Update on 1.1 Progress #2

Hi everyone!

It’s been a wild weekend for me. I had a booth at PAX West… my first time ever going to a convention, let alone exhibiting at one! It was really amazing to meet so many people who appreciate Stardew Valley. The vast number of positive interactions I had is hard for me to comprehend, and when I start to think about it I get really emotional. I am very grateful to have met you all.

Some highlights of the convention:

  • All the people doing Stardew Valley themed cosplay! I met Abigails, Emilys, Gunther, Shane, Sebastian, Leah, Jas, Maru, and several people who were dressed as their own in-game characters! One person had a locket with a picture of Sebastian in it. Another came with a fiberglass rod. Sebastian gifted me a potato! Very fun.
  • People who brought me their Stardew Valley art, home-made jelly, and gave me hugs.
  • Funny Stardew stories, like the guy who found a catfish in the trash can after his friend spent many hours fishing for one. Also the guy who listens to the soundtrack while doing yoga, and all the people who expressed their interest in marrying Pam.
  • People’s personal & heartwarming stories about how the game helped them get through tough times. Thanks so much for sharing with me.

At PAX, I had one of the new features of version 1.1 available to demo, and I’d like to tell you all a little more about it.

When starting a new character in version 1.1, you’ll be able to choose from five different farm maps (including the original map). Each map is based on a different skill, and includes unique gameplay opportunities that correspond to that skill. Here’s a rundown:

Riverlands (fishing) — Lots of water, and fishing is actually viable, unlike the other farm maps. It also looks really nice!


Forest (foraging) — Forage items spawn on the west edge of the map, as well as renewable stumps. There is also a unique type of weed that spawns on the farm.


Hill-top (mining) — Lots of cliffs. There is a mining area to the southwest where ores and unique geode-bearing stones will spawn.


Wilderness (combat) — Plenty of farming space, but monsters come out at night.


Everything else in the patch should seamlessly integrate into your existing save files, but to play the new maps you’ll have to start a new character.

There’s a few more things I need to finish for the update, but it should be ready soon.

Thanks again to everyone I met at PAX for the kind words and suggestions!




  • alicia vargas

    I’m so exited for the new update! And why do people forget Clint I would totally marry Clint and Pam.

    • tselmorrah

      I just wanna build Pam a better house!

      • alicia vargas

        That or marry her would be fine.

    • Ashari Fadhillah Akbar

      too old dude, that why many people vote shane and emily

      • Ailsa Cunningham Ek

        Some of us are also old.

  • Lucas

    Awesome! I literally did a victory jump as soon as I refreshed the site today because this is such great news! You are very lucky for having produced such an amazing game that is now flourishing with a lovely community!

  • Mimi

    I could not be more excited of course I’m going to start a new file but if all goes well the farm I share with Sebby is about to get a make over again. Can’t wait and make sure you get a real break when you’re all done you earned it 😀

  • Charlotte Ward

    😮 I’m allllll about the forest farm, what a neat idea! Thanks again for this update, it’s going to be like getting the game new again! Also, that guy who gave you a potato, what a class act.

  • Aertes

    This is amazing!! Thank you very much, I think that I begin with 5 more pg and I’ll play forever *__*

  • Crio Gen

    Oh man, another save? I started one just recently. Awesome work tho. I love you Ape. 🙂

  • SoftyPiggy

    Take your time to finish the update! You are amazing, I wish I could’ve come to PAX West and meet you when you were there<3 And I've wanted to marry Shane from the beginning, I got so sad when I found out I couldn't xD So I'm glad I can when the update comes!

  • Alexius

    well… time to start a new game

  • M.K.

    I am so much looking forward to this update. I hope it gets done before October 19th because I’m going to undergo quite serious surgery and will have to stay in hospital for nearly a month. Stardew Valley will give me something to do and distract me. I even ordered a notebook now to be able to play then.

    • Oh! Rin

      Good luck on your surgery man. It should be ready by then if its this far ahead and CA has said he’s more motivated now that during his resting period personally I expect it to come out first week of October the latest

      • M.K.

        Thanks a lot for your kind wishes, Oh! Rin. I hope you are right about the release date!

    • alex jones

      Wishing you the best for your surgery 🙂

      • M.K.

        Thanks a lot, Alex! That’s very kind of you to say.

        I just wanted to say I didn’t write this because I think I’m so “special” or anything. I just wanted to let people know that I’m yet another person Concerned Ape has been helping through tough times with his game.

