Dev Update #26

Hi everyone,

Just want to give you a quick update on Stardew Valley. I’m still working hard on the game, nearly every day. I know there’s been some discussion as to a release date, so I’d like to touch on that.

As soon as I know when the game is to be released, I’ll announce it. I don’t have any intention of being deceptive or secretive. The reason I haven’t given a release date yet is that it’s extremely difficult to make an accurate prediction when it comes to finishing something like this. What I really don’t want is to throw a date out there and then have to disappoint people by pushing it back. I also don’t want to build hype prematurely… that already happened to some degree when Stardew Valley was Greenlit, and the resulting attention (and disappointment that the game wasn’t already available) was a bit overwhelming for me. I’d like to earn my reputation by releasing a great game, rather than creating buzz over screenshots and speculation well before the game is available. There’s definitely a proper time to start promoting a release, but I don’t feel like that moment has arrived yet.

I’ve been working on Stardew for years and I want it to be released as much as anyone. However, I’m not willing to do that until the game is not only complete, but also in a state I’m happy with. It simply could not be released in its current form… It’s not a finished game yet. It’s tantalizingly close to being a finished game, but it’s also a huge project and I’m just one guy. I truly believe it will be released this year, but there’s still months of work to be done.

I know I’ve said this before, but I’m really lucky to have such positive, supportive people interested in the development of Stardew Valley. I really do appreciate it, and the last thing I want is to let anyone down. The best I can do is to keep working hard until the game is finished and in your hands. And that’s what I’ll continue to do, no matter what.

Here’s what I’ve been working on lately:

Finishing the mines. I’ve shifted some things away from being randomly-generated, instead
designing them by hand. My aim is to ensure that gameplay is focused and that the pacing is
enjoyable. I want players to really feel like they are making progress as they advance deeper into
underground, and earning proper rewards for their troubles. Previous versions of the mines never felt
quite right to me, but I’m very happy with it now.

Thanks for reading!


  • Dumzdey

    THANKS! Keep up the good work. And we know, good things come to those who wait.

  • Jodi L

    I am super excited to see the finished product! I’ve been waiting since it was greenlit and can definitely wait longer until its 100% ready! I love seeing every update. Keep up the awesome progress!

  • Lunarabbit32

    Wow, that mining artwork is beautiful! I know I’m going to really, really enjoy that! I can already see this as a nostalgia creator for the future. I don’t know how you manage to do that with pixel art. This game is amazing, and you can really see how much work you must put into it. We didn’t mean to stress you out with the release date. No matter how long this takes, I’ll buy it. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me it’s fun to discuss things and speculate, even though our impatient little butts get antsy. We’re all still here to cheer you on!

  • Irrimn

    As much as I really, really, really want to play Stardew Valley because it looks like such an amazingly fun game, I understand and respect the fact that you don’t want to rush to release because that would result in releasing a game that you’re not 100% happy with. Take all the time you need and make sure it is done right and that the game is fun and engaging. If you do that, you wont have any trouble generating hype when the time comes.

  • Caleb

    Very well done artwork for the mines. I agree with your decision of switching your content over to hand-crafted areas. There are certain games that are meant for this, and some that aren’t. I haven’t played your game yet, but it’s definitely shaping up to be something both similar yet different from Harvest Moon and Rune Factory. And they got mostly (if not all) hand-crafted content, and it works.

    Randomly-generated content only works at its best in some scenarios. It’s also usually used as end-game content. You may or may have not played a game with a tower or dungeon with seemingly endless floors that appears after the game is completed. This is not a bad idea and can be somewhat easily implemented, depending on how much work you want to put into it. I’d be wary about it too because there are players that think all the game is about, is its meta-game. If you can somewhat control how it turns out, it may be beneficial to have this dungeon, or not at all.

    But I feel to make your game step out more, you should think of a different end-game. I’d highly recommend implementing this AFTER the game officially releases though. I believe a heartier main game is the best way to go, as opposed to having potentially a weaker main game because you tried to do something for those that got to the end.

    I hope any of this helps you. I only shared this because I want to keep playing and enjoying your game. Good luck. 🙂

  • Ukima Harris

    Good for you not taking the easy way out and just pushing out a game to
    make money. It’s great to know your so meticulous in making this game
    rock! Ha ha get it cuz the update involves a mine?

