Mini Dev Update #8

Fruit Trees:


Fruit trees are a long-term investment for your farm. They don’t need to be watered, but they are expensive to buy, need a lot of space, and require a full year of growth before they’ll produce any fruit. However, once it’s established, your tree will provide you with juicy morsels every day during its fruiting season!


What will you do with your new fruit?

Sell it?

                                               Cook with it?

               Give it to your sweetie?

Throw the pungent little thing into an oak barrel and spend the winter guzzling strong wine? (don’t do that)


I’ve added new areas and expanded some other ones substantially… including redrawing everything on the beach and adding seagulls & flowing water!

Here’s a couple new screenshots:








These pumpkins don’t actually come from space but it looked compelling anyways—> spacePumpkin




  • Sam

    Aww, it looks so awesome, like always!

    I love the tree fruits – what a great opportunity!

    And the screenshots are really amazing. The beach and the house on the beach are so beautiful! ♥ (Still) can’t wait for release 🙂

  • Magzilla

    Outstanding, as always! I’m always blown away by your talent and dedication to this wonderful game!

  • Wobblah

    Once agian amazing update Ape! Can’t wait to play the game with you. : )

  • Calitar

    Wow looks awesome! You better not be joking about being able to make wine though. 😀

  • Kayla

    This looks FANTASTIC! I Love the screenshot of the beach and the fruit trees (wine anyone?). I cannot wait until this game is finished! I’m going to buy it the second its avalible.

  • BenjaminSutton

    “The pumpkin isn’t actually from space”– makes no mention of the ghost behind it o^o

    Haunted pumpkin.

  • Space Blizzard

    I continue to be blown away by how good this game looks.

  • Tenshiamon

    Thanks for the recent update ape can’t wait for the actual release, but do you have an idea on release. I understand and so do most of us about the time and effort your putting into this, but even a small release of single player demo would be nice. Some people i would presume unlike myself and starting to think you maybe just drawing up idea pictures and not actually screenshots of the game itself.

    I appoligize for putting much of this stuff out there, but you gave us an idea of release awhile back now we’re sitting here waiting with nothing to go on..

  • Sznejk

    Just looking for new screnshots this is so awesome! (crying) and next search for preorder but there not one.Cant wait any second more.

    This game will be so huge so many feutures was added in every update.Keep it up good work

    ┏┓ ╭━━┓╭━━━━━━╮
    ┗┛╰╯╰╯╰╯┛ ╰╯ ╰╯

  • Riff Raff

    Alright Mr. Ape, time to release. Now. Not “now”, but “right now”. Come on, chop chop.

    Seriously though, I would love to see something like solar panels in the game, and a wiring system.
    Hydroponic growing! Even though I realize obtaining such things would have to be a challenge so that it would be rewarding. Aaaanyway, it’s looking awesome. Good work.

  • Caio

    Demorou mais Saiu o Update em

  • GnomeBoy

    I appreciate that CA is not giving a release date just for the sake of giving a release date. Nothing is worse than a game being delayed over and over!

  • H.A.X.

    sweet! can’t wait to finally play this game :>

  • Brandon Taylor

    Looks awesome, good job!

  • Pamela Collins

    Just realized something: Is time going to stop when inside? What about when in the cave?

    • ConcernedApe

      In single player, time stops when indoors (but only in NPC homes and other places where you can’t make money, i.e. time still flows in the caves). It’ll have to be different for multiplayer, since players are not required to be in the same place.

  • Cory Pitts

    Graffiti on the trains is just awesome, i mean how many developers would think of something that simple but amazing. It just seems to add a lot of character to the game.

  • Stuff

    The game is shaping up nicely! Though less claustrophobic corridors inside buildings would be always appreciated (unless I am the only one thinking they’re somewhat narrow)!

  • FierceRogue

    I am always so excited when a new Mini Dev Update comes out! It truly looks like an amazing game and I cant wait to get my hands on it! As always, great job CA! 🙂

  • SuperNintendoNigga

    This game and haven and hearth are games I just CANNOT wait for.

  • Sadiq

    The graphics looks incredible!!!!!!!!
    This art is fantastic too!

    I want a banana tree.

  • Matt Hartsock

    Ahhhhh!!! I WANT.

    Keep up the good work! 😀

  • FelixArk

    Wow! Fruit! I’m really happy to see that brought to the table and how there’s a sort of element of strategy in being a fruit farmer. I’m looking forward to making my own orange juice and apple–everything.

    Come to think of it, with as many recipes and possibilities there are with apples, that has a lot of potential to be it’s own festival….

  • Mats Sebastian

    when can we test the game? like a demo or something.

  • Steven Fritze

    Looks great!. I wonder if the town is static like in HM: friends of mineral town, or designable like in the most recent HM game. I prefer the static pre designed town, as it made the game seem much more like a real world in which the characters were tied to. It gave it a lot more character.

  • ElectricPrism

    Hurry up plz so my girl and me can buy this game 🙂

  • Dark Dragon

    Can’t wait to play this. Keep up the good work please 😀

  • Ps Tymier

    So what do you guys think about randomly generated? Just curious because I haven’t heard about the game being pre-generated or randomly generated. I would like to know :D.

    • Sam

      In Update #5 CApe says “These dungeons are procedurally generated to keep things fresh.” – so i guess dungeons & caves are random generated 🙂

      • Ps Tymier

        Cool, I think that randomly generation makes a game more fun. Always a treat to find out what you can do in a different area. Thanks btw

  • Azkhandur

    You know what? I fucking love you!
    Like seriously, I appreciate you more than some people I know in real life!
    I know it’s not done yet but I’ll still like to thank you in advance;
    Thank you for your hard work! ^_^

  • Naira Souza

    Hey, good work. I really liked. Keep up the great work, I’m hoping to play^^

  • Blackthorn

    My wallet is ready for this game. 🙂

  • Jack

    Will there be tutorial in the game on how we can expand the house? o_o

  • Rodrigo Deus

    PLEASE, APE! Release this game already! And again: do you want someone to translate that for you to other languages? I don’t want money for that. I can translate to brazilian portuguese and my wife can do it to spanish!

  • Fireofchaos

    Good job.

  • pinkcatmint

    I am so happy that there are characters of different races in this game, something that is sadly lacking in the Harvest Moon series. The only HM dark skinned characters I can think of are Cody the metal artist from A Wonderful Life, Selena from ToT and Animal Parade, and Amir and Sanjay from A New Beginning. Everyone else seems to look Oriental or white. I’m glad there will be some variety in this game. Can you add some Native American characters? That would probably be a first for the gaming industry.

    • peep9111

      The kid at the wine yard in harvest moon 64

  • Alex Chung

    Throw the pungent little thing into an oak barrel and spend the winter guzzling strong wine? (don’t do that)
    I’m totally going to do that.

  • Jeremy T. Gibson

    Out of curiosity, the mention of “don’t need to be watered” is slightly loaded. Hopefully there will be a benefit if we *do* water them, so that we can create full-on intensive fruit orchards for higher profit than if we were just to leave them alone.



  • peep9111

    that seagull on the left just said IM JESUS!

  • Eisbrecher

    I would love to see wine, beer, fruit juice, etc in this game! The Sims had a great fermentation system (fill with 10 lots of grapes, and worth more depending on what combo of grape types you put in.) And I love the idea of fruit trees, its sorta my OCD HM addiction. I’d love to see many different types of fruit in game (Apples, Cocoa, Coffee, Tea, Mango, Banana, etc.) Really, really cant wait for this game btw! 😀

  • max

    is the game free?