Dev Update #21

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I shared any video footage of the game… so here you go!

Joja Corporation is all set up in town:




I also made a new Stardew Valley logo:




I’ve been working on more, but this is all I have to share for now… Thanks for reading!


  • Tamson

    This looks amazing! The graphics are really impressive, and it all works together smoothly. Keep up the good work!

  • Magzilla

    YES!!! New update!! The trailer looks gorgeous, the music was jaunty, yet reminded me of the country. Very fitting. It all looks super duper gorgeous!! I really like the new logo! Joja Corp looks intimidating, which is exciting! And it does present a threat right off the bat to the community your character moves into, which is very very neat.

    Once again, I’m astounded by your work and I cannot wait to see more! Keep up the AMAZING work!! <3

  • Blade


  • Richie Donahou

    Awesome! Keep up the solid work!

  • Wowee zowee! This is looking great, Ape. I swear it gets better every time I see it. I can’t WAIT for this to be finished– it’s looking so swell. I love how they run, its cute!

    Take your time and enjoy your project! You’re doing a beautiful job.

  • petit agneau

    I’m very excited for this game! Looks beautiful and love the music. I can’t wait for it to be released!

    and I have a suggestion. I think it would be neat if you could ‘marry’ someone you were co-op’ing with instead of just the townspeople.

    • useduser

      Seems like like he tries to release an update at least once a month, which im very thankful for.

      I know that I followed cube world as religiously as I am this, but the developer of that is less informative than ConcernedApe. Wollay (CubeWorld Dev) pops up once every three months or so and never says anything else about his game till the next,

      ConcernedApe seems to care enough that he tries to give us updates on schedule.

  • HalloWorld

    Looks increasingly more fantastic with each update. Us IRC idlers are still following your work intently πŸ™‚

  • Lucas

    I continue to be amazed with this game. Now, however, I will have to endure more weeks of anxiety D:

  • Twil50

    • DennisR

      I really look like this….
      Every time a new update comes out πŸ˜€

  • Shantalya1 .

    Aah, the train is supercute! And town seems so real and alive..:) Great work! Can’t wait to get it!

  • Kinsem

    Can’t wait to throw my money at Ape so I can play this game. Love the trailer and keep up the epic work.

  • Nanonator102

    This is looking awesome! just from the trailer it looks like a completed game! keep up the good work Ape.

  • Thanks for the update!!

  • Beatrice

    And finally the daily(ok, ok…hourly…) check for an update comes to an end! YAYYYYY!!! The trailer looks amazing and I know I’m going to watch it at least 10 more times before the day is done. I am so curious about all the little scenes that I saw. I want to know who these people are! Everything looks so wonderfully detailed. The time and work that you have put into this endeavor SHOWS. I am so beyond excited for the release of this game. I need it in my life!

    Thanks a million for uploading a video. I think I speak for all of us when I say we were positively salivating at the thought of another mini trailer and you sir, delivered.


    I cannot wait to give you my moneys for this!!!

  • ElectricPrism

    The dev is teaching us patience, this video is hot.

  • Connor

    I agree with what someone said earlier, I like the idea of being able to marry people in co-op instead of just villagers. Really looking forward to the game!

  • Amanda

    Looking good. I’m always excited when I spot a new update. =D

  • dawnbomb

    I really hope the game sees post-release updates, or a expansion, its so well made, and there is so much content. i just really want it to feel like it has it all. as the ONLY multiplayer harvest sim, (unless anyone can tell me about anything otherwise) i really want it to be the best it can be.

    I feel like it should have a expansion kickstarter, i would be all over it.

    • sukeban

      In a past update, in the comment section I believe, CA mentioned that they would do post-release updates so no need to worry about that!

  • luc

    First of all i would like to say that my english is pretty bad, im sorry
    for that, but i really wanted to try to comunicate. Fill free to
    correct my text, its great when i get the opportunity to improve my poor

    I started playing harvest moon when i was like 12 years
    old, Harvest Moon Back to Nature (PS1) was the first. It was very
    difficult to me cause at that time i didnt understand english at all, I
    remember playing it with a dictionary on my hands. Nevertheless, that
    game touched me, its beautiful and pure. As i grew up, i played others
    harvest moon games that were really cool as well, but natsume have
    always been focused in children and they dont tend to improve their
    product the way they could. So, now when i try to play a new harvest
    moon game i get extremely disappointed. Its basically the same
    successful recipe that made HMBTN a good game.
    After saying all this,
    i want to first thank you ConcernedApe, you made me remember all that
    great moments and feelings that i had playing those games. I have been
    checking your blog for 1 year and I will be very happy to buy your game,
    it looks fantastic. Even if it have the same problems that i saw in
    these new Harvest Moon game, it will be a joy to play it. Nonetheless, i
    would be really pleasant to see that you are thinking in young adults
    playing your game, that you dont need to make the pace and the context
    of your game to be so much child-friendly.

    Keep up the amazing work you ALONE (thats impressive dude) are doing! And please release it as soon as possible πŸ™‚

    • pinkcatmint

      Your English is actually quite good. You write better than a lot of native English speakers. πŸ™‚ Back to Nature was my first Harvest Moon game too. I’m a big fan of farming games and I am so excited to play Stardew Valley. I can’t wait! I really hope it is out before Christmas.

