Dev Update #17

Hi everyone.

Lately I’ve been working on festivals. Festivals can take place in any area, and there are at least two per season. You’ll have the opportunity to visit shopping booths, take part in games & activities, or express your romantic interest in someone. Here’s a couple screenshots and brief descriptions of some of the festivals I’ve either completed or are planning on. Any of these ideas could change before release.

Egg Festival – Everyone gathers in town for a celebration of new life after a long winter. The festival concludes with an egg hunt.


Flower Dance – The townsfolk congregate in a secret meadow to feast and socialize. The young people pair up and participate in a time-honored tradition, the “Flower Dance”. It’s your chance to show a special someone that you care… just hope that you don’t get rejected!


Luau – The summer luau is one of Stardew Valley’s most beloved events. The beach is decked out with tropical adornments and a huge buffet is provided for everyone to enjoy. The Regional Governor makes a special trip each year to see what the valley has to offer… something that Mayor Lewis takes very seriously. The highlight of the luau has to be the potluck soup… a huge, simmering cauldron full of ingredients provided by the community.


Dance of the Midnight Jellies – On a warm summer night every year, the midnight jellies pass through Stardew Valley on their long migration home.

Harvest Fair – A celebration of the harvest season. Artisans, farmers, and craftspeople alike prepare exhibits to show off their hard work from throughout the year. A panel of judges awards medals to those with the most compelling displays.

I’ll leave the rest for you to discover on your own.


Things that still need to be done:

Festivals (50% finished)

Married/Family life

Joja Corporation storyline (I might cut this)

Finalizing game progression (making sure you can acquire all items, prices make sense, etc.)

Tying up loose ends (taking everything that is only finished 95% all the way to 100%)



More polishing!

More testing!


Thanks for reading!


  • Onelio M Junior

    Hey, great news! The festivals seem amazing so far.

    I’ll love to see the Joja Comporation story… Of course you know better than me what’s good for the game, but if the problem is time, believe me, I prefer wait more for a complete experience.

    Good Luck developing what I consider the most waited game for 2014.

  • ElectricPrism

    The sooner I can buy and play this on Linux the better.

    I hope the ETA is within 12 months, It’s the most promising farming game that I know of.

    As a software developer I feel like I could have been more successful if I simply rushed a working model of my software and then focused on re-drafting all the different things.

    As long as core game mechanics don’t change I see no problem in shipping a even rough complete product with content pack updates.

    When I can buy beta? 🙂 My wife and me want to play.

  • Kat

    I’m so excited! Things are coming along. Since you mentioned…”testing” oh and “more testing” can any of us get in on this? 😉

    THANK YOU for posting percentages. This gives us an overall idea of how far along you are.
    I was hoping a summer release, however it looks like Fall/after July from the looks of it.

    You should incorporate Joja Co. storyline, but probably as an UPDATE! 🙂 After the main game releases or something.

    xo good luck

    • Twil50

      Give an early access and I wouldnt mind to report the bugs that I find in game!

      I get the game early (even if its not 100% completed), you get my money and you get people to help to report bugs. 😉

      I know if I see an early access I will buy it the second I can. If not well I’ll buy it the second I can when its out, lol.

    • Zael

      What it looks like, is a Christmas/Winter release. That Family line -item there on the list is a HUGE one. (All them possible partners he has to flesh out, and polish. Their personality is bound to get affected by your union, and in best case scenario there are different paths for that to develop into. There is also your offspring to consider, and that’s several NEW persons he has to create and work on, MASSIVELY. Since, you know, children actually grow up and develop. Not sure how far along ConcernedApe plans to take the time line, eg. does player live to be old and see their children get into relationships and have their own children.) So it might even be, we’ll have to wait for at least another year for the release of Stardew Valley because of this one item on his work list.

  • raudskeggr

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of this title! Keep it up, and please don’t give up. 😉

  • Alexandria

    I am so ready for this game! These updates keep me alive in the wait and with this last one I am looking forward to the release. I love the little festival themes, especially the flower dance- super cute! This is MY most anticipated game of 2014, no doubt. 😀

  • HolyKat101

    Can I help with Testing? That would be awesome 😛

    Serious though, this is looking awesome! The flower festival looks so cute! Very excited!

  • Amanda

    Always so excited for an update like this. Hopefully, the flower dance allows for you to dance with your partner of either gender?

    Really, at this rate this game will blow Harvest Moon out of the water. You’re doing such an amazing job from the sounds and looks of it.

