Post-Launch Progress Update: Version 1.1 and more!

Hello everyone!

First, I’d like to thank you all so much for playing Stardew Valley. The game has been more successful than I ever imagined, and I’m very grateful to everyone for granting me this amazing opportunity. I can’t say it enough– the community that’s formed around this game is incredible… full of kind, talented people who have given Stardew Valley a life of it’s own. It’s really cool. heart

The last couple of months have been pretty wild for me. I released seven patches… with bug fixes, adjustments, and some new content here and there. In addition, I’ve been keeping up with interviews, business stuff, social media platforms, and helping people who are having issues with the game. In short, I’ve been extremely busy.

Toward the end of April the launch buzz had cooled off enough that I could afford to take a short break. It’s been nice… I’ve actually played some other games for the first time in a long while, which was fun (Final Fantasy IX, Factorio, Age Of Empires II) .  I feel refreshed, and I’m ready to get back to work!

First, here is a list of what’s planned for the future of Stardew Valley:

  • Version 1.1 — A substantial content update
  • Co-op Multiplayer
  • Localizing for non-english regions
  • Mac/Linux Ports
  • Console Ports
  • Merchandise

Now, there’s obviously a huge amount of work involved to achieve all this… and I am just one person. I know in the past I’ve been very adamant about doing everything myself… and I still am, when it comes to game design and content. However, I’ve decided to seek outside help for some of the more technical things listed above. More specifically, I’ve accepted an offer from Chucklefish in which they will handle the porting, localization, and the technical side of multiplayer. This will allow me to focus on creating new game content for version 1.1, which I will continue to do entirely on my own.

This should result in faster overall development and reduced workload for me, while preserving my artistic control over Stardew Valley. I think it will be beneficial for everyone.

There’s no official timetable for any of this yet… Mainly I just want to let you all know that multiplayer, porting and localization are actively being worked on.

In the meantime, I’d like to give a little rundown of some things I’m planning for version 1.1:

  • More late-game content
  • New farm buildings
  • New crops
  • New artisan goods
  • New advanced farming/producing mechanics
  • Shane and Emily will be marriage candidates. They will also have more events and dialogue as a result.
  • More marriage content for all spouses
  • More events for the non-marriage NPC’s
  • Improvements/Additions to mining and combat
  • Ability to move buildings and other convenience features
  • More bug fixes
  • More secrets
  • More small, fun touches to the world

(note: anything in this list is subject to change)


Well, that’s all for now. Again, thanks for all your support and thanks for reading!



  • GS

    You are awesome.

  • MACS

    And just when I thought I was getting over Stardew Valley… Thank you, Ape! You’re the best.
    Also……. are you a millionaire now?

  • CanadaPlays

    So glad to see you’re back, friend! And I doubt there’s anyone better to be working with than Chucklefish. Me and my brother are equally hyped for coop!

  • Erin

    Welcome back. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Ozzymod

    MULTIPLAYER NAOW PLES <33333333333333

  • orenjikitty

    Welcome back and Thank you for the updates. Looking forward to it and spending more time in the Valley

  • Sarah

    Thank you for making this game! (Also if you need Mac guinea pigs, just sayin’….)

  • Vinxce


    There’s a lot of work to come, for sure, and that’s a good thing you relied on Chucklefish team to help you on thoses features! 😀
    I’d like to give an hand on it, but i’m not specialized on video-games development, more like an hobby using the Unity3D engine!

    Anyway, keep it up! 😉

  • Warren

    Thanks for the great game.

    Three things I’d like to see at some point:
    – Wider assortment of monsters
    – Some randomness in the requirements for completing rooms in the town hall
    – Store the save games in the “My Games” folder, not in appdataroaming. This will help make it easier to back up / restore and not lose track of things if the game is uninstalled.

  • Unknow0059 #

    Hey! Hope you had a nice break, you deserved it.

  • Kevin Z.

    I think many of us are waiting for co-op so we can play with our SO <3 At least that's my case.

    Really glad you're back, thanks for bring us this awesome game, good luck and successes!

  • Nice that you had a great break. You totally deserved it. The Keypoints for 1.1 sound great. Hope the villagers will visit the restored Community Center more often. It is quit empty most of the time 😀

  • toychristopher

    Awesome! Could we maybe get a little more space on our farm if we are also going to get new buildings? The left-side of the farm seems like it could be expanded!

  • Speederino

    Do console ports include the 3DS? Part of me is kind of hesitant to ever see that because I know my life will go down the drain, but it WOULD be amazing.

  • Jeremy Meadors

    I’ve so far played three games produced by Chucklefish with this being the third. Given the absolutely ridiculous amounts of time I’ve sank into all three, I’d say your in good hands having those people help you out. Glad you enjoyed your break, and thanks for mentioning Factorio. Hadn’t heard of that. It looks awesome. I’ll try that out while waiting for 1.1

  • Dejvid

    Cant wait for the Mac-port and/or iOS port so I can finally buy and play this game 🙂 A port to iOS/Android would be amazing

  • Sheriru

    ermahgerd! Is that Coffee i see?! and Evil Mayo?!?! *crossing finger for a perfume maker out of flowers* Im already soooo excited!

    I hope you had a refreshing Vacation with your Girlfriend without thinking about the Game.

    • 5ubutai

      That’s creepy

      • Sheriru

        not sure what kind of creepy mind you have, also i dont rly care

        • 5ubutai

          Hey, you’re the creep, not me.

        • Kendall

          Stalker-ish creepy.

    • Good Guy

      … this is going in a weird direction.

      • Sheriru

        what direction

    • RobertaK

      Coffee out of kegs — my husband Harvey will be pleased. 😀

  • Nyanny

    Ahhh I’ve been waiting to hear word on the Shane marriage update! I’m so happy! I can’t wait to see the new buildings/crops/etc. too! Also it’s awesome that the update will also include being able to move farm buildings :3

  • dianaincognito

    Thank you for creating this wonderful game!
    Welcome back from a well deserved break!!!
    This game is soooooo much more than a ‘farming simulator’ and I really enjoy it!! Kudos!!

    Would luv to see some sassy, unique and creative content!! One of many examples being the ability to divorce (both the player ~AND~ your spouse … which would be very interesting). I’ve experienced some storms wreaking havoc on my farm — which was surprising, but fun. Was expecting to see a tornado come ripping through. And then an insurance adjuster to assess the ‘damage’. 😉

    I’m really looking forward to more content!! Hoping it’s unique, sassy, fun and surprising!!!

    Thanks, again, for a superb game!!!!!

  • Thanks so much for the update about the update, now I’m updated about the game’s update.
    Seriously though, if there was a dev of the decade award, it would go to you.

  • Thud Lord

    Me need COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jean-Francois Charbonneau

    Hi. First off, thank you for this game. It is very enjoyable, funny and not in a corny way (which is sadly too rare in videogames) and deeper than I expected. When I saw that you wanted to localize games, I actually thought about offering my help as a French Canadian (I’m from Montreal, most of us are bilingual… well… some of us) but I see you already have it covered.

    That being said, you mention convinience features in this post and I for one would love to see this. Ability to move buildings? Not for free but I can see how it could be beneficial for someone who didn’t plan a long time ahead. But I do feel like there are a lot of small things that could be made to make the game more enjoyable by make things more convivial. A few examples off the top of my head would be how chests work (take an look at Terraria with their chest naming and fast item stacking for instance), chest options for people like me who love to collect stuff (ex: a wine rack for all the wine I make and don’t sell just because I’m anal like that) or something like a “notebook” (I don’t know how would be the most logical way to implement this) that would remember what gifts I gave to people and their reactions or what produce I used to create different artisanal goods . Not to make the game easier, I don’t want to be told “give this for maximum effect”, I want to make it easier to remember what worked and what didn’t instead of having to take notes by myself or having to look a wiki (which instead WILL give me the best results without having to work for it). There are many other things but I don’t want this post to become a long ass complaint. I love your game. All I am saying is that the games I find the more enjoyable are not the ones where I fight the controls or mechanics for simple stuff. Also, customization is fun. Terraria has 858 different types of chests? I’ll make every goddamn one just cause I can!!!

    Again thank you for a great game and looking forward to seeing more of what you can do.

  • Legit can’t wait

  • wasabii

    OMG “Ability to move buildings and other convenience features” This will really help my poorly design farm moving forward. Thanks a lot!

    On another note, that’s a very gorgeous farm you have! *drools*

    • TSM_Kevin

      If you’re on PC you can already do this. https://www.reddit.com/r/StardewValley/comments/48us1o/tutorial_moving_your_buildings_via_save_file/

      It is very simple if you follow instructions but make sure you read the whole thing because you could easily ruin your game if you put a 1 or a 0 somewhere it’s not supposed to be.

      • wasabii

        I’m already aware that save file editing is a thing (It’s even in XML readable format), but won’t you enjoy playing the game as it is more? Trying to do something in the hacky way doesn’t sit right with me personally.

        • TSM_Kevin

          I felt the same way. I hate using any sort of exploit in games generally, even single player games. I had to make an exception because I had no idea what I was doing when I was placing one of my buildings thinking I could rotate the entrance and ended up screwing my whole farm up. I just moved some stuff around to make it more pathable and not having to run around 4 buildings to get to the entrance of my barn.

          I don’t really consider moving buildings to be cheating though… It will be a feature as confirmed meaning the creator thinks it should be possible too. Just a quick fix until that becomes an available option.

        • Rusty Q. Shackleford

          If you feel that it should cost you something then just trash a bunch of items (whatever you feel appropriate, oh a tenth of the cost of the building) every time you move a building.

        • RobertaK

          On that note, it would be nice if after 2 years you can switch some of your choices — for example, if you chose mushrooms you could pay Demetrius to switch to fruit bats instead or vice versa, or if you chose the fishing option that involved cheaper crab pots you could pay Willy to switch to the fisher option. I don’t want to risk ruining my saves by trying to edit them.

  • кєℓℓу

    More marriage content, woo!!!

    I’m constantly changing my mind about where to place buildings and such, and I never have enough money to demolish and rebuild particular buildings. So it would be a brilliant feature to add! Good to have you back. xP

  • Caudyr

    Thanks for the hard work, and welcome back from your break!

    The update’s looking good, and as others have said…leaving MP and stuff like that in the hands of Chucklefish seems like a good way to deal with that. I’d say you’re in good hands, as well.

    Hopefully we’ll get the same sort of multiplayer that they’re going to try and do for Starbound, where you can do “local” co-op with dropping directly into another’s game via Steam…AND server-based co-op. ^^

    • As long as the server-based option is available, I’ll be happy. I own a GOG copy and I refuse to play Steam games because I insist on actually owning my games rather than leasing them until the company goes away or arbitrarily decides I’ve violated my end-user license agreement.

      (Factoid: EULAs contain a lot of unenforceable junk that companies just wish they could do. That’s why, every now and then, you heard about someone taking a company like Adobe to court and winning over things like the right to re-sell what you bought. That’s probably one reason Adobe implemented Creative Cloud.)

      • Sherrif

        That’s rather misguided… refusing to use a direct download service because it’s a direct download service, so you decided to use an identical service.

        • Steam: Really, developer? You don’t want Steamworks? OK. We’ll be here if you ever come to your senses and we’ll make sure that only your newest release will be available for download.

          GOG: Developer, our contract says you must give us DRM-free installers which we’ll QA (ie. double-check) before pushing to users. We’ve also promised them that they’ll never need the Galaxy client to download them and people who do use Galaxy have the option of reverting to earlier builds.

          Principles aside, a big part of how I justify paying for an infinitely duplicable wisp of digital fluff (ie. a digital download) is that I get an off-site backup I can trust.

        • I don’t know why my previous reply didn’t show up, but GOG Galaxy and Steam are not equivalent.


          Even for DRM-free games, Steam’s client is mandatory to download them and it runs as administrator for anti-cheat purposes. Like any piece of software, it has had vulnerabilities in the past which would be made worse by that.

          GOG has promised that Galaxy will always be optional and it supports reverting to earlier builds if the auto-update breaks something. (I don’t use it because, for someone who archives a DVD+R backup of every update every received, Galaxy just makes things more complicated)

          DRM and other Steamworks APIs:

          Valve’s attitude toward developers with regards to Steamworks can be summed up as “Really? You don’t want Steamworks? Well, we’ll be here if you come to your senses and we’ll do everything in our power to encourage people to upgrade.”

          GOG warrants that their games will be free of DRM and, for the cases where they had to achieve that through an officially-sanctioned crack, they’ve sometimes pushed out supplementary updates as shortcomings became apparent.

          (Though, since their catalog contains many games where the source is now lost, they do allow games to lack LAN multiplayer and to verify that everyone in a game has a unique CD key. I consider that a lite form of DRM, but I understand.)

      • Sherrif

        I’d love to figure out how you plan to download games when GOG goes out of business.

        You don’t own games on GOG anymore than you do on Steam.

        • Unlike Steam, GOG guarantees access to DRM-free installers and I download and make at least one DVD+R backup every time any file in my library receives an update.

          (All praise to mrkgnao and his MaGoG bot and “What did just update?” forum thread for providing update notifications with that level of detail.)

  • Chris Jakubowski

    Love the game so much. Couple of things I’d like to see tweaked in a future update. Livestock not moving around inside barns would be a huge boon. Chasing them around when I’m trying to milk/shear everything is frustrating.

    Fences shouldn’t degrade. The cost to build more is nominal but time is valuable enough in this game that it’s a chore. Let us build the kind of fences we want that are aesthetically appealing to our farm without penalizing us for using a lesser quality fence type.

  • Roger Fingas

    If I could play splitscreen co-op with my wife on our Steam Link, that would be fantastic.

  • Felix Maurer

    Is there any official way to submit wishes? I would like to be able to brew cider 🙂 (My farm’s called Angry Orchard ..) Also, making flour, sugar and rice would be nice.

    • RobertaK

      I’d love to be able to use the wheat to grind my own flour. Maybe the ability to make sugar from beets (once you can access the desert oasis store)? I didn’t know that you could use the oil maker to make regular oil from sunflowers or corn until a friend of mine told me; I thought it was only for making truffle oil.

  • Borodin

    I like *all* the additional content part. One suggestion…? Please add cupboard space in the kitchen for all food ingredients, so your menu screen will accurately report what you can “cook” at any given time. Right now, I’m checking among 3 chests and the refrigerator. 😉

    • soulnova

      I support this suggestion!

    • Dylan

      Sounds like a perfect reason to have a kitchen upgrade added!

      • RobertaK

        Kitchen upgrade would be great, and I”m sure Robin would appreciate the extra employment. 😉 Maybe somewhere between the original kitchen and adding the second level nursery/extra room?

        • Siegecall

          I’d settle for the cabinets along the walls being usable storage connected to the stove like the fridge is.

          • Sherrie Ricketts

            OMG YES. I can’t upvote all of this thread enough.

          • MCDexX

            YOU CAN STORE THINGS IN THE FRIDGE????? Halfway through my second summer when I learn this. *laugh*

          • wallflowerface

            I’m on Fall year 2 and I had no idea.

        • kommentatoren

          Could just make the kitchen look a little more expensive and give the refridgerator more inv?

      • Hawns

        what would be even better is if you could upgrade first upgrade for bigger house, then choose kitchen upgrade, nursery and maybe another upgrade

    • TheThreeAmigosMC

      Kitchen upgrade would be fantastic!

