Dev Update #14

 Hi, hope you are all having a nice 2014 so far!

I’ve been busy finalizing and polishing character event cutscenes. Let me tell you a bit more about what that entails.

There are 10 “eligible” characters in the game, 5 females and 5 males (Yes, same-sex marriage/relationships are allowed!). Each one has at least 5 “events” which you’ll encounter as your relationship with the character progresses. Most of the events include conversations in which you can choose between different dialogue options. Sometimes the option you choose will affect how the rest of the event plays out. In addition to conversation options, you’ll sometimes be given a choice between multiple courses of action, which always has an effect on how the event plays out. Sometimes, choices you make in events will affect what characters end up  doing in the future. Characters that you can’t marry also have these event cutscenes, but typically not as many.

I’ve been carefully going through every one of these events, adding or rewriting dialogue, new animations, props, cameo characters, settings, storylines, graphical cutscenes, sounds, music, and more! I also added a lot more cases where your choices affect how the rest of the event plays out. Additionally… while working on these events, if I encounter anything else in the game I am unhappy with I typically take a small detour and fix that as well.

So I’ve been working mostly on events, with slight detours here and there to polish other aspects of the game.


Some other new things I’ve added since last update:

  • 2 children… a boy and a girl (seen below) — I felt that children were necessary to make the town feel more alive. They are also useful as plot elements, and have already been incorporated into other characters’ storylines.
  • Bath house, with locker rooms — Fun setting for events, place to relax, and an excuse to see characters in their bathing suits.
  • An arcade in the saloon —  A place for the youth to hang out. Some fun surprises as well.


What else needs to be done before release?

  • Finish the rest of the events
  • Festivals
  • The Joja Corporation story arc
  • Post-marriage life
  • Finish Multiplayer
  • More polishing!
  • Testing, technical stuff, performance optimizations, possible mac and linux port


The following are all in-game screenshots:









statueHop<– You might encounter it if you play your cards right…


Thanks for reading!


  • Fantist

    You’ve done a fantastic job with the art style my good man. I really love the lighting and shadows. Keep up the fantastic work! Can’t wait to preorder the game to show my support.

    P.S. – Never underestimate the value of adding more and more varieties of crops, ores, skills, animals, etc.

    P.S.S – Would love to see an option to sync the game’s time and events to the player’s real life time.

  • Fantist

    You’ve done a fantastic job with the art style my good man. I really love the lighting and shadows. Keep up the fantastic work! Can’t wait to preorder the game to show my support.

    P.S. – Never underestimate the value of adding more and more varieties of crops, ores, skills, animals, etc.

    P.S.S – Would love to see an option to sync the game’s time and events to the player’s real life time.

    (Sorry about the double post. I’d delete the guest comment if I could.)

  • Marcoroni

    I get more excited all the time for this game. I’m really impressed with
    how well you’re moving the game forward and with how often you get
    these dev updates out all by your lonesome.

    Sounds like the plot system will have some good replayability, especially if you don’t mind a bit of gender bending. The art is also really pretty, and I especially like how you’ve done the landscapes and structures.

    Positive things aside: I really, really hope to play my cards wrong as far as encountering that mutant chicken nugget leprechaun trio is concerned. I don’t trust them.

  • Oscar

    CA. I just wanted to give my 2c as an avid farming game player.

    Firstly i think you are doing an AMAZING job. I am hoping to get into game and app dev myself but cant seem to find the motivation to start anything after i come home from work, but every time i see an update on stardew valley its a little personal push in the right direction.

    Now the game. i am looking forward to seeing how characters unfold. So many games think that the NPCs are simply decorations but this game is going to offer so much more and for that i am truly excited.

    Something i bring up just because i read the comment from Fantist. I have noticed and i am sure you have in your mind is the limitations in other games in terms of number of crops and minerals/ores etc. There are never to many of these things 🙂

    Keep up the Amazing work CA 🙂

  • Darkeru

    Hi. Everything looks great so far. I’m looking forward to playing this.

    A question; In the same-sex relationship routes, is it acknowledged that it’s same-sex much? I ask because I’ve read a few stories where same-sex relationships were involved and usually no-one is surprised (even if that character previously only liked the opposite sex), no prejudice is encountered and everything is normal. When I’ve encountered this in real life with friends coming out or people in the community coming out, usually most people were supportive, but surprised and there was some prejudice encountered from a few people.

