Release Date and Trailer!

Hi everyone!

I’ve got some exciting news: Stardew Valley will be released on February 26th!

It will be priced at $14.99 USD.

Watch the new trailer below:

I’m really looking forward to sharing this game with you : )



  • McWhite

    Glad to see its finally coming. By then I will also be done with most of my exams, so I can dive right in. 😀

  • Klintt

    Thanks, I am so excited to finally play it soon! Keep up your amazing work, ape! You’re almost there! 😉

  • GS

    Will you be adding any more updates on what has changed in the game?
    Maybe how mines will work? What you’ve been changing in the past month?
    Anything like that would be awesome! Thanks for the amazing game!

    • momo

      He’s been doing nothing but bug fixing and controller set up/cards/and other steam thingies these past two months basically. Mines are randomly generated each play through, meaning on one game you might have a normal mine set up, your second file might have a icey cave set up. There are 7 different cave styles.

  • Jake


  • ZombieChuChu

    What about Multi-player?

    • Jake

      See the previous update, there’s no expected release time. It was stated that multiplayer will take several more months of development but he doesn’t want us to have to wait longer for what is a completed single player experience. I’m happy with this decision, and will put some money in Ape’s pocket to help him out.

      • ZombieChuChu

        hope it will come with an update i want to play it with my brothers

        • McWhite

          It will not be a paid DLC and it will definitely come as an update.

  • FuzzyBubbles


  • Cory Potter

    *angelic choir descends from the heavens singing hallelujah*

    • Jerry Stowell

      Right in the feeling! <3

    • Nyanadventurer the second

      Exactly what i was thinking

      • Waluigi

        This is a completely accurate description of what I felt when the release date was announced.

  • Marie

    Awesome 😀

  • BricAbraC

    Great ! It will be day one for me !

  • Oh my god. Great work there! I’m waiting for this game since I know about it, months ago.
    It’s my sucesor to Harvest Moon, a game I played for 600 hours or more.

    Thanks a lot for making this. I’ll make a lot of videos of the game :P!

  • willpill35

    So um yeah I think I messed myself when I saw the title for this update.

  • ultrasam

    Sooo very good news this is, looking forward to try this game on day one. 😀 Congrats concernedape

  • kab00mbaby

    the sheer epicness this trailer emits is mindblowing!

  • Oath 2 Order

    Aight fam 😀

  • Mimi


  • dylan brown

    Yay 🙂 The wait is finally nearly over!

  • Less


  • Annette Todd

    omg… i am going to be on the edge of my seat till then.. i so can’t wait!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you.

  • Stevo Smith

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!! When can we pre-order?

    • momo

      No preorders.

  • Amanda

    Congratulations! That must be so amazing for you (and obviously us, haha). I was just curious if you’ve had a chance to add Mac compatibility for the release?

    • Digus

      He said many times that mac won’t be supported at release, but he is considering doing it later.

  • Diovos

    The wait is finally over, I can’t believe it =D

  • Lys

    I can’t wait to play!!! 😀

  • Mfires16

    That works out good. My B-Day is Feb 25. 😀

  • Dinara

    I was secretly hoping it would be a surprise next week but I’ll take it! Please do a midnight launch?

    • penguinsane

      I don’t think there are many indie titles on Steam that do midnight releases. It will likely be on the 28th in the morning like most of the others.

      • Dinara

        or afternoon for east coasters :-/

        • Fredy

          Yep, probably 1 pm for us east coasters.

  • Kinjax

    Really beautiful trailer and i hope you put up preorders soon.

    Are we still getting that “promised” dev update about “what’s still in the game”? You said you’d make one close to release and it would be nice as someone who’s been following the game almost since it was announced to see, out of all the cool stuff you talked about over the years, what got cut and why, what’s still there and what got added 🙂

    • penguinsane

      I agree, I would really love to see a little dev diary right before release that goes over some of these things, so it would set the bar for expectation right out of the gate.

  • Blitzs

    YES! Thank god you’re still alive

  • Shaun Kennedy

    So excited to see it finally coming out! I’ll definitely be putting away some money for this and jumping on it. I wish you all the best for your hard work Concerned Ape and I hope the sales for this exceed all your expectations and firmly launch your game development career to new heights!

  • Oh, goodie! I’m excited. I was hoping it would be out before my birthday, but a couple weeks after is just as great.

  • So psyched!!

  • Nyanadventurer the second

    I can’t wait!

  • Nyanadventurer the second

    also what the heck was with the flying baby at the end

    • Zael

      Daddy tossed it in the air for a bit. What’s so special about that?