    • Riguel

      I absolutely agree! A cupboard or even a fridge upgrade would be wonderful because the fridge is just too small and its hard to switch between chests trying to find ingredients. Most of the time I can’t find them, will go out and get them and realize later I had them in another chest.

    • Jennifer

      I’d love to see a kitchen upgrade that allows for more storage. Like others I have to hunt through chests to cook. It’d also be nice if we could place the items in to cook with ourselves. I accidentally made a fish dish with one of my more expensive fish because it was in my fridge. The recipes just grab ingredients and you can’t chose which. I no longer keep anything with stars in my fridge for that reason.

    • Kaylee Anne Deck

      Yeah, I have a chest for fruits/forages, a chest for veggies/truffles, a chest for golden fruits/forages, a chest for golden veggies/truffles, a chest for fish, and a chest for meals prepared. All I can fit in my fridge is animal products, some artisan goods, and cooking materials. It’s a pain having to run around my kitchen and hold the items I need to cook with.

      • RobertaK

        I have the veggies and cooking products (flour, oil, etc.) in the fridge, with the fruits outside next to my casks/preserve jars (for wine/jelly making), fish in another chest, and prepared meals (like the ones Shane nabs from the back of JojaMart or when Gus sends me something) in another chest (they can make good gifts if you find someone who likes them). I admit that it adds time having to check the stove for the items needed then running around to find them.

    • Up!

    • Mahogany Rose

      This is a fantastic idea! I am having the exact same issue except I’m running between five chests and the refrigerator.

      • RobertaK

        There’s more use for fiber than just scarecrows as you get farther in the game. I agree that some decorative turf and shrubs for the outside bare areas would be great.

        • Sherrie Ricketts

          Maybe the option to craft grass starter out of it?

    • Leonideez

      or if using the kitchen could access any inventory located on the kitchen floor?

      • Alicia Diaz

        I think this is a great idea. Then you would not have to run around trying to find items for cooking. Anything listed in the ‘kitchen inventory’ can be cooked with.

    • Ada Jean

      I love this idea. The cupboard idea is thematic and feels like part of the world in a way that chests scattered through your kitchen blocking the cupboards doesn’t. It also could provide more incentive for upgrading the house for those who don’t want kids – each upgrade gives more space. I love the idea of being able to organise different cupboards as well.

    • Sam Rinne Hooker

      I found that I had more trouble figuring out what recipes I actually had. Maybe a different layout that only displays known recipes?

      • Sherrie Ricketts

        An option to hide unknown recipes would be great.

      • Kitten✨

        I agree! Just how the crafting menu is. It only shows what you know how to do.

    • Cassandra Suzanne


    • Sherrie Ricketts

      I just can’t upvote this enough. I want to use my cupboards for cooking ingredients, like in a real kitchen.

    • Brandi Futrell

      I didn’t even know you could use the fridge! I’m so far behind… this is what i get for trying to play with no info or help…

  • Neosaneo

    Can’t wait! 😀

  • Neko M4ster

    if in the game we can use a potion for more time
    ex: drink potion and the time pass 1 in 1 minute.
    PS: sorry for my inglish is bad

  • Hannah Olivia

    That mayonnaise though! I really love all the hard work you’ve put in this game. <3
    (Ability to move buildings? YES! THANK YOU.)

  • usrev

    the big thing here is console ports! as long as the console versions are supported like on PC and on ps4 i’ll be a day 1 buyer and sing your game to anyone who remotely likes this kind of game.

  • Pretty much all of that has me excited except the console ports (I only game on Linux these days).

    …but, please please PLEASE fix these two big warts:

    1. Mouse handling.

    In most games, if your cursor slips too far from your character, it’s treated as if it were on the nearest candidate along a line from the player to the cursor.

    In SDV, I suddenly do something to a square completely different from what I meant and may wind up having to restart the day because I destroyed an immature sweet gem berry while trying to move a path (actually happened) or wasted a ton of time and water as my watering can kept snapping to my character’s orientation rather than my mouse position while I rushed to try to get watering done before going mining (also actually happened), or whatever else.

    2. Fence decay.

    It’s insanely disjoint from even SDV’s caricature of real life to the point that, since I worry about mods introducing bugs, I either don’t bother with animals or confine them to the barn/coop 24/7 and rely on a fire break and cobblestone paths to impede the spread of grass and weeds into my crops. (Because, at least the fire break gives me resources when I maintain it rather than taking them)

    To quote one frustrated player on Steam, “Timeframe is irrelevant, it isn’t a fun mechanic nor is it significant in anyway. Fences serve no real purpose; there aren’t wild dogs to attack your animals, and your animals find their way back to the barn/coop of their own accord. I’m sick of walking my fence line 6-10 times a day.”

    Plus, the oldest fences still surviving (hundreds of years old) are dry (without mortar) stone fences, yet they’re inferior in SDV. In real farming, fence types were traditionally chosen based on which of the suitable materials was most readily available locally. Fence types in SDV should be an aesthetic choice.

    • Good Guy


      • I’m not really a big fan of purple. One of the reasons I think it’d make much more sense for fence types to be aesthetic. (With the possible exception of non-hardwood wood fences)

        • Good Guy

          Maybe colouring it?

          • Painting an iridium fence wouldn’t control whether it looks like a dry stone fence or a wooden rail fence.

            Also, repair is still too much of a hassle unless iridium fences have no decay. Not sure whether I mentioned it here or in the forums, but my approach is to either always keep my animals indoors or replace as much fencing as possible with things that don’t decay, like kegs on top of stone flooring.

          • Good Guy

            I just plant trees next to each other, thus they don’t grow tall and don’t decay, lol

          • Alan Alexander Hood

            lightning rods are the best

    • RobertaK

      How about as you improve in farming skill, you can combine materials to make stronger fences, such as wood with copper or stone with iron that would last an entire year? Replacing fences once a year isn’t that bad, but having to do it every season (and get one section done only to see another crumble before your eyes) is horrendous.

      Fences are mostly useful for when you have pigs so you don’t have to try and find truffles all over your farm, as well as keeping weeds out (I’m not sure if animals will get into the plants and ruin them if you don’t have fences), since you do need some animals for completing the bundles.

      • Personally, I think fence decay should be more like I remember Harvest Moon for SNES being, where bad storms or the arrival of spring mean you need to go to walk your fences to look for breaks… sort of like in real life.

        (And, given that I don’t see any mortar in the sprites, I still think the concept of stone fences being anything less than the most enduring form is so counter-factual as to be almost insulting.)

        When I reach the point where I need animals that I can’t just confine to the coop/barn, I’ll probably just build walls using things that don’t decay, like kegs on top of stone floor, and then, if I can’t find something I’m willing to pickaxe away and then replace regularly, I’ll put two pieces of hardwood fence and a gate between them.

  • ZeroBudgetGamer

    I am so unbelievably excited! The second 1.1 comes out I plan on making a brand new character to experience it all! You are awesome, CA, now and forever!

  • Dylan

    Glad you got a good break in. Factorio is awesome isn’t it? Between your game and factorio I’ve played more hours than I care to admit. Check out your suggestion forums when you have time. There are a lot of balance issues you might be interested in fixing. Mostly surrounding fishing and berry sell prices. Thanks again for the amazing game!

  • Stéphanie Devergnies

    I’m so excited for the next update!! If I could ask for more , I would ask for a little more decorations for the farm like more flowers’ barrels 🙂 But you already did a great job , this game is fantastic!!

    • RobertaK

      I’d also like more outdoor decor — maybe some bushes or hedges to fill in the bare spots. They don’t have to produce anything, just be there to be nice looking dividers. Maybe allow some of the decor objects we currently have like the bear sculpture reward or the skeleton to be placed outside as well as inside?

      • Amber Nicole Gushue

        Would be nice to have more outdoor decor! Great suggestion!

      • Kitten✨

        Yes! Maybe craft hedges with the 9000 fiber I have no idea what to do with.

  • Meister-Yoda

    How is the coop planed, will everyone have an own farm and be able to trade. Or are we working on one farm together?

  • Erin O’Brien

    I feel bad for costing shane his job. Hopefully he finds a new one soon. Maybe he could do upkeep at the C.C. or help Pierre run the store after he extends his hours… Also, maybe grandpa could help you out with ideas on what to do or how to do them if you give him offerings at his shrine? I feel like such a cheater by running to the wiki when I need to check up how to do something or when something is available. If I could ask him about crops, fish or whatever that’d be a cool touch. I’d love to see some sort of music player available like the jukebox at the bar that effects your farm. I have a LOT of stuff to do on mine and I am sure most people have even more so some constant music, or a playlist running, even if it is just the tracks that play on their own for the season you are in would help the daily grind go by smoother, or if you feel lazy, just add it as a tick box to keep playing music tracks in the options. You already mentioned more spouse events but I wonder if the option to ask your spouse if they want to do something with you that day like a spa trip, a beach day or build snowmen or what have you… or even if they ask YOU to do these things with them when they get bored.

    I still have problems with random items popping up into my hands if I am not holding anything when I press the activate/talk button or when I DO have things like food items in my hand, being prevented from interacting with things like the notice board for quests, or more importantly, the door to the community center. I had waited until I had a ton of stuff to drop off and cleared my inventory out and loaded up with chests of stuff but I could not open the door as it kept asking me if I wanted to eat whatever was in my hands. I’ve also angered some villagers by having empty hands and trying to talk to them just to have a random item in the top bar pop into my hands and be given to them.

    I really love this game and I can see the effort that goes into it constantly so I am not intending to come across as whining about stuff or anything. Just some suggestions and reports of some issues I still find since I can’t remember if or where the official reporting section is.

    Good luck with everything Ape. I’ll be behind you all the way. Along with the friends I got the game for who also love it.

    • Zael

      Your random item issues can be solved by holding one of the tools in the hand instead. Always have it in your hotbar, and you can just have that selected when you go to meet folks.

      • Erin O’Brien

        I know that but that should not be THE fix. It still happens to me the odd time anyway but I think that may be because I use a controller and the cursor might be moving onto the hotbar and hovering over another item and then jumping into my hands when I press the button. I don’t know how he has it coded but the mouse moves even off my monitor when using a controller. The sticks move the system’s mouse and it isn’t bound or “called back” to the game screen area.

  • stiven999

    hello Ape at first i want to thank you for bringing tears to my old eyes (kinda) reminding me of joy i had in old times playing HM and even upgrading it so hard i got addicted to this game hah

    i got 5 questions:

    will we get an option later in game to restore joja market after taking it out of business ideas: kinda run our own shop with our crops or maby change it to kinda refuge building giving us plenty more npc and things that may be happening in who knows new areas

    will we have chance to bring single npc together not onyly the marriage candidates that i belive will be raised in number sooner or later example linus/shane sandy/emily with themselfs like pam with gus or even help with emily and clint (but i rather marry her than help him just saying) 😀 and perhaps we meet that witch and push her to wizard you know maaagic

    and 3rd more use of ponds in farm who knows fishery

    4th will there be new farm someday and or rival? example 2 new farm 1 rival second for buy (mashinery farm use of tractor etc)

    and last one will there be basic Hunting example squirels birds boars deers/ smoking meat taking furs trophies slingshot its kinda basic wep for that ;p

    thank you for reading and sorry for bad english i hope this will be read and not burried hehe once again thank you for this game:D Stiven

    ahh forgot will there be Disasters :* and toilet 😛

    • Sam Rinne Hooker

      A rival farm might be a good second challenge. I think a crafts shop or clothing shop might be nice for Jojo market. Especially the latter if you had a wardrobe.

  • stiven999

    what about the unused terrain and new part of mountains above railroad

    my idea

    add small part of hunting grounds there and next map that goes from railroad one

    half forest half mountains with a pond and waterfall

    on waterfall you find goddes for secret marriages

    on the woods there will be hidden small house where elves can be found

    secret marriage candidate 2

    one of elves will sell geeses but to have them you have to build small house on water pond up to 4 geeses at time can be in 1 house they will drop feathers or something else on ground close to pond

    at 5 hearts with all elves you can buy swan that will swim on pond onyly 1 can be at 1 pond drops feathers as well

    at 10 hearts with all elves you can buy flaming onyly 3 can be bought and onyly in the big pound

    droping feathers as well

    new profesion tailoring

    you can create jewelery and clothes from wool cloth feathers and furs as well as rabbit foots

  • stiven999

    why not to make 1 more upgrade on barns and coop a half floor
    we could put there some automatic and coop could have chance to add pigeons there for new event 1 per season (pigeon races)

    • Maria Dulterova

      Great idea!

  • soulnova

    I would suggest adding the chance for unmarried bachelor/ettes to marry among themselves if you take too long to date them. I loved that from HMBTN, it gave me the feeling that they did have hopes and wants.

    • DynastyStar

      if he patched that in, the inevitable mod that would be made to revert it would be the first mod I download.

    • Zael

      Preferably AFTER the player has chosen their future mate/already married. (On that note, divorces and stuff could be nice to have too, though do not necessarily fit the mood of the game.)

      • PeachBlossomTea

        yeah, just the other marriages would do. after, of course, i get my partner of choice. having to avoid befriending people just to prevent the bachelor/ette i end up falling for no longer being available to pursue is anything but fun. in fact, it is more rage inducing/scream producing than anything. Dx

        • Damoncord

          I wanna see Clint and Emily get married, and then Marnie and Lewis come out in the open about their relationship.

      • Sam Rinne Hooker

        Right about ruining the mood of the game. This from a game that doesn’t have meat eating, and houses are literally burned down in a blaze to demolish them.

    • Dani Satow

      I very much support this being added in sooner than not! It feels incomplete to have everyone remain single or still be able to give them flowers after marriage.

    • Ada Jean

      Whether or not they marry I think some more progression in the NPCs lives would be a really good thing. It starts to feel creepy when you are married with two kids, and the rest of your friends are still complaining about homework.
      It would also allow for your choices to influence how their lives progress. So, for example, if you help Clint ask Emily out, then you could see them hang out together in the saloon, or go on a regular date every week or something. You could convince Linus to go public with Marnie, or Shane to take a new job (or hell, pay Shane to look after your animals – a regular money deduction in return for milk/eggs/wool appearing in a chest after he visits every day). If you don’t want to marry Maru, you could convince her to take a job working in AI and then get letters from her instead of seeing her around town. Getting Kent into some PTSD treatment (maybe Harvey could be a shrink as well?) or being able to convince Jodi to leave him would be a serious storyline, but I think the game does serious really well.
      Anyway, it would be nice to see some growth from the townies, and for them to respond to your advice if you become close to them.

      • Sam Rinne Hooker

        This definitely. Also, that scene where Abby gets in a fight with her dad over housework, having her stay outside a few nights or something. Some sort of character schedule update would be nice.

    • Omnicinth

      Hopes and dreams? It seems like most of the town has given up on everything before you show up, so many tragic backstories and depressed outlooks. My kind of town, nowhere to go but up, lol, and even the dullest light shines bright. xD It actually reminds me of most of the small towns I’ve lived in…

  • Nick MacDonald

    Thank you for the update! This post release support is just amazing and you are doing a great job! I would be more than happy to pay for some form of DLC down the line. I’m a believer in paying for quality content and you have gone above and beyond that expectation. Keep up the great work.

  • Philip Randles

    Thanks CA for the update. Hope your family and health are good!

