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  • yo3oa

    Ha where are the thousands of people that already pre-ordered? Come on guys vote!

  • I agree with this

  • Daven Welkspheroc

    Already voted (Using my 2 different emails). We need more help.


    Everyone who upvotet, upvote this comment too, i wanna see how many dudes voted ! 😛

    • Flickdraw

      Why not just go on the website and look at number next to Starbound?

  • Boopitybop

    What do they get if they win?

  • FOR EACH UPVOTE I Create a New Mail for Vote Again! *_*

    • OmnipotentEntity

      Please don’t. I’d rather keep this fair. No vote boting. It’s unfair and could get us disqualified.

      • everyone is boting

        • OmnipotentEntity

          Just because everyone is doing something doesn’t make it right, just or fair. There are some things more important to me than winning. And I’d rather stand on principles and lose than win by being the worst of the offenders and win.

          • Anhita

            … You’re a pretty cool guy, Entity. :l

          • Peter J. Ramaglia

            I agree with you wholeheartedly! A quote that I live by is:

            “Character means doing the right thing even when no one is looking.”

      • JellofisH

        If you read rules, it says 1 vote per unique email which i take to say the more emails the more votes!

        • Hyenajaws

          Respect the mans wishes. He doesn’t want to win this by cheating. End of story.

    • MasterCreate66

      We don’t want to get disqualified… or we will have no chance,,,

    • gonna get us disqualified

  • M. J.

    Ugh, I wish they weren’t sending the people who nominated to E3 with the indie teams. That’s the only reason that Saibot Studios is getting so many more votes compared to the apparent interest in their game. The guy is urging all of his followers and subscribers to vote for a game they’ve probably never heard of because they want to send this guy to E3. The contest should be about the dev teams and the games they made, not some random youtuber’s wish to visit E3.

    • jess

      this guy played the game in your gaming channel on many occasions and many people liked. This guy and the Saibot team can not pay the trip, Stardboud are in the same conditions? I seriously would like to know,

      • And now, try to write something real and go back to this emo girl/boy youtube’s channel to keep upvoting him for a free travel.

        • Guest

          es muy real pelotudo!

          • So adult, responding with guest accounts. As i said, go keep botting this youtuber for a free ride.

          • Guest

            no debi exaltarme. starbound va ir de todas maneras en el primer o segundo puesto.. ya tiene las entradas , es un hecho. sean felices..

          • shadow90741

            atornille al hombre, yo creo que los theres un montón de juegos independientes que merecen ir al Indies crash E3. Pare el ser, tan condenadamente terco y dejar que la gente vote por quien quieran. Quiero votar por personas que ya muestra una gran idea, y tener una buena relación con su base de fans para que podamos recompensarles. (Yo solía el traductor de google, lo siento por la mala Inglés.)

          • I totally agree about the fact that in this kind of contest everyone should vote for the one that consider the right one. The debate here, is about how can someone, by having a big load of followers (i’m not counting his channel quality either) change the balance with obvious personal purposes.

            P.S: Thanks for the Spanish lessons, but i’m spanish 😉

          • shadow90741

            Just a rough translation (google translate) o-o Your welcome 😛

            “plotudoo is very real! these type already gained entry to the e3! and what I read also won porquito 1,000,000 DOLLARS ago .. you tell me that you can not pay for the trip? RAT!”

            “is very real asshole!”

            “I should not exalt. starbound going to go anyway in the first or second place .. already have tickets, is a fact. be happy ..”

          • Reynbowz

            Here, real translations. I speak Spanish. You’re welcome.

            “It’s very real, idiot! These guys already won entry to e3! And as I read,
            they also recently won $1mil. And you mean to tell me they can’t pay for
            the flight? RAT!”

            “It’s very real, idiot!”

            “I shouldn’t have gotten so excited. Starbound will win first or second place anyways… they already have tickets, it’s a fact. Be happy.”

        • jess

          es muy real plotudoo!!! estos tipo ya se ganaron la entrada a la e3! y por lo que lei tambien ganaron hace porquito 1.000.000 DE DOLARES.. me vas a decir que no se pueden pagar el viaje? RATA!

          • Learn some english so you can argue here as everyone else, just for respect and rules, oh wait, rules are not for you.

  • Max Mescaline


    • darkrhodes

      I pre ordered and i voted yes for the E3 for the devs, come on people vote

  • Gulliver

    I voted for Saibot, but I hope you guys have a winning chance here.

  • Right now they gained some ground, but no way, they wont win. 😉

  • Benjabby

    So beta most likely won’t be released until after E3….. :'(

    • WeHateSand

      Unless… Unless they release it at E3!!!!!!!!!

    • Reynbowz

      So basically, no Starbound until after June 13.
      At least we now have a better idea of the wait-time for the beta…

  • Take all of my cash

    I voted, my wife voted, my daughter voted, and my son voted. I am thinking about getting my three cats and two dogs to vote also, but they have a hard time reading…

  • Siraaj Ali

    Guys, Starbound is rising in votes faster than Saibot! Starbound is now only 1000 votes behind! Lets show Chucklefish our support and help them win! 😀

    • we are now only 800 behind. we are doing it!!!!!

      • Siraaj Ali

        Now we’re around 600 behind! 🙂

        • SmartiesD

          now only 300 🙂

          • Siraaj Ali

            Now 200 AHEAD of Saibot!

            We did it guys!!! 😀

          • Guest

            Now behind by 15.

  • Nr 6000 😀 Keep voting guys!!!!!!
    BTW amazing game 😀

  • I honestly don’t know how saibot raised so much votes, checking the Internet, they aren’t all that popular.

    • they cheated by promising a semi popular youtuber a free trip to E3 if he beg and plead for votes. its pretty pathetic and i wish it was something that warranted a disqualification

  • yJIuTko

    10minutemail. net ?

    • No. Absolutely do not cheat. The sponsors of the contest will be investigating each top 10 nominee, and suspicious votes will be disqualified.

      One vote per person is all we’re asking! <3

    • if you want us to get disqualified

  • SoulCraft

    Saibot Studios is going to win only because some youtuber is abusing the rules by nominating them just so he can go to E3.


    you people deserve to win it , atleast you got my Vote if it means anything 🙂

  • Flickdraw

    Why not use the database of email addresses of people who have pre-ordered and send an email to them all asking for support? Maybe give them some incentive to send you guys to E3? A new in-game “E3” vehicle or perhaps an “E3” starter space ship?

    • YES YES!!!! do it

    • Guest

      That would be a big violation of trust between them and everyone who purchased a pre-order. People signed up and paid for the game, not for a voting campaign.

      • proffejor

        I tend to agree with this guest, actually. The people who have preordered Starbound have paid for a game, and might not care about what goes on with the developers; but the people who signed up for the forums and newsletter… those people want to be informed what is going on with Chucklefish. Also updating the roadmap and making the little boat a “send us to E3 link” would also be a good idea. All of which is within the spirit of the contest, and the kind of fans that would see it would not feel upset by the plea for assistance.

      • Flickdraw

        Yeah, that’s a fair point. Maybe they should just incorporate an article about it on the next newsletter 🙂

  • DownVoteMeYouKnowItsTrue

    I’d totally vote if the roadmap was updated as promised and the trailer was out. Focus on the game, not what’s going on that seems mildly interesting.

    • Morticharr

      I.. Kinda sorta agree here; the way you said it was pretty harsh and mean but I admit I was hoping the game would be done before E3. That said a part of me really doesn’t want Chucklefish to go to E3.

      Not because I don’t want them to showcase their game, mind you! But I find E3 to be something of a joke. A pretty crap joke, at that. Chucklefish is so much /better/ than those people, y’know what I mean? It’s mostly there for the Triple A publishers to go brag about how awesome they are, not for the indies to show off how /actually/ awesome they are.