  • Lucas

    Yes! You really know that you are doing an awesome work when even small updates like these make me love your game even more!

  • John O’ Brien

    As much as I am deeply looking forward to this game, I 100% respect your desire to not announce a release date until it’s one you’re certain of. As long as you keep working on the game, these monthly updates are plenty to look forward to. For now let’s hope Story of Seasons can hold me over until you launch.

  • Afee Hamtaro

    I really taught it will lunch as soon as the update starts, But i guess waiting a bit more will help, everytime it update cool update really came, I hope it lunch early though so i can enjoy a game similar to this.

    • yermum

      Lunch? How about you learn some proper English first?

  • Bruce Wayne

    We support you 100% Ape, keep making that awesome game and don’t ever give up! To me, you are the beacon of my hope for two specific things:
    1) Farming Games. Have you played any of the Harvest Moon games lately? they’re not even close to what they used to be. You’re my hope that this game will set an example for the next generations.

    2) Not taking part in Alpha-release. Thank you for not being a part of the modern cancer of games, alpha releases, I much rather wait for a full game than get bits of a game that’s probably never gonna be done.

  • Anonymous

    ‘Some things’? So there still will be randomly generated levels in the mines, hopefully?

    The randomization of the mines is what gave me hope for replayability in terms of mining and dungeon crawling. Designing 100~ floors by hand seems like an overwhelming task.

    I guess I’ll find out when the game is released, the questions in the comments never get answered. 😛

  • Anthony Kay

    *continues to throw money* the hype train is already running and im excited as is most of my fans, game continues to look great and i eagerly await the coming months!

  • awkwardkorean

    ERMERGHERD. So hyped.

  • enphoius

    I check this website for updates everyday, it’s my most visited site on my computer, next to maybe reddit. Every Time there is an update I get so excited, like a child before christmas, just wanting to know what you’re going to talk about next. I’m really happy with your decision to not release the game or announce a release date until it is time. I, and I think most others as well, think it’s been pretty annoying all these early access games that never seem to be finished or don’t keep their vision because of pressure from players. I’m just happy this game is a thing, even if I have to wait another 5 years for this game, I will. Keep up the good work.

    • GareauRA

      You and me Sir have way to much in common. Reddit >Stardew>=Idle time!

    • Zael

      There seem to be a few of us daily lurkers, but then, Concerned Ape probably knows that already from his logs. 🙂

    • enphoius

      Good to see so many fellow lurkers, and happy that so many people are patientily awaiting this game.

  • alsonlaw9936

    thanks for the update , keep it up

  • Tamson

    I was excited to see a new update (I haven’t been checking multiple times a day, really)! The mining experience sounds like it’s going to be great. Take as much time as you need on the release, I’m pretty sure no one will be able to resist playing it, no matter when it comes out. It’s amazing work, CA!

  • Space Blizzard

    Keep on trucking, dude! We’ll wait as long as it takes.

  • Burnalot

    Thanks for letting us know, and I appricate that you are upfront with your reasons for holding it back. It’s admirable that someone cares that much about their game that they want to make sure everything is done right before release. Not many developers do that now days. I guess not everyone will be happy about this, but im pretty sure it’s for the best in the end. I will look forward to your finished work. Keep at it and make it right.

  • Júnior Nascimento

    Good morning everyone. Congratulations on the Stardew Valley project. I believe that many who played the HM want to create a similar and different game. I’m hoping to launch later this year Stardew Valley. It was exceptional the cave seems to the MMO Dofus *-*

  • Craig

    I have your updates news section on my RSS feed that I check daily, I love when there is news from you and I love that it isn’t too often. Glad to see you are designing some things by hand. I have always liked hand-crafted more than randomly generated. You can tell more thought and love when into it.

  • hsidnomeL

    I think I can speak for most, if not all, of us when I say that you should take the time you need to release the game you want to release. I have nothing but respect for you for your stance on releasing a finished product as opposed to “early access” or “alpha test” builds. There has been an unfortunate trend in the Indie Game scene to release, and charge for, games that aren’t complete, on the expectation that players will be happy with what they get when they get it. The fact that you’re not falling into that pit is awesome and you’re completely supported by your fans.