        • BlazeBQX

          Hope you have a safe surgery ^_^

        • Candice Brooke

          I don’t think anyone thinks you posted bc you think you’re “special”. Your post seems very genuine and I am sure CA would love to hear that you are looking forward to his game helping you get through a very tough time in your life. No worries!!! Just keep your head up, and good luck with your surgery!!!

          Sincerely, An Internet Stranger! <3

          • Jon

            I’m sure there are people who’ve thought that. The internet can be a cruel place.

        • Alas Vic Bm

          its cool to finally find a nice post with some nice answers, like jon says, the internet can be a cruel place!, hope you get well soon!

    • Mushi Tamiyo

      I hope you have a safe and healthy recovery!

    • Candice Brooke

      Good luck!!!! I hope all goes well and I hope you enjoy playing SDV once your surgery is over and you are in recovery!!!!

      Again, good luck and enjoy!!!! <3

    • Vandersputen

      Hope your surgery goes well!
      Concerned Ape’s said on his twitter that it will be live on monday!

  • Shay

    ugh, i really like the new maps but i put so many hours in one save already. so excited.

    • Paulo ☝

      Exacly, i don’t want lose my progress 🙁

      • Porkthepie

        Can’t you just add a new save file and keep the old one?

        • Paulo ☝

          i guess so

        • Ashari Fadhillah Akbar

          you can keep the old one dude, but if you want to start with new map, you must start in new game

    • Stacy Marie

      I have too but I’m 100% starting a new game when it updates ^-^

      • Person2154

        Same here.

  • james

    Hello sir.. you will add wilderness right which is monster come out in night .. pls we need more night time.. !! not passing out in 1 am.. maybe we should pass out like 6 am in the morning then late to wake up around 10 am.. with loss energy .. that would be great

  • hikari

    xD take your time! <3 on another note, CHOO CHOOO, SHANE TRAIN!

    • little doll

      SHANE TRAIN !!

      • hikari

        Google “Shane Train”. Dont ever ask any of your friends that you want to introduce the shane train to to google it. XD *laughing* *dead*

    • Riguel

      ALL ABOARD!!!

      • hikari

        Google “Shane Train”. Thank me later. XD

  • Holy crap. You are amazing my good sir for doing this. I’ve spent a lot of time on my save already but totally will do another once co-op comes out.

  • tamereenshort

    Nooooo! I suck so much at making money, I spent hours getting there 🙁

  • about the potato

    Looking foward for the update, but about the potato gift https://www.reddit.com/r/tifu/comments/50d7x9/tifu_by_forgetting_about_potatoes/

  • Chechelesen

    There is a video by PC gamer showing some of this stuff:

    Very nice.

  • Tim

    Looking great! Love the game, looking forward to the update!

    Whould it be possible to implement some way ask your spouse to do a sertain kind of chore the next day to make it feel like they are acctually part of the farm?

  • clairvoyantPastry

    aw man, i wish i could have been at the con! sadly i live on the east coast. i’m totally losing it at the fact that a sebastian cosplayer gave you a potato. of cOURSE it’d be sebastian. i saw an amazing post once that was a quest from him and he wanted a potato to throw at a rockface as hard as he could. sebastian continues to prove he is my favorite

    the farm layouts look AWESOME. i think i’ll definitely go for the forest one first, slightly for fanfic reasons and mainly because it looks gorgeous and foraging/renewing hardwoods sounds really nifty! i am REALLY excited for what’s to come! thank you so much for all you do CA and i hope everything goes well for you!

  • PaqpuK

    I like new maps, but I don’t really want to lose my existing farm. There is mods, that make your farm x times bigger, I’m hope someone does a mod to cram all of these new maps into one huge farm, with the old one staying where it was.

    • Amanda

      This. I literally started a new game a few weeks ago and would hate to have to restart again. I love the new maps though!

  • Wyatt

    I really hope the stardew planner will let me build my farms on the other maps first! (https://stardew.info/planner/) < The planner

    (https://stardew.info/planner/76379390-b92f-494a-b915-0b651b002352/#) < My current farm

  • tselmorrah

    Oh I hadn’t even thought about a stardew valley cosplay! I’m totally doing this for our local comicon. One of my students tells me she’s going as someone from undertale, so I can totally pull this off.

  • SweetAlissum

    I met you this weekend at PAX, Ape, and I was so nervous but very happy to shake your hand and tell you I love the game. I’m excited to play the latest and am so glad to hear you had a positive PAX experience!