      • Nyanadventurer the second

        I meant, why did it jump out of the crib? I know it’s just to simplify the animation, but it looks ridicoulous

        • Lys

          Aw, really? I thought it was cute. x)

          • Nyanadventurer the second

            It is cute, I was just saying it made me laugh because the animation was so ridicous looking (In a good way)

  • Maxx

    Well isn’t that a treat! Its releasing on my birthday! Can’t wait to play.

  • Magzilla

    I am beyond ecstatic for this announcement! It’s only a month away!! YES!

    I also want to thank you again, Eric, for all your dedication and hard work. This game truly looks gorgeous!

    That eating animation was the best. I loved it. OMG I cannot wait to play this everyday for the rest of my life!! <3

  • Digus

    The trailer is really great, it’s the same music from the one from years ago. It has the same structure, but it really show how the game improved for the better.
    Better graphics, lots of new features, feel a lot more polished.

    Seeing that we can already say that you are a really talented person to have accomplish that almost by yourself.
    Thank you for your work.
    I’ll be honored to play it at release.

  • Pablo Renan

    Just Beautiful *______________________________________*

  • ต้นไม้ ที่ ขาดน้ำ

    The best news of my life Because I want to see you every day for several months.

  • PlotmasterX

    I own a mac, but I will be buying this as soon as it is released. I’ve waited years for this game, so I can wait for either a mac release or until I buy a desktop. One way or another I WILL PLAY THIS GAME 🙂

    • Amber Talamasca

      Or use bootcamp to run windows on the mac… or any of the virtualisation software.. no need to wait 😉

      • PlotmasterX

        Huh, didn’t know. Thanks.

  • Philip J Fry

    that gave me the feels.

  • Tony Crabbe

    That is an amazing Trailer. Cant wait to buy it 🙂

  • Amber Talamasca

    It looks awesome, great job!

    Looking forward to playing it!

  • Majora

    Wow, release is 2 days before my birthday! I know what I’ll be buying.

  • Zalmaids

    It says avaible on 27 feb at steam page

    • Digus

      It’s probably a timezone thing. Are you from Europe?

      • Zalmaids

        Yep Holland

        • Digus

          People made some calculations and it seems the game will release midnight GMT-3

  • We waited so much to play this game, and now a release date. Thank you!

  • Peter Schelvis

    Cant wait!! Any idea what the price is gonna be???;D

    • Digus

      Yes, he hasn’t decide it yet, but it will be 10-15$.

      • Peter Schelvis

        jesus that cheap?? ;0

        • Pesawat Melintas

          Get 2 copies and spread the loves then.

          • ElectricPrism

            Indeed, if it hooks me anything like Terraria I’ll end up buying 8 copies I must have bought that many already.

        • Ilham Rusyd

          giveaway lol 😮

  • Jeffrey Lamb

    Congratulations and well done on your soon to be successful launch of Stardew Valley! It sure has been a long road of development, but now we’re nearly at its end. Thank you so much for sharing your progress with us along the way. I look forward to seeing the end product!

  • Lucas

    YES! 100 times YES! Thank you ConcernedApe for taking your time and making and awesome looking game! I’ve been following this site for years now, and it’s amazing to finally know the day when I can play Stardew Valley!

  • Caio
  • UnjustifiedApple

    This comes out one day before my birthday! WOO Its gonna be a good year ;D

  • coolLane

    Is there still going to be a beta before the game releases?

  • Steven Ichi

    Oh my god! XD The game is finally coming out!~ Been wondering when the monthly update was coming out but this is great. Didn’t expect it so soon. Thank you for creating such a great game!

  • Midi_Amp

    When my friends asked me if still waited for the game after all this time… always…

  • Jodi

    I am so excited! I have been waiting for this game since we voted for it to be Greenlit! Honestly so worth it, and can’t wait to play it! Can’t wait for you to take my money 😉 !! hehe

  • Júnior Nascimento

    Cool! Cool! Cool!

  • Your game looks nice, and I definitely wait for it to be released to buy it on Steam.

  • Raymond Chastain
    • Lavarocks

      Lol, so true. 🙂

  • Niklas

    Awesome news! Good thing i have.. had nothing planned for that weekend.. now i have loads to do 😀

  • Caio



  • Who do I have to kill so I can play this right now? :3

    • Pesawat Melintas


  • 26 more days…… i can make it a 14 day wait if i change my sleep schedule and pump a lot of sleeping pills…. cause i’m so god damn bored id most likely die before that Kappa

  • Kinsem

    I am ready for you to take my moneys

  • Dustin Brinnon

    Well… I guess the PS4 will be collecting dust for a spell.

