Dev Update #16


Today, I’d like to showcase some of the music in Stardew Valley.

All the music in Stardew is made using a piece of software called Propellerhead Reason. Β To make a song, I first create/tweak all the instruments I am going to use:


Then comes the composition… laying down each note in a “sequencer” (With plenty of copy & paste):


For Stardew, It’s important to me that each song enhances the atmosphere of the current scene. I tried my best to capture the “essence” of each season… hopeful spring, energetic summer, melancholy fall, and lonely winter. I use a lot of banjo, strings, harp, mallets, and flute to evoke the natural wonders of the valley.


Each season has multiple songs that play randomly. Seasonal songs don’t loop over and over again whenever you are outside… instead, ambient seasonal soundscapes fill the void between songs.


Fall. A somber time of mystery and beauty. The sun, low in the sky, paints golden light onto the tumbling leaves :


Winter. Lonely, cold, and majestic. Great frozen monuments loom in the distance:


Spring. A time of hope and fresh beginnings. The sweet smell of honey and nectar wafts overs the green hills:


Summer. Β A happy time of year when plants and animals alike are bustling in a frenzied dance of life-energy:


Beyond the seasonal tunes, there’s plenty of music having to do with character events and festivals:



And of course… some strange music to be heard deep underground:


I am now working on festivals. I am able to use a lot of the same code/scripting as the event cutscenes, which is great.

Happy easter, everyone:



Thanks for reading/listening!




  • HolyKat101

    Yaaaay! Music can make or break a game for me, and this music is FANTASTIC! I’m especially enjoying the Winter song. Thanks CA! I’m looking forward to being able to experience the world of Stardew Valley!

  • Jason Oliver

    I think that the music is really gonna mix well with this game! I am excited every time a new update comes out! Keep up the good work!

  • Matt

    I am so glad there’s going to be variety in seasonal music. They sound good so far.

  • Chepi

    The soundtracks are just great! They sound really good and I think they match the seasons and the rest perfect ^.^. I am really waiting for the game and I’m excited for every new Uptade! Can’t wait to play the game, it looks so awesome!

  • Magzilla

    I really enjoyed the Summer Theme a lot! Very upbeat and sounds like a great tune to hit the beach to! It’s all fantastic, of course! πŸ˜€

    Oh, and Happy Easter, ConcernedApe! Thanks for the holiday treat!

  • guest

    I just want to let you know, your hard work isn’t going unappreciated. =) I love every last one of these songs. So much talent here!

  • Allan

    Aww yeah! This is so amazing, can not wait to play it! πŸ˜€
    Happy easter!

  • ohilin

    The soundtrack is amazing, every single one is extremely good. Can’t wait to get my hands on the game. Happy holidays :’).

  • Oath 2 Order

    I love music updates so much <3

  • suma luma dooma looma

    just release the game already fucc boi

    • Beat Synthix

      wtf, leave the man be. Let’em take his time, throwing him into a rushing highway like what your wanting (as in you wanting him to rush order the game) will end up like Sonic 06. Just be patient…punk.

  • Michael Proctor

    Your music is simply breath taking. Majestic. I love when you post updates. It’s always worth the constant checking. πŸ™‚

  • Harry Beet

    I looked at this post, and thought to myself ‘meh. Most music in games doesn’t really hit the mark/make me feel any particular way.’
    Indeed, very few games do. So I wasn’t expecting much.
    But then I started listening.

    All I can say is great job. Seriously.
    All of the music is all really good.

    I think Winter is my favourite. I definitely feel that it evokes the cold, lonely and majestic elements in an emphatic manner.

    That being said I really enjoyed the Star watchers theme. Something about it just makes me feel a sort of solemn awe.

    The spring one sounds like the child of Harvest Moon and Final fantasy with some flutes. I Love it haha.

    Out of them all, I think summer is the weakest overall. I mean, I get the energetic vibe from it… but it feels a bit too ‘fast’ in comparison to the others.
    Don’t get me wrong, I still really like it.

    Overall the music is of a really high quality.
    I am really looking forward to the future of this games development.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Astrella Lunari

      I really like the summer one, actually. It definitely encapsulates the “life dance.” πŸ™‚ The lava dwellers is also very mysterious and evocative!

      • *Clicks with mouth noise*

        My favorite is fall. It is soothing to my ears.

        • Justin Cronkright

          I kind of feel that Fall has always been my favourite for the general Months, but the Banjo intro music is just… I’m on Listen 20 or so in a row, but unfortunately have to move on. πŸ™

          The spring is hard to handle for me and summer less so, but I think generally the music has progressed so well in the game!

    • shane

      I’m in love with the Winter theme. It’s amazing. QQ

  • Christopher Veach

    Your music really is beautiful. I love it so much but I don’t want to listen to it until the game actually comes out for fear of “wearing” it out.

  • ThatDandyMan

    The music seems outstanding! Can’t wait to see more the SV!

