Mini Dev Update #2



I’ve made a bunch of progress on character customization, and I’d like to share some of the results with you! Above, you can see just a few of the many possible combinations for your character. After you’ve created your starting look, there’s nothing stopping you from getting a haircut or changing your outfit in the future. Below is the unfinished character customization screen. You won’t have access to all clothes when you first start your character, but over time you’ll be able to put together a pretty sharp wardrobe!


  • Giwi

    This. Is awesome.

  • chizfoshiz

    Even small updates like these get me so stoked for this, you’re doing great work here.

  • Matthew Gill

    The potential character looks seem pretty varied, cool!

  • Ps Tymier

    Awesome! the girls look specially good.

  • David

    Keep up the good work! I can’t wait until it is finished 😀

  • Kedirech

    Impressive variety. It’ll be nice to be able to tell people apart. Now you just need the swimwear collections 🙂

  • KChi

    Looks awesome! Aahhh wish I could play this now, even test it out or whatever. I am just to impatient here!

  • Vari

    I just hope you don’t go the route of many games and make the girls much more interesting and varied than the boys. Looks good, though.

  • OmegaV

    Nice! Looks great!

  • Brisket

    Looks great!

  • Christopher Greene-Szmadzinski

    omg this is so awesome!

  • Arbitrary

    I’m looking forward to this game so much.

    I just want to throw money at it, but I can’t yet

  • SleeKeith

    Wow, it’s pretty cool ! It’ll be so fun to play with our friends and all have our own character. This game will be the best farming game ever !!!

  • DeadlyTalent

    Oh my gosh, I am in awe! Can’t wait to get into this game! Very very excited!

  • Labraid

    Solid work out there, too bad that visual customization is not up my alley. I saw videos and loved this game for gameplay elements, not looks, though they weren’t bad, but I love Dwarf Fortress so what could I possibly know about graphics.
    For me what counts is content, randomness, skill system, quality system of every possible element in the game – from crops, ores, soil, prepared food to equipment. So more bloated those will become the more happy I will be.
    That said I will still happily buy this game for core harvest moon gameplay that I can share with friends.

  • Curlex

    I can’t wait to be a cowboy. This game’s perfect, it’s literally Harvest Moon with Combat. It’s spot-on what someone like myself is looking to play for months or even years.

    • Donthedon86

      You should really take a look into the Rune Factory games, on DS and Wii, soon on 3ds, but check out RF 3, Best so far. Oh by the way, Stardew looks amazing, please keep up the great work CA!

  • FierceRogue

    I wonder when it will be out on steam.

  • Lazure

    I hope we get tank tops, sleeveless shirts, strapless gowns, short skirts, and shorts too. 🙂 All the previews so far imply that all of them are pants or t-shirt shaped.

  • Coyote

    Man, this game keeps looking better and better! Keep up the great work; I’m really looking forward to being able to purchase it.

  • WeasleX

    OMG ITS THE VILLAGE PEOPLE!!! Waitaminute, where’s the biker, the navy guy, and the Indian? lol

    Kidding aside, looking good!

  • A Bad Feeling

    Great! Can’t wait to play it and give some feedback!

  • Kenkimaru

    I am also looking forward to this game. But these sprites i dont really like, especially the ones from the side – because everything that changes gender here is the hair – bodys need some work if you aks me

  • starbounder12

    i cant wait until its out i really want to have it now already

  • Cicatrix

    Yeah, looks awesome! 😀

  • toxicghostking

    who doesn’t want to get this game

  • Tyler Adams

    This is looking fantastic! Yet another game I can’t wait to play 🙂

  • Jacob

    I think the character creator could be a little more detalied. It looks a little boring.

  • LocalCooP Syndicate

    Local Coop NOW!

  • Yousef Geneidy

    Looks like fun. I want a pair o’ glasses, a messy hairstyle, and oodles of easter eggs.

  • Really looking forward to playing this game! Keep up the good work! =D

  • ElectricPrism

    I cant wait to buy this. I wish we could pay our way into a beta and be rewarded with special early supporter content later when it gets super popular like a Kickstart project would do.

  • SleeKeith

    We Want To Know More !!! Please.

  • James Folcik

    That is excellent. Can’t wait to see it in action. The more the merrier when it comes to customization!

  • Blackthorn

    So when will be next update? 🙂

  • LocalCooP Syndicate

    Make a local coop please