  • vomov

    Wait, but I’ve got… Something important… The next day? I forgot.


  • ultrasam

    He creado un grupo en Steam para jugadores de Stardew Valley en español: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/stardewvalleylatinos
    Sean bienvenidos a unirse y compartir en nuestro idioma

  • SomeCollegeStudent

    And now I have a game to look forward to, that has an actual release date.

  • ri r

    thank you!! this is wonderful news!! i can’t wait to play your game. thank you so much for building it!

  • Herman Yosef

    FINALLY!!!, Can i play multiplayer in that first release?

    • Digus

      No, multiplayer is still being developed and will be added as a free update.
      But it will take a while.

  • ri r

    had to comment again hope you dont mind. the trailer was beautiful, music absolutely sets the mood. i feel a ton of calling back to Harvest Moon 64 and i love it as well as the extra content you have created. i’m really hoping i can sink 20+ hours into a playthrough of this game. really you have done splendidly and my only hope is that i can pay you more than you’re asking for the game + soundtrack 😀

  • Moi Goi

    Fantastic news! Sounds like you stuck to your goals. I’ve made a note in my calendar for the release date. Just be sure to make there’s an official bug-reporting outlet for the players to use.

  • Christoph


  • Niro

    Congrats on getting to this stage, Eric!

    One question I’ve been dying to ask though: will there be any LGBT personalities or themes in your characters or storyline?

    • Lys

      I’m fairly certain that same-sex marriage (and adoption of babies for said couples) is an option in the game. On the Stardew Valley wiki, ConcernedApe is quoted as having said: “Yep, same-sex dating/marriage is absolutely supported in Stardew Valley. Woo and marry whoever you like!”

    • Amanda

      You can romance any of the marriagable partners, regardless of you or their gender. And lgbt couples can marry and adopt.

      • Niro

        W00h00!! Thanks for letting me know!

  • Eric Fägerholt

    YAY!! Can’t describe how happy I am and it’s arriving less than a week after my 25th birthday! This will without doubt be the best present 🙂

    • Savance

      This is coming out ON my birthday. Feeling pumped.

  • Since the main appeal of the game is/was the multiplayer aspect for me, I’ll wait until it’s added before buying, makes me a little sad, since I really badly want to play the game together with my bf and my bestie, but I’m too sceptical to buy now and hope for MP later.

    But I’ve got some questions regarding MP: Will everyone in a MP game be able to marry a NPC? Can we become love rivals when two ppl start courting the same NPC? I would really love that.. XD Also: Can players marry each other?

    Can’t wait for MP to be added and get the game! Good luck on the launch! 🙂

  • Jesse Clark

    Ahhhh this looks so awesome, thanks ConcernedApe for making this game.

  • Lord Hades

    Woooo! Super excited for this! Hopefully a day 1 buy for me! x) I loveeee the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons games and this type of game is the type of game I could only wish and dream someone would make! Now, suddenly, February feels so far awayyyyy ;w; Don’t wanna wait, but alas I must! *Dramatic Sigh* I’ll be watching out for any news for Stardew Valley that’s for sure! :’D

    *~Lord of the Underworld, Hades.*

  • Darkwhip
  • Dillon Hippard

    Will this be ported to mac in the future? Or will I have to bootcamp my mac just so I can play this game I’ve been waiting ages for…. ILL DO IT IF I HAVE TO!

  • Magzilla

    Woot! Price finally revealed! 😀 😀

  • ultrasam

    Excellent now that the price has been revealed I am ready to buy 3 copies and give them away on our Stardew Valley spanish speakers Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/stardewvalleylatinos

  • ultrasam

    Muy buena noticia lo del precio, ahora más que nunca estoy más que seguro de que voy a comprar 3 copias para regalar 2 de ellas en nuestro grupo de Stardew Valley en Steam, sientanse libres de unirse: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/stardewvalleylatinos

  • Amanda

    That was a pretty awesome trailer. I’m so looking forward to this. I’m surprised by the price. I was prepared to pay around $30 for such an amazing bit of work. =)

    Here’s to your success. You’ve worked hard to earn it. =)

  • Mike Lawrence

    Omg I can’t believe the time has finally come!!! I am so freaking excited

  • Darwin Reyes

    It has been a privilege watching you develop Stardew Valley, Mr. Ape. Thank you for (finally :p) releasing your opus for us to play in.

  • Andreas Pedersen

    WOHOOO!!!!! FInally!!

  • MithranAkanere

    When can we start buying it? On releasE? Pre-release? Pre-purchase? Pre-buy? Time-traveling econimics?