    • StylΒ΅s

      It’s ”feel free” and your English is next to perfect in my book. (I am actually English and mine is far worse than yours.)

  • Anonymous

    It seems like almost 30 minutes in-game time passes in the time it takes to catch 1 fish. Fishing might not be the most productive use of your time if you can only catch a few before most of the day is wasted away. =P

  • Mesulium

    Just take all my goddam money. I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED IT!!

  • Pamela Collins

    I’ve never been more excited to give someone my money in my entire life!

  • Shirou

    Looks nice, very nice indeed πŸ˜€ When this comes out and I can afford it (meaning I will save enough money), I am definitely buying this :3

  • VerteX

    I don’t know how much longer I can take. Over two years now, I’ve been following the development religiously, and I have yet to be disappointed by a single update. This is the game that I’ve been waiting for since I first discovered harvest moon for the SNES – and the game I would create if I had the patience Eric has, or any art skills.

    Keep up the fantastic work – there will be a place in the videogame hall of legends waiting for your completion.

  • Shaun Kennedy

    The video footage looks amazing, every time I see stuff like this I realize how big a game you’re actually making (don’t recall seeing that desert/beach area before).

    From the video it appears as if the control scheme is a mouse/keyboard combo. I was just curious how much control will be available in changing control scheme in the final game? Is there any chance of game controller support?

  • psychozen

    Ive been following this game for a long time. Its looks great and its been getting alot of hype. But this is a very hard game to do right. And I think you are trying to do it right, the best of runeF and terraria. RuneF is good but it had serious problems, I feel you will not repeat them, make it less “console”. The open world and even the coop give it a bit of survivalism.
    I just dont know if the time will pass like in rune, probably not and thats a good thing, it became a bit irritating managing time.
    Anyway, its an hell of a project, if the social interactions are really good and complex it can be a classic.

  • Daniel

    When this game is finally out I’m most likely buying 10 copies of it because reasons.

  • Sakuratea

    You know what I like about your art? They remind me of Mother series.

    • Twil50

      Personally, It doesnt remind me mother series except one thing: The desert in the trailer reminds me a lot earthbound desert… I did think to earthbound when I saw it.

  • Zag

    Some games are just games, other ones are considered a work of art. Looking forward to play Stardew!

  • FuzzyBubbles

    I’ve been following this game for a long time, and every update i get more and more hyped! Can’t wait to do a series on this.

  • Melyssa

    That was just amazing! I haven’t had time to check back on every update so I didn’t know about a lot of things, like the fishing meter! I loved that! And the skatin guy crashing onto the old man, funny πŸ˜›
    Can’t wait for more news, or a realease date!.

  • Anony M.

    This looks a lot like Rune Factory for Nintendo DS. Were you going for that style? I mean the charge up with the hoe, the perspective, the art style, and even the way the dungeon was laid out seemed very similar to Rune Factory, though this seems to have a lot more content in it than Rune Factory.

    One thing I do NOT like is the animation for the sword. It looks very clunky making a wide arc from way over the characters head and around in a circular arc. Could you instead have more of a slashing-animation? Maybe that’s not finished, or maybe it’s exactly the way you want it and I need to step off, but that’s my feedback. I strongly dislike it when games are made artificially more difficult by having a slow weapon swing speed. I recognize this game isn’t necessarily fixated on dungeon crawling and heavy melee, but if it’s worth having in a game, it’s worth making it excellent, right? : )

  • Wojciech Bombard

    This game seems to be the definition of a ‘comfy game’ πŸ™‚

    • penguinsane

      Right? I just want to get cozy with a mug of coffee next to a warm fire, snug in a blanket and playing the crap out of it on a laptop. I can’t wait! I will keep hoping by some miracle we might see a holiday release. πŸ˜€

      • Tenshiamon

        I was thinking the same thing.. would love for a holiday release.. By the way updates are showing looks close but god only knows. Well also ape might have idea for release just not saying. πŸ™

  • StylΒ΅s

    So difficult to believe you’re doing this all by your lonesome. You’re an inspiration. Looking forward to the final product!

  • Trufflezz

    I’m crying over here, stahp teasing meeee! Just kidding, I love seeing how far it has gotten since I started watching the development. I hope you’ll give the chance to test it, I’d love trying to find glitches and help out πŸ™‚ Can’t wait until it’s out, I’ll definitely be one of the first to get it.

  • RandomGuy

    Great to see continued progress. I do hope, however, that – even as post-release content – there will be a chance of reconcilling Joja Corporation and the local business, maybe as some more demanding path. I never liked being forced to particular path in such games if I want to uncover more plot.

    Also, will there be a chance for us to see multiplayer content and how it would shape? I wonder how technicalities like chatting, players taking part in cutscenes/dialogues separately from each other and other such things will work.

  • Kenkimaru

    Looks really amazing. Liked the Trailer alot.

  • Peter Schelvis


    • shane

      my heart breaks every time i check the site and not see an update or it finished lol

  • I’m SUPER Excited!