    Also, the Dance of the Midnight Jellies sounds both beautiful and romantic. ^.^
    And the egg hunt sounds like a blast. =D

    I do hope that Family/Married life has a bit of effort to it. Will there be extra hearts to raise, or at least they’ll help around the farm? Can you go to the festivals with your family? Sorry, its just I haven’t heard much yet (or missed the info) on the post-marriage content planned. =P

    • Amanda

      That’s a neat idea! I think having extra things to do when you get married to stay happy / married makes sense. It was always a let down after you get married in these games and its just like.. ok nothing to work towards now re: relationships haha

      • Amanda

        Look! A fellow Amanda. xD

        Yeah, I always got bored after the wedding in HM and RF games. I rarely could stick around long enough to actually birth and raise the child. I loved how in HM: Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade, you had to raise 10 new hearts on your spouse that affected when the child was conceived, etc. I loved in N64 HM how your spouse would help gather some of the animal products in the morning, or water your fields.

        Just some family events or some goal to move towards would be nice.

        I still wish HM and RF would put a little more effort into post-marriage. But hey, at this rate, I think this game will put HM to shame. At least I can finally have my boy/boy coupling. =P

    • melissia

      I also hope that the flower dance isn’t restricted to opposite-sex couples.

  • Christopher Veach

    I’m still excited for this game. I want to play it all the time, even though it isn’t out yet. Were festivals always going to be in the game? At some point I thought I remember being disappointed that they wouldn’t be there. I’m glad they are!

  • Mimi

    It’s looking awesome, I’m so excited! I will help test if you need anyone.

  • guest

    The Joja Corp storyline looks interesting though. 🙁 Whenever I read you discussing it, seemed like you had some good ideas for it. But if you don’t think the game needs it, you are the one making it – it’s up to you.

  • TheRoadWarrior

    A lot of AAA games are coming out this year and this is still my most anticipated one…
    Keep up the good work, can’t wait to play it !!!

  • Dr. Poop

    Oh god, I’m so sorry. I pooped again.

  • JumbocactuarX27

    Seeing you talk about testing and polish as things that are coming up are SUPER EXCITING to me. I’m really looking forward to playing this game!

    Edit: I guess it might be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think that Early Access is the best move. You’ve probably got that all figured out already, though.

    • Twil50

      Personally, spoilers or early access doesnt ruin the fun at all for me. Im even more excited to play it and i know what to expect from because I gathered infos, watched gameplay..

      Anyways, I think early access is a good thing. People in early access can find and report bugs, give feedback on everything, suggestions how to improve this or that. Lets face it: The game will probably have bugs at release even if they dont do an early access. If they do there might be some but at least there will be much less.

      Also: For those who doesnt want early access. Just order it at release or order it and wait until the game is officially out to play the game. 😛

      • Quazi

        So this is what early access is supposed to be… in theory. Unfortunately what happens is that the devs end up getting too caught up in placating their customers who think that they now “owe” them updates at a regular time, with a certain content, etc. Since there is no way to please everyone, the vocal minority become a toxic force that works to destroy the community. Right now the only people who are commenting are fans who can’t wait to get their hands on the product (finished or not) start selling early access and you end up with consumers instead of fans, and consumers feel that they have the right to complain about every bit of the product, even if it was advertised as not being finished.
        The biggest problem is that the devs have to take time away from working on their product to working on making sure that their customers are happy. This also includes working on portions of the game that give visible and noticeable results (so that updates feel like they have substance). This happens even if the best thing would be to work on engine works for a week straight, but doing that would mean having a one sentence update “made tweaks to the engine, no noticeable changes”. Starbound shows exactly the problem with early access. I’m glad that I get to play starbound before it’s finished, but I hate that the community went from fans that were excited about what was coming, to whiney kids complaining about how their toy doesn’t work the way they want it.

  • Kedirech

    The screen shots look great. Thanks for the update.

  • Zzinged

    Still eagerly looking forward to this! Keep up the excellent work CA!

  • Sasha Ilin

    95 to 100

  • Zylexiaa

    Great to see an update! Thanks for posting percentages, as it gives a great idea of how far along you are. I cannot wait to buy this game, it looks great!

  • Amanda

    This is so exciting!!! I agree that the Joja Co. storyline can be an update or expansion maybe? Although I’m getting the impression that you would rather it all be 100% before release. I can’t wait!!!

  • kealakekua

    I love this game, thanks for the update!

  • Michael

    WOW! So excited to see a new update; take as much time as you need if it leads to a stunning game.