  • firekirby135

    This music sounds amazing. Can’t wait to hear it while playing the game. πŸ˜‰

  • Arbitrary

    This is great, the music has a Harvest Moon feel (SNES) but stays its own.. I really like it!

    This is definitely one of my most anticipated games. =D

  • Adnan Bakri

    awesome work , its not easy to produce such a thing ,and i know that you doing a very hard work to the whole game ,all i have to you is to wish you good luck
    and just so you know i offer my help , all for the sake of speed up the proses , coz the anticipation is killing me
    salam for now

  • Cody Pauley

    When can I send you my money?

  • Richie Donahou

    Way to keep raising the bar – this looks better with each update! Keep rocking

  • Jeremy T. Gibson

    “[agape] It’s… good!” –Brian Griffin

    I wasn’t expecting much from a one-person-marching-band development team, but you really have a metric tonne of talent when it comes to composing! As a matter of fact, this soundtrack will definitely be in demand separately. It perfectly meshes with Super Nintendo era themes, yet still carries the modern touches we expect of music that is built as a waveform instead of synthesised on board.

    Stardew Valley Theme: The title theme is just transcendent. There’s no question on its technical merit.

    Fall Theme 1: I’m not positive I like the vibrato-laden woodwind instrument in the Fall theme, but it works well with the electronic banjo lead.

    Winter Theme 1: The initial xylophone discordance sets it up as being somewhat shaky — almost in the category of “ugh, don’t want to listen”, but when it generates into the actual melody with the addition of the woodwinds and strings layered on and then the piano lead, it turns into a fantastic piece overall. My only regret is that once the song fully develops, it ends — I would love to hear the fully developed harmonies for another minute or so. Even without variation it would still wind up being an absolute treat to listen to for longer. Are these just sample snippets, or the full length?

    Spring Theme 1: I can’t think of anything to comment on positively or negatively — which generally isn’t a bad thing. Nothing particularly stands out about it to me one way or the other, but that’s okay; the absence of negatives can be taken as a positive!

    Summer Theme 1: The crystal percussion in particular sells it for me, since it touches my nostalgia nerve for the Rainbow Road theme from Mario Kart. The original Mario Kart, of course, not those newfangled ones. Dagnabbit, kids and lawns.

    Starwatcher’s Theme: I felt somewhat meh about this one, but I’m sure I would remember the event it serves as the backdrop to, since it’s a very good ambient tune instead of something that would stand on its own. Half of the battle of BGM, after all!

    Playful: Cute and playful. Step 1: Place nail. Step 2: Hit with hammer. Step 3: Nailed it!

    Goblin Theme: Also cute and playful, but in a “don’t close your eyes or we’ll take bites from your face” sort of way. Which is great!

    The Lava Dwellers: It seems to associate “lava” with “desert”/”Arabic”/”jungle” — most of which are the furthest from volcanos — but it’s still a phenomenal piece.

    • Desfar

      I highly agree with the Winter Theme. I did not care for the Xylophone at all. I really think it should be removed or the volume should be turned down quite a bit. The notes are just being hit too hard for a winter theme imo.

    • Anthony Brantley

      I agree with the Winter theme as well. I was going to post something along those lines before but couldn’t find the words for it. I especially don’t like it when you consider the theme will loop several times. Listen to the last 5 seconds followed by the first 5 seconds and it is such a stark contrast. Remove the first 30 seconds and the song is pretty much gold for me!

    • Amaretto

      I agree! Winter Theme is an awesome track but it could do without the opening. Great job overall!

    • Just a Fanboy

      I disagree, I actually liked the xylophone intro. It feels like something you would here in a snowy area on a snes game.

  • Margret Crist

    These are some beautiful tracks. I check back more-or-less weekly, and this definitely brought a smile to my face. Thanks for keeping us up to date with all your hard work.

  • Starraria4ever:)

    I’ve been following your game for quite some time now and although I do not have a computer I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this game(and Starbound)! There’s a special place in my heart for pixel games. Reminds me of my beginnings in gaming. The first time I ever wielded a controller ;). With that being said to the art style from down to the music EVERYTHING looks fantastic. I pray this game is a huge hit for you and maybe even big enough to release a console version (sony). Though if it doesn’t I will have to consider buying a pc just for this game and two others.

    Can’t wait to see your creation in its full awesomeness!! Don’t forget to take a brake

    P.s in case I wasn’t clear before FANTASTIC music;)!!!

  • Loukas

    Wow, these are all so good. Like, really good. And most importantly, none of them seem they will become too overbearing or annoying once you have listed to them for the hundredth time during gameplay. Very Harvest Moon-esque which is also very good. Particularly love the Goblin Theme and Spring! Cracking job Ape!

  • DrKramshaw

    Ape with the awesome music out of nowhere πŸ™‚ Love the theme. I’m going to save listening to the rest until I play the game!

    Also props for using Reason, fantastic piece of kit (once someone gets their head around it!)

  • Sullivan Alves

    Is really just one person making this game?
    it’s amazing bro!!!

  • Beat Synthix

    No mere words can describe how beautiful the snip-its of music you got here, doing a fantastic job.

