±ssΡ‡ (ノ・◑・)γƒŽ

      CA already stated he’s not comfortable giving one out, be patient.

  • AlbinoBlueSquirrel .

    I suspected another update would be coming out soon. I’ve always loved snowy holiday scenes and graphics in video games, and I’m loving the Christmas tree in the first screenshot, though I’m not quite so hot on the blank snow on the roof of the building next to it. I can appreciate it’s simplicity, but I’ve always been a fan of things that lean more to the side of being almost overdone. Maybe if it didn’t quite cover the entire roof, like on the trailer in the next pic, which looks quite nice.

  • Caleb Matthews

    God, this game is looking great. Love all the little details in the environments. Like the snowman peaking out the window, can’t wait to play.

  • cΞ±ssΡ‡ (ノ・◑・)γƒŽ

    Such lovely screenshots! The holidays look so fun! I can’t wait to join the festivities!

  • Magzilla

    It all looks so lovely! I really like Haley’s picture; very pretty!
    This only fuels my soul with fire and passion for this game! Thank you for sharing such gorgeous screenshots!!

  • Luke

    Winter looks fun! Also really impressed with the character portraits!

  • Bradley Uffner

    I never thought that Starbound would be out before this.

    • GnomeBoy

      Starbound has a development team, right?

    • Cory Starkell

      Please, Starbound is Early Access. That is hardly considered released. StarDew looks like it could go EA by this point, but EA isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.

      • Alexander Sohn

        Have to disagree with your last comment there, if anything EA has been a huge success to lots of developers by essentially getting paid to let people “beta test” their game. In fact the only criticisms I’ve seen from folks are the ones who buy an EA game without reading the warning about the potential state the game may be in beforehand so they assume they’re buying a fully released product. Nonetheless it’s up to the developer to decide when and how they want to release their game, as much as I would prefer Stardew to release via EA I respect CA’s decision to release when he chooses.

  • Kinsem

    Every time an update is posted, I want the game even more, luckily I have Starbound to keep me occupied till Stardew comes out, and when that finally dose happen I will pretty much have no social life. CA keep up the good work to make the game as awesome as possible.

    • sportsquid .

      same here (well i almost have starbound (only 1 more day))

  • Linny

    Awww, I really love all of it, it’s so cute! :3

  • Richie Donahou

    Continues to look amazing! Keep up the great progress!

  • K Zhang

    Oooh Seasonal Events πŸ˜€ I love those in harvest moon games keeps us having fun ^_^

  • Strance

    Awesome !

  • Tahlia Bruce

    Thanks for the update! It means a lot of us practically holding our breath till release. Game looks great with all the thought put into the small details

  • Sullivan Alves

    This is amazing bro!
    Greetings from Brazil o/

  • Sombrero_Rangerino

    Does anyone know a way in wich I can travel to the future and play this motherfuckin’ game?
    From now, thanks πŸ˜€

  • claudekennilol

    Thanks for the update ^_^

  • Smannesman

    It looks amazing, if you enjoy them you may insert a ‘Shut up and take my money’ meme image into this post.

  • WirlWind

    Awesome, sooo badly want to get into this πŸ˜€

  • Deadvimz

    Everytime I enter this site i’m amased by this amazing game <3
    So waiting to get it and play it until I finish it the best I can!

  • Shirou
  • Jaymes Garland

    Graphics look nice.

  • Courtney

    I’m so excited for this game. Thank you for all the hard work and screenshots to somewhat feed our eagerness for this game. Keep up the good work….and I look forward to playing soon!!!

  • Sypheria

    i so want to play this πŸ™‚ i found this while searching for starbound but this is more my type of game. anything to do with life type rp is awesome

  • pinkcatmint

    The character portraits have really improved. Haley looks beautiful. Love the seasonal stuff. Can’t wait to see what you do for Spring, Summer, and Fall (my favorite season).

  • TheWierd

    Very nice, keep it up mate. Looking forward to some excellent playing!

  • Rich H

    So when is this actually going to be a game, and not just pixel art mockups on an artist’s blog?

    • GnomeBoy

      This game is a one man project, no release date yet. If you are skeptical that the pixel art is actually part of a game in progress then please watch one of the gameplay videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFF-eBrzusM

  • Frisky Fox

    I can’t wait until I can play Stardew Valley on a snowy day like today! Especially if it were also winter in game. I love the atmosphere in those screenshots.

  • Asad Ali

    Please take my money

    • Paulo Buzon


  • boop

    each time i go on this site, i get hyped for this game, each time i see it i think i hope this comes out soon, all this waiting is making me fairly crazy but i know all this time will make the game much better then some rushed game

  • Asad Ali

    I hope it gets on Steam