  • Boronda McCorkle

    You rock, CA <3

    This is so incredibly minor next to everything you've got on your plate and all the great things you have planned, but I just want to throw it out there anyhow —

    It'd be so, so nifty if you'd consider an option for those of us serious OCD types to disable the automatic degradation of fences and flooring. I want to be able to build stone or petrified wood fencing/flooring that'll last so long that they'll be the only evidence a farm existed when Stardew archaeologists dig everything up 1000 years from now. 😛 It'd be a real game-changer for some of us.

    • RobertaK

      I ended up passing out at 2am because I had to spend so much time fixing stone fences on Day One of Spring.

  • Mike

    Awesome! I can’t wait for the content update. You did an incredible job and I am happy you were able to take a break and get some of the workload taken off your hands.

  • James Seraphim

    Merchandise! What kind? Coffee mugs? Plushies? Stickers? Pins?

    • Ziivo

      Junimo Pillow ftw

      • DynastyStar

        body pillows for all the waifus/husbandos.

        • DJ Wafflesnatcha

          Junimo Body Pillows.

          • DynastyStar

            What made you think that when I said “body pillows for all the waifus/husbandos”? You can have a waifu/husbando and not be able to marry them in game. Alot of people would probably consider Shane to be their “husbando” before ConcernedApe makes him a candidate.

    • Song Mi Rae

      Junimo pillow, Junimo doll, junimo hats, hahaha I think I’m fans of junimo XD

      • Damoncord

        Why not a plushie?

  • Sarah B

    I just upgraded my house for the second time. I am wondering if you can make it possible to move the beds out of the nursery? I don’t really want kids and would love to design the room without the beds in the way. Also, being able to put clothes into the dresser that I bought would be great! Just a couple hopeful suggestions 🙂

    • dragoonbb

      true it feels kinda strange how you can only have a Nursery next after the Kitchen upgrade if you never plan on having kids

    • RobertaK

      Someone on another site suggested make it like a hardware store, where you can buy extra kegs or bee houses after you’ve crafted your first one, and Shane can run it to give him a new sense of purpose. It can be so hard to get the materials together, especially the wood since trees don’t grow back that fast; I’ve pretty much deforested the valley and I’m waiting for everything to grow back so I can get the wood for both the deluxe barn and my kitchen upgrade.

      • XxIR3DEEM3RIxX

        Nice idea. But I think it makes this a little too easy. The freaks with 100 billions of bucks can buy the whole “hardware store” and when you make it too expensive the others can’t buy it. Anyhow it’s very bad to change a system which works. Do you know the adage: “Never touch a running system!”? One of my favorite ones. ^^

        • RobertaK

          Well, maybe have it sell some of the harder to get items, like oak resin and maple syrup, but mark it up a lot. You can already buy wood and stone at Robin’s if you’re really desperate.

          • Omnicinth

            Haha, oops. I didn’t load more comments before I posted my reply. Aaaaand now it makes sense. I started the game as a tapper… no shortage of syrup, resin, or tar. :/

        • Feistylicious

          “The freaks with 100 billions of bucks can buy the whole “hardware store” and when you make it too expensive the others can’t buy it.”

          Maybe that’s because “the freaks” have played a lot more hours so that they have much money….. ^^ – but even then it is not a competitive game. It is a single player atm. But as i wrote before i think such a store is not needed because u can buy everything – wood, stone and so on. And it is not that expensive 100 wood = 1000 gold – I don’t see their a need and problem.

      • mana

        i started running into this issue when i finished my farm, i started a pine grove in a un used space on my farm while i still had plenty of wood :3 i suggest this for anyone who hasnt hit this point, unsure what your farm looks like atm tho

      • PeachBlossomTea

        it would be nice if shane would help marnie around her place, since he /does/ seem to be ‘the chicken whisperer’.

        • RobertaK

          Maybe that will be part of the new marriageable Shane, especially when/if JojaCorp leaves (I say if since you’ve got the option to go corporate sellout — I did one save with that just to get the achievement but got so bored I deleted it after getting the achievement on Steam).

          • Damoncord

            Yeah Once you get the achievement it didn’t feel worth continuing to me.

            I went to Stardew Valley to get away from Joja, but the first thing I did when I got there was help Joja? It just didn’t feel right.

      • Feistylicious

        I hope u know that u can just buy wood at Carpenter’s Shop for 10g per wood ^^

        • Cassandra Suzanne

          you can buy plain wood but not hardwood

      • Sam Rinne Hooker

        I like this idea. Especially a deal with uncommon parts items like iridium sprinklers.

        It would be the sort of thing where it should be choice triggered so if you don’t agree, it just sits as a ruined shop. Maybe a third option too, like a bank or maybe a boat shop (being able to explore the area by sea would be awesome, and something to spend tons of money on).

        • Cassandra Suzanne

          you can buy iridium sprinklers from the guy in the sewer on Fridays 😉

      • Scheidera

        i love this idea

      • Omnicinth

        I started flat out buying wood and stone from Robin, and ore from Clint, to get all my stuff built faster! I don’t think it would’ve happened in my lifetime otherwise. I’m assuming you already have the cash flow considering the shop suggestion. And, apologies for timing, you probably already finished your farm in the month since you posted.

    • XxIR3DEEM3RIxX

      Yeah, right! And not only this beds. Everything should be able to move. The chimney or the main bed is placed bad and I can’t move it.

    • Dark Kuno

      Probably the Mayor since he comes by and drops off the money from shipped items every day.

    • emily

      I love all of these <3

    • MCDexX

      I assumed Lewis, since he magically and invisibly empties out my sales box as well. 😉

  • ahy<3

    Vita, PLEASE.

  • sargothwise

    This is crazy amount of content, you are like Terraria dev, just keep improving and improving.

  • Linux and updates! Thank you CA! ^_^

  • Jessimi Gomez

    Thank you for all the hard work you do to being us great entertainment. <3

  • Maxwell Tanner

    Console ports… meh.

    Don’t get me wrong, this was to be expected, but that doesn’t really make me cringe any less…

  • HimochiIsAwesome

    Nice to hear you’re well rested up! I know that working on a big project for a long time can be tiring sometimes, so it’s good to hear you’ve been taking a break and enjoying yourself too. 🙂

    I’m excited for all the changes you have planned too. 😀 Good luck with the work!

  • Phasmatis75

    Looking forward to it.

  • Olivaw

    All sounds awesome, boss. And merchandise, eh? I’d buy some merchandise! (a mug would be nice)

    • RobertaK

      I want a totebag, and a T-shirt of course.

  • Digus

    It’s great to see you back, I’m looking forward to version 1.1

  • Kristian Joudrey

    Thanks Concerned Ape. For all the work you have done and continue to do. I have fallen in love with your game and will definitely be buying some merchandise and any additional content you have planned I will be playing that absolute crap out of! Keep up the good work!

  • Ricardo Barantini

    I will be very happy to be able to play on Xbox One or Linux. This game looks fantastic, I have seen many good things about him lately. Keep up the good work you have done.

  • Sweetie Brella

    Do you think you could make panning a bit more rewarding? For something that requires bundles/Joja to unlock it’s incredibly lackluster. The ore streams are incredibly rare and the rewards are almost beneath you by the time you’re at that point in the game.

    My suggestion is to have the copper pan be upgradable like the other tools, then you get ore and such up to the same quality level.

    Thanks again for the great game and the continued effort to keep it real, CA.

  • Kyla Thompson

    Can’t WAIT for this update!
    Hoping for some updates with the children too!

  • Hariyanto Maou

    😀 so hype

  • Brendan Orr

    Woohoo! I’m glad to hear about Chucklefish’s involvement. They do great work with Starbound so I have a feeling that they’ll do a good job here. (After replacing the XNA bits as that isn’t, AFAIK, supported on UNIX-based oses) Still though, can’t wait to see the Linux port in my GOG library!

    • Medacris

      Same here with the Mac port. Chucklefish did very well with it, and I can’t wait to be able to finally play Stardew Valley once it’s released!

      • Brendan Orr

        It runs reasonably well via Wine. I’ve only had issues sometimes with going to windowed and back to full screen.

        • Medacris

          I admit that I know nothing about how Wine works, I generally just wait for a native Mac port, or move onto another game that moves natively. I’ll consider it, though.

          • nb

            I’ve been playing it on a Windows 10 VirtualBox VM with reasonably good success. A native Linux port would let me clear up the surprising amount of disk space that VM occupies, though.

          • Medacris

            That’s another reason I’m hesitant about Wine. I have a laptop, so I’m sort of paranoid about disc space. If I had a desktop, I’d buy a bunch of games that were PC-only, and run them through Wine.

          • MarioErmando

            Wine isn’t VM, it’s different. Doesn’t use much space

  • Kamran Mackey

    Can’t wait for the console ports! Getting an Xbox One from my parents for my birthday in 4 days, so I’ll definitely be getting Stardew Valley when it’s available on console! Also excited for all the other things as well!

  • Midi_Amp

    Are you kidding me! Are you CA!!!??? This is too good to be true! AAA developers should be ashamed!

  • Kaylee Anne Deck

    Everyone else has a birthday. Why can’t we? I think it’d be nice to enter your birthday in the game and have an event for that day. Maybe some gifts from your bestest of friends?…

    • Teen Palpatine

      This is a really good idea.

    • TheThreeAmigosMC

      I literally had this same idea this morning! I would love to see this feature added!

    • Riguel

      I really like that idea! Perhaps expanding upon that idea a bit, that who you have befriended depends on who shows up to the event as well. I think it would give more incentive to befriend the villagers too.

      • Kaylee Anne

        All I know is I better get some iridium bars as presents! When it asks your favorite thing in the game, I thought that it was so I’d be gifted that item. (I didn’t research the game first) So I put Chinese food. SOOO every time I get a stardrop I’m filled with the euphoria of Chinese food.

        • It’s ok, I get filled with the euphoria of Indian food.

          • Damoncord

            Pizza here =)

        • Brandi Futrell

          Mine is Animals :'(

        • Scheidera

          and im filled with…

          • Omnicinth

            LOLOL what a creepy…. (brainwashing program?)

    • Animal Crossing does this really well (and it is also super cute!)

    • Mikasa

      I really wish there was a birthday-event or sth.. Even a letter would be nice, or your partner saying ‘Happy Birthday’ on that day.. 😀

    • JooonsJoonz

      ok, but please don’t force us to have it, i hate birthdays irl and don’t want to be forced to go through it in game

      • Kaylee Anne

        It could be like you have to go to a certain area to celebrate it. Like the other events. So it’s optional.

    • Amber Nicole Gushue

      Love the idea of getting to celebrate our birthdays!

    • Omni

      This could help future speedrunners too, lol.
      They could input a date specifically to reek the benefits to help finish the game asap.

    • Kitten✨

      Yes! Spring 25 will be mine. LOL

  • ezioa

    Please consider porting Stardew to the Vita. It still has a good sized playerbase and a receptive audience for indie games.. I know I’d buy it day one!

  • Zsa Resty Margana

    Thank you ConcernedApe for this awesome game and I’m looking forward for the awesome update plans as well OwO/

    However, I’d like to make a suggestion regarding the Player’s Children as I hope they won’t stay at Toddler stage forever. Maybe they could grow up until Child stage (as old as Jas & Vincent) and the Player can assign them chores or something?

    Anyway, I hope you good days OwO/

    • Kaylee Anne Deck

      Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Yo daughter go water some plants and eh son fix my fences

      • RobertaK

        They could take care of the family pet — that wouldn’t be that bad. I do like the idea of having them grow up to Child stage and being able to give them gifts like you can with Jas and Vincent. Maybe they could even go to “school” in the library.

        • Damoncord

          Sweety did you forget feed the puppy?

    • Batmatt

      I don’t think child labor would be implemented even if the kids grew up, since not even meat is present in the game.

      • Dude

        On that note, can we please have meat??…. f-from monsters!

        • Zsa Resty Margana

          well…we already have Bug Meat from the Insects in The Mine 😀

      • Zsa Resty Margana

        wow, I think that a lil bit exaggerate ^_^;;

        • Batmatt

          I may not have expressed myself very well, I meant to say that if the game cut content like killing the animals for meat, it probably wouldn’t allow you to put children to perform even the simplest tasks that could be interpreted as child labor in order to avoid any controversy of this kind. Sorry if I used any harsh worlds, I’m not a native speaker so my vocabulary is not the best haha

          • StarryJJ

            Well they could make it so like the spouses, your children in the morning will tell you that they helped out with (insert husband and or wife) on the farm by doing (insert task here) to make your life easier

          • Batmatt

            Yeah, that could work.

          • Sam Rinne Hooker

            Or shopping for presents for kids.
            Btw, clothing stores would be nice. Wearing the same outfit is kinda dreary.

          • Amber Nicole Gushue

            I agree with this! 🙂 Would be cool to have a few small shops open up. Could share the mart space!

          • Zsa Resty Margana

            it’s cool, Bro OwO/

      • HatMouse

        They should at least pet animals.It is not that much work.

    • Dude

      Harvest Moon had a thing where your kid would grow and, based on how much time u spent with it and how you treated them and who else you were close to in game, they’d grow up differently. Sometimes liking or disliking you and the idea of working on the farm when u die…

      Basically, I’m suggesting a mechanic be implemented in 1.2 where we have to be good parents or else our kids will get Jaja to bulldoze the town. lol

      • Zsa Resty Margana

        yup, that would be awesome OwO/

    • Omnicinth

      That would be amazing. Speaking of, not being able to use a whole chest of important items for hours because the kid won’t move… lolol

  • Leo Tindall

    Thanks for committing to the Linux port, I’ll be buying as soon as it comes out!

  • Kuchi

    *_* yay Shane <3

  • Emanuel Santos Silva

    Your game is amazing. I’m spending lots of hours on it. I have just one worry, will we lose all our progress after this update….sorry about my English.

    • Teen Palpatine

      There have been some patches before and no progress has been lost, so hopefully not!

      • Emanuel Santos Silva


    • DynastyStar

      I’m probably gonna start a new file with the update since it’s going to be so wildly different.

  • TheFez

    The ability to re-spec your branching skill paths for a price at the wizards tower.

  • Mikołaj Łukasik

    Yay, Mac support <3

  • Charles Mihalak

    Sounds awesome, also in the picture I noted the much requested Void Mayonnaise, Coffee, from Kegs cool! And a Giant Totem Mural! Looking forward to what else is in store for Stardewers!

  • ElectricPrism

    This is very welcome news, especially the Linux port, thanks @ConcernedApe

  • Do you have any plans on how you will implement the multiplayer? I mean will it be a listen server where one player hosts it and players can join in as long as the host has it up? Or will you give us the option for using dedicated servers like Terraria? I would prefer a dedicated option just so people can join and play when ever they want. Anyway, awesome update, keep the good stuff coming.

    • Maria Dulterova

      Yep, wonder how all that same spouses might interact

  • Zael

    (Wise decision to leave multiplayer connectivity stuff to the talented folks at Chucklefish.)

  • TheRealMVP

    Anyone got an guess when the patch will arrive?
    I got some idéas:
    Able to change look on your horse when buying a horse, Black, white, green hair, blue hair, etc.
    Portable calender.
    This one is weird, a scarecrow and a sprinkler/quality sprinkler/ iridiumsprinkler combined.
    Map more accurate.
    Able to build a dog house/cat house, looks boring where the pet sits.