    • ConcernedApe

      I’d like to make the character interaction as realistic as possible, but I also want to finish the game in a reasonable time frame and it does take a lot of time and effort to make the character interactions highly detailed. So what I’m saying is that, while there might be some acknowledgement of a same-sex relationship among the townspeople (some supportive, some negative, etc.), there probably won’t be big, lasting changes in how the townspeople interact with you.

      • Darkeru

        Thanks for your reply. It’s certainly understandable that there won’t be big, lasting changes in the interaction with the townspeople due to it, but it’s good to know that there may be some acknowledgement of it with varied attitudes.

        Best of luck with the development.

  • mr poop

    I pooped i was so excited

  • Magzilla

    This makes me so happy. I’m glad that the list of things to do is relatively short. I hope it all gets done in a way that makes you happy. So glad to read this!

    Plus, the screenshots are SUPER GORGEOUS! <3

  • Sam

    Thats all sounds so fantastic ♥ I am super exited for the progress of friendships 🙂 The bath house look awesome, your pixel art is just gorgeous. The screenshots makes me looking forward to Stardew Valley even a bit more 🙂

    Sounds like there is still a load of work to do. I wish you good luck and endurance! Keep it going ♥

  • Midi_Amp

    I just want to shower you with money (or whatever the game price is, and broke it down to pennies)… This is my most watched game for 2014 indeed… Titanfall? Watch Dogs? Witcher 3? Pfft… Stardew Valley FTW!

  • yarp

    I’m disappointed.

    • Magzilla

      With what? Be a bit more specific, please. If you want your criticism to be constructive, you have to elaborate upon what you are disappointed in. Is it the art? Is the the farming? Is it that potato scarecrow thing?

  • JezuitX

    Everything looks like it’s coming together. Can’t wait to play this. Keep up the good work.

  • Jeremy T. Gibson

    Similar to Darkeru’s post, in a way… On the subject of same-sex relationships, is everyone automatically “same sex eligible” right from the beginning? I figure there should be an element of unlocking to do, such as having a dialogue option somewhere along the way where someone unrelated to the potential companions off-handedly asks you your preference, since going through a town where everyone is interested in you, male or female, is all kinds of unrealistic and awkward: everyone in town is either “easy” or “desperate” if there are no initial barriers.

    By all means I’ll say “go for it” as far as *allowing* it, but playing as a male shouldn’t *automatically* make all of the other males eligible any more than it should automatically make all of the females ineligible (which it obviously shouldn’t).

    How about: In any one session, there is only one person of the same sex who has a same-sex bent, but if you are receptive to that character, then all of the other characters of that gender thereby become eligible. That way there’s minimal discrimination against anyone who does want to pursue the same sex (they can still choose any of the same sex characters they want, once they indicate they’re interested), and yet it still preserves realism for those who don’t want the entire town to end in a couple of generations because there are no breeding heterogenous couples!

    • Magzilla

      You give the person you’re interested in a bouquet, which unlocks or
      forever locks the option of same-sex marriage for that particular game.
      Once you have shown your interest in a gender, then the other gender
      goes about developing on a platonic level only. 🙂

      • wanderthe5th

        Once you have shown your interest in a gender, then the other gender
        goes about developing on a platonic level only.

        That sounds strange and annoying. From a gameplay perspective, it’s no fun to have content blocked off during a playthrough because of a decision you made earlier which you had no reasonable way to know would keep you from other content. From a realism perspective, it’s not as though everyone is interested in only one gender.

        • pinkcatmint

          I totally agree with you, wanderthe5th, and I’m disappointed that one gender would be forever closed off from dating if your character gives a special bouquet to a same-sex person. That sucks. I want to be able to date everyone!

          • ConstructiveCriticism

            Why not all of the above? Give a dialogue option that would ask your preference in a subtle way (male/female/both/none?), then have a system dialog explain this choice will lock relation options based on your choice and ask to confirm or choose again. Everybody wins. Even those that like to play extreme introverts and don’t want anybody hitting on them can choose a none option, and the option for keeping both gender relations is available as well. I think this is better implementation than leaving it open because John Smith’s fantasy village may consist of a girlfriend/guy-best-friend or boyfriend/girl-best-friend combo, and it’s just weird to have your best friends flirt with you.

  • d75

    I have a question, how does the marriage work in multiplayer?.. what if two players wanted to marry the same girl/guy?