      • GalacticNomad

        Think about it though. E3 could give Starbound a whole lot of publicity. I haven’t heard much talk about it from gaming sites like GameInformer. But if Starbound was demonstrated at E3, it would generate more awareness towards it throughout the gaming community.

        • Morticharr

          Oh I know all that, Galac, I’m not saying I don’t want that. Not by a longshot. I /do/ want Starbound to get more attention, and make massive sales even after the preorders, and all that good stuff. I want Chucklefish to be showered in money like Gabe effing Newell. But I don’t think E3 will really help them with that; they might get to showcase a little, but for the most part, E3 is where Sony and EA and Nintendo and the other industry giants go to try and out-wang each other.

          I mean I still voted for Starbound, don’t get me wrong, but I’d rather the Chucklefish devs go to something where they’re not going to be forced to sit under the shade of some triple A pub’s ass.


      • Morticharr

        Whoa chill out there guy. They’re working on it. We’ll get it soon enough.

        • Hyenajaws

          I agree. People need to stop acting so spoiled and show some more respect. It’s like most of these people don’t even recognize the developers as human beings at this point. They just expect them to toil day and night over this game like machines with no other responsibilities or engagements.

          I pre-ordered the game to show my faith and support for them, not to pressure them into getting the game out as quick as possible. I’ve waited for an approximate year now and a few more months isn’t going to kill me. I’m just as eager as many of us are to see the game out, but not so much that I wish them to give up their daily lives to complete it. They deserve so much better than this.

    • Steve

      I voted just to be nice, but I had mixed feelings in doing so. If the dev team goes to E3, that is time not spent developing the game. If they promised to release the beta at E3 I’d be cool with it and I’m sure they would get enough votes to win if that were the case *wink nudge*.

    • jjdv

      totally agree ’bout this id upvote u 10 times if i could for that post. seems like now that they got a lil bit of change they are addicted to the taste of it and want massive publicity to bolster their income (which is probably one of the rumors tiy was trying to prevent)-not trying to say they dont deserve a break or anything but after a donation of 1m+$ i dont know how they are able to comment on the whole e3 thing but nothing starbound related = – that said, i just hope when they finnaly get done goofing off at e3 we can start to see some tangible progress and info on things strictly starbound (and by that i mean only starbound) related
      (my main worry is that progress on starbound is going to take a backseat to this whole e3 thing while they all prep to go)

      • Neodude

        I agree man, it would be a real shame if a dev team got to take a small break to act like human beings instead of machines, since they don’t have to work two or more jobs suddenly.

      • Hyenajaws

        Uhm, pre-ordering isn’t exactly donating. Donating would imply that you don’t actually expect reimbursement. And as a matter of fact, I seem to recall the developers stating at one point that they refuse to accept charity.

        They don’t intend to take our money and run. They’ll get business done and they’re putting a lot of effort into this, whether you want to believe it or not. I don’t understand why so many people seemed to feel threatened by their success.

      • Star Tokala

        I’d like to add that not the whole team would be going. There are 4 tickets split among the nominator and the nominee that wins. That means two or three of the team members would go, not the whole team. If anything, going to E3 might make the team work even harder (if possible. They are working hard, believe that, I just don’t know how hard) before E3. The thought to this is very simple. Say you go to E3 and showcase the game you are developing. Do you want to A)Show as little progress as possible so people won’t be interested or B) Show a game in the stages where it is starting to be polished and really coming together (i.e. close to a beta release). I’d choose B myself, but I’m not a game developer so maybe my choice would be wrong..

    • it took 2 seconds for them to write this post, and it takes your time to upvote them not theirs. This promotes the game, and could probably net them some funding, if not for Starbound for future projects. Not to be nasty but Chucklefish is a business, and this is as much focused on the business as anything. It may not be focused on getting Starbound into your hands, but I hope you understand their business isn’t centered around you or your needs.

      In other words, you let them run their business how they want it to. If you’re tired of waiting don’t preorder, or buy a copy. Go play something you don’t have to wait for.

  • Hachuurui

    Voted. I wish you guys the best!

  • proffejor

    Voted and promoted on my Facebook page. (With the link from the contest page, so I’m pretty sure it’s legit and within the rules.)

    • Rynoking25

      I’ve been watching the E3 page constantly to see how Starbound was doing… this morning i checked it and to my great delight Starbound was ahead by 200 votes and was still rising while Saibot’s votes dwindled. dont know if my social promotions had anything to do with that but it doesnt matter. You’re in the lead! hi five for social promotion.

  • Guest

    , I understood that the ten nominators with the best submissions will win passes for Themselves and Their nominated indies. the only difference is that the best submission will win roundtrip airfare and hotel, this guy played the game in your gaming channel on many occasions and many people liked. This guy and the Saibot team can not pay the trip, you can? or are in the same conditions? I seriously would like to know, good luck! they share the same dream as you

  • jess

    I understood that the TEN nominators with the best submissions will WIN passes for Themselves and Their nominated indies. the only difference is that the best submission will win roundtrip airfare and hotel, this guy Thaiel played the game in your gaming channel on many occasions and many people liked. This guy and the Saibot team can not pay the trip, you can? or are in the same conditions? I seriously would like to know, good luck! they share the same dream as you!

  • jess

    I understood that the TEN nominators with the best submissions will win passes for Themselves and Their nominated indies. the only difference is that the best submission will win roundtrip airfare and hotel, this guy played the game in your gaming channel on many occasions and many people liked. This guy and the Saibot team can not pay the trip, you can? or are in the same conditions? I seriously would like to know, good luck! they share the same dream as you

  • Hugt

    Starbound SHOULD be winning at this point. Saibot studios is only winning just so some Youtuber can tag along and go to E3… That just isn’t fair. Starbound deserves to go because the community is actually interested in the game and Chucklefish.

    • Guest

      I understood that the TEN nominators with the best submissions will WIN passes for Themselves and Their nominated indies. the only difference is that the best submission will win roundtrip airfare and hotel, this guy Thaiel played the game in your gaming channel on many occasions and many people liked. This guy and the Saibot team can not pay the trip, you can? satrbound are in the same conditions? I seriously would like to know, good luck!

    • jess

      I understood that the TEN nominators with the best submissions will WIN passes for Themselves and Their nominated indies. the only difference is that the best submission will win roundtrip airfare and hotel, this guy Thaiel played the game in your gaming channel on many occasions and many people liked. This guy and the Saibot team can not pay the trip the starbound team in the same conditions?

  • Liquid

    They have captcha bots spamming their votes. Will be hard beating that.

  • Too late! I’d already voted for Starbound on this long ago! 😀

  • MrAnti

    i tweeted @IndiecrashE3 and they this is what they said “Indies Crash E3 ‏@IndiesCrashE3, Yes nominations that have a substantial amount of non-unique voters may have their vote totals modified or may be disqualified

  • AzViz

    Seems like this Jess dude and a Guest is spamming these comments with the same thing, over and over again. Hes just trying to defend the YT guy Thaiel or what ever. Honestly, I feel like it’s cheating. Geez guess people wont play fair…

    • It sucks too because these guys deserve a fair chance.

  • Yogourt

    Asked to my friends to vote for you. I promote the game, i think you have to go the E3 to show to the world your work 😉
    Good luck!

  • Xnez

    COME ON GUYS!! show Indie crash e3 that even with the unfair advantage that this youtuber is giving saibot studios, we can still win with this community! LETS DO IT.

    • we are a little less then 1k behind them. we can do it…i know we can

  • loc

    You have my swo… vote!

  • Stoltverd

    Is the beta that far????!!!!!