    • RobertaK

      I’m always misplacing my horse on my farm — a way to whistle and call it from anywhere on the farm would be nice. (I get off to do one thing, then go off on a tangent and start doing a bunch of things.)

  • MowMow789

    “Mac/Linux ports” Did somebody say a Mac version?
    YES! I can finally play this game soon!

  • Patrick Stone

    I’m still hoping there will be date options for our spouses and friends. Like Haylee always mentions never going to the forest or things like that, so it’d be cool if after her regular dialogue she can ask like, “What would you like to do today?” And you can go certain places for the day with her. Of course everyone has their likes and dislikes so more friendship would be added depending on where you took each friend.

  • Ludhi

    for late game, we need more festival

  • Jeremy Kuehnau

    ChuckleFish? Really? Should we just give up any hopes of seeing new content now? StarBound has been in early access for year(s) now and it’s still not where it should be, they are busy with their own content plus being a publisher.

    • DynastyStar

      The game’s always been published by ChuckleFish this entire time. ConcernedApe specifically did not release the game in Early Access because of such concerns, and ChuckleFish only gets 5% of the revenue, though perhaps this will change due to the increased responsibilities that ChuckleFish has.

    • Alex Drake

      Go back to the steam forums you uninformed hick

      • Jeremy Kuehnau

        No, I don’t think I will. Everyone knows what their track record is like. So why would I have any high expectations of them getting shit finished for this game when they got too much on their plate to begin with?

        How about you go chug bleach you foggot.

      • Jeremy Kuehnau


  • Erik Rodriguez

    Will this be a 2-player co-op or 2-4 player co-op?

  • X Ren

    Any chance of sale?. My wallet funds is just half of Stardew price right now. 🙁

  • Joshua

    No changes on the value of items right?

  • Scott Trefethen

    I am excited, especially for the linux port and multiplayer. My laptop is linux and makes me happy

  • Choda Boy

    Please consider making mature adults (Marnie, Linus, Clint, Willy, etc.) available for marriage, too. 🙂

  • Regan Sterner

    I haven’t enjoyed a game as much as Stardew Valley in a very, very long time. Thanks so much, ConcernedApe for making not only such a great game, but continuing to add to its amazing content. I look forward to the update.

  • Kelly Stinton

    Is there a timeline for the port? Been dying to play the game for forever and can’t get the wineskin wrapper to work for me

  • yesnaja

    If you add only half of the points, I will marry the game… if this would be possible

  • MadsBjoern1 ´

    I would like to ask if the multiplayer update is local Co-op only or if my friend who lives in another city would be able to join me. Would he be able to do that?

  • Jarin

    Welcome back! Glad to hear about the cooperation agreement with chucklefish. I know what a royal pain multiplayer netcoding is, so I’m glad you aren’t trying to implement it from first-principles. You did a great job with Stardew Valley’s game engine, but multiplayer is a whole different kettle of fish.

  • BigPrimeNumbers

    Excited for the console version! Been wanting to play this, and now I’ll be able to 🙂

  • Lyndsey Evenstar

    You are awesome, thank you! <3

  • NothingMan00

    Just a dumb little request: Could you make it so that we can label the wooden chests, like with signage? I think someone made a mod for this, but it would be nice to have as a built-in feature. Anyways, Stardew Valley is such a fantastic game, and helped me get through the most stressful month of my life, so thank you.

  • A.j

    Thank you so much for this awesome game! I can’t wait for more content. I’m so glad you didn’t just put it out there and be done with it.

  • Katie VikSlit Lee

    Is there going to be a dresser feature, where we can change our clothes (shirt and pants) and hair style?

  • DanielPowerNL

    I’ve been waiting for the Linux port to buy the game. Looking forward to it!

  • yesmifriend

    For all the old school people that don’t enjoy the new way of gaming, thank you for this.

  • Kooper87

    Hope this game comes to vita so I can take it on the go with me!?!

  • Arrabella

    what happened to divorce being added? ;~;

  • I’m constantly scavenging the Nexus to find a fridge extension mod. An official upgrade to cupboard storage would be superb!

  • Brett Nicholas Kahn

    I know it’s a longshot, but all of those trapped on #VitaIsland would love to get their hand on this gem! Please make it happen!!!

  • Rue Lazzaro

    The lack of an OSX version is the only thing holding me back. Can’t wait to see it done.

  • Jennifer Chiprich

    Thank you so much for this game! And just let me say, I love the music!

  • nailedvision

    What I would absolutely love to see is split screen co op play. One computer, two people, one on keyboard and another on the controller.

    My daughter loves the game, but we only have a single system. We do however have it hooked up to our television because screw cable. So we have another monitor, just like I’m sure many many people do, but almost no games support using that second monitor for anything at all. It would be amazing to play with her, show her the more advanced concepts, without needing another system when a single one could handle it no problem.

  • Jaja

    I see you can make coffee…void egg mayo…
    will there be bananas though? xD
    and.. if it is possible, can the wallpaper and flooring be stacked so I can hoard a lot of them? thank you!!!

  • Augie

    I fuckin love you man.

  • Mahogany Rose

    I would love it if we were able to craft a grass turf or flooring maybe from the fiber since there isn’t much use for it beyond scarecrows. I would love to have some decorative grass to fill in the empty dirt on the farm to make it look a bit more natural. Some decorative shrubs and bushes would be nice too.

    More than anything though I wish Robin and Pierre would have at least maybe four or five furniturewallpaperflooring to choose from each day so that I won’t have to visit both every single day to find the one object I’m looking for.

  • Un-Popular Opinions

    Console ports?
    But… I already bought the game D:

    ……………OK. You talked me into it. Will rebuy on multiple consoles.

  • Damond Carlson

    “Ability to move buildings” THANK YOU SO MUCH also coop vary nice 🙂

  • alex

    can fix the screen size it dos not work

  • Marc W. Semones

    How about a sleeping bag, so I don’t have to worry about passing out in the streets. This guy obviously never went to college or stood watch 🙂 . Also, I like the idea of an economy mode that discourages flooding the market with a single item, preventing min/maxing, and forcing the player to diversify his outputs.

  • So many good things to come!! I absolutely adore this game. Since it launched I think I’ve taken maybe 3 days off from it. So happy that you’re considering making it possible to move buildings without having to destroy them. My only other thing would be the ability to get rid of the nursery furniture and have that room for something else. I’d just like the option to not have kids. I raised three of my own and they’re out of my house now. Not looking forward to raising more in the game LOL! Whatever you do thank you so much for all your hard work. This is my favorite game! <3

  • Cjhbbass .

    You are truly great! I look forward to the linux port.
    Also it would be pretty rad if there was an achievement like “Some people just like to watch the world burn” for people who support jojomart and marry Haley.

  • David Blodgett

    I am curious when you say multiplayer is on the way are you also planning on having cross-platform multiplayer as you are looking to port it to consoles as well?

  • Winter Sheryl

    It would be great if the character can walk a little faster or have some mode of transportation around town. Map is huge.

    • Alex Drake

      you have the minecart fasttravel and the horse

  • Teerapol S.

    I have a suggestion about non-marriage NPC. Should there be a quest to help other lovers, like helping Lewis reveal his love affair (with his permission, of course)


  • Manda

    I just recently bought this game, and when I say recently, I mean April 29th. I’m already into my first Summer season and just bought the first upgrade for my home.

    All I can say is I love and adore this game, and I’m so glad you’re so adament about keeping it updated when you can. Like you said, you’re one person, but I can [don’t know about others] see the love and hard work you’ve already put into the game. I’m so excited to see what you can do from here, and am looking forward to it, but please, take your time! I want you to keep this the unique, hand made love child you’ve so awesomely created. I even wrote a blog post about it!!

    https://gamingquestblog.wordpress.com/ And now that I know more about you and your game, I’m plotting on another one. It’s a beautiful game. I can’t say that enough.

  • Dancap

    “Console Ports” Ok, my 3ds is ready 😀

  • Sebastian Vivanco

    I used to download copies of games before, but I love your game so much that I just buy it, it deserves it. keep the great work !

  • Shaun Kennedy

    Is that Void Mayonnaise I see?

    • Carlycchi

      I think it is! I’m still searching far and wide for the dragon egg 🙁

  • Carlycchi

    It’s gonna break Clint’s heart if you can marry Emily. There should be consequences for this action! Where it affects your relationship with Clint if this is possible. I think that would give the game a lot of spice.

  • kommentatoren

    Yay co-op 😀

  • I’m really excited about the new update! Multiplayer will be AMAZING! Hopefully, I can play with my BF XD

    I just got the game maybe 2 or 3 days ago and have sunk 22+ hours into it ^^”

    A few things that I would like to see added at some point would be… a Note taking area maybe in the ‘E’ Menu. I forget really easily all the materials I need for something and have to run back and forth to make sure I have the right amount. The day goes by so fast I almost never can get things done in time.

    The other is Fishing. I spent about 2 hours just trying to do this and I caught 2 fish. After that I just gave up and I have been finding the fish in the trash because I don’t even want to deal with the hairpulling of trying to catch them myself.

    Those are the main things right now. Thank you so much for your hard work!

  • KIX The Shadow Fury

    What about a hotel in the desert, that lets players join your world?
    What about some hunting system in the winter, once you unlock the secret forest (also make it bigger please!)?
    Also some type of boat to fish with, and exploring the sea would be awesome!

  • Dagg

    Please, please, please, add touch control support so this will work on a Surface 3. Or, even a mobile port. Wife’s been begging to play this, but she has a Surface 3 and doesn’t want to have to be at the table to use the keyboard to play.

    • Lukas


  • Alexander Smith

    (Ability to move buildings and other convenience features) yesssssss I hope it allows me to move crops around too

  • Walker P

    Started reading the comments and realized there were spoilers in there, so must resist. Just want to say thanks for all the work and love you put into this amazing game. The game and the entire story around it is just so affirming of all the values I believe in. Thank you!

  • kommentatoren

    More secrets…¨
    More secrets.
    More secrets!

  • John

    Is there any chance for 3DS version? The game would look amazing at 1:1 resolution on 3DS! Even New 3DS only game would be great.

    Terraria (60 FPS on New 3DS and 30 FPS on old 3DS) and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (New 3DS exclusive) are doing great there, and certainly that’s where the majority of farming sims fans is.

  • Brian Antonius Fehrle

    I’d love to help beta-test mac and linux ports! If that option is available through steam’s beta, I’ll do what I can to help. I already run the game through wine, would like to get away from that

  • Dustin Brinnon

    You had me at “Console ports.”

  • Henrique Buttros

    I think a good thing to add on a future version is Epic monsters in 10-10 levels, so u hav to kill the “boss”, then u can get ur reward (the chest). Its a good thing forwho actually are looking for some more adventure and battles

  • RinSlayer

    The new contents the will soon be added will be great for the game! My sister and I play this together and we always wanted to play together since you know she seems to have trouble on the game right now and having me as her somewhat guide it would be nice to teach her through multiplayer, she also asks whats the point of the train tracks. I kept telling her that random resources would just pop out of it, but she wanted it to be like a way to get to other farmers farms (but it’s in the same valley and I didn’t want to break her hopes up).

    I have children in my household in the game but it’s somewhat depressing to see that they are staying in their toddler years, I would want them to grow up like Vincent and Jas, but then again it might be too much.

    Having more dialogues with the spouses, yes that is very wonderful feature! I was tired talking to Sebastian when he has the same dialogue almost all the time, the different dialogues are very rare to come actually.

    You have no idea how happy i was when you mentioned about being able to move the buildings because i may have spent more than 100k gold in the game just to move one building to the other, and i have absolutely no intention to move my silos, clay is a precious resources that is hard to find!

    I wanted to have like new events added in the game since I already won all of the events so I don’t exactly like how it just keeps repeating honestly. But what I am very excited for the new update (coming soon XD) is the co-op multiplayer and the dialogues, every thing else i would be fine with since i have a few strategies to get a lot of gold (NO MODS I DONT LIKE TO CHEAT). But it would be nice to see if the children can grow up a bit more, since it makes me depressed that they have to stay at the toddler stage, very depressed.

    Enough with the rambling I would be waiting for the new update! Stardew Valley is such a nice game, I played Harvest Moon before, it really was a great game, so this brings a lot of great memories regarding Harvest Moon. Great job and hopefully your workload would start to lessen!

  • Mac support would be really good.


    Hello ConcernedApe,

    thank you for developing this game. I had some nice hours with it. And I still play the game and have fun. Respect for doing this big one and especially for doing this ALONE! *thumbs up*
    Do you release this planned content in this order? The “Localizing for non-english regions” sounds like a translation for some languages. Because a girlfriend can’t speak english and needs the game in german. 😛

    But one important thing for you: Please do not let the development affect too hard from the community. Not for 100%. Many developert do this and patch their games to death.

    Have a nice week 🙂

  • Aaltara

    Hi ConcernedApe! Thank you so much for creating this game. It’s so good in fact, that I failed 2 of my exams ’cause I was too focused on the game and not studying. 🙁

    As for some suggestions, I believe someone already mentioned this but it would be cool if the other npcs (with the exception of the one you married) actually started dating among themselves. It would liven up the town. Can’t wait for that Shane marriage though. <3

  • JanaCinnamon

    I hope by bug fixes he means to fix that you don’t have a net to gather bugs and insects. I really wanna gather insects in this game. The first time I’ve played it I was like: “Ayyy when am I gonna get my net so I can finally catch them?” 😀

  • Drew Y

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you’ve done in this game. I’ve spent over 60 hours on it and my friends at school have spent even more. I’ve even been showing my high school students my farm just for the heck of it and talk about it with them. So in that regards, thank you.

    My only thought on an improvement in the future that I could add to the discussion would be this… maybe turning the larger pond on our farm into a sort of freshwater fish farm? We could have Maru build us a machine that would pump air to us underwater on the side, and like the farm animals, we’d swim underwater and feed our fish, that we’ve caught and found unhatched eggs in? Just a thought because that would add a great dimension to the game.

    I’ve read all the other comments and they would be fun times as well. But in the end it’s your call and since you’ve been spot on with everything in this game after 4 years, I can’t wait to see what else you do.

  • Nert

    i would like to have butchering featured into the game but it is just my opinion

  • Lizzieee


  • Here’s an idea that might be a little dark for some but could be interesting:

    When I first started, I liked Jodi and didn’t realize she was married; thought she was a single mother, since I hadn’t seen any dialogue yet about her husband. The idea of being able to court a single mother seemed kinda cool and unique to me, if a little adult (though this game is rather adult in some ways). Then I found out she had a husband away in the military (shrug).

    What if she were a time-limited courtable character? I don’t mean that she would get divorced or cheat on her husband. Perhaps if you raise your relationship enough with her, her husband, um…doesn’t make it? Then after some time has passed, she would be available. Again, maybe too dark for Stardew. Just an idea.

  • brant drake

    Wine cellar/basement for people that don’t want to clutter there home/outside with machines, would be awesome if that’s one of the new things. I hope for Mangoes to be a new crop cause I love mangoes.

  • Jhonatan Rodrigues

    um jogo muito bom para ter só em inglês…

  • White Knight Leo

    Two things: onions and watermelons. And broccoli.

  • Yusuf Polat

    Please make chests bigger. I have 15 chests in my house. They’re really messing with interior design.