    • ConcernedApe

      Good question! Please see my response to TheSapphire.

  • Alex

    Everytime I see an update to this game I can’t even contain myself! Super excited to see this game come out, you’re doing an awesome job. Can’t wait for it.

    P.S. Definitely would LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I emphasize how much love there would be?) if this was released on Mac.

  • Green Avenger

    I have been checking this site everyday for the update. I AM SO EXCITED!!! Thankyou for making this game

  • Sullivan Alves

    I need a release date ç .ç

  • Christopher Veach

    This sounds really complicated to program! I remmber trying to write a choose your own adventure story when I was younger and it quickly got out of control with allt he choices.

  • BenjaminSutton

    Can’t wait for the finished game 🙂 Especially interested in that possible Linux port~

  • Sasha Ilin

    What do you think about issue on the consoles?

  • Caio

    you could put the language of the game in Portuguese Brazil too??

  • Ahhh– everything is looking beautiful so far! (Except for the potato tower of doom, I don’t think I want to meet that! They look shifty. And they might be hiding a dangerous weapon. I’ll make sure to have a deep fryer ready in the event I DO ever meet it. :C)

    Keep up the good work and let us all just shower you with praise, and eventually our money.

  • Brett Keoki Patton

    I’ve been keeping tabs on the steady work you’ve been putting into Stardew Valley, and I’m glad to see it paying off. Topnotch sprites, yo! A great game appears to be materializing, and I’d like to personally thank you for conjuring it from out of the Void.

  • TheSapphire

    One thing I am starting to get a bit worried about is the multiplayer. I think one of the best things about this game will being able to play with my friends/family and I just hope that all the new features don’t interfere with the multiplayer. Such as what will happen if allot of people want to marry one person? Also will there be like a wedding that all the people come to? Because I think that would be pretty neat.

    Besides all of that this game this game looks amazing and I cant wait for a release date.

    P.S Will you be able to marry the potato scarecrow? because it looks extreamy sexy to me 😉

    • ConcernedApe

      In multiplayer, if a player marries an NPC, that NPC will no longer be available for any other player to marry. So if you and your friends all want to go for the same NPC it will be a race to win his/her hand.

      • TheSapphire

        Sounds like fun. Seems like it will be a fight to the death between me and my friend to marry someone. 🙂

  • Ashy

    I think with how long it has come along and how close it is to becoming done that there should be a new trailer for the game, and advertisement, he only has about 3-4 months worth of stuff to do if even that much time, maybe less

  • Luke

    Sounds like you still have lots to do, but this preview is looking great so far!

  • zimbawe

    this game gives me the super feels, knowing that I’ll spend hours in front of my computer just to small talk with a girl in the village, this game should be called “real life – the game” 10/10 ;(

  • Lovey-dovey is groovy

    Can same-sex couples get magic babies?
    This is important.

    • Blade

      I am pretty sure that there will by some sort of adoption option for anyone even if you just want to stay single.

  • Daniel Gato

    I really really REALLY love this game, It’s like a dream coming true <3

    I've got a question, I think I read that food gives you benefits, but that means you don't have to eat to survive? Or maybe to be in a good shape? I love when you need to cook to satiate your hunger

  • Paulo Buzon

    I’ve been waiting for this game forever (╥﹏╥)

  • Kaas Chuig

    Rather than follow this game, I’ve more been checking back every so often to see how it’s going, so you may have already announced what festivals you plan on putting in… but if not, hopefully you will include something like the Tomato Festival from HM: Back to Nature (I was sad they removed it for the gba HM: Friends of Mineral Town)

  • PrimeMover

    Looks great! Can’t wait until it is released!

  • PrimeMover

    Looks great, can’t wait until it’s release!

  • DarkWolffe

    I’m glad that you’re taking your time with this release, making sure it’s actually playable and done by the time it ships out. This is a good thing you do.

  • ravenarlowe

    Been eagerly awaiting this game for awhile (I LOVE Harvest Moon). On the subject of children, while I’m glad they are in the game, since you have yet to begin work on post-marriage life I’m curious will having a child be an option for once you’re married (adoption for same-sex couples)? I am sure they would need to have some kind of purpose, maybe once they mature they can help do certain basic tasks for you like watering crops or brushing animals? It would be nice to see this included!