  • MrCundy

    Oh my god. This can’t be real. Queue “I Have Waited So Long” by Foreigner. This news has made my day. It’s been quite the experience through the curiosity, the desire, the anticipation, and now. I can’t wait to try out a game of this caliber and grit. I can’t wait to see your success and what you do with it. Thank you!

  • xJMKitSweepMeAwayx

    I have been waiting for this game for like, years now xD and i am REALLY EXCITED FOR THIS!!! cant believe its finally coming out!!! im so happy! thank you so much concerned ape, this game is my cup of tea by miles! im so happy, i swear to god if my parents don’t let me buy this game i shall never forgive them xD

  • Khalus

    Sweet price point, was prepared to pay more though! Day 1 purchase, but will you open pre-orders soon?

  • OMG OMG OMG! Thank you very much for the surprise!

  • Jhon Kyrin

    so is this game gonna come out on mac ?

  • number13teen

    So no special release date sale like what World’s Dawn did? I love games, but I also love sales! Frugal shoppers ftw! I’m still gonna buy it, no matter what!

  • Lavarocks

    Oh My Gawd YES!!! Thank you for the release date & price man. So excited for this. :’)

  • Olawunmi

    how much will it be in the uk?

    • Bossun

      one dollar equals how many euros?

      • Olawunmi

        0.69 pence

        • Bossun

          so… 1 euro equals + or – 2 dollars… 7,50 euros around

          • Kaya

            Actually no, if you convert USD to Euro and that to GBP you get
            14.99 U.S. dollars = 13.2755315 Euros = 10.3175295 British pounds

            the Dollars and Euro are worth nearly the exact same 🙂

          • Bossun

            hmm.. thnks

          • Silja

            It will cost me around 200sek, I am going to say 140sek. So that would be 1.4 Euro. Not to bad at all.

          • Olawunmi

            We don’t use Euros in the UK, also tax will probably be added to the price so i’d wanna know an estmate price… In £

          • Bossun

            what do you use?

  • Davin Dirgantara

    so, hours playing ? infinity eh. ok price

  • Peter Schelvis

    awesome! im gonna buy it day one!

  • Schnabelschweinchen

    here another Platypus poem for you ape 🙂

    The platypus is happy seeing a release date,
    it hastly runs out of the front gate.
    It tells and yells the awesome news to its friends,
    the multiplayer invites the platypus joyful sends!

  • Rubian Gaming

    Will you be selling the game on your website or is the Steam version the only version available for purchase?

  • Bossun

    oh my god,15 dollars, so here im brazil ill be 60 reais .-.
    so expensive(brazilian basic payment is 700-900 reais) ;-;
    help me steam T-T

    • Digus

      He said on twitter it will cost 25 reais.

      • Bossun

        so i’ll buy, 25 reais isn’t too much expensive

  • Bossun

    someone pls make a brazilian translation, this game ill be incredible but along the history in english ill be dificult for many brazilians whithout any knowledge about english

  • Silja

    I simply can not wait~ I will be adding money to my Steam just for this game. I’ve been watching it since the website was first opened, so seeing it here makes me so dang happy! More so because the last three Harvest-moon games, didn’t come to Sweden. You have made my utterly favorite game, but made it even better by a huge stretch. -Wiggles- I am so very excited!

  • Ms awesome

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! *Readies my wallet*

  • Zalmaids

    So many more days ugh the pain i cant waaaaait !!

  • Daniella Lisa Carreira

    Yaaay! You rock!! Can’t wait for the release 😀

  • ultrasam

    Muy buena noticia lo del precio, ahora más que nunca estoy más que seguro de que voy a comprar 3 copias para regalar 2 de ellas en nuestro grupo de Stardew Valley en Steam, sientanse libres de unirse: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/stardewvalleylatinos

  • Tabitha Hooper


    I’ll just leave this here.

  • Serrka

    Ten days is too distant!
    I stopped my salivary glands!
    Take my purse!!!!!

  • Are we there yet?

  • MC

    I plan to gift this game to a few friends once it’s available on Steam. Any word on a “4-pack” bundle?

  • Sarah V

    WooHOO!! PeRFECT thing to spend money on right after my paycheck is deposited. YASS

  • Firman Syah

    i’ll wait for the linux version.
    keep up your good work.

  • Alyx Bytes

    I have been waiting on this game for over a year and I am so psyched! I’m playing and streaming this the second I get off work on Friday!