  • Mouko

    My only concern with the new maps is that we’ll be sacrificing space. Gonna be honest, I barely had enough space for all the buildings I already had…

    • Kitten✨

      I guess it depends on how you play. Most of my farm is empty. I make all my money from my greenhouse and kegs. I have a few patches of crops for cooking. But otherwise, I have a ton of extra space. I’m looking forward to not buying flour anymore.

      • Mouko

        True. I admittedly had large orchards… I guess I’d need to make sacrifices.

  • Lauren Degling

    So. Freaking. Excited. I watched your video on the new update from the con and I can’t wait for those new buildings. I have over 400K that I need to burn!!!! lol!

  • Marcus Rideout

    Thank the Stardrops that this is at least a month out from release… I’m so booked up with client projects it should line right up with when I get a window to take 5 days off to myself! lol.

    Respect for all you’re doing, Eric! Keep up the awesome work. So stoked to see how it’s still evolving when most people would just release a game and that’s it, nothing major changes cosmetically.

  • miesa meisma

    u r awesome ape!! ✧(σ๑˃̶̀ꇴ˂̶́)σ

    • Derp Derpson

      What’s that string of symbols supposed to be? You have my permission to say I’m stupid.

      • miesa meisma

        lol no u r not! it’s just an emoticon hehe ;3

  • Emma Hult


  • Daria Szymańska

    I’m so excited 😀 I want to marry Shane!

  • Tri

    Wow what an incredible update. I did not expect this but it makes so much sense. I’m glad to see you had a good experience at PAX. I wish I could have been there to meet you! This game is seriously one of the best I’ve ever played. 🙂

    Edit: also please more interactions with the Dwarf and Krobus…. plz. I need more quirky interactions with magical/otherworldly creatures. If I could marry the Dwarf I would…..

  • Arvis Jaggamar

    Well, after putting 130 hours into this, I guess this will go back on the list.

  • Tara

    I’m totally down with starting a new save — planning on doing that anyway — but please tell me there aren’t exclusive items for each map that are unobtainable otherwise. As a 100% completionist… that would mean at least three new games for me. I have a job! I have a family! Please! Be merciful!

  • Awesome! Excited for the new update, guess I’ll have to make a new character

  • Kitten✨

    I’m really excited to play the new update. I have so much room for new buildings and crops. Can’t wait.

  • Trigger-Happy

    I’ve finished the game and was waiting for the update, hoping it would give me some motivation to start from scratch… and you absolutely nailed it! 😀 Looking forward to playing it!!!

  • Derp Derpson

    Dear ConcernedApe, please don’t sell Stardew to Microsoft for 2 billion dollars -Some random Stardew fan.

    • Derp Derpson

      Hey! Random Stardew fan! Do ya know if all the PC updates will be on consoles? Or if the Wii U will get a touch controlled inventory and a button to switch to the menu (also touch controlled) and offscreen mode?!? I dream for the future of Stardew! I don’t care when, but if!
      Here’s some of my list:
      Touch control I & M
      Offscreen mode
      Inviting your friends!!
      Amiibo??? Imagine if you tapped one in to get a themed hat in the Mouse dude whatever guy’s shop?
      MOAR farm space!
      MOAR video games, only two gets old! I need MOAR videogame inception!
      A time machine!
      Void Mayonnaise BLTs
      MOAR sandwishes that do come true!

      • Derp Derpson

        Wow! That list was amazing! I can allready imagine it!!!! A TOASTER!!!

        • Derp Derpson

          Like I mean! You could toast bread and make literally any sandwich ever a toasted sandwich! Grilled cheese! Toast! You name it!

          • Derp Derpson

            Oh my gawd yuss! A toaster! Come on! That’s just a guarantee for a future update :p Like I mean I don’t care when, but even if I was a ninety year old man, I’d be even more in love with Stardew if you could make toast! Also y not a pizza oven? Like, I mean come on! I can already see it! A bakery!

          • Derp Derpson

            Woah! Imagine if you could like open an empty shop or something, set prices, and change some characters shedules to go to your shop! Maybe some things would sell better if you made a specialized shop?

          • Derp Derpson


          • Kayla

            Are you….having a conversation with yourself…?

  • Ian Lemmer

    I really want to start a new far but this is exactly why I’ve been waiting. I’ll have to clear my schedule once this update is released so I can get it going again! I’ve been waiting to romance Shane, too…

  • brant drake

    Merge Hill Top and riverlands and get a farm with waterfalls.