  • Runar

    I really have to say that I respect you for all the work you’ve done so far. Doing all this alone is a HUGE piece of work (and I know what I’m speaking of :D) and you can be proud on it! I remember the good old days playing Harvest Moon and always wanted to do so with my friends, and now you let my dream become true – and Stardew even looks better than HM 😀

    Keep on the great work, and if you need someone to help you translate (e.g. English – German), write texts or test the game, just let me know. It would be an honor to work on this project.

    Hails from Germany!

  • Magzilla

    Those festivals look amazing! I cannot wait to experience them!

    I really hope you keep the Joja Corporation in the storyline, though. I like the idea of the town’s future being decided by the influence that the main protagonist provides. However, you know best as to what will work and what will not, so of course I’ll be happy with however the game turns out!

    As always, continue the amazing work and take care!! <3

  • Zombiefilmfan

    Thanks ConcernedApe! very nice update. There is just something about this game that is so laid back and calming. I can’t wait to play!

  • FierceRogue

    Man, I didn’t think I could get any more excited for this! This is certainly my most anticipated game this year. Keep up the great work, CA! c:

  • DennisR

    So u get my Money Dude 🙂
    This Game looks so freaking amazing!
    I can´t wait! If you need help with testing i am your MAN!
    Greetz from Germany!

  • *Clicks with mouth noise*

    So in other words…. it’s almost done? =D

  • Dartinin

    I’m curious how extensive the family life part of the game will be. Games like harvest moon don’t tend to do much with it so i was wondering if you plan on doing anymore yourself. Love what you have done so far looking forward to the completed game!

  • Kuroneko

    I’d like to be able to help test

  • Woo!

    Given that same-gender pairings are allowed between the player character and their prospective spouse, I hope that there’ll be occasional examples of same-gender pairs among NPCs as well! For instance, two boys dancing or two girls exchanging flowers during a festival. It’d be a minor detail, and of course you have other things that need to be worked on, but it would be really cool to see 😀

    • David Stratton

      For what it’s worth, I’d rather this not be the case. I understand there are some gay players, but it’s set in a tiny rural farming community. How many antiquated, rural farming communities do you know of where same-sex is embraced and accepted? It would take me out of the setting of the game. That being said, if that’s something ConcernedApe wants to include, it’s his game and his call. I’m simply voicing my opinion (which is just that: an opinion) since someone else voiced theirs. I don’t mean to bash Yubi Shines at all, and I wish him/her well, for the record, regardless of their orientation.

      • Actually, quite a few rural farming communities accept and embrace same sex relationships. Those that don’t… well, it happens everywhere anyway because you can’t put 10 random people in a room without someone being flat out gay. Many of those couples in less favorable communities choose to buck the area’s backwards morals and be “out” regardless.

        Frankly, I and many others would find it horribly unrealistic if gay couples were NOT in the game’s festivals, especially as you can romance the same gender. That aside, gay acceptance is also on the rise in world, especially in the western world which includes these smaller communities. All-in-all, I can never understand people who say they’d be uncomfortable with it in the game or that it would turn them off of the game some how.

        • CommonEra

          As probably one of the most socially liberal people you’d know, jesus christ. Looked up some of the stats on bisexual people and it seems that it depends on how you define bisexuality, which is stupid, because we’re just talking about the sexual aspect: do you, or do you not find men AND women attractive, but also desire them? (emotionally/physically/etc) Which is definitely not what the tests looked for. That being said, the chose probably the worst pools to check and test- if bisexuality was REALLY that prevalent amongst the population, there is very, very little reason for there to still be such a HUGE backlash against gays, gay rights and gay marriage (or the LGBT movement, or the fact that the U.S. is still sooo backwards socially and sexually). The opposition is so big that it probably would end up including a portion of the people who would represent bisexuals, which makes… little to no sense.

          Beyond U.S. farming communities, which I imagine this game is reflecting, homosexuality/any-other-sexuality-aside-from-heterosexuality was never really supported, or “embraced”, and I think it’s delusional to think so. Accepted by families who would only come to its acceptance because a family member came out? Sure. Happens way too many times. Hell there are definitely exceptions to the rule, but that’s the thing: they’re exceptions, *not* the rule.