    • Schnabelschweinchen

      Me too! i still thinking that i may take a day free for this ^^

  • Michael Shelton

    Will we be able to buy a physical copy? 😀 That would be amazing,

  • Roslyn Jane Barratt

    Can’t wait! This is part of my birthday present from my partner although it will be 3 days late due to the release date 😛

  • Brandon Houston

    You could release this early, and I doubt anyone would complain. Just saying…

  • Devin Lawson

    So close! Thinking about taking a personal day to have a 3 day weekend…

  • Devin Lawson

  • Rosega

    Oh man, I am so happy about this you did a fantastic job, I understand that I haven’t even played it yet, but, from what I can see, this game has gone so far, you really have put your heart and soul into this and I commend you for it, I look forward to playing this!

  • Samuel Unger

    I’ve been following this game for nearly 3 years, I’m too pumped! I’m getting it Day 1 and so will my friends!

  • dragonknight337

    Hype increasing @[email protected]
    Day 1, been waiting so long, glad to see it cross the finish line. Hope it is a success, I’ve definitely been bugging friends about this for a long time. 🙂

  • Niklas

    ..and finally after so much waiting we’re so so close! Been a long time since i looked forward this much to the release of a game! Thanks Concerned Ape for not giving up on your project and not releasing it in alpha and beta like so many other games nowadays!

  • Mitz gamer

    when your friend buys you a triple-fail *ahem* A farming game which costs a failed amount of $45 which is incredibly complicated even though it was on your list for a few days and taken off as soon as you find the epic fail in it… and then after the refund for the rest of your personal chosen $50 game went bad, stardew valley shows its price that’s worth it if you have the money… when you have no spare money. i’m ticked off. looks amazing tho.

  • Rainreaper

    It is now 00:03 here in sweden as im writing this… Was kinda hoping it would release on the 00:00 mark… 19 hours… Gods i cant wait any more!

  • James DeRiven

    Was all excited for the approach of midnight, only to read “15 more hours” What the hell? Damned unfair.

  • MrCundy

    ONE DAY!!!!

    • Steven Ichi

      Oh, you also went to look for a place to post one more day xD. Can’t post on steam but can post here. Sad I had to check it chronologically to find these hype comments.
      Stranger says hi.
      Stranger is also hyped.

    • ElectricPrism

      Are you ready boy?

  • Ässä Salminen

    Still need to wait 9h… (its 26.2. and the time is 11.25)

  • Rainreaper

    11:03… 8 hours remain… todays the day! no sleep tonight!

  • Rose

    Hi ConcernedApe!

    I wanted to say – thank you for making an amazing game.
    My friends and I are very excited about playing, but we are planning on purchasing it once multiplayer is implemented so we can play and experience it together.

    I was wondering (No rush though! just curious 🙂 ) around when do you anticipate that multiplayer will be finished & fully implemented into the game? Do you think that the “many months” that you said will likely be sometime in the later months this year, or do you think it’d likely be next year?

    • ahrading

      pretty sure its this year

  • Rainreaper

    6 hours left! GAH! Time go faster damit!

  • Rainreaper

    4 hours…*hype lv increasing more and more* SO CLOSE!

  • SilverClock

    I am very much looking forward to this especially being a Harvest Moon fan. This game was really made by one person in 4 years? That’s an insane amount of dedication. Kudos ConcernedApe!
    Will this game be updated after release? It is fine if this is complete upon release as is but I am curious. I can understand wanting to do something else anyway! Wow.

  • Rainreaper

    2 hours left…im about to burst from exitement!

  • Rainreaper

    the final hour is upon us!

  • Peter Schelvis


  • Rainreaper


  • Zael

    Steam is stopping me from buying more! T_T (Have to wait a few hours – don’t worry, I’ll be sure to promptly continue my supporting spree. ^_~)

  • Simolutionist

    Well… guess the waiting’s over soon.

  • The Beardo

    I do not see an option to buy a copy of the game the Humble Widget here. I was hoping to buy a Steam key through them so you get a bigger cut, is this going to be an option soon?

  • Ryan Yang

    really wanna play but I only have a macbook pro which does go with this game, plz release the OSX version! I am willing to pay $20

  • Igor Vilarim

    Eric, this game is a big surprise of 2016. Congratulations.
    My Tip for you: One version for Old Pc’s or Notebooks. For PC with 1.0Ghz or more.

  • Kektklik

    rereading mail needs to be an option. I have to reload my save because I missed the 2nd page to the “Feast of Winterstar” mail which told me who my “secret santa” was.

  • pedritorp rodri

    I’m thinking about buying the game but i want the multiplayer first tho

  • glitchykitkat

    would it be possible to buy a physical copy? great job on the game btw 🙂

  • Jill Bishop

    This game is amazing!! I just started playing it yesterday and am fully addicted! Thank you so much for developing a simulation game that is so awesome and interesting to play.