  • Aubreyyy

    ive spent so long making my farm and dont wanna restart but NEW MAPSSSS

  • Amanda Leigh

    I was so happy I got to meet you at PAX and learn about this amazing game!!! I’ve basically been playing it non-stop ever since. O.O I’m glad you had a good time! I hope you’ll be back next year so I can gush!!

  • DoomZealot

    so AWESOME! /)^3^(

  • Maugre

    Hmm, I wonder which of the new maps would make the best winery/brewery(/meadery if that ever becomes a thing)…

  • Lee Seng Kuan

    For the hill top map, is it the ore generate speed like in quarry? that would be too slow, just wish that every morning I could see new surprises from the mining area. I have some suggestions, maybe those chests, cheese press, jar can be upgraded to have more space in chest, produce multiple artisan goods from putting in additional material and it seems like those 8 rarecrows are quite wasted when you didnt make use of it, instead it only works the same as normal scarecrow, what is the point of spending time collecting it, maybe you should add some functions on rarecrows, for eg, when you have collected all the rarecrows and put it all anywhere in your farm, those crows wont visit your farm or maybe improve the range of protect area

    • Riah

      I think the rarecrows are simply there for the completionist players (the ones who want to have every collectible item, all hearts maxed out, every recipe cooked, etc)!

  • Can we have an estimate on when the update will be out?

  • Icywebs

    It was so nice meeting you! And I am super excited to play in the updates! I had no idea these were options at the booth, I had assumed it was so new players could experience the game and fall in love with this incredible game you’ve created.

    Thank you for updates!

  • Alexis Jan Aguilar

    Will the ability to move already built buildings around be included in this next update?

    This game is fantastic!

  • Marissa Bee

    So glad that PAX was a great experience! Always wanted to go. I’m loving the new farm maps, they look like they add a lot of new aspects to the game. I’m wondering if the houses will look slightly different depending on the map you choose. Many thanks for this amazing game. Like a lot of others have said, this was a theraputic game for me when it came out, and helped me deal with some major stress!

  • Jiyeon J

    Hi, I am a Korean (South!) fan. I hope the new maps have more places available to go. 🙂 so exited for this news. Thank you for the big update ConcernedApe!

  • RockSauron

    Huh interesting that’d work well haha

    Think 1.1 will be in the console ports at their launch?

    • Riah

      I would assume so, since this will likely come out a month or 2 before they do!

  • MacielLucas

    Android version … ?

  • SarahSyna

    Oh my gosh, this is so exciting! I can’t wait! A friend and I are going to start a Stardew Valley race when this comes out, where we try see who has more cash/items/whatever by the end of a year!I’m so excited!

    • Riah

      I did this with my husband… but he didn’t know we were competing…. 😉
      Needless to say – I won! -hehehe-

  • Layla

    Yay! I won’t mind starting a new game to play the new maps. Working the same farm every day season after season gets tedious, it will be nice to have different farms on different maps to play 🙂 thank you so much for your continued hard work and dedication to the game. I’m glad you enjoyed PAX as well! Keep on keeping on, your fans love you <3

  • Adam Pilc

    I’m so happy! Can’t wait! The different maps are GREAT choice!

  • sp4rr0wsw3nch

    Oh wow. This is great! I can’t wait to try all of the new maps. 🙂

    I’m glad that your trip to PAX went well. The Stardew Community is awesome and it’s great that so many people came to show their support for this wonderful game you created.

  • Arthur Almeida

    It would be cool a translation into Portuguese Brazil

    • Wild JeSTeR ☠

      Would be better to official Portuguese in my opinion, but try to search on Stardew Valley mods sites/forums for localization mods, I think they exist, as far as I remember. I think Chucklefish is taking care of localization for the game too.

  • Mushi Tamiyo

    I am so so excited for all of your additions and all the hard work you put it!
    I just got Stardew Valley last week and have already played over 60 hours! I really love it so much, thank you for making such an incredible game and I’m so excited for the update!!

  • Matsie36

    I really like this idea. It adds to the replay-ability and overall creativity in farms. I found the large space in the normal farm a bit too open.

  • Anne

    So glad you enjoyed Pax! Hope the update isn’t getting too stressful for you 😀

  • Jacob McIsaac

    Love the new idea for multiple maps. I appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into this game and I totally understand that you need to take breaks. You are only one person and sometimes we all need a break. Love your game and thanks again for all the hard work. 😀

  • Douglas Soares

    I still remenber when you remade the NPCs styles, i was soo excited about the game back then… but now that i played the hell out of it, i still can’t wait to see that Updade going Live *-*

  • Dustin Brinnon

    Man… 1.1 is getting me as excited as I was for the initial release. I can’t wait!