  • Élodie Daigle

    I can’t wait! 😀 Seriously, thank you for this amazing game. 🙂
    If I could do one other suggestion, i’d say an easy way to switch rows of the back without opening the menu. Gets kind of anoying since the tools takes almost all the first row.

  • ❀ Lisa ❀

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for this game. It has been one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played.

    I don’t know if you take suggestions but would like to see another house upgrade or two (like a pantry and/or basement where we can store our chests full of stuff so we can keep our home neat.) Also a fish farm (perhaps at our large pond?) where we can put in particular fish and have them reproduce so we can grow out of season fish (like sardines, for instance.) Maybe it would shut down in winter… 😉

    Also I want to be able to mouse over seeds to see what I’ve planted. How many times I couldn’t finish on one day and then next went to buy seeds and couldn’t remember what I needed. You can’t tell from the little plant.

    I look forward to all your updates whenever you release them. Have fun!

  • Shay

    I hope some of the new crops are rice and sugar cane and maybe cocoa beans.

  • muhajer onofre

    I’d like this to be sooner, You should really launch this update before you start working with the Co-op. That way, we’ll have some more fun, and less stress for you when your working for the co-op

  • muhajer onofre

    Can you add more Festivals. Please, That would make the game a lot funner

  • cpy

    You know the dev is cool guy when he plays Factorio. You can’t go wrong. Damn SDW is one of the best game i ever played. Rate perfect 5/7 would buy again.

  • Klooven

    It would be cool to be able to move beds like other furniture. And that you could buy different styles of beds (at Robin) like other furniture.

  • Song Mi Rae

    Please add like caterpillars (they can produce silk) XD..it’s so cute I think hahaha..
    Also, I think that will be cool add tractor feature, etc..
    Please always stay updated..this is really awesome and amazing game..very addictive hahaha

    • Song Mi Rae

      anyway I really want to riding a cow XD

  • Nico

    Wow very nice!! When you think this update will come?

  • Song Mi Rae

    I really want to know about dinosaurs egg..I hope it can improve, like maybe to unlock the lost world..or something else hahahah..*stopdreaming XD

  • Rebellious

    I wonder how co-op will look like ;_;

  • Lord Xamon

    I can not wait for the translation into my language. I’ll buy without hesitation that day.

  • Sabrina “IRES Phoenix” Hoyt

    I am also hoping that if and when the co-op part comes out that our friends have their own places cause seriously our houses are to small for 4 families to live in if you are married and have kids.

  • elkar

    Well, keep us updated boss.

  • SirPantsAlot

    I don’t know if this was requested but for a long time now I was hoping that eventually we could become the wizard’s apprentice and get high at his cauldron learn magic.

  • Valley

    Will you add the possibility to divorce with your husband/wife?

  • Neith Eaton Everdeen

    Hi, I play the game and I love it, one of the best games that I’ve played in this year. In a close future the game will be absolutely amazing. I made a list of things that I think that the game need improve (someone is in your list but I’m going to say it anyway).

    -Some bugs
    -In the marriage, things like: More dialogue, cinematics, more timetable in the couple, the kids grow and have timetsble (for example go with Penny, Jas and Vincent to study) a cinematic when you have a baby (this is important)
    – Improve the dialogue in the avance of the hearts
    – Move buildings (so important)
    – Decorative garden furniture
    – A hairdressing or dressmaker (for example Emily), like Animal Crossing for example.
    – Multiplayer.
    -Our birthday.

    I know that there are many things (hehe) and I know that is to much work (I don’t make videogames but I’m writer, I know a little bit of the work that it suppose). I hope that you will consider my ideas.

    Sorry about the language, English is not my first language.

  • somedudefromafar

    please add Meat and hunting (mini games) !!!

  • Siegecall

    I’d like to request tweaking the Greenhouse so that the usuable garden space is 13×13 rather than 12×10, this will alleviate my OCD on the asymmetry of the building. Also, having the option to upgrade the greenhouse into an Arboretum would be nice, and thus able to support trees again. Finally, I have posted this idea on the Chucklefish mod forums, http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/beyond-the-3rd-year.113527/page-2#post-2891952 , in order to discuss late-game and expanded content and might be a good resource for ideas. One such idea was to expand the Farm Cave with a hidden cavern that you unlock like a Zelda game, by placing a cherry bomb, a bomb, and then a mega bomb to reveal a Crystal Cavern with a carving in the back that when you place a special crystal you make using the Crystallarium, and the seed crystal is made of either Diamond+Prismatic Shard+Solar Essence or Diamond+PS+Shadow Essence, this cavern becomes a Desert or a Nighttime environment, allowing for special plants that must be tended in special conditions.

  • Song Mi Rae

    Is there any stardew valley facebook official page? I mean sometimes I really want to know about the improvement of this game XD

  • Jack

    Please do something about spouses after marriage. Whenever you marry someone they lose all the fun in them and just stand around all day. It just made me not get married on my second save file because they just get depressing and lose their best aspects, and they just seem more like trophies than actual characters.

    Just my opinion, but it would be great if they did more after marriage other than stand around and water every now and then 🙂

  • Basa Sagi

    how long? Now I still version 1.07

  • Laurafel

    You really did an amazing job with Stardew Valley. I have one suggestion, maybe you could add some more interactions with the pets, like playing, teaching them skills like hunting so they will randomly collect items. Maybe a heart system like the farm animals.

    • Siegecall

      though you don’t see it, pets do have a heart system, though the only indication is that they will tell you ‘ loves you’ when you interact with them. That said, I too would like to see some more functionality with pets, perhaps your pet can follow you around and it’s presence gives you a bonus, like the dog improves the chances of digging up artifacts from the dig points on the surface and when you dig in the caves. Cats, on the other hand, can improve your fishing by enlarging the catch bar or slowing the fish, good for those more difficult fish, as well as reduce the chance of snagging trash, good for trying get those damn fire eels.

  • Mikasa

    Will divorce be possible? I’m so hyped for Shane :3

    • Valley

      same, but for me its Emily, i hope divorce will be real

  • I can’t wait I’ve been after Shane from the start and now I can finally get a chance to romance him!

  • Pochara Thiamangkornpan

    Void Mayonnaise!!!!

    Yes! Im Gald not to sell void chicken!

  • Martina Bicata

    I just saw the head of a green monster with yellow eyes come out of the ocean below Willy’s… I’m mildly shocked..

  • DarkSerena67

    This may have already been suggested by someone else, but just in case. Two things I’d love to see in future updates.

    1) Some indicator on the social screen for which person we’ve talked to each day. It doesn’t have to be big, but it would help! I sometimes lose track of if I’ve spoken with someone or not unless I keep notes but tabbing out/writing on paper wouldn’t be needed if an in-game thing was available.

    2) PLEASE revert the change for bachelors/bachelorettes being locked at 8 hearts. I understand wanting to have the whole date thing in place with the bouqet, but I’d MUCH prefer it if I could get to ten hearts with each person and then just have the final 10 heart event be locked until you give them the bouqet. As it is right now, unless I ‘date’ all of them, I can’t get their friendship maxed out.

    Other than these things I LOVE the game so far, having so much fun playing!

  • muhajer onofre

    Make this sooner please

  • StarryJJ

    I’ve finished the community center, but I’m not sure if there is much to do there after ridding of Joja. If there isn’t, I would hope to see (maybe not in this patch since there’s so much to be done) more interaction with the community center. Maybe once community center is unlocked there is a day where everyone heads to the community center and it’s like an holiday type event. Not sure, but since I put a lot of effort into rebuilding the community center, I would like to see it play more part in our later game life 🙂
    Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done. It really brings me back to the harvest moon days. Keep up the great work 😀

    • Ada Jean

      I’d really like some more interaction here too. Maybe some of the NPCs could incorporate it into their daily routine as well? So it feels like a lively part of town.

      • Sam Rinne Hooker

        Thinking that too.

      • Damoncord

        I’m pretty sure a lot of the townsfolk alter their normal schedule to go to the Community center after Joja gets kicked out. I know I’ve seen Robin, Maru, George, Evelyn, and Gus in there at the same time, and everyone else seems to pop in from time to time.

    • Amber Nicole Gushue

      I agree with this! An event there would be cool – and also utilization of the mart space.

    • I would vote for this. People should enjoy and celebrate in the community center. I haven’t done “the JoJa way” (and I don’t think I will) but should be something similar with JoJa

  • Natasa Marjanovic

    Marriage to someone form co-op multiplayer maybe? That would be awesome 😀

  • PeachBlossomTea

    multiplayer nonsense strikes again Dx

  • Wrathful Wyvern

    I can’t wait for this update!!
    Mostly because you can marry Shane & Emily xD
    Kinda sad that the wizard didn’t get picked….

  • FurCollector

    I do have a doubt. I’ve just started a new game from the scratch, and of course starting all again isn’t fast or easy for somebody making his second savegame. So I’m wondering if the update changes will be applied to already created games, or we will have to start again once they’re out?

  • Angry Samoan

    For all the combat and mines, the game is missing a few combat Bosses. I think it would make the initial cave diving more interesting with a Cave Boss every 40 Levels and Random Skull Cave Bosses

  • Samuka Domingues

    a sugestion:
    please add better interaction with the pets (like play, use for finding items etc) and children (making they grow at least to teenagers and help you)

    • Valley

      but you can change your appearance

    • RobertaK

      You can change your appearance for 500g in the basement of the Wizard’s Tower.

  • Pheolei

    I would love to be able to move the direction of the furniture 🙂 cant wait to experience the updates!

  • Onna Oakenshield

    Everyone is talking about birthdays and gifts, but what about the community board? We could click on the board to see the quest, and a button would put us in a directory of quest. Example, need fertilizer ASAP, need to borrow wood and will pay back later, etc. There will be different options to choose and they all have their own dialogue. People might not give you the items you need. Different people have different supplies. I know this is in huge detail, but I hope you take the idea into consideration. Thanks!

  • Stacy Marie

    I hope we can get my dialogue with characters like Jodi. She’s always dropping hints that her life sucks, I wanna know more!!

    • Stacy Marie

      It would also be cool if you could get marriage candidates- after getting married- up to 10 hearts without needing to give them bouquets. I also find it weird that they all say the same things AFTER getting like the characters are still dating ‘-.-

  • Rae

    Can you add more festivals like in the winter add some snowball fight or add an island using a boat

  • Elina H.

    Everything sounds really good – I’m especially looking forwards to the new farm buildings. Maybe we’ll get a still (turn wine into liquor!) or a shed; I’d also love to be able to build a cellar into my farmhouse that could then be used as a lounge/study/workshop/wine cellar/whatever.

  • Gravy

    I would like to see some sort of sandbox mode where you can do what you want with the farm buildings and other types of builds and just try stuff. 🙂

  • Song Mi Rae

    I think it will be great if sewer has more expansion, like dungeon or more secret detail regarding to Krobus and Dwarf..more secret please..I really loved detective gameplay a little bit like this hahahaha

  • ✿ Señorita ✿

    It’s been a while since I last played Stardew Valley, I don’t have that much of time, but there’s stuff that it would be cool if added.
    – At Summer we could swim at the sea and go underwater, to search for stuff, like pearls, if you run out of breath, you faint.
    – All characters could change their clothes to match the season.
    – The hability to hunt with a bow (Many of you won’t agree with this one)
    – We could buy a boat to fish at the ocean, and even discover an island.
    – A new animation for kids, playing with toys.

    – Some new characters.

    – At every weekend, a train could stop at town and some people could stay at there for a weekend, like someone’s cousin, or someone’s nephew.
    – A new building at town, some sort of Inn or hotel.
    – At every weekend, when the train arrives town with people, we could do a bazaar so people could buy stuff from you, like crops, and stuff.
    – We could sew stuff, like gloves, scarfs, coats
    I mean the game is great with all content we got so far, and it’s impressing how you did this all by yourself. All I can say is thank you for bringing such game 🙂

  • Gom Log

    I absolutely love your game. One of my first game obsessions was harvert moon back to nature, so I am very glad that there is something that has provided me with a similar enjoyment but has something more. I’m also daft for final fantasy 9 so its even more fun knowing that you are in to that sort of game as well. Keep it up! I am looking forward to any new updates you and the community bring.

    My OCD requires a buyable fridge expansion from JoJa Mart. I like to collect ALL types of produce and want to keep them in the fridge. Maybe not immersive to have 100 verities of plants in the fridge but in Stardew Valley dreams come true! (Right?)

  • Stardew valley is my cocaine

    this post made me jizz in my pants

  • Oudi

    It would be nice if you can add the lightning flash effect on the window panes during a thunderstorm with a low rumble of thunder

  • Guilherme Lopes

    It would be fun if with time more people were coming to live in the city, like a house the nearest bus stop and a few in the city center and near the house of Marnie

    Or if happen married with Leah, her house being occupied by someone like Shane or else

  • Song Mi Rae

    Hello ConcernedApe, this is my suggestion. It will be great if there’s a tools that modder can mod to add more hats, clothes, skirt, shorts, dress, shoes, accessories or any other..not replacement, but add to the game. Cause I found modder really make a cute hat, but they just replacement..and it’s sad, cause I want expansion not just a replacement for clothes, hats, skirt, shorts, etc etc (like the sims). Thank you anyway..

  • Moo

    I want to see something done with with the kids so do more with them, so they aren’t just cosmetic, like bring them with you on trips! They could even help around the farm/ adventuring 😀

  • Lord Raijin

    hey concernedape, first of all thank the lord for this game….haha you are an awesome guy, being a single dev makes it more epic….however i would like to suggest a bigger map and more character in the future….i hope you dont mind….thank you

  • SJ

    Thank you for this amazing game!!
    ..This update is going to be a game changer.. 😉

  • Alexandru Cretu

    This game is AWSOME!
    I’m playing a cracked edition but soon I’ll buy the game

  • Marissa Bee

    Thank you, so so much, for this game. I’ve had a pretty stressful year and Stardew Valley has become my happy place to retreat to when I have some free time. Love the character interactions, the Steam achievements are fun to strive for, and my farm is slowly becoming amazing! I haven’t looked up a single thing on how to play, because to me Stardew has that pre-internet feel. Just gonna discover all the secrets on my own! Thanks for all your hard work.

  • t3kniqz

    Not sure if mentioned but would be cool to add an aquarium feature or update the community aquarium so we can interact, customize, and keep some caught fish 🙂 especially for the coop/mulitplayer, itll be nice to show off :))

  • Annastasia Hinz

    Hi! I’m super excited for the new update! I just have a couple of suggestions for things you could include…

    1. A “they” option. As far as I can tell, the main use for picking a gender is pronoun usage and the sprites are already gender neutral. I think this would be a nice touch.

    2. Some additional customization options? It’d be nice to be able to dress appropriately for the flower festival, wedding events, etc. And maybe some more curly hair options?

    3. Choose your birthday and celebrate with villagers?

    4. “Secret” bachelor/bachelorette? Or maybe you could just make Shane and Emily super hard to romance?

    5. Please let me pet dog and cat?

    6. Also, is there a way that we can get the single people to 10 hearts without dating every one? Like maybe after you give the bouquet to one person everyone else switches to a friendship meter? I feel bad for leading everyone on and also cheating on my spouse…

    Thanks so much for all your hard work! =)

  • Ryan

    The fences breaking at all should be removed. All of the other items in the game don’t degrade except fences, and yes your spouse can fix it but if you don’t plan on getting married or its just simply too early in the game it becomes a problem. I personally found this really frustrating and felt that the game would be fine without it. The different fence designs could stay just to simply add more personality to the game.