    That being said, I’m incredibly hyped for this game and I cannot begin to express my desire to play it, even in an unfinished form. Keep up the great work mate, your fans will follow your progress with more anticipation than you can imagine. When you’re ready to release, we’ll be here waiting, ready to enjoy your labor of love. Cheers 🙂

  • Imagining Mystic

    Take your time. I’d much rather the game take longer to be released and be well-made and playable than rushed out and a complete mess. I’m super excited for this game, but am also willing to wait as long as it takes. I think Stardew Valley will be well worth the wait!

  • Andres

    Ape, I’ve been following your development since 2 years ago and I’m really excited but still patient for Stardew Valley. I’ve been visiting the page at least once or twice every single month to know how the development goes. You have one assured puchaser to the day of it’s realease. Keep the good work and do not worry about the time. I’m pretty sure we are all here excited for this development, especially me since 2 years ago or so. Keep the work and remember we all support you and are able to wait what is necessary to! Love.

  • João Rafael Romero Reato

    Very nice man, thank you for talk to us like you are one of us, maybe we can play co op together someday. hahahahhaha. Just kidding. I like the way you treat your work like art, i like the way you are honest to your public and i hope someday you can be great like Hideo Kojima or Sid Meyer’s.
    Hugs from Brazil!

    • Klintt

      I’d love to play co-op with ConcernedApe once the game is out! Man that would be awesome… 😉

  • Amanda

    I’ve totally got your back, hun. I’m glad that you are taking the time to produce a good, finished game. As a soon-to-graduate game programmer and designer, I know how hard and how long it takes to make a game. Its definitely not easy. This, however, looks like a true labor of love and I’m happy to await the final product when it arrives. Until then, I will continue to check in and savor any updates you post for us. =)

  • Lyndsey Evenstar

    I’m so excited for this. My sisters and I are on the edge of our seats waiting for this to come out!

  • Zonr_0

    “A delayed game is good eventually, a bad game released early is bad forever”

    Take your time and make sure your game is the best it can be! Steam and the indie scene in general is absolutely inundated with early access titles these days so releasing as a complete experience right out of the gate is going to make Stardew Valley stand out in a good way. It’s an incredibly ambitious project and the first Western game of its kind, I’m sure there’s a lot of tweaking and fiddling to get right!

    Besides, we’ve got Story of Seasons to tide us over in the meantime. 😉

    • Drew Pierce

      “A delayed game is good eventually, a bad game released early is bad forever. Shigeru Miyamoto”

      I literally saw a post about that on fb TODAY

    • Mur John-Paul

      This isn’t the full story, sure it is fine for big companies like Nintendo to hold off release dates because they have huge reserves but for an indie they can do stuff like alpha releases.
      In cases like factorio and minecraft their alpha release was able to pay for mass expansion of their company and be able to finish their product much faster. I think that it is a huge mistake for him to delay stardew because he is losing hype and what is the most important part of the game (the growing gameplay) should already be done. Story can be added in later versions to hugely expand playability.

    • ElectricPrism

      I’ll disagree and see that that statement as a “general truth” and not exactly a “absolute truth”.

      Take for example, Civilization 5 – it’s initial release left the game with a lot of problems, however just like Wine that Ages, Civ 5 added many DLCs that corrected and enriched the game as time has gone on.

      Like I said “generally true” and not “always true” – however in the world of Console Gaming it might have been true in the past considering that once PSX and N64 cartridges shipped there was no update mechanism to correct bugs and other problems like we have today via Steam, XBONE and PSN for updating.

      Even if a game corrects bugs, the game itself doesn’t remain bad, but the hype of players certainly dies out – take for example SC2, a lot of Blizzard’s bad decisions and lack of incentivizing players and caroling players has lead to its declining player base and interest from map makers.

  • Dave

    I’ve been playing the new not-harvest-moon harvest moon, and am still disappointing in the lack of mystique surrounding the story that I remember from the older games like HM64 / Back To Nature. The old games carried a sense of melancholy throughout that added such a deep layer, for an otherwise, average gameplay.

    I’ve been following Stardew Valley since before the new website, and still get more and more excited with each new bit of information released. Every update seems to remind me of all the things I loved about the old harvest moon games. As much trouble as I have waiting for this game, I am very impressed by your honesty and dedication to the project – and your refusal to over/prematurely market the game.

    Thank you, Eric, for all your effort into such a wonderful, albeit niche game. You are everything that is right with the gaming industry.

