Mini Dev Update #7

Grow flowers on your farm:


They make great gifts, and bees love them!

sunflower_crop<– Sunflowers can be harvested for seeds, too.


I’ve also redrawn a bunch of the animations and tools:

wateringGif toolls


And expanded the world a bit (gotta have some unlockable/secret areas!):






  • Magzilla

    YES!!!! This looks amazing! I’ve been checking the site every day, and so I’m sooo happy that there is another update! You do not, disappoint, my friend! Keep it up! <3

    P.S. LOVE that watering animation! So great!

  • Pamela Collins

    I love all the stuff you’ve been adding and fixing up. Keep up the good work!

    One question: For those of us who actually like things firmly on a grid (aka in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody for example), will there be an option to turn off the random placement of crops within their block so everything looks all straight and even? =)

    • ConcernedApe

      Thanks! That would be an easy option to add… I’m making a note to add it in right now 🙂

      • Pamela Collins

        Yay! Thank you so much! One of the things I love about Harvest Moon is the adorable square grid you get to make with your crops. =)

        I can’t wait till you release this game to the public in some form. I’ll be linking it in my Minecraft mod thread for HarvestCraft — I’m sure lots of my downloaders will love your game as well!

        • ConcernedApe

          Hey Pam! Thanks, I appreciate that! 🙂

  • ElectricPrism

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Cake

    I don’t quite like the new animation but the rest is great 😉 can’t wait to throw my money at you!

  • Christopher Veach

    It looks so beautiful

  • Pr8

    waiting for it to release on Steam

  • Sznejk

    Can’t wait any more. Where is preorder button?! .Keep it good work developers <3

  • Maeka

    Very nice!

  • Sam

    This looks amazing! I love the first screenshot – incredible beautiful, i cant wait to create my own Flower-And-Bee-Paradise! 😀

    But the watering animation makes me a bit nervous: Will i need to water each plant seperately? Watering each flower by itself (especially when i look at the first screenshot) doesn’t sounds like much fun. Will there be a possibility (maybe later in game, like a improved watering can) that allows me to water multiple plants at once?

    • ConcernedApe

      Thanks! Yup, you’ll be able to improve your watering can, and also craft/buy items to help you out as well.

      • Sam

        Wow, thats amazing! Thank you CApe – you just thought of everything 🙂 Keep up the awesome work ♥ I am really excited for Stardew Valley!

  • Dekukvothe

    Wow, the pixelart is awesome… The game looks great 🙂 Can’t wait for playing this 😀

  • bradley

    I love the things you added such great additions. I cant wait. The bigger world will be super fun. 😀

  • Ps Tymier

    Last pic. Are those trees!? http://i.imgur.com/XkLzUcr.png
    Looks amazing guys.

  • Atlas

    I Love you mate. You are making the best game ever.

  • Sadiq

    I have a note at the watering animation, why the dirt be wet before the water spills?

    • Amanda

      Maybe a shadow?

  • Dylan

    This is going to be one hell of a game.

  • Gordon

    Bravo! The secrets part will be my favorate!!

  • Laura Hannah Darroch-Lassey

    Oh god I want to play this so badly.

  • Amanda

    Yaaaaayyyy 😀 I’m so excited!
    P.S. Will the light in the game change as dawn and dusk approach?

    • ConcernedApe

      Yup, it gets dark, almost to the point where you can’t see without lights.

  • eliotik

    Hi CApe, don’t you want to start a pre-order process?

    • Rodrigo Deus

      That’s a great idea!

  • donkdat

    any idea when a release date would be ? im anxious to give you my money! take it dang you!

  • Rodrigo Deus

    PLEASE! Release this game! We need to play it!



  • FierceRogue

    I got interested in Stardew Valley a couple of months ago, but then almost stopped watching it. Now that I’ve seen all this new stuff, I cannot wait for it to be realesed! Great job, ConcernedApe!

  • Stuff

    Great to see more progress – though I have to ask now: How much space will there be available on one’s farm? I ask because the first screen is kinda worrying – it seems everything is realyl stuffed next to each other, hardly allowing any free space.

    • ConcernedApe

      There’s a ton of space, I just wanted to cram as much stuff into one screenshot as possible 🙂

  • Magzilla

    I JUST noticed the four Bee houses in the upper left corner of the first screenshot! Harvesting bees for honey is AWESOME!! Everyday, I just get more and more excited for this game!

  • Andrew

    Just out of curiosity, why does the avatar get up on its tippy toes in order to use the watering can?

  • Matthew Casagrande

    its been so long since you posted this, can we has a new update

  • Wow, that water is so wet that the crops are watered before it even touches them!