    • Xnez

      Well,.. yes. haven’t you seen tiys live streams? “-” the game is still in pre-alpha.

      • darthfodder

        The livestreams seem like evidence for beta being closer than June…

  • bjrn123

    Never heard of the dude, and can’t find ANY info about him. Pretty sure they’re cheating somehow.

    • Kodoku

      They are not cheating. Saibot studios is winning because Thaiel is a Youtubber with more than 300.000 suscribers.

  • Star Tokala

    On the one hand I’d feel kind of jealous of the people that will get to test the game out at E3 when you get to go (because you will get to go, I am sure), but I find that jealousy is overridden by far when I look at the game Saibot is coming out with.

    Seriously, lets weigh things out here. On the one hand you have Starbound, a sandbox game complete with space travel, modding capabilities, near total control over the world you claim for yourself, building whatever you might imagine, and over a score of other features we are all very much aware of.

    Now, on the other hand, we have Doorways a “survival horror adventure”. Survival games generally play out the same, even with features being different. I confess I have not actually looked into the game past that description (and trying to watch a trailer that was not found). Maybe it will turn out to be a gem, but a ‘survival horror adventure’ pales when compared to all that Starbound has to offer.

    That said, I’ll talk my friends into voting, and some random people I see at work too. There is not a lot out there that actually spurs me into action. That said, this game is one of them. I have high hopes for it, and if it turns out even half as amazing as it looks so far, It will more than meet them.

    • Star Tokala

      I am replying to myself because I finally found a video for Doorways gameplay. From what I saw, there are simple puzzles to solve, with death traps for if you make a wrong move. To help light your path you pick up a torch that only stays lit for a few seconds, but can be re-lit by using it on a fire source (instead of grabbing one of the static torches that stay lit forever, and that are used to relight your worthless one). By the look of it, if there are any kind of enemies that can kill you, the only way to escape would be to run away (makes me think of the clock tower series, though I only ever played one of those games).
      I like solving puzzles and the like, so Saibot’s game looks like it could be enjoyed if done correctly, but replayability is severely lacking for those types of games for people who memorize the puzzle solutions after one or two playthroughs. I just wanted to be fair with my analysis. If the contest was on merit of the games alone, I’d say Starbound wins. Replayability beats out 3d graphics, and all the other little extras that come with a sandbox game and Starbound in particular, gives it an edge. This is coming from someone who would enjoy playing both games (at least judging by what I’ve seen from both).

  • ReleaseBeta Pleaaaseee

    I dont care all of this ,release the beta guys.

    • ReleaseBeta Pleaaaseee

      And i think,all of you got a

      1,047,089$ pay the fly and the hotel acomodation,or stop with the trips to E3 and put your hands and work in the game,release the alpha/beta to all the people pay not only in the dammit E3 to unknow people.
      I want play the game not see others playing and not see
      video diary of meeting and hanging out with other devs and general shenanigans.

      Release the alpha/beta,the thing you got right now.

      • yeah, if your willing to share what you have with E3 and not us….your saying we are not priority…..thanks devs

        • Lolwut

          Uh.. I don’t think we would enjoy the game at its current state (alpha) tbh.. Lots of things aren’t finished yet. Point of E3 is to promote the game(s) devs are making. They just showcase the current demo they have to get more people into Starbound. For us, we have to wait till they give us a PROPER beta to try. That way, we can give constructive feed back and they can fix things ASAP. Which will then leads towards official release. Why would you want to play an alpha with not all of the features implemented? Wouldn’t you as a player like to play/test a game with all the features/system ready? There is no point to try to give feed back on an alpha because there will be lots of more changes and additions to come.

          • ReleaseBeta Pleaaaseee

            ok you tell is a good alpha/beta to play and promote to others in E3 but is a bad alpha/beta to give to the costumers.
            Remember devs say in this post “bringing along a laptop to allow people to play a bit of Starbound in its current state”.
            For what me or other people cant play this version? i need go to E3 to try the game i pay? i want and i think all want to play this game in this current state or other.

          • Lolwut

            Well I never really stated (or even implied) that it was a good alpha to use in E3. Its playable. They’re only targeting E3 audiences. The point of doing that is to spread the word about Starbound. Which means is that they have a presentable demo for E3 attendants. But not for us who pre-ordered it (imo). Anyways like I said earlier.. For us to experience Starbound as best as possible, we need all the features to be here right? Yes for people who attend E3, they can play a BIT of Starbound where it is right now. Well I mean thats what you want, I’m sure by you saying that, you’re okay with playing the game as it is (without most of the cool stuff they have planned). I understand that all of us are anxious and want to try the game out, but a good game will take time and a lot of polish for us to enjoy. Rushing out a game will do no good too anyone. Also, thats a big claim you’re making there, saying that all want to play this game in this current state. Personally, I wouldn’t wanna play Alpha version of it. I want to actually wait until they release Beta. Patience is key, folks.

          • Atmos_Duality

            Patience isn’t just a virtue; it’s a commodity largely unknown to the internet.

          • Wow….

            The “others in E3” that you are talking about aren’t random people. E3 is a press event, meaning that you have to either be a game developer or somehow associated with the press to attend. Letting a few people from the press wont hurt the game, because people in the press in the gaming industry know the difference between an alpha/beta and a full release. If they released beta now, it would be a very rough version of the game. Within hours this rough version would be all of youtube, and anyone who wanted to learn about the game would immediately see it in an unfinished state. The developers don’t want people to be put off from their game just because the first thing someone sees of it is alpha/beta content.

            People really just need to chill. We’re lucky to be as involved in development as we are, heck just a decade ago we wouldn’t have had daily updates from devs via twitter and facebook. We wouldn’t have been able to suggest content for the game with it actually having a chance to be added. People are so spoiled now days that they just want more.

            The game will come out. Until then, do something else. This game isn’t the only thing in the world.

    • agreed, stop wasting time, its killing your fan base

  • maybe if you guys give us a release date we will vote for you.

  • The Cheese NInja

    I just voted for starbound and told all my friends to as well. 😀

  • darthfodder

    So…beta won’t be coming out until sometime after June? The road map had me more hopeful than I should have been, I guess.

    Anyways, I voted for you guys!

  • Harlequinn

    Looks like Molly has her work cut out for her. Better put down the Dark
    Souls until Starbound has a comfortable lead over Saibot.

  • George Delgado

    Take heart, fellow Starbound supporters! We have as is over 43,000 people who bought the preorder! If we can get even 1/4 of them to vote, we can easily crush the competition! 1/2 and the vote is ours! We must give it more time and support! Do your part for the cause and help send this worthy and great game to E3!

  • this pisses me off so mutch, saibot studios is essentially cheating to get its votes with that Argentinian pwediepie. its pretty pathetic they did not try to win the votes by the merit of their games instead of getting some guy to give them votes for a free ride to e3. i still hold out hope that we can beat them

    • Hmm, why am I not surprised that Pewdiepie has some play in this…

    • firstxknight

      Okay, first of all, Pewdiepie is Swedish, second, I see no indication
      that Pewdiepie is promoting Saibot, I watch his recent vids when they
      come out and read the descriptions and NONE of them even hint at this. I
      hope we beat Saibot but c’mon dude, get your facts straight.

      • George Delgado

        No, no what he meant was the guy throwing his support to Saibot Studios is the Argentinian equivalent of Pewdiepie.

  • we are slowly catching up….KEEP. IT. UP

  • Weiland

    Chucklefish should send an email to every pre-order and ask them to up-vote. If they all did, or half of them did, Starbound would win hands-down.