  • Ada Adeena

    I really love your game and am happy, that it is such a great success. In my country a rather famous youtube-gamer plays it and does live LPs on twitch. I found this game through him and brought it myself. (That one of my favorite authors played it on twitch helped, too.)

  • Crimsonjade

    Not sure if this has been suggested yet, but for those of us that got rid of the supermarket…it’s pretty much wasted space, no? Can’t we do something about that? I also personally feel bad for Clint…if you don’t end up being with Emily, and have enough hearts with both, can’t you hook them up? Also, Linus in the winter…it’d be nice if we could invite him to stay in a guest house or something over the winter, and in return he helps you forage or something (or if you could purchase the defunct supermarket space, maybe Linus could help you out there or something)? The kitchen has already been commented on, as well player birthdays and I totally concur on all those. Also, your kids’ birthdays should show up (if it doesn’t already; my kid was born on the evening before my husband’s…so I dunno if that clashes or something? Or do your kids’ birthdays totally not show up on the calendar at all?). Also, again, not sure if anyone’s said anything, but while the spa is nice, something that I miss from HM is the bathroom… Otherwise, this thing is addictive. Still addictive with all the things you can do/fix on your farm. The new semester just started and I fear for my grades :p

    • Ada Jean

      I really like a couple of these too – there are hints that there is much more to Linus’ story, and it would be nice to find out what as well as lessen his fear of the villagers a bit; and I really want kids birthdays too! It feels a little odd without them.

  • Alvin123

    One suggestion for your next update Can you please add in a random ufo passing by and probing/stealing your animals (and even your own character lol) and taking random earth samples from your inventory just like the fairy and witch random event or something to impede player progress seriously I’m not a masochist but I’m in year 3 spring right now with so much money you wouldn’t believe and nothing to spend it on. It would make the game more interesting af an I wouldn’t be bored with it as I am now.

  • Alicia Diaz

    It would be nice to allow/have your spouse pursue a degree/job/hobby etc. that you can encourage them on. Also, it would be nice to encourage your spouse to do specific things around the farm.

    • Maria Dulterova

      Oh, encouragement would be great!

  • Vanilla

    yay!! Multiplayer :3

  • I’d love to have a fish pond, like in HMFoMT. If you have two fish they’ll breed into more fish. That way you don’t constantly have to be fishing for a single fish to make sashimi.

  • JSiy

    I would love to see multiplayer, I think that would be the best addition to the game yet!

  • BBICE90

    Yes!!!!! Cant wait to play more. This is going to be exciting!!!! 6,_,6 I absolutely love this game! So addicted ;-D

  • Suggestion – Sit on chair! ;]

  • ChaosBaron

    Need any help translating english to say, dutch? Would love to do that 🙂

  • Ashley Rose Lewis

    Yes Shane! Marry me now please! Speaking of marriage: I would really love if there were reverse proposals. So, you’ve had the character at full hearts for (x) amount of time, and they show up and be like “you should marry me”. That would be pretty cool. Thank you for all of your hard work, I’m looking forward so much to these updates.

  • Lil Jay

    I think it’d be neat that if you have kids, after a certain period of time, they grow up and you can assign certain chores to them, like watering the crops. I know your spouse already does this for you, but how often do they do it? It’d be a time saving way of getting more stuff done during the limited time span of the day.

    Having your spouse come mining with you would also be a fun way to spend some time with them, or having little events in the household with the kids.

  • Amormydeer Emeraude

    Co-op Multiplayer <—- Please please please fingers crossed this goes through! I've always wanted to fully experience a game with my partner. I think it's incredible that you've done so much on your own and I look forward to all the updates you do!

  • Andrey Crivellari

    Cool , I would love to have continuity with the children they can grow and help on the farm out, what would be a major watershed between Stardew valley and Harvest Moon.

  • Rüdiger Thiede

    I was wondering whether to get the game, was mostly conviced but had some reservations because I’ve never played a farming type game before. But given that the dev plays Age of Empires 2 and Factorio, I think I’ve made my decision.

    Come on, paycheck, hurry up willya, I suddenly need money 😛

  • Sam Rinne Hooker

    More late-game (post community center) stuff please!

  • Ellie

    I’d love to actually see a snow-goon on the first day of Winter in front of Sebastian’s house. And if married to Sebastian, one on the farm. Later, the player’s kids could be “building” one, and Sebastian says a unique dialog line about it.

    I think I’d also enjoy if the Secret woods were expanded into a “maze” and many more secrets could be found there, such as the Witch’s cottage.

  • ⓠⓦⓔⓡⓣⓛⓢ


    • Lia


  • Anticristo

    More late-game content! That’s awesome, I really like the game but once I’ve done “everything” (get my full farm, married, etc etc) I stopped playing, just because it takes a really long time to complete everything and you just end up skipping days to get to the required season for an item (a.e).
    I’m not a big fan of the “social content” of the game, but I’m conscious that it’s one of the main reasons why the game is so successful, so it’s really cool.
    Though, I think that the most important thing quoted here is the Mac/Linux ports. I own an iMac, and because of that I had to play with a crap-Windows-notebook. I didn’t have problems anyways but giving a lot of people the opportunity of playing on its favorite device is great.
    A little suggestion, getting hardwood is pretty hard, even with the profession, and the Secret Woods is not enough. Please, add a better way of farming it 🙂
    Sorry if my english is bad, I’m not ¿anglophone? I just liked the idea of giving my opinion 😀

    • RobertaK

      Your English was better than most people I see online. 🙂

      You can sometimes get hardwood out of some of the chests and barrels in the mine, but it would be nice to have a better chance at it. I prefer the tiller/rancher combination (crops worth more/artisan goods worth more) so I rarely do the forester profession especially since I never sell any wood early in the game (you need so much of it for everything!).

      • Anticristo

        Yeah, you can get the hardwood from the mines but I thing the probability is quite low, as you said. Maybe Robin or the Sewers’ monster could sell it at quite a high price on an specific day?
        Choosing the forester profession was a big mistake of mine since I never sell wood, such a shame 🙁 . Surely, with the update I’ll start a new game and be more careful.

  • LadySayrune

    Can we please talk about how amazing being able to move buildings will be? I have to say, by year 3 I am coming to the horrifying realization that my expansion plans will require me to demolish not only my deluxe barn, but my big coop, 2 silos, and a well! But now there is hope!

  • Amber Nicole Gushue

    I’m so excited for this update! I felt like I was running out of things to do. Thanks so much for all the work you put into this game! Love it! 🙂

  • HatMouse

    I have one suggestion.
    Dogs and cats are useless now.
    It would be nice if they would bring some small items like sticks, broken glasses etc if you pet them daily and refil their bowl. The more hearts you earn the more valuable items they bring to you.

    • RobertaK

      Maybe dogs can help dig up items and cats can bring fish — the more hearts you have with them the more valuable the items. Dogs can start out with things like stone, clay and wood pieces, and cats with the more common fish, then later on dogs can find artifacts and cats bring more expensive fish.

  • haru

    Pleace add new animals like: Llama for shaving wool and milk ?! 🙂

    • RobertaK

      Or how about ability to milk sheep, and add a yogurt maker to make sheep’s milk yogurt?

  • Vertigo13

    Looking forward for the Mac platform!!!

  • Mitchelle

    i just want to say to ConcernedApe that i am extremely thankful for creating such an awesome game and still continuing to improve it.. It truly is an all out absolutely superb game and my all time favorite.. a big big big thank you to you sir! and please keep up the good work. I am eagerly, as i’m sure are many, waiting for that big update to be released..

  • Omni

    Not to sound hungry or anything, but is there any idea to when any of this content will be finished and applied?
    I understand it’s hard to put a date on things like this, but I’m rather curious.

  • Shane Lemmo

    Glad to see multiplayer in the crosshairs for this game, I’ve been watching my favorite youtuber covering this game and I’ve wanted to buy this game for a long time now, but I wanted it to be a game I could share the experience with my wife, Glad to see that will be a possibility in the nearish future! <3

  • Matthew Blake

    i know he said that there’d be more additions to mining and combat and he might already have this in mind but i would LOVE to see more weapons (some that can possibly be crafted), more gems, more rings, more enemies, more kill goals and possibly another dungeon because i love the combat in this game along with the farming and everything else.

  • Rossomak

    Could we have some more sneak peaks of what’s to come? Pretty please?

  • Ryan Yang

    finally my macbook PRO! its your time to shine!

  • Alie Voors

    VERY PROUD!!! Keep up the good work!

  • DerSatansschuh

    pls pls rework the fishing system. sometimes specially in the early game its almost impossible

  • OlDirtySam

    One thing i think that would be awesome:
    Gimme a way to knock on doors!
    Its annoying to wait in front of a door just to complete a quest or give someone a birthday gift!

    • RobertaK

      How about pottery for the clay? You could make decorative pots/vases to put in your house or give as gifts. Maybe a flower vase recipe, where you use any in-season flower (tulip, blue jazz, sunflower, etc.) and one pottery vase, that can be put on any surface (dining table, coffee table or end table). Or maybe small table lamp, made of pottery clay and a battery pack, that can go inside the house.

  • misskieferable

    I am super excited for all of these updates! I just wanted to let you know how much I adore this game and all the work you put into it! <3

  • Deadly Viper

    YES!! I see void mayo! finally a better use for void eggs! cant wait to try out upcoming features will be awaiting patiently 🙂

  • MarissaBlackwing

    Can’t wait. Definitely will be glad to be able to move farm buildings.

    I hope there’s a little more dialogue for Krobus…every time I visit him, now that he’s at 10 hearts, it jumps straight to the shop menu and he never says anything anymore. 🙁

    I like the suggestions of the kitchen actually reading from more than just the extremely limited fridge for cooking, too. And the old Joja corp building…there are a lot of good ideas, though this is already a good game overall. Except for the fishing. I don’t mind it being interactive, I just personally really dislike the way that the mechanic ‘works’ in this game.

  • Leo4me

    New crops are a great idea 😀 there are a lot of them irl :D… specially the one who the oil is made off.

  • Cassandra Suzanne

    I really wish I could just buy hardwood, even if it’s really pricey. I didn’t realize it was so exclusive early on, and used my hardwood for fences……. what a waste, really. can’t redesign… ehhhh just massively annoying. And yeah I know about the secret forest. But 12 a day in an inconvenient location… 😛

  • Cassandra Suzanne

    And I am so sorry I just whined… THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loooooove it. love love love. Just pure joy, so anything that could be “improved” is really unimportant to me. It’s natural to want more of a good thing, but I feel like we all got spoiled, and for $14.99 this is just too good to be true.

  • Sam Rinne Hooker

    Oh oh. Honey in keg makes mead!

    And more forage items, exploration, and sidequests!

  • Mitchell

    hello…hi this is a test comment for my account but I mind as well make a legit comment here.
    You’ve done well CA the atmosphere of Stardew Valley is pretty fantastic! The controls are smooth and function perfectly well at least for me. and offcourse how can I not say “it’s the little things that keep you going” when there are lots of little things and minor details to the game witch really give it that good polish. and yes there are minor bugs here and there BUT, they can just be fixed and so we can move ford. and now the people, they are all so alive and Life

  • Mitchell


  • cam2oo3

    no multiple languages support?

  • Deadly Viper

    Hey CA, if your already have 10 hearts with shane and emily will it have bad effects? i.e seb getting jealous and/or romantic cutcenes?

  • Eduardo Ohyama

    please add object rotation

  • Findus S. Mandelbrot

    Buying this for my Ubuntu notebook as soon as Linux is supported

  • Dagon Xanith

    I really love the single player version, I hope whatever updates you will keep this going too. I just sort of wish the homes could be customized more. I don’t want kids or marriage but the kids room I wish there was a option to do something else with it. I would really also love to move the bed.

  • Sidney

    I can’t wait to force my friends to obsess over Stardew Valley when multiplayer comes out!

  • Golem Smash

    Will there ever be a port to consoles? I have a ps4 but not a good enough computer to run games and i REALLY wanna play this game after watching someone on Twitch play it.

  • NeoRi More


  • RaiiNyan

    OMG!! Im so excited for the new updates!!! Been playing for a while now and yet to finish the community center bundles but so far enjoying the game!

    More marriage content got me pumped up! I noticed after marrying alex i havent seen him working out(w/c means going naked and giving some service lol) lately so im tad bit disappointed.

    A scene where u lie on alex back while hes doing pushups would be nice *-* -coughs-coughs- s’cuse me for my bitchiness.

    or a few bonding moments with father and children on a picnic or going fishing, or monster hunting. wish they would grow older too and be of help to the farm.

    Haley having her new business producing photos to frame on walls and you can look at them, and the idea of having a wardrobe is good too with Emily as the seamstress. hohoho

    There should also be a birthday system for your character where everybody gives you gifts and a surprise party from your family(mom and dad, and ur husband/wife’s relatives).

    haha so LOVE this game.

  • Arthur Almeida

    Translation for Brazilian Portuguese please !!

  • Percdye7

    Thank you. just Thank you. for

    Co-op Multiplayer and
    Console Version.

    If this will be real, i would spend 10000 years in this game.

  • Something Fawful

    Yes. Linux port. Wine wrapping was unsuccessful as of right now, and my Windows VM is sub-optimal at best (Storms are super laggy and fishing is outright impossible)

  • Serge ********

    Great update news. thx again for this awesome game – one thing – please check out my suggestions n forum – i really put some thought on them and i would LOVE to see them (or some of them) implemented in this great game. Thx for input and thoughts about them.


  • Hawns

    Would it be possible to be able to have new events, sort of like dates, with your spouse? I think that would be really cool.

  • Klooven

    A basement would be cool!

  • Dshur

    Thank you so much for your interest ConcernedApe and even more for the upcoming updates but what about making an official Multiplayer?I mean the co-op one sounds ok but in my opinion playing Stardew Valley with friends is more than awesome.Thanks for your time!

  • Cheunou Hang

    I would love to see rival marriages for the other marriage candiates. That way it’ll feel more like a town that is growing and becoming more lively.

  • Lukas

    Please, just hear me out, I played HM: Back to Nature from Natsume on PS1 when I was a kid, I was 11 or 12, and I spent so much time playing this game and I AM STILL in love with it, this is so amazing, I still have my HM cd and a book printed by myself with all the cooking recipes that I could find, tips, types of food, places, animals, everything about this game. And I was waitng for a sequel worth the title, you guys got it, for what I have seen you done an amazing, fucking AWESOME job! Thank you guys, I LOVE YOU!

    ps: I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE a mobile version. <3

  • Caroline Nz

    Hi! Can you work on the single characters? None of the male guys are a catch! It would be nice to have characters that seem to be willing to work in the farm.

  • Fi

    Ahh, finally, multiplayer is on the list!
    I think I’ll hold off on Stardew Valley until it and the new content arrives so I won’t be exhausted of the game. <3

  • Pedro Duarte

    Make proposing more exciting, its so boring! They all like “thanks m8 ill get it set up in 3 days”

  • InsightCraftNot-ICN

    I have a suggestion..Maybe if EVERYONE could dance on the Flower Dance, but you can Invite only the marriage candidates?