    • useduser

      If by “not-harvest-moon harvest moon” you mean Story of Seasons, you are an wrong to call it that. Look up an article about Natsume owning the name harvest moon and losing the rights to publish the game outside of japan, The game we here in America grew up knowing as harvest moon, is in fact called Story of Seasons where it was made, Japan. Natsume localized the games for many many years but they changed the name probably to make it a more relate-able title to American audiences. But Natsume owns the name harvest moon, and lost the right to publicize the games anymore. Y’know when you turn on the new game and now it says XSEED? Thats the new company used to publicize the games, except they use the original name. Simple as that, it is still “harvest moon” as we know it, just a different name. The maker has not changed, the publication, and face has. That’s all.

      If you do not like Story of Seasons as a new iteration? Well thats all up to you. But get your facts straight, please. So many people across the web are saying things like that and it make me and quite a few others quite livid. I did not make this message to antagonize you, only to inform you. So I hope you have now been properly informed, and will not refer to story of seasons as the “not-harvest-moon harvest moon” anymore.

      • Carlos Hatchett

        Oh come on, who gives a damn about that?
        Though… Story of Seasons is NOT harvest moon, even though the only difference is the name. So following that logic, we can conclude that Story of Seasons is the “not-harvest-moon harvest moon”.

      • Dave

        I did mean Story of Seasons… but by not-harvest-moon harvest-moon, I meant harvest moon without the title. I know it’s the same developers… Jesus. Would “harvest-moon not harvest moon” have prevented this misguided essay?

  • I love these updates, thank you very much!

  • Astrella Lunari

    The existence of this community shows that honest communication and great work is a wonderful way to keep the hype train running! I am incredibly excited for the game and will be eager to buy it when it arrives. Thanks so much for the hard work!

  • Drew Pierce

    I was kinda hoping for the randomly generated mines, it seems like a more fun part, but, oh well

  • Josué David

    spirits and move on to what to me is a big project I really like what you do 🙂 pending Stardew Valley!

  • Kita

    no rush but at this point I’m guessing the game will realistically be out in december at the earliest 🙁

    • Sophia Hart

      I agree. I think since he made it clear “months away”, december is probably a good guess. I was hoping for the summer but blah D:

  • Justin Difazzio

    I’ve been lurking for close to two years. Take your time, please. I’m super excited for it, but I’m not into rushing ANYONE.

  • pinkcatmint

    I know you are busy, but would it be too much to ask for a new trailer with some of the updated stuff? I love watching the old trailers. It makes me so happy and anxious to play the game, but I would love to see more of the new material.

  • Snusbagaren

    I so hate you for not giving out a beta or early access but I love you even more for the same reason. I like to be able to play a game asap but I think you are doing the right thing 100% so that the game is done!!!! Good job mate, really good job!

  • dylan brown

    Keep up the good work 🙂 And let i take however long it takes. The only thing I’m a bit worried about is testing – one person cant possibly test a game well i think – not a big game like this, and not on lots of different hardware and software configs. When you have all content done and bugs fixed you know of etc – are you gonna get help from chucklefish or whatever to test it?

    • Kairon Woulfgang

      After following the dev blog for Banished the guy over there did have problems with different video cards and monitors not showing his game correctly. Which is understandable as one person generally only owns 1 Videocard to test with.

  • Kairon Woulfgang

    This is why I like most indie developers. you seem to understand taking time to make a good game is important and as someone who is looking forward to this game I’m willing to wait for it even if it’s December 2015 I’ll just buy myself a Christmas gift. 🙂

    keep up the good work and know most maybe all of us are willing to wait for a good game.

  • Beefjerky

    I am going to do the whole devil’s advocate bit here. You don’t want to create a buzz over screenshots but you have been doing nothing but that for how many years now? After reading that portion and knowing all that I can not take the rest of the post seriously. I find it down right laughable.

  • Mike

    Definitly take your time unlike other games with their early alpha’s etc which almost always suck and gets me off in like 3 days im pretty sure this game will be epic

  • Jeremy VDB

    Normally when a new game comes out on pc I first try to crack it because I know I wont play a long time on it. But this time I’ll buy it on the first day it comes out because I know I will play for a long time on it with my friend

  • Kindlesmith70 .

    Wish more game developers had this kind of mindset.