  • DawidieD

    I got two votes as well as mine. 😀

  • Thaiel Calzada Guirao

    Saboit Studios is best, because is make for youtubers. We will Win

    • Guest

      Just you wait! we’re catching up in votes pretty fast here 700 more and we’ll be about the same as sailboat 🙂

    • Guest

      Just you wait! Starbound is catching up pretty quickly, and with about 700 more we’ll beat you 🙂

    • Atmos_Duality

      Anyway Mark, how is your sex life?
      …And I love Lisa so-much.

  • Aleksandr White

    What is our stretch goal for 10000 votes?

  • Hyenajaws

    While I don’t intend to hit E3, I voted for Starbound, simply because I’m so stoked about it! Good luck, you guys!

  • starstone

    my vote was the 7500 alright lol

  • starstone

    btw they have to be invited they cant just buy tickets and go. theres no point in flying somewhere if ur not in the contest. i know they can get 1st or 2nd but that doesnt mean they could be out ranked at least minute. i hope that doesnt happen but anyway. vote for em so they have nice hotel rooms and a hot tub to stay in lol

  • Zero_Starlight

    I’m not actually going to be able to go to E3 anyway, seeing as I’m in Canada, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to make it so no one can try out the current build of Starbound! Here’s hoping it all works out!

  • Guest

    This isn’t a bribe… but if you released the beta, I bet you’d get ALOT more votes. (I really want the beta btw! :))

  • Conner Grover

    Well everyone, lets hope that the demo they show at E3 (WHEN they win) is a fit enough beta to be released (what I’m saying is that maybe they’ll release the beta around the time thy show off the demo at E3… hopefully)

  • Guy dude

    Honestly, after making a MILLION dollars, I couldn’t care less about the star bound team putting down several thousand dollars.

    • Star Tokala

      Lets look at things logically for a moment. Yes, the game has made over a million so far on pre-orders, but that is not a million in profit. Firstly, there are things like server and hosting costs, living expenses, possible equipment failure, and many other of the like. Secondly, as you said, the Starbound ‘Team’ (emphasis on team) has received the million. Nine team members (also 10 other contributors who may or may not receive a piece of that) means the million would be split nine (or maybe 19) ways. That is $11,111.11 per person if you don’t take business expenses from it (or $52,631.58 if the contributors get an equal cut). That sum of money is nothing to laugh at, but far from ‘Oh look, I can retire off this without even finishing it yet.’ Think of it this way, the more money they make off the game, the more they won’t need another job to pay the bills, thus the more time they can use to focus on the game. E3 is a way to spread the word about the game world-wide, in a format many gamers pay attention to. This means more potential revenue earlier on, and thus more focus can be made on the game.

  • Paul Loatman

    I already voted quite a while ago, but if they don’t win i don’t think it would be that big of a deal. That Youtube guy would get a free trip to E3, but Starbound will have continued success for several years after release, i’m sure of that.

  • Картофель Господа

    Я люблю картошку!

  • Tyrindor

    Why is Saibot Studios the “featured” nomination on http://indiescrashe3.com/? Scroll down to the bottom. So not only do they have that popular youtube guy just wanting to go to E3, but the actual site supports them too? Wouldn’t be surprised if they edit the votes to ensure Saibot Studios wins. At this rate, we will surpass them. Will be interesting to see if Saibot starts getting massive amounts of votes when that happens.

    • Godz1lla

      The featured nomination is randomly selected from the top 10…

  • Quark

    I think people haven’t figured out how to vote properly. People keep submitting new Starbound nominations instead of just voting for it.

  • shadow90741

    They are doing it so they have a chance to go too Tyrindor. It’s kinda annoying.

  • Voted and vote confirmed.

    You have to check your email and confirm your vote or it doesn’t count!!!!

  • Alhazzared

    Who cares? Just release the fucking beta already

    • Namiwakiru

      This doesn’t affect the release none, so what’s the problem with getting a little recognition for their work? The more people playing means more content being added anyway

    • Lost Hunter

      As much as I agree with you… E3 would not set the beta back. If anything this will HELP the beta. Think as the lucky few who play the beta at E3 as Closed beta testers. They may find bugs that could be fixed sooner rather then later thanks to early detection. And if they don’t find any serious bugs they might release the beta early.

  • I’ve voted with the two emails I have.

  • Stéphane vaillancourt

    omfg… Doorway seems so… well its a trailer so you all know what that means. You can give shit a glowing gold look. Just look at Aliens : CM games. The trailer seems to be pretty good right until you played the game.

    My point, Doorway sucks ass and Starbound is ten folds better. You guys deserve to be at E3…not them. They can rot in hell hehe

  • I have no reason to help Chucklefish on this one. I’m not going to E3, therefore there’s no chance of me playing early anyway. The development of the game doesn’t seems to go any faster if the team goes to E3. They’ll even let *other people* play before me.

    That’s kind of a shitty deal. :/

    • Neodude

      Those other people are not r3egular people. E3 is mainly for industry relevant people, so those people that would see it are the general press and other developers. It’s not letting just anyone play the game, its showing those who would most likely never see it what starbound is all about. Why would you not want to help them get Starbound out there even more?

  • purebase

    I know i didnt need to nominate at this point but felt the need to just so i could put this as my comment as to why they should be nominated …oh and vote confirmed !!!

    “Because we will be able to play this game for years!!! And it will be different every single time !!!







    OH !!! And don\’t forget the frickin MUSIC!!!

    Music is a game maker for any game , and this game has caught the ears of many as being some of the best around..in a loooong time!!! “

  • Killer Snowman

    I knew there was a reason I had 10 email addresses…

  • Hobo Hero

    there you go what to vote again and dont have an email >?
    here is your solution just click the click and it will generate an email for 10mins
    this is not spam, i just want Starbound to win 🙂

    • Neodude

      Don’t do this, as it can get them disqualified

      • Atmos_Duality

        It won’t get Starbound DQ’d. Why would it? It’s not Chucklefish or the nominator’s fault.

        Besides: The people running the contest said they are already anticipating people using disposable emails and that it’s pretty easy to filter out the obvious hash emails.
        (they can just filter based on the email’s domain, you know)

        I would say they shouldn’t use disposable email services anyway because they’re just wasting their time.

  • yJIuTKo

    Use 10 mins mail

  • MrAnti

    The Sad thing is that i went through the nominations and in a few seconds i counted 24 nominations that could be votes

  • Weiland

    Alright, fine. You want to fight fire with fire? This other crapola game has their YouTube tool to jump up and down and beg votes for them. But us?

    We should get Angry Joe. The man LOVES quality.

  • Peter J. Ramaglia

    I just voted using all 7 of my emails (marist college, gmail, hotmail, icloud, me, and yahoo).

    I hope you guys win first! ^_^

    Ok make that 6…for some reason my facebook isn’t receiving the confirmation email 🙁 Sorry!

  • Dreadful

    If i vote will the game come out sooner?
    Prolly not

    • Peter J. Ramaglia

      I’m sorry but that sounds pretty selfish of you to assume that? It shouldn’t matter at all whether or not voting has any impact on the game’s eventual release 🙁

      • Dreadful

        selfish or not it true. the game will come out when it comes out voting wont change it

  • DoryFish

    I’m shocked to see number of purchasers for the pre-order is still out-numbered the votes in indie crash! We need more support! Call for backup! Do whatever you can Chucklefish team! Notify the subscribers, the purchasers, etc. 1 Vote from me. E3 is one of the possible opportunity to grow the Starbound community in a leap.

  • Maxgeho

    91 behind :O

  • qwerts

    10 ahead now

  • ZeStriker

    Guise ,StarBound is at top right nao! lets all vote to keep it that way! ~

  • Liam Smeester

    Please launch the beta after this…

    • Atmos_Duality

      They will, but probably not for several months.
      E3, for better or worse, is going to cause at least a week in delays on development.