  • MatheusLSB

    I don’t really liked one Thing ,,,,,, Same-Sex Marriage?!?!?! …..Strange. …. But The game will be AWESOME!!!

    • Philippe Durand

      Strange? What world do you live in??

    • derp


  • Kenkimaru

    Are all the love interests used goods or what? I’m getting a strange vibe from this update.

    • pinkcatmint

      “Used goods”? Are you talking about the dialog with Leah where her ex is mentioned? We don’t know if she is talking about an ex boyfriend, or an ex husband, but either way it shouldn’t matter. A woman is not “used goods” in either situation. Do you expect all the female characters to be sweet little virgins who have never even dated a boy before? What the hell is wrong with you?

      • Kenkimaru

        Whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • Marcus Pitts

    Really looking forward to this game. Has there been any thought of putting on any consoles?

  • Andy Narain

    In all honesty, it sounds like to me that the game won’t be done ’til at least August. The festivals itself would take at least a month, and I can’t imagine how long the post-marriage part will be. The only thing I see on your to-do list that won’t take a month is the polishing up, and possibly the testing.

  • Robert

    It’d be a nice addition if you somehow got the children to age as well as time moves on or the story progresses. Maybe a realism mode where you character ages and dies along with the rest of the town.

  • Camomylle Yasha

    Will there be marriage between player in the multiplayer Mode

  • Mestifon

    I just wanted to say kudo’s on Implementing same sex marriage. You will have my money day one preorder.

    • Philippe Durand

      I am super stoked as well. It’s nice to have a game actually take into consideration the identity of diverse people. It’s always nice to be able to mirror my life in the game I’m playing (like all straight people already get the opportunity to do, lets face it that’s what these games are all about).

    • pinkcatmint

      I totally agree. I’ve been mad for years that Harvest Moon has never allowed same sex marriage. I am so looking forward to this. I will definitely be preordering.

      • jacob weiler

        well imagine the kind of shit that the developers of harvest moon/rune factory would get if they allowed same sex marriage? its looked down on in japan america and basically everywhere, nintendo could even get sued because same sex marriage is illegal in america.

        • pinkcatmint

          17 states in the U.S. allow same-sex marriage and other states are working to legalize it. Japan may not have same-sex marriage, but they certainly love their Yaoi(guy on guy manga) and they have very feminine looking male pop stars. Pretty boys are very popular in Japan. I don’t think a video game company could get sued for having same-sex marriage in a game. People could boycott the games though.

          • jacob weiler

            oh, i had no clue that 17 stats even had it legalized. atleast its good to know americas working to fix its flaws :), i guess you are right about them being popular in japan though, look at teddy from persona 4… ill always remember the cutscene about him asking what “glomping” is…

      • Bandais

        It’s usually allowed in the Japanese versions.

  • Ceren

    Loving the updates! I was a bit taken aback by the location of the bath house though. Doesn’t seem very relaxing to be next to the train station. 😛

  • Guest

    waiting like ages 🙁 i really cant wait long enough! :p 🙁

  • Hiro Wb

    i was waiting since u guys started this project!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait long enough uhuhuuhuhuh hoping u guys released this game this year :(((

    • Clausiope

      it’s only one guy, not multiple. but you’re right…can’t wait for release x)

  • Brandon

    Are you looking for beta testers in the futrue ?

  • Leovash Zajiin

    I need another update, and soon… >.<

  • Elliott Lee Anderson

    has anyone else noticed the hole in the train box … I wonder what’s inside. : )

  • SuperNintendoNigga

    I needthisnooooooooooow

  • Anony M.

    I see Mr. Potato Head….but where is his bucket of parts?

    This looks to be a fun game. I’m so pleased there’s a character named Leah as that’s my wife’s name. Guess who I’m planning to court and marry in the game? 😛

  • rawrock48

    I check this every single day for updates!

  • Magzilla

    I had a dream this game was out. And it was fantastic. When I woke up, I excitedly rushed to my laptop, came here, and made this post with a heavy heart once I realized it was all a dream. Soooooooooooon!! 😀

  • Grunt Moraleis

    When we can pre order the game?… I want this game so BAD.. at least tell us the date of the release!

  • Feget

    I just. Omg. I’ve been following your dev updates since last June/July and I am just so excited I don’t even care how much you plan on charging this is so great. I’ve always gotten bored at certain points of the harvest moon games because they’re always lacking… but this, this just really seals the deal. You’ve literally put everything I could think of ever wanting into a harvest moon game in such a cute pixelated format. Super excited that there’s only bits and pieces left over on the to-do :] Keep up the freaking great work!!!