  • YUNO

    Winter and Summer tracks are my fave!

  • Dr. Poop

    Just got my PhD.

  • Songtress

    AMAZING. THis music is perfect, keep it up Concerned Ape!

  • Mimi

    I love it! Please release soon!

  • Steven

    Wow is really cool! Thanks for taking the time to post this

  • Emilie

    This is so awesome, looking forward to your beautiful game

  • turgsh01

    OMG, just take my money already… take all of it, I don’t care anymore… just let me play it :'(


  • I like all the music in this post, wait for play, cheer!

  • Stardewbound


  • Chelsea Cahoon

    It has been a great joy watching this game grow as a work of art through all of the updates. You did a wonderful job with the music. Thank you so much for the preview!

  • ReverseShadow

    The spring theme reminds me sooo much of Pokemon Colosseum..

  • AJaydono

    Very Nice! I can’t wait till the game comes out! But then again, you can’t rush perfection =w=

  • It’s… Awesommeeee ! I very like !

  • Niklas Eriksson

    I.. I i i i love you!

  • mokocchi

    Please just keep working until you’re finished. I don’t want to see this game ruined by an endless beta phase.

  • David Stratton

    This is great stuff. Thanks for taking time to make good music for the game. Makes it feel more like a piece of art. Would you be willing to say what things are done? Like…you have an engine built for the game to run on, you’ve got certain mechanics etc. I’m just curious to know if it’s 10% done, 75%, etc. so I know what time frame I’m looking at for when this will be released. I do *not* want a release DATE, because that is what messed Starbound’s release up so much. Just curious to know what is done and what isn’t. I know you’re one dude working on this solo, so I understand it’ll take a while.

  • Strance

    I can’t believe you can do that much things by yourself, every update only make me more impatient to play your game ! The musics will be so immersive *_*

  • Joshua Chapa

    Great work. We are all looking forward to the finished product. It will be a glorious day once this game is released.

  • Just a Fanboy

    Great job on the music! It’s got that feel the harvest moon/rune factory games gave me, also lots of snes/ps1 nostalgia.

  • Jake

    This soundtrack is coming together quite well. I come back here all the time just waiting for that announcement that you’re going live with the game. I can’t wait to throw my money at you! lol

  • Laura Frazier

    Every time I check on your progress in hopes of a release date, you always surprise me with exponentially better updates, and the progress you’ve made is phenomenal. I can’t believe how talented and dedicated you are. This game is definitely going to be worth all of the work you’re putting into it! I’m so excited to play it once you’ve finished. The music is fantastic– keep up the awesome work!

  • Margret Crist

    Honestly, I keep coming back to listen to these, over and over again. Have you maybe thought about putting them on Spotify (if that’s not a huge hassle), so you can make some money while we do that?

  • These sound files are quite awesome! I had a composition question: Do you solely use propellerhead, only tweaking each instrument to your liking, or did you do your own recording and have multiple tools? I currently compose a bunch of snes style (and older) tunes with “Anvil Studio”, which is free, and sounds like it too πŸ™‚
    If you’re able to make it sound as you did with just the main program, it looks like I’ll be investing a bit of money into this, much to my wife’s chagrin!

    • ConcernedApe

      I only use Propellerhead Reason. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but it’s a powerful tool once you learn how to use it! One thing to consider… it has extremely annoying DRM (you have to be online to boot it up).

      • Thanks for the heads up, and the reply! Do you use a midi keyboard and all that jazz too?
        One more thing; I really like the chording and shape of Starwatcher’s Theme. One suggestion if I can be so bold is to adjust the “waa” instrument (introduced at 0:40) in this manner:
        I like the melody happening, I just don’t know if having the “waa” instrument works for me after the rising 4ths (the first 3 notes). My suggestion is to keep the first 3 quartal notes as is, but introduce a mellower instrument sharing that top note and the following melodic notes. Each time a new phrase begins, if following this model, would be treated the same (3 waa notes, new instrument finishing the melodic line).

        This is obviously extremely personal for me to suggest this, and I do apologize for the forwardness! It really is a wonderful piece, I just found the instrument wasn’t quite to my tastes, particularly when the line falls quickly.

  • Lavarocks

    Good Work! My Favorite so far is The Lava Dwellers.

    Keep up the Good Work,

  • Ryan Trahan

    When can i throw my wallet at your game for 4 copies xD

  • *Clicks with mouth noise*

    AMAZING!!!!!! (And I don’t throw that word around, especially for music)

  • Reato Joao

    I liked your songs man, and your games
    You have a heart of gold, your game have so much love and of good to you

  • FuzzyBubbles

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. Also, you don’t even know how excited i am for this game, and how excited i have BEEN for the longest time. Keep up the amazing work, i can tell this will be an amazing game. πŸ™‚

  • genesis

    You’re phenomenally talented.

  • March Fifth

    Hey, you should set up a spot for donations or something. I am completely amazed at the work you are doing and how talented you are, its actually inspiring. Would love to donate to a great cause.