  • Cam


  • Optimist Prime

    If we can rack up over $1,000,000 and have over 40,000 people pre ordering the game, I’m certain that we’ll pull through!

  • 武士髭さま

    vote for starbound is good idea but also game beta release inside 2013 is very unsecure.
    starbound get many language support or can only use american english?

    • Siraaj Ali

      I’m not sure, you can contact Chucklefish and see if they have support for different languages.

      Or I can ask them for you if you’d like 🙂

      • 武士髭さま

        machine translation:
        Was not able to support the Japanese Teraria.
        Only patch.
        There is now supported Japanese maybe?
        I hope it. Also many Japanese.

  • Curlystein

    Hey Molly, you guys should email all of us who pre-ordered thegame. I know there are thousands of people who haven’t checked the site in the past couple of days but who would love to support you. It’s not spam! We want to help you!

  • Dmoon

    43866 backers and “only” 9424 votes? Come on guys! YOU can.do.it. =D

  • FadohanKolu

    Guys, Saibot is catching up to us again. We did have a lead of about 500, but we’re down to just 100 now.

  • Rafael

    We surpassed Saibot Studios :D!

  • Star Tokala

    To everyone saying ‘Just finish the game’ (in nice and not nice ways):
    The Starbound team is small, so lets compare them to a large team like Blizzard for a moment. It was in 1996 that StarCraft debuted at E3, it was 1998 before the game was released. 12 years and a few months later StarCraft 2 finally came out, then 3 years later the next piece of StarCraft 2 came out. Blizzard is a big gaming company, and already had a few successes under its belt and lining its pockets before StarCraft was conceived. As an Indie developer, Chucklefish is still a fledgling company. They have every intention of releasing the beta this year. That means we get to play the game before it is finished. Chucklefish listens to us, big companies don’t.
    I’d say Starbound is at least as good as anything a big company has ever put out, and if they get it out to their fans in less than 3 years, we should consider ourselves lucky that they have worked harder on a smaller budget than giants like Blizzard. (Don’t get me wrong, I really like the games Blizzard puts out too. I’m using them as an example because I’ve played so many of them.) Be more respectful to the developers. I work with the public, and no matter how many good people you meet and interact with, one abusive person is all it takes to make the best day of your life, the worst and most stressful day of your life. Too much stress leads to being burnt out and disliking, even hating your job. The devs are making this game because they enjoy it and want us to enjoy it too, Are they making money off it? Yes, and they deserve it. If I had the money I’d send the whole team and the other contributors to E3 myself as a thank you for their hard work.

    • Dmoon

      Of course they deserve it, programming is something that can be very difficult from time to time too, I think you explained what’s left about it pretty well, but for now let’s calm ourselves down, shall we? 😉
      Note that I agree, don’t misunderstand me. =)

      • Star Tokala

        I’m glad someone decided to voice their agreement. I read a few too many comments saying the same thing and thought it might be better to address them all at once, instead of one by one. If I was working on Starbound and had a bunch of people saying ‘just get the game done’ or ‘do nothing else until it is done’ or ‘ or ‘you going to E3 does nothing for me but make me wait longer’ just to paraphrase some of them. I’m just hoping that some of the people thinking and saying these things will think things through better after reading it. Comments like those are abusive. I’ve had my hand at a little bit of coding, basic stuff really, and it can be frustrating and stressful enough when something isn’t working right, without people hounding you about getting it done faster.

        • Dmoon

          I’m easily impressed myself since I started coding in “c” at school(this year)(making a terminal “battleship” on Suse ->linux), for sure I’m not a professional, this is obvious, still I can tell it isn’t easy, my teacher often told us what he had to do before he used to be our teacher and the problems he encountered while working on projects.

          About those who say these kind of things, well, it’s always that way, honestly. And I don’t think this is gonna change. So let’s just cheer them up the way we can! This may be the best thing to do or so I guess. =D

  • blobob

    please vote we are only 60 votes behind and make sure to confirm your vote by the email they send you!

  • Atmos_Duality

    There is no such thing as “An unfair advantage” here.
    It’s a popularity contest, and nothing more. To argue otherwise is idiocy.

    Remember: Exposure is Popularity. Popularity is Exposure.

    Saibot is winning because they have more exposure; more people know about them and their contest.
    If you want Starbound to win, try to give it more exposure, rather than just voting and then haughtily sitting on your ivory throne espousing nonsense about how a youtube personality’s advertisement (or added exposure) is “cheating” in a freaking popularity contest.

  • blobob

    well i am excited about this game but my excitement is slowly detiorating. first they said summer of 2012 for the release then late 2012 and then early 2013 and now “sometime in 2013”

    • The Cheese NInja

      It’s really hard to predict releases, especially for a big game like Starbound.

  • Skab

    You know what? I hope you guys DON’T win. You don’t need anything else slowing the game down. You’ve made over $1mil on it in preorders and you don’t even have a beta date yet.

    Stop getting distracted.

    • Dmoon

      Comments=waiting to be read=distraction=less time for the game you’re waiting for…
      So? Without trying to be too annoying or anything, I’m asking you, do you think it’s worth to tell such things? It’s ain’t like people will react to this kind of comments, don’t you think? (or else these will be stupid people like me, right?) As someone told before me, It’s more like I’m talking to SOME people, I’ve got nothing against you.
      From now on I’ll just stop answering comments I don’t specially agree with, I’m sure some will be pleased. Hehey! =D

  • Musadriff

    Gave u 2 votes on 2 differente e-mails. Go and win this sh** already 😀

  • The Cheese NInja

    We’re so close, just about 50 more and we’ll be beating them.

  • marue

    Thank You !

  • Peter Schelvis

    i already bought it the minute it went online on steam! i love it, this game was well worth the wait!;D

  • Fuzz Butt

    I’ve been waiting to play this game for years; any chance of a mac-friendly version?

    • grafofilia

      I’m gonna try to run it with Wine. I’ll post here any update!

      • James DeRiven

        I’ve been trying for a while now – any success and, if so, care to share your EXACT STEP-BY-STEP process for dummies please and thank you?

        • grafofilia

          I got it to execute, but it doesn’t run because of the graphic drivers (I guess). These are the instructions:
          1. Install PlayOnMac (https://www.playonmac.com/en) It’s an open source alternative to CrossOver.
          2. On the app, click ‘Install’ on the top bar
          3. Search “steam”, click on ‘Steam’, then on ‘Install’.
          Once you install it, a virtual drive is created.
          4. On the app dashboard, click on the new icon ‘Steam’ and then on ‘Configure’ on the top bar.
          5. Click the tab ‘Install components’, look for “dotnet40”; click it and install it.
          Here we installed the .NET Framework 4 because one problem I encountered was that the Steam installation of it takes too long and just times out without displaying an error message.
          6. On the app dashboard, click on ‘Steam’ and then on ‘Run’.
          Log in as usual, download Stardew Valley, run it.

          Please comment if the graphic driver error shows up.
          It might be related to Wine not supporting DirectX10 (I saw in the game min requirements that it’s mentioned).

          • James DeRiven

            I’ll take a look at the PlayOnMac thing – if you look here a guy in the thread tells how he got i to work on Linux, but I am such a Wine novice I have no clue how to translate that for Mac: http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/running-under-wine.106794/

            Hoping those who know better than I might bang out a solution that even an infant could follow step by step

        • Using Wineskin on a Mac:

          – Get Wine 1.9.2, create a blank wrapper named Stardew Valley
          – Once setup, View wrapper in Finder
          – Right click, Show package contents
          – Open Wineskin app
          – Go to Install Software, install the Steam.exe from the website
          – Once finished, “Run Steam” – it will update and restart
          – Login to steam (the UI might be a little glitchy, don’t worry)
          – Download the game
          – Exit the app

          – Back in the Wineskin app it will ask you to select an exe, pick the one with Steam.exe and hit OK
          – Go to Advanced
          – Go to Tools -> Winetricks
          – Install, one at a time in this order:
          – dlls -> msxml3
          – dlls -> xna40 (this should install dotnet40 also)

          At this point I can run Steam and start the game but I get an error about Direct3D HiDef: “No suitable graphics card found. Could not find a Direct3D device that supports the XNA framework HiDef profile”. I think this is likely because I’m on an integrated graphics card on a laptop.