  • lLegion

    i’m following the game progress since the start of 2014, i dont know where do you guys are right now for releasing the game but i think i’ll just have to wait more and more ^^, even like this is good to see that the dev updates are still comming out and i wish you the best luck possible with the game, just like i did with starbound before release o_

  • Emple

    I’ve been following your progress for about two years now (long-time reader, first-time commenter!), and while I’m super excited and looking forward to the eventual release, I totally respect your design and programming schedule!

    I think people just look at what you’re doing and it looks so incredibly awesome, they let their excitement get the best of them. Which isn’t the worst problem to have, but I understand it can be an added level of stress.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, and I will be standing here with my money in hand when the release finally comes! No matter when that is. <3

  • Lazy Mustard

    The game being Greenlit may have had some issues for you to deal with, but you should know that some positive came out of that as well. Namely, I’m certain that I’m not the only player that first heard of Stardew Valley when it was Greenlit. I’ve been following you ever since. Visiting your blog once or twice a month has been very rewarding, I’ve never felt the need to post till now, but I feel it’s a good time to break that silence. The amount of content you’ve developed in that time period (and solely by yourself to boot) has been staggering. Sure, that’s just an opinion, but I’d also like to point out that you’ve stuck to your guns perfectly well in all that time. Show me another developer that has put so much commitment and effort behind their project(s). You’ve invested so much into this game that the least I can do as a prospective player is invest the patience to wait for it’s inevitable but eventual release. Keep on keepin’ on Ape. Your satisfaction with the finished product will eventually be ours when we are able to play it.

    • Zael

      Well, since you asked: Tarn Adams of Dwarf Fortress and Vladimir Romanyuk of Space Engine. Eric is definitely stellar, but he’s not the only one. We are lucky to witness these outstanding projects.

  • Reb

    take you time C.A., we will be here supporting you !

  • 3432423

    Take your time ape. i can wait many years…

  • MewKitty

    this is looking really great so far! i have been watching this game for more then a year. me and some of my friends are so interested in this game. you have done such a wonderful job from what i can see. it has a lot of elements i’ve always enjoyed in other games, like fishing <3 so i cant wait for this. i also want to thank you for making it multiplayer! it may not be massively like minecraft but still great that i can pull in 3 of my friends. i think that is awesome n.n

  • yukovalis

    I think the issue was last update 25 you said you were 90-95% finished, which many of us (myself included) though this would be the month then. Still keep up the good work! we will be waiting… you tease.

  • Your fans can wait as long as it is necessary, man. I am greatly anticipated for this game, more than you know, so don’t stress it. We will be there during development, and we will be there on-release.

    Sincerely – Eddie.

  • Still interested, and take all the time you need! I will be definitely following this all the way, so whatever you do, don’t ever let the pressure set in. 🙂

  • Kat

    I look forward to this game! I hope it comes out soon but don’t feel rushed. I would rather you wait to relies the game when you feel ready then relies the game fast when it’s not ready.

  • Guest

    Cannot wait for this game. Thank you for the updates and great work!

  • jenglando

    Thank you for the updates and great work!

  • Blawnx

    If we waited two years,What is a few months? Kepp up the good work man!

  • Juak

    Keep up the good work. I don’t mind waiting for this! Thanks for the update!

  • Jake

    New Stardew update… and all was right with the world. xD

  • Vasile

    Keep on the good work ! I’ll wait. Cheers from France.

  • Stevo Smith

    I keep throwing money at the screen but it isn’t working pls help.

  • Eric Gagnon

    Strangely enough, i’ve been visiting this website every 26-28 days for the last few years because i know that is the approximate time between updates that you have been releasing. I find it hard to remember every 28 days to pay my credit card, but yet this video game is much higher priority in my mind. Lately, since the announcement of “this year” release date, i have found myself more eager for new updates, stopping by a dozen times before the next blog post. I couldn’t be looking forward to this game being released any more then i already am if i tried, and even though i am an avid “free” game torrenter, i am still looking forward to legitimately purchasing your game just like i did Starbound, which still makes it a very minuscule fraction of games that i actually purchased.

    Long story short: Game looks fantastic, i can’t wait for it to be released, and yet i will because i know it will be just right when you do.


  • Murilo Gomes Teixeira

    Hype Train!