  • Ciaran

    Hi, I’m a Starbound enthusiast but had a few looks at this game over the last few months and think it looks like good fun! I don’t know if its just me on this one but hope theirs more in terms of just building a home and a farm and keeping livestock happy etc…

    Some other kind of trade for those who aren’t into being a farmer at all like me lol. Maybe I should have read more into it but keep up the good work, I may well be buying a copy too when Its done based on reviews and feedback 🙂

  • Amanda

    I feel like this has been answered, but will we be able to have kids once we’re married? 😀

  • Desfar

    It’s been forever since the last update! Give us another bite of awesomeness CA! :3

    Ah, wait, the lack of posting means you’re preparing for release. Right? 😉

    • ConcernedMonkey

      yeah. instead of posting updates .. he said that his going to release it already the full game .. im his brother btw

  • Guest

    Please add playable and non-playable(NPC) and marriageable animal-like(Birds, dogs, foxes, wolves, sharks, dragons, etc) human-like(bipedal)!

    • Draxial

      Sorry for the (slightly)double post! (dunno why, but it did not submitted the post, and after that it just told me i already posted it without really having it posted, so i changed it a bit and resubmitted it; please delete that comment)

  • Draxial

    Please add playable and non-playable(NPC) and possible to marriage, animal-like(Birds, foxes, wolves, sharks, dragons, etc) human-like(bipedal) !

  • Naona

    This seems like an awesome game! But I have to say, the concept is almost identical to the harvest moon series.

    • Magzilla

      It’s inspired by Harvest Moon 🙂

  • Kat

    I have been stalking this page for a while now. Where’s our February update? I understand your busy! Just wantin’ to know what you’re up to. 🙂

  • Joshua Chapa

    You seem to be doing a really good job with the game. Thank you for the frequent updates and showing us how hard you’re working on this. It looks beautiful and it just keep getting better. I really like the lighting effects you’ve implemented. It adds so much the the ambiance.

  • Sullivan Alves

    Watch Dogs? The Elder Scrolls Online?? fuck that shit. i need Stardew Valley plz ç -ç

  • Leovash Zajiin

    I need another update, CApe! I’m going insane. ;o

  • Jake

    Wh-what? The most recent update was Janurary 17th? Let’s hope a 2 month break will make the next update even more exciting!

  • DrKramshaw

    Mr Ape are you alive? 🙁

  • Desfar

    Seriously CA, we need an update, even if it’s just a ‘I’m alive’ update. It’s been two months.

  • Phlox

    CA posted in the forums just yesterday, “I’m still alive, and I’m still working on Stardew Valley. I did mess around with a little side project for a bit…” so he’s fine! I’m sure he’ll post an update when he has something fun to share, he probably just isn’t working on content that makes for an exciting update.

  • sven86

    I don’t believe you will get done before summer. You got a lot of stuff left to do. The festivals themselves will take months, so realistically, don’t expect to see this any earlier than December.

  • Beard Rage

    I’m so looking forward to this game! As an old time avid lover of the *Harvest Moon and Rune Factory* games, this is right down my alley. It just looks amazing and Keep up the good work!!

  • DawidieD

    Another update!!! Please… Damnit, whenever I think about the game, I get so anxious and twitchy. I need an update, C.Ape!

  • Darkeru

    Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been doing and I hope it’s going well. It’s been two months since the last update. A bit odd after an update every month for the past several before now.

  • Guest

    Harvest Moon with a Multiplayer is my DREAM and i follow your page for over half a year. I want this game so bad. Make it an EARLY ACCESS NOW. You know you will never finish this.

  • Renee Van Bussel

    I really like everything so far, I’ve been lurking ever since I first saw and read about it. I just want to add, maybe add an option for your character’s sexual orientation, hetro/bi/homo, as I’d like to bro-up with the guys rather than romance them, while some of my friends might want to do the opposite. I’m sorry if this has been mentioned before.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • DrKramshaw

      The sexuality aspect of the game is based on player interaction, I believe, so you can play the game however you want and have them act accordingly.

  • whitespace

    This is really amazing, and I like that you take your time in releasing it to ensure a quality game instead of one that is riddled with bugs. Keep it up! 🙂