          • James DeRiven

            No, it’s got nothing to do with that. If you check out this thread, we finally solved the problem – but you’re going to have to do some funny things to wine to get it running: http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/mac-osx-wineskin-attempts.106850/page-5

          • Zoe

            OMG THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I used Dando’s wrapper and finally was able to play the game! Stayed up all night lol. Hats off to all you wonderful dedicated programmers!

          • James DeRiven

            Can’t stop playing. It’s curse.

          • Alejandro Matias Ravasio

            I know this isn’t exactly as elegant a solution as the way more ideal Wine approach to this, but you can run this game in a virtual machine without overkill specs and it will run perfectly. I use Parallels Desktop with Windows 10 on a 2013 MBP 15″ Retina and it works flawlessly.

            Again, I know this isn’t nowhere near ideal, but at least it’s something.

          • James DeRiven

            There’s a very good wineskin now.

    • Dr. House

      Here’s to hoping someone can work out a way to run it in wine or possibly a mac version

    • Zael

      You should probably just run it on VirtualBox or the like. Microsoft is even offering free Win10 developer images atm. 😉

      • petrabarus

        I somewhat can’t run it on VirtualBox. It says no graphic card found. I already enable 3D and 2D acceleration

    • Zoe

      I’ve been so excited about this for YEARS as well, downloaded Wineskin and have been desperately trying to get it to run. I’m about to cry. I can’t believe I won’t be able to play this. Is there a way to run Bootcamp without an actual Windows disc? ;_;

    • Nikolas Shea

      PC wins again!

      • Macs are PCs, ya scrub. PC means personal computer and Macs are NOT consoles. You mean Windows. Either way, not really a “win” scenario moreso the coding language is different for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Windows uses EXE (execution) file types while Macs use APP (application). The problem with using WINE in this scenario is because Macs and Windows organize their folder trees differently, which can make certain aspects inaccessible or nonexistent — usually when it comes to drivers, which is a big issue when it comes to graphics and other features both ways. It would be great to see it released on both Mac and Linux as well honestly and great to see the fanbase not devolve into a console exclusivity mindset since exclusivity doesn’t benefit PC gamers and is actually used to prop up the console market.

        • Nikolas Shea

          Windows PC wins again!

          • Niklas Eriksson

            Dont be an ass. /PC-gamer.

          • Nikolas Shea

            Don’t be an salty. /Mac-gamer. (lol, mac gamer)

          • honda250ex

            Why’d you delete your stream? It was soooo “good”.

          • Nikolas Shea

            lol, idk if that was sarcasm, but either way; twitch.tv deletes them after so long. I uploaded a few of them to my youtube channel.


            That one is 2h30m or so.

          • Reppiz


    • finn


  • Digus

    Thank you very much ConcernedApe.

    Congratulations on your release. The game looks awesome.

    It’s already top seller on the steam front page. You deserve it.

  • Christopher Veach

    There are over 7,000 people playing already and it’s only the first 2 hours. It’s so much fun!

  • grafofilia

    D’: Only for Windows.

  • ri r

    thank you so much for this game. to tribute your skill and successful release we happily buy it, play it, and be happy. You made your fans happy with your wonderful creation. Thank you! bought it 4 minutes after it became available. and listening to the soundtrack constantly. so amazing.

  • Pedro Pocas Almeida

    I know this is a stupid question but here goes – I read that the game is only for Windows 7 or higher? Is this true or just an advice for best performance? I’m still on Vista lol and waiting on a new computer and don’t want to spend money if I can’t play right away. Thanks

    • ConcernedApe

      I think Vista should work. I think the real requirement is DirectX10. If you try it out and it works please let me know so I can update the system requirements!

      • Pedro Pocas Almeida

        Game works just fine. Thank you!

      • RetardedRacoons

        Works flawlessly on XP with DX9 too.

  • Kou Pally

    I’m buying the hell out of this when multiplayer is implemented. I don’t want ruin any surprises until I can play it with my friends. Thank you for the hard work and I will be buying it, promise.

    • Zael

      What stops you from buying it now? It’s well worth it, even if you decide to wait for the multiplayer.

      • Kou Pally

        I don’t want to spoil it, want the new experience to be with friends. But yeah, you’re right I’ll buy it now probably.

      • Kou Pally

        It’s just the temptation, if I have it I’ll want to play it before I can with friends.

  • HimochiIsAwesome

    This game is so much fun- absolutely 100% worth the wait! I’m getting into mining and setting up my farm layout now, and it’s really addicting. 😀 Thank you, ConcernedApe, for this amazing game!

  • Snusbagaren

    BUYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Thank you mate, I can’t believe that it is FINALLY time to play this 🙂

  • Marie

    Bought!!! 😀

  • Azora

    Thank You so much ~^-^

  • viggo

    when is sebastian out of his room?

    • Zael

      Evenings and holidays. Probably more detailed information on the wiki.

  • So psyched to play this. Have to get done with my school work first, but I’ve bought it and downloaded it and even bought the soundtrack. Good job!! Thanks for making this and sharing it with everyone. I know we are all very excited and grateful for the hard work! 😀

  • BKGaming

    Any chance that the game will get Galaxy achievements on GOG? I know the Steam version has them but I prefer GOG. I plan to purchase the game soon.

  • Black Kitty

    Aah man! Of course when I have no money.

    • pinkcatmint

      Yup. I have to wait til the 1st to get it 🙁

  • Orinoco68

    Congrats man!

    It must be a such a strange feeling to have your game be an entity outside of your dev process. Like a parent watching their kid graduate? Anyway, I hope you’re proud as punch. It’s such a beautiful game and an amazing achievement 🙂

  • Klintt

    I comeback home 45mins after the release, already #1 on Steam popular new releases/top sellers!

    @concernedape The game is amazing by the way. I also have you on steam and hope one
    day I get to know the guy behind SV and hopefully befriend.. I know that
    you are probably very busy. I’ll try to not bug you too much about SV,

    I am so happy to see that your hard work seems to be rewarded and maybe much more than what you were expecting (hopefully)! I am almost more happy about this than having the game, almost! 😉

  • Nikolas Shea

    I’ve already purchased it. Found a few bugs and grammar flow things here and there, but over all, I really like it.

    I’ve been streaming it a bit.


  • Rissquette

    It’s finally here! Now I can throw money at you. Thanks for not taking this into early access like a lot of devs have done with their games recently, I’m so glad to be able to play the whole game and not have to worry about things like: “Will this game ever actually be finished?”

    I can tell you put a lot of hard work into this game and over the few years I’ve been visiting this site, it was really fun to watch Stardew grow. I don’t think your fans could be any prouder of you! I hope the game sells all the copies it deserves, and I wish you luck in whatever you might do next.

    • Zael

      Steam is making it difficult to throw monies at CA. Limits purchases to batches of four, before placing you on a cooldown.

      • Rissquette

        How horrible! 🙁

    • Nikolas Shea

      Agreed. I’ve been following the game for about 2 years now personally. It was hell watching snippets and looking at screen-shots without being able to play. Loving the game over all so far 🙂 Few things here and there, but I can overlook it, as none of it is game-breaking in the least.