  • Psunno

    One suggestion: Can you add more events with spouses? I think is quite boring when you are married to someone, because you don’t have more events.
    Nice game 🙂

  • Xition25

    I know there is a mod for it but maybe add more music? Not anything grand, just some more melodies would be super. I also support the kitchen idea.

  • John Huynh

    I can’t wait for the Mac version. I saw MagickarpUsedFly video and though I would give this game a try until I learned it was only for Windows ( Sucks for me cause I live in a Apple Pro Family ), so I was excited to hear that a Mac version was coming out.

  • 1999Brock

    This is kinda random, but I’d really love to see dandelion wine as a thing. As a long-time Ray Bradbury fan, the ability to make and drink dandelion wine is extremely cool to me.
    Not a big or important suggestion, I know, but it’d mean a lot.

    • Melissa

      I love this! I also wish we could put honey in the kegs to make Mead.

  • Adiyasa Utama

    I’ve wasted two whole weeks, 140+hours in just 2 weeks, and still continued afterward

    I now lack some goals so I’m not playing as often

    so, bring it! let me waste another month for this amazing game

    • yukovalis

      can you really call it a waste? 🙂 more like you enjoyed 140+ hours lol

  • Well shoot, I was considering Elliot as a spouse but I most certainly want to marry Emily more.

  • yukovalis

    You deserve all you have earned here and more. Thank you so much for this game, you have done an amazing job.

    Steam now has gotten worse of late with horrible games people throw out after a few days. This game took how long? how many years? it shows on its sleeve the effort you have put into it, and is worth all the money and praise. so again, thank you.

  • Noah Moreno

    Stardew Valley would be perfect for my 3DS 😉

  • Violet

    Really looking forward to the Mac/Linux Ports! <3

  • Peem

    I like all of this but the part that we can marriage Emily it remind me about poor Clint and her family. I remember she told player about her parent that go on vacation. In Emily event can it possible to
    know more about Emily and Haley parent. Also what about her friend Sandy she’s the one who has interesting story. sorry for my broken eng.

  • Nah Man

    Can i leave town and be a pirate?

  • Pietro Caminiti

    I like all the updates, but I played this game on a my friend Windows Pc, but me, and a lot of my friends love this game and have mac!
    Please do as soon as you can the mac port update!

    However I say thank you for this beautiful game!

  • Kayla

    As soon as I read that they’re working on multiplayer I had to tell my friends, now we can’t wait to play together in the coolest game ever

  • CrystalofNature .

    Could we add bonuses to the hats? Either defense for mining, maybe easier befriending animals or people and maybe some extra cut scenes when wearing them or maybe its easier to find certain items.

    Also I really love to have cut scenes for after marriage. For example I married Sebastian and he’s left me while he rides his motorcycle! That’s fine sometimes, but I’d like to ride with him or maybe go do dates even though we’re married. Maybe a random guy is hitting on MC and the spouse gets jealous.

    Another idea is the kid. They can help out. evil I know but maybe we could also have family outings or we have to scold the kid to get their persona.

    just a few ideas. ^^

  • Asyanna Scarleth Savard

    Awesome *-* ! Your game its just amazing 😀 ! And co-op ? OMG… Me and My boyfriend are fans about you and you game, 😀 and at the beginning, we were talking to play together … *-* our dream will soon reality !

  • Abbert Gaming

    I bought this game not knowing it wasn’t available for Mac, and I feel like a mega idiot -_- Any idea when the Mac port will be out?

  • Ashley Adelaide

    Oh my word, console ports? If this is released on the New 3DS XL I may never see sunlight again

  • Happy Romero

    Please..I want to play this game on 3ds, please:)

  • Happy Romero

    Looking forward to console ports..yaay!

  • I’d like to know which engine did you use to make this game! It’s an amazing job – my wife is in love with this game she can’t stop playing XD reminds me of when I played Terraria for the first time. hahahah

  • Ritsu Higashida

    Any updates on Co-op Multiplayer? Would like to have more info for that!

  • Fabricio Kolberg

    I see… void mayo? And coffee brewing? AWESOME.

    I’d adore more secrets.

  • Arjel Demie Virtudazo

    I don’t know if its good but I think its cool if we can upgrade and interact with the community center. Thank you for the game. ConcernedApe

  • Diego Oliveira

    Could you implement something like a warning for cows / goats saying that them have milk for you. They are all alike, and sometimes it’s confusing knowing the ones you took from the ones you didn’t took. It would be good if the showed up something like “hey, I’ve got milk” :3

  • Mervin LastStand

    Can i suggest some ideas for new farm buildings?Would it be possible to add in structures that can accommodate for the large amount of kegs or preserves jar that players use?A lot of the players use kegging or preservers jar as a source of end-game income,adding something like that would surely benefit the players.Or maybe you could make a farm building called,lets say…a Wine House.The wine house could perform better than what 50 or 100 kegs can do,an end game replacement for kegs.The idea is like a built-in kegging building.

    • Deadly Viper

      I guess you could use the upcoming shed for kegs and stuff?

  • Peyton Whitman

    I was just wondering when the Mac update would be? I bought This game not knowing it wasnt for Mac (I forgot to check)

  • Domen Kamplet

    Does anybody know when will be 1.1 update released?

  • Andrew Cajune

    can we get an ETA on that co-op feature?

  • Alexander Meyers

    Hey, any chance I get in on a beta specifically for Multiplayer support? I have nieces that got me addicted to minecraft, and we all got bored with it.
    I’ve enjoyed the game, especially because I used to go ham at harvest moon when I was younger.
    Also, I ‘ve been self developing a FPS title using Unity. I have minor programming experience, but I’ve been really getting things to happen. I bring this up because I may beable to provide some good “debug” info instead of just “THIS NO WORK!”
    But, with children, I can test up to four people in a LAN environment.

  • Sam Rinne Hooker

    Maybe make it possible to cultivate mushroom spores to grow a mushroom tree (maybe also make the mushroom tree look more like a mushroom growing up, since I chop trees).

  • amandalisaxo

    I really can’t wait for this game to be available for macs!!! Is there an estimated date?

  • megan

    this is great, i think we should also have the kids grow up more

  • Fernando Dallabeneta

    I’ll gladly help you with Portuguese(Brazil) localization.

  • Patten Zitting (NOPEBROS)

    If theres one thing I want for sure, its that CO-OP works split screen. Nothing annoys me more then having to find a freind who
    1. Has a computer
    2. Has internet
    3. Has stardew valley
    4. Has time to play.

    This could be an awesome game to play with a freind on a couch, or even with a controller plugged into the computer. One person plays mouse, the other controller, widescreen split screen, and BOOM. Memories are made. Maybe we’re competing over the same mate, or trying to argue over which crop is better. None the less, it would be SO much fun. Can’t wait to see this implimented!

  • Kayy Van

    I hope that “more marriage content for all spouses” means that your spouse won’t be an empty shell of what they once were anymore. It’s kind of sad that they all almost completely stop doing what they used to do. I’m sad that Penny no longer sits by the graveyard and reads OR hangs out with Maru. I get that she’d hang out at home on occasion, but I don’t want whoever I marry to just be trapped at home [Save for her job].

  • Kitten✨

    I would like a bookshelf size display case. I like collecting gems and displaying them. I think it would be cool to have a shelf in your home that lets you do just that. Or any one square item can be placed there. Maybe golden pumpkins because they can’t go anywhere else? I just wanna have all the gems in my own house as a mini museum! Haha

  • gary102

    A really minor improvement to fruit trees I’d like to see: when planting, show us (somehow, maybe a colored indicator) if the tree will grow fine, will grow slowly or will not grow at all. Took me ages to realize my apple tree would not grow up at all. Love what I’m reading here though!

  • Sebastian Salinas

    It would be really nice if we could see grandpa again, idk, like at the end of every year 🙂

  • HunBun

    If we marry Shane would Jas move in with us as well? She is his goddaughter after all and it would be nice for her to have a proper family, she could even have her own little farm chore maybe, like she could be the one to fill the pet’s water bowl.

  • Yatxel Sanchez

    Best Farm game ever! i love it! but i would like to have more male candidates for marriage… they are odd XD (am i the only one that is still single?, running 3rd year)

    • Omnicinth

      Hahaha I was going to stay single, too. Started the game pretty grumpy until a friend told me my wife would give me coffee in the morning. And. She didn’t end up gifting me coffee, but Crab Cakes, which give you speed all day. I guess that’s even better. And bombs. Lots of bombs. Anyway, it’s not nearly often enough so just lay a ton of crab pots at the beach and make your own crab cakes. That’s what I do. I can’t really think of a decent guy in Pelican Town either lol, they’re all depressing. Oh, wait, that’s the kind of loner farmer I was being hahaha. I got so mad when tool upgrades required me to interact with someone, and cost. so. much. gold. Until I realized how little it was compared to how much I would eventually make…

      The kids are very annoying when they stand in front of your chests and equipment. Keep that in mind, too. And they stare. Like, the creepy stare.

      • Maria Dulterova

        Would be fun if unmarried villagers could marry each other in multiplayer lol

  • Joseph Graham

    yay mulitplayer.

  • Dan Nordvoll

    any date for the update really looking forward to the new update 😀 i just love Stardew Valley

  • Chicken w/ Heejunk

    Please, PLEASE make more events for spouses after marriage, or at least give them a schedule that has them do somethings that they used to do. It’s so sad that once you’ve married them, they basically lose their personality u.u I miss seeing Sebby and Sam play pool in the saloon.

    • Maria Dulterova

      Oh yes)
      But I personally like the spouse staying at home most of the time. So it’s a matter of preference

      Oh, Sebastian rides and takes days off – kind of a personality anyway)

  • J.M.M.

    A farm building (or an upgrade for the house) to store chests and place artisan “machines” in would be awesom, it would make things much better looking (in my eyes).
    Please excuseme if the english is bad (i’m not a native speaker) and keep up your awesome work for this awesome game. I’m really looking forward to the update!!!

  • Ramona Milotta

    A way to move the chests without taking all the things out first would be great. It’s very time consuming when you have to put everything in your inventory and then in another chest. If possible you could move the chests like the furniture (but you can’t put it in your inventory. Just moving.).

  • яσყ(フォクシー)


  • Michaela Schořová

    I have some ideas. Could the trees gave also hardwood? from stump? please, that will be better than still going to the forest and gettingonly 8 hardwood pieces every day. 😀

    another ideas – what about to use cloth in NEW machine, that will make some sweaters or t-shirts?
    will there be some machines for jewelery? so we can use minerals in them?
    i would also appreciate if the feathers could have some use.

    is there some way to obtain all the recipes? like i dont cook yet, but if i should wait till all the villagers gave me their recipes it will take kinda long time…

    will the children be able to grow up? so you could assing them to do some work?

    moving buildings, fruit trees and boxes is needed 😀

    • Michaela Schořová

      oh and also.. will the animals have some… report when there is milk or not? can they have atleast some visual… like bigger udeer or something? 😀

  • Sam Rinne Hooker

    There were some mods that I’d really like to see part of the main game.

    Increased crops (after the community center is fixed): coffee, peanuts, sugar, rice, and some more fruit and vegetables. Possible an avocado (most trees are fruit trees, having a vegetable tree might be nice) and nut trees.

    More machines/tools: vinegar fermentation, mill for grinding grain, food drier, and a thing to make sugar. Maybe some tools like a trimmer that you can use to make bonsai.

    Basement, bathroom, and attic (there is a mod that does this, even adds a bathroom). Maybe as a 3rd 4th, 5th update to the house.

    Maybe a post-community center opening up of new areas to explore. <- of the farm maybe something.

    They had a railroad path to the summit as a mod too, pretty cool.

    • Omnicinth

      Coffee!! I’ve been relying on crab cakes, and tbh the duration of coffee isn’t very long but being able to grow and brew it ourselves would be amaaaaaaazing! I’m a tree guy, too. Avocado and nut trees would be awesome!

  • Zokc

    Localizing for non-english regions


  • Omnicinth

    I’m having a hard time finding discussion concerning accidently right-clicking fences (not fence decay, which is all I can find). Does anyone else keep accidently destroying their hardwood fences with a misplaced right-click, like dismounting your horse, opening a gate, etc.? Is this supposed to happen?

  • Omnicinth

    Being able to craft your own grass starter, vinegar, wheat flour, sugar… upgrade your own tools using a new piece of equipment or something, an upgrade for scythe (or farm machines like a hay baler? nah)… add diamond tool upgrade (still can’t one shot those gold nodes! ack I just realized I might accidently chop a tree down with an axe that’s OP… oooooh be able to buy a previous strength tool from Clint once you’ve upgraded past it, speaking of OP, the diamond pickaxe can maybe bust five rocks immediately adjacent/around the front of you if you hold it down)… more seeds from single harvest crops in the seed maker… having to hold down the right mouse button to grab the crab pots from the water, being able to propagate your own fruit trees somehow, star qualities for tapper harvests? One more sprinkler upgrade, maybe diamond, so we can get giant crops on the outer edges? Oh, being able to pan any water at any time and, idk, maybe have all the geodes, minerals, ore, gems, stone, clay, and trash be a possible reward from it, hehe, trash… as much as I love it and my recycling machines maybe less chance of it in the water once certain… story events occur? A greenhouse upgrade! Oh, wait, that was a bundle completion. A crafting tab would be awesome, too, to see what items we’re still missing for craftmaster.

    Sorry if I’m being pretentious.

    OH, my goodness I totally forgot. I would love to be able to whistle for my horse… or something… I accidently named her Sandy… before I met Sandy… at the Oasis. Oh, speaking of the desert, I so wanted to plant coconuts on my farm. Oh, man, why not cacti, too? Those coconuts and cactus fruit are so expensive to forage. Then again, we can’t plant spring onion or salmonberries, etc.. Never mind. Speaking of salmonberries it’s weird they don’t have star quality.. star quality… I’m still confused why star quality doesn’t affect some artisan goods, ah, probably just got to be a giant mess of code.

    Okay, now I’m annoying myself, sorry for the giant wall of suggestions. I know how much coding it all requires. Blah.

  • Lene Riber

    Can you have more than one “world”?

  • ike neeroy

    Have you thought about being able to reset your skill points

  • Maria Dulterova

    And for it to be harder to sell what you’ve just bought – I have a pc and some problems with clicking, so I time to time instantly sell what I’ve just bought for redicylous price; and not taking money in case you tried to buy something but your inventory is full,

  • Maria Dulterova

    And, another wild thought – a character’s picture ? Like everybody has the images, and the MC (easy to understand why :)) doesn’t? Maybe it would show up at some sort of family’s photo taking session

    Also, the unusual “moves” of the characters – when they sing, fall, dance, laugh their head off – those are just amazing! Can you be doing this more?

    And, CAN YOU DANCE WITH YOUR SPOUSE AT THE LUAU?? When many others are dancing? wish we could.

  • Lady_Kae

    I was wondering when the update would be in all honesty. I know that it said in the article that the console versions would be released near Christmas time, but what of the 1.1 update? I also heartily agree with more fridge/ optional cabinetry via Robin to make cooking easier. I’m constantly having to switch out a lot of different ingredients in an effort to make my dishes. I would love to see more dating interactions between the bachelor/bachelorette you give the bouquet to besides the next step being the mermaid pendant, possibly them asking you to accompany them to festivals? More chances to go on motorcycle rides with Sebastian, or actively helping Elliott with his book?