          I’m all for the availability of same-sex pairings happening in the game, but please… don’t go spouting out what is realistic and what isn’t. Or talking about populations… :/

          • Self-identifying homo- and bi- sexuals are usually agreed to be around 4-5% now. Some say 10%, but again, depends on who you believe. Still, these numbers are rather accurate for the self-identifying population. There’s also the theory that people who are homosexual or heterosexual are actually more accurately bisexual, (if sometimes barely so,) which is where the “outnumber us all” line comes from. It’s a rather radical idea from the binary normative but one I’ve found to be true historically and currently.

            There is plenty of historical context for small subsets of the population being trampled upon… or even large subsets with a smaller outspoken population, but I agree: there is very little reason for it.

            I highly encourage you to research this. Ancient Greece, for example, had no binary labels for sexuality and homosexual sex was common. There is significant debate as to label accuracy as well, for example (as well as every other aspect of sexuality currently).

            And this is a quibble and not really part of the discussion, but… in the future, perhaps don’t resort to what amounts to some ad hominem arguments. Intelligent conversation follows when people both have respect for another, rather than attacking them personally, or at least not being as confrontational (“jesus christ”, “don’t go spouting out”, etc.) The nature of discussions is to be at least a tiny bit confrontational, of course (“this is what I believe” “really? I believe this different thing”) but there’s no reason to escalate that.

          • mizter zebra

            or yours?

        • mizter zebra

          sjws, not even once. I’m gay and i[‘m tired of you trying to force it in.

          that’s tokenism and it’s worse than erasure.

          • Does this look unsure to you?

            You reply to someone two years later after the game releases to tell them this? They weren’t even that unreasonable.

            It’s not tokenism. It’s tailoring the game to your preferences. These are fictional video game characters that you have the choice to be straight or gay with.

          • mizter zebra

            and yet the game only recently released and it’s not stopping a lot of people trying to step on my neck as they shout that they do it for my own good.

          • ocerg1111

            no it’s not, that’s absurd. You exist, you can be represented without it being a political statement.

          • mizter zebra

            yet your word choice tells me something.

            tell me, why is it that people have been trying to make it a political statement for over a decade?

            I don’t blame you on not being in the know but, to make a long story short, it’s
            always with the motte and bailey.

            they say they do good things for me and “representation” but when people like me dissagree, they are sent death threats and impaled mice in the mail.

          • Rick Lopez

            Oh bullshit. I’m gay and I’ve been outspoken since the 80s and I’ve never gotten death threats or dead mice in the mail you liar.

          • mizter zebra

            But that is only you. What about Milo Yanoppolis ? Oh wait… Of course you don’t know

          • Rick Lopez

            I know all about Milo. He’s a self hating faggot who doesn’t believe in gay rights or gay marriage, and he’s incredibly catholic and religious. He thinks he’s ‘bad’ for being gay, yet does it anyway.

          • mizter zebra

            and yet that’s not accurate at all. you’re projecting.

          • mizter zebra

            your complaint with him isnt’ his ideas. but because other people say he’s “being gay incorrectly” just as Caitlyn Jenner was “being trans, incorrectly”.

          • mizter zebra

            is he now? if that’s the case then he’s certainly changed since then.

          • mizter zebra

            well aren’t you lucky.

          • Rick Lopez

            Uh no it’s not. Tokenism is a bullshit ideology. If gays, or other minorities are included and FACELESS AND VOICELESS without personality other than stereotypes -then yes it’s a ‘token’ but if it’s just happens to be a place where not a lot of X or Y people live and one dude happens to be black or gay it’s NOT tokenism, you idiot.

          • mizter zebra

            so… put them in … where they are not usually found?

  • Ryan William Noon

    If you cut the joja corporation storyline (sad day mister ape) Then would you plan on adding it on as an expansion or dlc in the future? Your idea sounded very interesting.

  • Ahoy there, about the Joja Co. storyline, I do hope that you include it, since
    this is your dream game and endeavor that you are trying to get 100%
    right! Nothing that you originally imagined as a notable arc section like that should
    be left out, friend, I speak to you as a writer myself. It might take
    the extra effort to finish it up and incorporate it, but know that you have all the time and our support to do it! :]

    I saw someone recommending that it could be added as an update
    of sorts, and that is always an option as well, but just know that we
    want this to be as good as you want it to be, so take your time and get
    it to the 100% as a whole, mate. I’d most certainly be willing to wait for the game to be released with this arc of the story as well, from the get go.

    We wouldn’t mind at all it
    taking the extra bit of time to incorporate a good bit of story for the
    Joja Corporation, certainly since a game like this is all about
    experiencing everything the game has to offer. The different story
    lines and being able to experience them, such as the routes in Harvest
    Moon and whatnot, are some of the most rewarding parts (such as things
    like the “Funland Company” from Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley,
    getting a feel from the other side of things, the “antagonists” so to speak).