    • finn

      couldnt say it better myself

  • Dr. House

    Noooooo, yet again us mac people are left out in the cold 🙁

    • Well Mac isn’t made for gaming :/

      • David1337 1337

        Hi there Alex Green! Please tell me why mac isn’t made for gaming. Mac is only underrated in the sake of gaming. THATS IT. I love to play on a mac. And i NEVER want to go back to good old bluescreens and crashes. REMEMBER PCs are not either made for gaming. I know gaming pcs exist but that is just a normal pc, with better specs. As i sad, computers in general isn’t made for gaming. It is made for working.

        • Macs simply can’t run many games because Apple doesn’t support a lot of file types. Windows can run about twice as many games because Macs still doesn’t recognize the types of files. For example, Macs can run almost zero first person shooter games. If it’s a file type that a Mac does recognize (i.e. Minecraft) then they are often able to run them well.

          • David1337 1337

            I will just copy something from my old comment: ‘Mac is only underrated in the sake of gaming.’ I know, Game often choose to not make a mac version of it.
            That is the developers fault not mac users fault. In the end. Computers is made for working. Btw you can run windows on mac to if i want. But why would i?
            If you want good specs. check these out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2veqlfSMRWo Also If you know what programming language you talk about is called, let me know. And File formats?? Name’em

  • Zael


  • Magzilla

    <3 I love it!!!

    • Joe Blow

      Hey magzilla ..love to see females gaming!!!

      • Magzilla

        I don’t think my gender should matter, but okay.

  • Damon Pickett

    Which one gives you the highest commission Mr Ape? Just asking as I’d prefer as much of my monies as possible go to you rather than distributors.

    • Damon Pickett

      Already grabbed a copy off of GOG but I’ll probably need another 6 or so by the time I’m done with family lol 🙂 I’ve been waiting on this release for a long time and so far I haven’t been disappointed, I’m already starting to get hooked 😛

  • Tabitha Hooper

    Having a fantastic time so far Mr. Ape! Thank you so much and congrats again on the release!

  • blammer

    Fantastic game! Have been waiting for 3 years and I’m really proud of your work, you’ve done it right by releasing the full version and not that silly early access stuff going on. I’m 3 hours into the game and I really want to thank you for making my dreams come true, I love love love everything about the game. The music, the people, the art, the plot, everything!

  • Firman Syah

    still waiting for the linux version 😉

  • Zael

    Would be nice if the link to the official wiki was included in the top navigation panel of the site. (When things have cooled down a bit and you have time of course. I understand you’re getting swathes of bug reports atm.)

  • willpill35

    this game took a long time to get to us but it has been so worth it.

  • illoOminated

    I just started playing Stardew Valley, having followed its development for more than 2 years now. After 2-3 days of clearing out my farm I realized how few I can do per day in the beginning and started to think “hmm I felled a lot of trees – how amazing would it be if I became continously better in everything I do in relation to how often I do it…” I go to sleep, wake up – boom – foraging level up! The game already made my day within 15 minutes… I walk out of my house – and see a raven(?) eating some of my crops… And I almost lost it… I haven’t even played 20 minutes and this is already soo much more promising than ANY Harvest Moon ever could be! But now I REALLY need to dive back into it! ^^

  • Mouko

    Uuugh… I’m enjoying the game but I feel so stupid… am I the only person who can’t fish!? The little thing flies all over the place…! Can’t even catch beginner crap!

    • Damon Pickett

      Its alot easier via controller or using the keyboard (‘c’ key) just tap the button rarely if ever hold and even then only for a short amount of time. 🙂 hope this helps

      • Mouko

        I switched to a controller and I’m actually catching fish now, though I can forget about catching treasure AND fish… but yeah, I’m doing a little better now. 🙂 I’m actually catching things!

        • Nikolas Shea

          to catch the treasure, get the fish to the point where you almost catch it, then stop trying to catch it and go grab the treasure. That should give you enough time to snag the goods and then go back to hook the fish.

    • Nikolas Shea

      I dunno. I’ve only had like, 2 fish get away, ever. lol

  • Vatusia

    I’m on a MacBook Pro from 2015 using Windows 10 in boot camp, and it’s not opening for me. It’ll tell me it’s opened and then not actually open. It’ll tell me sweet lies about how I’ve played it, but regrettably it’s not working. Once I get my desktop set up, I hope it will work for me there. Oh well, take my money!

    • James DeRiven

      At this point BootCamp is the only way to ge it to function on a Mac – there’s several threads online documenting the living hell that the rest of us have gone through trying and failing to make this game work.

      I’m just praying we’ll get a Mac port – I bought the soundtrack and the game because I have faith!

  • ichkanns

    Been having a good time. Looking forward to the multiplayer for good times with my wife.

  • Jeremy T. Gibson

    Hooray! I forgot all about this a week ago, and then thought, “Oh, hey, that’s right, Stardew Valley is coming out on the 26th!”

    Then I forgot all about it again.

    One day late isn’t bad, though! Lookin’ forward to it. =)

  • Midi_Amp

    I cried during the intro… The feels… The feels…. This is up! montage feels quality… Thanks grandpa… AND THANK YOU CA!

  • Ian Lovell

    After all of this time waiting, it makes me really happy to be blown away by the quality and charm of this game! The fact that all of my steam friends are playing too brings a grin to my face too!

    Nothing but love for this game CA, you’ve done a fantastic job!

  • Sacmis

    I loved it, but idont understand it, my main language is spanish… Pls transmite

    • Cliff Coetzee

      translate 🙂

  • João Reato

    Hey man, the game are awesome, even with the diagonal speed, the speed is the same but is strange to the eye. Other thing that i will be grateful if you fix is the intensity of the left stick of the gamepad.
    I like the soundtrack, i didn’t like the mosquitos but when in the final festival of summer they talk about the mosquitos i just laugh with myself and thinked, fucking genius. lol

  • JackTheManiac

    I have two things to say:

    1: I have never been more proud of throwing my money to someone. Congratulations for release, the game is great.

    2: I will be throwing more money at you when multiplayer comes out, so my friends play the game.

  • Nikolas Shea

    When the game is booting up, click on the concerned ape logo animal. lol

  • Antonio Souza Junior

    Yay! sorry i couldn’t post a “thanks” because i was too busy playing a new game, that was released on feb 26.

    btw.. i’m addicted.

    you did a great job. 😀

  • Ivan Cotti

    I wish the humble store version gave you the DRM-free version on top of the Steam key, since i’m interested in steam’s achievements and various rewards but i also want to be able to play my games on the go, which steam doesn’t easily allow for.

    • Digus

      The steam version is DRM-free, it works without running steam.

      You can also copy the folder to wherever you want and it still works.

      • Ivan Cotti

        Yeah, i’ve asked around and eventually came to that conclusion (i totally forgot to edit my message here).

        In fact i bought the game as i found out. =)

  • ian

    the second i can afford this game i will buy it been watching it non stop going crazy it looks so bloody good

  • Caio Fraga da Luz

    Now that you have more than 100 000 sales and probably a lot of money you don’t need to be concerned any more. So I suggest that you should be called only “Ape” for now.

  • WisePictWarrior

    Hey there concernedape 🙂 I’ve played the game for 37 hours now and I have to say I love it. But I will give some constructive criticism. One thing I get frustrated with is not being able to find villagers when I need to give them something. Maybe you could add a dialogue option with other villagers that allows you to ask where someone is (it’s far more lore friendly than checking the wiki for the schedule lol). Also interactions with the villagers can feel a little shallow. I’m sure you’ll make this a great game, keep up the good work 🙂

  • Ryan Yang

    OSX version plz!!! I am falling behind my PC friends

  • FuzzyBubbles

    Came out on friday and i have 60 hours in it. 10/10 best game.