  • Yule

    Localisation can be handled by fans.

  • dementix

    @ConcernedApe I’ve bought 3 copies of Stardew since launch; 1 for myself, and 2 for friends. I hope you are enjoying your fame; you deserve it!

  • More character customization options would be nice!
    ( more hairstyles, accesories, etc )

  • Courvousier

    Still no updates on progress, but yeahhh lets get the console folks in on the fun. I have no issue with that but c’mon would a few words kill anyone here?

  • Luca

    When the italian Localization will be ready, i’ll buy this awesome game 🙂

  • Mimik

    WoW,I just wanted to ask if you add windmills and voilà,they will be in game :3 I like it 🙂

  • Romi Reze

    Please add more recep for cooking. And change how to cook. That too easy cooking

  • emily

    will toddlers have another life stage?

  • Andrew

    Looking forward to the Mac port! Can’t wait to own this game!

  • col_boi

    I recently bought the game, myself, and I already can’t wait for this update!

  • Lightfervor

    i hate all easy stuff to playing farm game so i appreciate what u have done, because u are popular already i have a suggest. that u must increase ur game security so this game would be more long lasting and u can get a clean profit maybe from ur game portal or publishers. thanks for the great game solo dev!

  • Pjevse Lundgreen

    It all sounds good!
    Any chance you could also lower the difficulty of Journey of the Prairie King? It kinda goes against the spirit of the game, and it’d be great if it at least felt fair so people have a better chance at getting Fector’s Challenge!

  • Marleezz

    Can’t read through all the comments but could you please, please, please add the ability to un-delete something… I have accidentally lost so many things! Also, the ability to move buildings or even trees would be amazing. Also, and I know it’s asking for a lot.. but would it be possible to make it so we could interact with items more.. like sit in chairs, etc… that would add so much I think. Thanks for such an amazing game! 🙂

  • Finn Cook

    I think a good idea in the Multiplayer would be to when you get married your co player is either your Best Man or Brides Maid, just an idea I thought of. Wouldn’t be too critical but it might be cool!

  • Aitsuki

    I’d like to be able to put flooring in doorways…. having that blank space is awkward!

  • Khaled

    man i love u. Especially for those “Emily will be marriage candidate”, “Ability to move buildings”, “Co-op multiplayer”

  • Amethyst

    Im glad you teamed up with Chucklefish. Multiplayer, here we come!

  • Mario Lelić

    This game needs to go heavy on story. I plaid game until story had meaning but after that I was not interested any more in just farming and grinding. Do chapters or something. Why wouldn’t it be long 10 years or something. More quests please!

    • Iaknihs

      Agreed. More Story would be great, given that a lot of NPC backstories still seem unresolved, too. Plus after marriage the characters own story just comes to a halt. You get children and that’s that, especially with the Wife/Husband becoming pretty much stagnant.

  • Iaknihs

    The one thing I hope gets added the most is that the spouse actually *does* stuff. As in leaving the house and going on some routine like they previously did.

    Not sure about the other characters (yet…), but Abigail never seems to leave the house except for festivals anymore. What happened to flute practice and all that? Sword practice? Possibly even Mine exploration though that may be asking too much… But she has been talking about it all the time after all.

  • Constantin von Gadomski

    I Love this game !! 🙂 <3<3

    but Im also looking forward for the Multyplayer gaming to play with my friends =) !?

  • john

    can you please add a bath room house upgrade ?

  • Sean Timney

    Personally I think that the marriage mechanics could do with a little work, its amazing leading up to marriage but after the marriage it seems that there is less charm in the relationship. Other than a few extra dialogues the 13 heart event and having children I think that there should be heart events after marriage, maybe make it go up to 20 hearts after marriage and have another 5 heart events with the 5th being the starfruit one being some massive event.

    Also it would be nice if there would be some more extra dialogue, what’s there right now is nice but there doesn’t seem to be any romance in what I have seen, stuff like whispering sweet nothings in your spouses ear or even the occasional event where you instigate a conversation with a multi choice or something.

    One thing I really didn’t like was that after the wedding your spouse becomes more of a robot, making food for you, watering crops, feeding animals, doing everything for you and you doing nothing for them. It would be nice if there were some romantic gestures for you to do to keep the romance and the charm alive in the relationship as it seems as if your spouse kind of becomes a sort of slave after the wedding and I didn’t like the feeling of this

    These are just some of my ideas for how to improve marriage as I was disappointed at how dull it got after the wedding as I was having fun with witnessing all the different heart events for the first time and the relationships had an odd sort of charm that seemed to disappear after the wedding.
    *NOTE* this is just based off my experience of the game and there may be some features I have discussed that already exist in game but I haven’t explored as of yet, I’ve spent about 60-ish hours plating this game so I have seen a lot of the game but not all of it so I apologise if any of what I’ve discussed is usless as

  • K1ll3rRS

    Jogo em Portugues Brasil, comprei o jogo na Steam, adorei, gostei da ideia do Borodin, espaço nos armários da cozinha para colocar produtos de alimentos, aproveita e dê opções de PET, Gato, Cachorro, papagaio, peixinho dourado, moedor de cana, CANA de açúcar, mais cidades para visitar, encantamento em armas e outros, Multiplayer, modo Aventura de batalhar (tipo Diablo 3 hahaha), plantar Erva Mate para chimarrão, poder tomar chimarrão, (não custa sugerir uma ideia né) Mais opções de chão, quadros, instrumentos musicais, bicicleta, arco e flecha, crossbow, picareta (britadeira elétrica), rede de pesca, igual a vara de pesca o sistema, mas com rede e chance de vir mais peixes, barquinho (barco – parecido com o do Minecraft), um mundo paralelo tipo nether do minecraft, pista de kart, um celular e computador, competição de plantações por temporada concorrendo com os npcs da cidade valendo um troféu, estantes para guardar coisas e troféus, traps para dungeons, é tudo que consegui pensar agora.

  • Aleksandra

    I would love if there could be a divorce option as i didn’t really befriend everyone i just picked Alex and i kind of got bored of him (not to sound cruel). I also would love if i would be able to give gifts to my children and maybe have them say something to me and be able to change how they look as they looks both exactly the same. THANK YOU <3

    And maybe more house upgrade as there is barely any space in my house and it looks very cluttered I would love to expand it.

  • MiniTaurus

    ff 9… you have nice taste ^^
    Good luck on update! And vita means life *cough*

  • MCDexX

    This is a trivial thing, but… could the dog/cat bowl fill with water when it rains? I know it has no effect on the game, but it always bugs me on rainy days to see the bowl still empty. 🙂

  • kommentatoren

    So when do you think this is coming out?

  • Mekleti Mohamed

    I dont have $ to buy the game because i dont have bank compte love the game i play the game the first version i download it for free 🙁

  • Daria Szymańska

    I really want to marry Shane 😀

  • You are awesome bro – keep up the beautiful coding and design.

  • William Trelawny

    Dude this guy is awesome. He is literally the game developer I’d always dreamed of being when I was a kid (and still do now as an adult tbh)

  • zexnon

    I love this game so much! I would adore seeing more options/dialogue with marriage partners. Harvey is so bloody adorable I could pop @[email protected]

  • Jimmi Jam Pam

    “Ability to move buildings and other convenience features”

  • Jimmi Jam Pam

    I see coffee in the wine thing… is that yet to come or I can make coffee in my farm right now???

  • Santa-san

    Really looking forward to the update! 🙂

  • pablo

    I think im not the only one that wants a 150% zoom out option, is gorgeous to see your own farm for a little far away.
    Recap: More zoom out :3

  • Jason Chmielewski

    I’m wondering if Shane and Emily will retain their recipes and gifts or if they’ll be given to another character that isn’t a marriage candidate. I don’t much like the idea of having to give gifts to to a marriage candidate when I’m already married to get all of the recipes. (I only started playing recently, since this announcement, and I’ve noted that none of the other marriage candidates need to be friended to get anything.)

  • Smrots

    I know I am late to suggest this but what about making hybrid crops?

  • Vitor13

    EMILY <3

  • Turtleson

    Dude i love you, this game makes me happy

  • orudorin

    i would like to suggest a story with the skull cavern it seems to be a waste if it was just a endless mine.
    we with some of the tablets on the wall we know they were sealed there so maybe something with that

  • nobody

    I was interested in this until I saw that Chucklefish is involved. They deleted Starbound saves several times, and I don’t think I want to risk supporting them. I don’t think I’m going to buy Linux Stardew or Console Stardew or anything that Chucklefish is involved with.

    • Logan Wolfbane

      Then go to Nicoblog.
      Pirate it =3

  • Kamyk Aster

    Not that I imagine you will see this comment with how popular this game has become, but I wanted to thank you for making this game for multiple reasons. I used to love jrpgs, but got tired of turn based combat and grinding. Love the Zelda series, but we only get one every 7 years or so and we have to basically buy a new console each time, and it doesn’t include interaction with the environment on the level this game does. While this game doesn’t have the depth of a jrpg, or the dungeons and puzzles of Zelda, what it does have renewed my interest in action rpgs.

    I also love farming simulators. On Minecraft the mod I appreciated most was Pam’s Harvestcraft. I can never get enough new crops to plant as long as they are realistic crops (Ie. not money/meat/ore trees, etc).

    So thank you for this gem of a game. While I would love more story depth, more crops, more involved “dungeons”, and an overarcing storyline, I understand you are just one person, and what you have done is not only amazing, but inspiring. For a long time I wanted to make my own 16bit era rpg, but I figured the market for them had died. You have shown me that is incorrect, I may give it a go after all. Thank you for this game on many levels.

    If it isn’t too assuming, I am guessing you put a lot of yourself into this game. With you as the sole developer I can see you obviously program, write, make music, create art, and pursue a multitude of other creative pursuits. If it isn’t too presumptuous of me, I get the feeling that many of the characters in Stardew valley are aspects of yourself, and that perhaps even the whole story idea of someone sick of corporate drudgery setting out to pursue something creative might be your own story? I can relate as I have many of those same talents, and no real outlet for them at present.

    Last is of course the few requests I’d like to make if you feel they are appropriate and can manage to fit any in. What post would be complete without some?

    I see a great many people asking to have some form of larger storage for the kitchen. I’d like to add my vote to the idea that the cupboards be useable food storage tied to cooking in the same way as the fridge. Having the dressers work as chests so we could store our hats, shoes, etc in them would also be nice. More crops and recipes, particularly sugar cane, rice coffee, cocoa, vanilla, butter, and a few more fruit tree types would be awesome. Maybe some root beer? And while I understand the limitations of being a single developer, more dialogue, and heavily expanded post marriage npc action/interaction would be very welcome. (And as someone else mentioned, the cutscene with Sam in his bed would be a nice option to be able to have a pared down version of with your spouse on occasion).

    To conclude this already longer than it should be post, let me just say if you never see it, never respond, and never consider any of my suggestions, thank you still for this wonderful game. It is well worth the price I paid and I hope you have continued success.

  • Soap

    it would be awesome if there would be a inventory system bc I have tons of boxes in my farm but hardly know which Item is in which box also the space of the boxes should be larger so that the farm doesnt get too full with too many boxes. I also wished for a new content so that ppl who played the game more than 2 years have a purpose again to achive things in the game. I am now going to year 3 and it already started to get boring by the end of year 2. The jaja markt will leave in both situations for example if someone choose to help the community center or not. So is it possible to make somethibg out of the empty space they leave behind? Is it possible to even get helpers that can help the farmer out with the animals? I hope the new update will come out soon :/

  • Soap

    Is it possible to make the floorings and wallpaper just like the rest of fruits and so on of how they are stocked in the inventory? For example…flooring and wallpaper takes to much space… every floor and wallpaper needs extra space while the rest can be stocked all in one spot in the inventory but will be listed as how much you have with a little number on the right side. Can you cange it also for flooring and wallpapers? Would save me so much space…

  • Soap

    It would be awesome if there would be a inventory system bc I have tons of boxes in my farm but hardly know which Item is in which box also the space of the boxes should be larger so that the farm doesnt get too full with too many boxes. I also wished for a new content so that ppl who played the game more than 2 years have a purpose again to achive things in the game. I am now going to year 3 and it already started to get boring by the end of year 2. The jaja markt will leave in both situations for example if someone choose to help the community center or not. So is it possible to make somethibg out of the empty space they leave behind? Is it possible to even get helpers that can help the farmer out with the animals? I hope the new update will come out soon :/

  • Supersamus77

    There should be cross console multiplayer, like pc and wii u as an example. that would be nice 🙂

  • when will the update come out? cuz its been a very long time scinse u posted this 🙁

  • Jon Fields

    I’d like to throw out an idea that extends the game by another 2-3 years. At the end of Year 2 Sams Father should go back to war and Depending on if you backed Jojo or the town the you have to gather things for the War effort like making cloth for uniforms metals for machines and firearms food for soldiers, Money, have it with perks and access to other things. Also expand the Spouse life goal things to do to aid them in what they are doing.

  • WonderChild

    Can you add dates with your spouse/girlfriend instead of them just roaming and you doing your own thing?

  • WonderChild

    Are you adding the ability to have kids and the ability to go on dates with your spouse?

    • Logan Wolfbane

      Those already exist.
      We already have kids and dates.
      Have for a while.

  • Dave Peterson

    In Terraria, they have a quick stack to chests option that allows you to quickly merge your stack of items into nearby chests without opening them up. Is this possible to do in Stardew valley, so i don’t have to repeatedly open up chests over and over for simple deposits.

  • Jason Hancock

    It’s been awhile sense I’ve seen a game this good of this nature. looking forward to the new patches, multiplayer, and porting it to consoles. As a solo developer, you put ton of love into this project. It shows.

  • Fita Crackers

    Hello @concernedape I love this game!!! Actually I finally bought SV yesterday in steam after mos of playing the cracked copy, anyway can you possibly put some new features like animal taming and someone that can actually help in harvesting crops.. and another suggestion can you please make the game more difficult as the player advance to a new year like frequent storms earthquake etc and damages your farm buildings and your house, make the sprinkler destroy-able like the fences.. Hoping some huge updates and lots of new features. Kudos! P.SSorry for my bad english I’m Asian 😛

    • Fita Crackers

      oh and please add some new places like cities ,pacific islands where we can catch wild animals and tame them hehe

  • Chandler Hathaway

    I want to put in my two cents to ConcernedApe.

    The fact that you’re even still adding content into the game makes me so happy, and everyone else, I’m sure. This game literally makes my life complete. Thank you.

  • Britta R. Moline

    YAY! So excited for all the expansion content, especially having Shane and Emily as new “singles”! Thank you!

  • Logan Wolfbane

    4.5 months later…..
    Maybe a timetable would have helped.

  • Khaltzane

    I’m hoping this wont break the mods I use 😛

  • Thane Brown

    I love this new version so far .. there is only one irritating thing to me and that is that there is no way to actually pause the game now without the clock continuing to run .. PLEASE Please please allow a way to pause the game for breaks while playing!

  • Female Hamilton

    I just want co-op.

  • Jan Kansu Ua

    Fix museum donation bug pls…

  • Camden Brown

    This game is AMAZING. Keep it up!

  • Cody perry

    Is there a plan for this kids? I’d love to see them be able to grow out of the toddler stage and have their own personalities and help out around the house and maybe even get jobs in town at some point

  • Puspack

    I support this suggestion!