    It’s all looking fantastic Ape, I’m looking forward to everything to come in the future, and I hope you won’t cut your dreams short about anything to do with the storyline!

    Best of luck mate, you have all of our support.

    PS: What became of Leah’s original model? I found it to be much more fitting to her character as an artist (and cuter), personally. With her green ribbon and dark blonde hair. :]

    I still love Abigail the most, she’s designed the best (love Abi’s occult tendencies and blue hair), but Leah interests me as well, so I was just wondering why Leah’s model was changed so much.

    It feels like a part of Leah’s character was removed by making her a more default looking NPC (in her current rendition with the orange poofed hair). Of course everything is subject to change, and these are the ways you envision your characters, was simply curious was all.

  • Nicholas Richardson

    Game is looking sweeet if you need any testers there appears to be many of us eager and willing XD

  • WeasleX

    Can’t you put the Jojo Corporation in an expansion pack if you’re on the fence about it?

  • David Stratton

    Is there an early-beta supporter package we can buy or something? I want to buy this for both myself and my wife, assuming the multiplayer ability is in from the beginning.

  • kevinff

    Can’t wait to play this with my wife!

  • Darci Hyde

    I am SO excited for this game! I can’t wait for it to come out, I’ve been lurking it for months and keeping an eye on the progress it looks amazing!! I only have a few hopes! Give us useful generations! And let us modify/decorate our houses, add levels, basements, attics, personal rose gardens etc…Maybe even in future updates of the game, I’d like to be able to assign farming work or jobs to my family’s children! Be able to get married, have the children help out on the farm and eventually you could choose which child would take over the farm when they grew to adults, the other children would move out and you could see them around town and see them eventually get married and have children of their own.

    I’d like the option to turn on and off aging whenever so that we could do a generational farm. Have them grow from babies, to toddlers, to children, to teens then to adults and elders and then they could die if you turned aging on. It would be really neat if there were mixed aspects of Rune Factory and The Sims in this game. I’d love it if you could also do different things like buy an easel and paint or create art that you could sell or use to decorate your house, maybe add skill levels for many different hobbies and activities. Oooh! I’d love the option to have a winery and grow grapes to stomp into wine etc…Also dungeons or having places to travel to, battle and obtain treasures or rare ingredients would be an awesome bonus. PETS! OMG! Being able to catch and train wild pets would be amazing! FOXES PLEASE!!!!

    Anyways, I know that’s all crazy complicated, but I would at least LOVE the option of getting married, having kids and being able to assign jobs to those children or being able to switch between family members to control them and have them help out around the farm. The ability to have them grow into different life stages and create a generational farm would be AMAZING, but it’s too complicated probably.

    Anyways, AMAZING looking game! I’m super excited to support it and get it and I hope that it has tons of exciting updates in the future!

  • deMolisher

    Just wanted to drop a quick message to say that I believe this is going to be an awesome game and look forward to purchasing this game on release in all due time when the team has completed that way you’d all be more than happy with the release.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

  • John O’ Brien

    It’s starting to look like this, Fantasy Life, the Harvest Moon game that’s not going to be called Harvest Moon, and the game that’s going to be called Harvest Moon that isn’t going to be a Harvest Moon game are all going to come out around the same time. I think my body might have a Sim explosion. But it will be worth it.

  • Songtress

    My vote is impliment the Joja Co. Story line but make it an update or otherwise ‘additional’ content, perhaps some kind of DLC, where your character/parent’ choices of the game, influence the second portion of the game (the now grown child?)

  • 豊崎関

    Those shiny words “testing”…


  • Cronokurai

    Seriously, since i found out this game i came everyday whishing a buy button appear but no….Please i know your doing that alone and your doing a great job so far but please T_T realease an alpha i want to play it sooo much….

  • yukovalis

    This still a thing? It better be, I’ve been waiting a long time for something this awesome to come around. 🙂 no updates lately though.

  • pinkcatmint

    I just realized the Flower Dance activity(or whatever it’s called) looks very similar to the Goddess Festival Dance from Harvest Moon Back to Nature/Friends of Mineral Town. Please don’t get yourself in trouble by having something too similar to Harvest Moon. I don’t want your game to get cancelled because someone decides to sue you. 🙁 I guess if the boys actually dance with the girls, that would make it different enough, but I just don’t want you to get into trouble.