  • pinkcatmint

    Am I the only one having trouble with the fishing? Seems like sometimes, the slider bar responds well to my mouse clicks, but other times it just shoots straight to the top. Very frustrating. Also, I still haven’t found all the townspeople. I’m missing 4 or 5 people. 🙁

  • Lyndsey Evenstar

    I would seriously pay more money for multiplayer, PLEASE! I need to play this with my friends, we are dying!!!

  • finn

    hey guys, id just really like to say what an awesome job you did on this game it is amazing i have played it… soooo good but I’ve only played it on other peoples laptops because i only have a mac 🙁 pls tell me you will be releasing on mac

  • kazze

    is the wiki down ? it seems I can’t access it

    • WisePictWarrior

      I’ve got the same problem

  • Please, do an OSX version.

  • Ridan A

    why can’t you make it for mac???

    • Cliff Coetzee

      because the windows users are a priority as the amount of users are a lot more, be patient im sure he will make for mac and linux

      • Ridan A

        nah i’m good

  • Sevi Liado

    Great game! I am having a lot of fun right now with it (34h at this moment). Just a thing that is bothering me: would you consider adding in the future the possibility to save the game whenever you want? Because saving the game during your sleep is great (it could be the “Autosave”), but i would add a button to enable to save, for exemple, during the day:

    1- We won’t have to wait that the day pass or rush to go to sleep if we need to exit the game
    2- In case, the game crash or get corrupted, you will have an anterior save to return

    Otherwise great game, and the soundtrack is amazing! Thank you for your work!

  • Definitely been enjoying the game my man, glad that it is finally out!

    My only complaint is that the fences eventually wearing down and being destroyed isn’t a fun mechanic. I want to partition my farm off and fence in my animals, but the fences break so easily that it just isn’t feasible. Chests, furnaces, and whatnot don’t break down outside, fences could use the same treatment. 🙂

    Other than that, great game Concernedape, can’t wait for more updates in the future, MP will most certainly be a good time.

    • Digus

      If you use better material the fences take much more time to wear down:

      Wood: 23-33 days
      Stone: 55-66 days
      Iron: 120-132 days
      Hardwood: 260-300 days
      Gate: 100 days

  • dragonwaz .

    Just saw Markiplier playing this. I guess I don’t really need to eat this week.

  • nishi ran

    can this game come to ps4? please??

    • Solothil

      I also think it would make an outstanding ds game ^_^

      • nishi ran

        yes definitely!

  • Emery beals

    Does anyone think there will be a console edition for 8th generation

  • Any chance of a Mac and/or Linux version in the future?

  • Nessa Mouse

    Is there any small chance this will come out for macs?

  • irenemaries

    Dear Developer! I love this game so so much. Could you please add FASTER RUN SPEED in the next update on Steam? I love this game but I feel the character moves uncomfortably slow, I’m sorry to say!

    • Zoe

      Look under “controls” and make sure the “auto run” box is checked! 🙂

  • Cliff Coetzee

    Really loving this game, I have waited so long for this. I hope you are gonna continue growing this game and add more features and content as time goes on. the replay value of this game is awesome and really fun! Good Job and keep up the great work. I have been waiting for a game like this forever. you can play at your own pace and just chill and do whatever. no time limits. no rushing. just sit back relax and farm some shit 😀

  • Nick Youngblood

    This game is brilliant. I picked it up because I was a fan of Harvest Moon, and I have to say, your game may be superior to any of the Harvest Moons. I’ve rarely seen an indie game that is this polished, refined, and thoughtful. It’s top notch in every respect, and I often have a hard time remembering that Nintendo didn’t literally make this. It’s just wonderful. You should be really proud of what you’ve accomplished with this.

  • João Reato

    Man, i love this game and this game engine. Wondering about an open world sandbox with this game skeleton. Maybe this was to were the seed this game leave was growing. Hope you do not stop making games. Imagine a 16 bit minecraft style with boss fights and generated villages with radiant quests. All with a rich crafting system. Wondering too how the multiplayer will work. Hugs

  • Zoe

    Mac version needed!

  • petrabarus

    Still waiting for Linux version. I tried running on VirtualBox but it says “Could not find Direct3D device that supports the XNA Framework HiDef profile”

  • Natsume Nagitsuki

    still hoping that there’ll be Mac version really soon~

  • Nawapol Captain

    Pls. Make Stardew Valley on PS4. I’m keen to play It with HD pixel graphic and Digital sound!

  • Petition for Mac / Linux Version: http://goo.gl/forms/7vNr7q982H

  • Kellbell

    I would really love this to be able to be purchased and downloaded with Mac OS X :/ I really loved seeing this game grow and would buy it in a heartbeat! Plus I do not want to do all the unnecessary Wineskin or whatever downloads since I am a novice gamer and would love it to be as simple as just buying and downloading it through Steam in hopefully the near future. 🙂

  • minimod mini

    OSX pleassssssssssssse T^T

  • Will we get a Version for the Xbox One?

  • Richardxu1983

    Hi, I`m a Stardew Valley fan from China. I just want to say this is such a great game! Me and my friends love it, so much love it! Thank you and thank you and thank you!

  • InPlushWeThrust

    Waiting for the Mac version to buy it. Guess I’ll keep waiting.

  • Daffiny

    I would like to play this game coop mode

    • Solothil

      Yeah it sounds exciting but this game still works as a single player only and it is amazing 🙂

  • Seth Avergonzado Tangalin

    I’ve just purchased this game while ago after i finished install it, the game needed to have the net framework but i cant install the framework it self, what should i do now?? please help me.tnx.

  • Solothil

    Still waiting to actually have money to download it.. I see the illegal free downloads but this game deserves the money. I know fifteen dollars isn’t much to you functioning members of society, but I am a freeloading high school student who just wants to have a cat and farm potatoes! </3


    i’m wondering whether it will be available in apple devices or not.Could someone answer me please?

  • KlarkC

    Waiting for the Linux version to buy this one.

  • Prommin Intha

    Make it 13.00$ please 😀

  • This game is AMAZING and works like a charm using Parallels on OSX… but the delay is a little much for fishing. I might put it down until there is an OSX version but it is SO DIFFICULT to stay away! Great job.

  • Naufal Yaasir

    Mac support please..

  • Stardrop

    How can I get the other half of this image?

  • Logan

    Will Stardew Valley ever be released for consoles?

  • Valent Wendy


  • cmurph666

    Vita port?

    • Rob Bodwell

      OMG yes! Stardew Valley on the go. Hell yeah.

      • cmurph666

        Then they could release a limited physical release through Limited Run Games and make some quick bank as they sell out fast.

  • Wafflecakes

    Hey guys, I just found an awesome quiz about this game. Thought I should share it: http://stardewvalleyquiz.com. It also tells you which NPC you are!

  • The Darling Kinkshamer

    Please create a mac version? Pretty please?

  • Man_in_the_mists

    Saw your twitter poll for the next marriage candidates. Will you have alternate voting ways for those who don’t want to use Twitter?

    Anyway, my vote is for Clint and Emily.

  • Dasaki

    Hey ConcernedApe! Congratulations on getting the Silver game of the Month award in GI! You also have plenty of awesome reviewers and let’s players playing your game! Such love and attention doesn’t go unrewarded, and I for one absolutely enjoy the game!

  • FatCat

    Game not work if u buy Stars Whit gold in festival…lost 5000 Stars because that… u have to hit F4+alt So Fak off Devs!!! Fak so much (Got Refund!)

  • Andryjan

    Is there any chance to PS Vita port?

  • sushifox

    *patiently waits for Mac release*