  • yukovalis

    Feel the want and desire… Feel it! This is what you are doing to us!. 🙂

  • Shirou

    Keep up the good work, I’m fine with waiting as long as I eventually be able to play this ^^

  • Rachel Ketner

    So excited! My favorite part of simulator/farming type games like harvest Moon is always the family element, which looks really in-depth in this game. =)

  • moniablox

    I Check The Dev Posts Everyday, Eager To See What Ape Has Posted 😉

  • raudskeggr

    The impatience you hear from some people…take that as a complement! It means They really like what you’ve been doing and want to get their hands on the game.

    But also be prepared for a surge of negativity after you finally do release it. Though you have said you want to keep hype down, the more people want to play the game but can’t, the higher their expectations tend to go; to the point where they are completely unrealistic. It happens every time.

    Make the game *you* want to make; and hopefully most of your players will like it too. And, you know, there’s always mods for the people who want to change this or that down the road.

    • Marie-Êve Nielly

      Exactly, and remember the silent majority that are appreciative.

  • Bobert Figglehorn

    TBH the amount of time I have waited for this game is ridiculous. I understand that it’s a one person project and that you want the game to be as polished as possible before release, but the hype train was started long ago by the creation of this blog and it isn’t going away.

    Many of those riding said train are most likely getting as impatient as I am. We want this game and a once a month update isn’t enough to sate that want at this point.

    Sorry not sorry.

    • Marie-Êve Nielly

      You are not owed anything.

      • akena

        people owe their fans, he owes me because I have made a verbal pledge to buy it

        • Marie-Êve Nielly

          No they don’t, where would you get this? He will owe you the game once you pay for it, and that’s it.

        • Natasha Turner

          Uh, no? No he doesn’t. You haven’t shelled out money for it. A person doesn’t owe anyone anything unless they’ve already paid something for it, and that’s only if there is a pre-existing agreement beforehand. This is literally nothing more than sitting outside the store in your car, and then saying that store owes you something for your patronage even though you haven’t paid for anything.

          Originally I was hoping that he would release a alpha/beta, but now I understand why he hasn’t. The amount of self-entitlement is ridiculous.

      • Bobert Figglehorn

        I never said I was.

  • akena

    I thought that I was going to play this game the summer before college, now I’m done with my first year and don’t really game anymore. But I’ll definitely play this game so much. huh maybe not though… please hurry Mr. Ape!

  • moniablox

    I’m So Excited To See That Ape Has Been Making Great Progress With Stardew Valley! It’s Great That Ape Is Taking His Time To Work On The Game, And Not Rushing It, Because A Rushed Game Isn’t As Good As A Game That Took Time To Make. 🙂

  • Murilo Gomes Teixeira

    i’m worry about! more then 1 mouth without update!

  • Magzilla

    I check everyday for more updates. I know it will come. I will continue to check.
    It all looks so good, though. I can’t help but want more 🙂

    • Murilo Gomes Teixeira

      is just, too much incredible!
      checking everyday too..

  • yukovalis

    It’s nearing on 2 months. Last time they said it would take a few months. I am being very very hopeful right now 🙂

  • ElectricPrism

    @ConcernedApe – I seriously think you need to sit down and create a “Roadmap” where you _PLAN_ the road to completion.

    List everything – Incomplete Sprites, Incomplete Maps & Rooms, Incomplete Programming, etc… and also write down a due date on each item you estimate to encounter on the road to Star Dew Valley 1.0.

    Unix Philosophy Point #1 & #3 come to mind.
    1 – “Small is beautiful.”
    3 – “Build a prototype as soon as possible.”

    I check this RSS feed regularly and it would be a terrible tragedy to learn your game never came to fruition because you didn’t have the capitol to give you more steampower to push ahead past creative & technical obsticals.

    If you don’t make a roadmap and “Plan for Success” you will likely encounter setbacks, and distractions – don’t let you A.D.D. make you enrich the game to the point where everything is 90%.

    A serious consideration to the work remaining and a release time-frame (earliest & latest) are both necessary for you to achieve your goal.

    I can’t wait to play this on Arch Linux bro, keep it up 🙂

  • jordan

    cant wait for this game. you have one purchase right here already solidified no matter the cost. i sooooo cant wait to play this!!!!!

  • Guernley

    Take the time you need to complete the game! Can’t wait for it myself.