  • CzuowiekWilk

    Wilderness looks and sounds so fcking good! Actually just like all of the maps. It’s really nice that this game is gonna get more repeat value.

  • Дарий Пундзий

    No multiplayer…… 🙁

  • Metasieg

    Sure I get ready to start a new file and then find this. Now I want to wait till it’s done. I’m never gonna get my completionist playthrough started am I? Still yay new update.

  • Dylan

    Love the new maps idea. It would be neat if you completed one, you’d get permanent bonus on the other maps to add replaybility. For example, you complete the fishing map (by getting ranked favorably), you will start other maps with a unique fishing pole with a chance to double your fish. Foraging, rare chance to find golden versions of foragable items that sell for triple the price. These passive would stack for each farm you compete. Just an idea to add to replayability.

  • Xcution

    Looks cool and all but I’m mainly waiting for multiplayer. So I’ll just wait here patiently for a whole other half a year to a year to play I suppose. Sigh.

  • Sam Bee

    Those maps are so worth a new save. They give so much more replay ability. It is amazing!

  • Fita Crackers

    I’m looking forward for animal taming in this game hehe

  • August Pro

    Localizations need 🙁

    • Wild JeSTeR ☠

      I think Chucklefish is already taking care of that

  • Lord Raijin

    you’re way too awesome ape!!!

  • GigaGaia

    Well, I bought the game not long ago but didn’t have time to start yet. I was about to start when I see this post. With the new maps coming, I might as well wait.

    • RobertaK

      You might want to start a game just so you can practice some of the standard strategies (learn the original crops/seasons, familiarize yourself with some of the basic quests, and especially practice fishing). Then you can start a new save when the new maps release.

      • Riah

        I agree with this! My first game was fun, I played through my first year. But then I started over and was able to everything so much faster and more efficently, because I had an idea of when to buy/plant things, what tools I needed to upgrade first, where to find items, etc.

  • lézersárkány

    I am looking forward to this update, I already played a lot with the game 100+ hours. I thinking to begin a new game, with the fishing layout. Looks really good! 🙂 keep up the good work Ape!!! Your game is the bomb! Also, will there be a new3DS or PS Vita release of this game? It would be awesome to play this on the go.

  • zain5314 .

    This update better go live with the multiplayer .
    if you take more time so be it but please make it go with the multiplayer :^)

    • Mimi

      this should be here sometime next month if everything goes well I believe he said during his interview multiplayer is supposed to come early next year. if the content gets done when he says why make everyone wait lol. Multiplayer isn’t too important in this sort of game, not like Don’t Starve or something of the like.

      • RobertaK

        Not everyone has an interested in multiplayer — I just hope multiplayer is completely optional or that will be the end of my Stardew days. 🙁

    • Riah

      Concerned Ape is not coding the multiplayer, his publisher, Chucklefish is. CA is only doing a content update. Chucklefish said multiplayer will come out next year.

  • RobertaK

    I love the new maps, and can’t wait for all the other surprises! I’ve got one save going where I’m trying to get to 10million gold earned, along with romancing all the bachelors/bachelorettes so I can see all the 10-heart scenes before I concentrate on Shane and Emily post-update. (Just need to see Alex’s 8 heart scene to give him the bouquet — wish I didn’t have to wait till summer for it.) Then I can start with trying to get the cook all recipes and craft all items…not sure I’ll ever complete the durn museum collection though.

  • Wyatt

    You should add tiered chests, like have the wooden ones hold 1 row, have Iron ones that hold 2 rows, hardwood ones that hold 3 rows, gold ones that hold 4 rows, and Iridium ones that hold 6 rows! You could also add transport chests that have 3 rows and can be set to different ‘frequencies,’ so 2 chests on the same frequency hold the same items!

  • ShinyBlueThing

    I am so excited for this next update. I can hardly wait!

  • Awesome game! And very addictive. My girlfriend and I recently started to play and we can’t get enough of mining, fishing and looking for the mayor’s shorts 😀 Keep it up! Greetings from Argentina.

  • Stacy Marie

    I am so freaking excited for this! In order to make sure I didn’t play the game to death before the big update I stopped playing it but I miss it so muuuuuuch;-; If my boyfriend had anything to add to the game I think it would be different background music, he says he feels like he hears the same few tracks while I’m playing but he’s a big baby XD

  • Galopa WXY

    I am honestly boucing up and down right now. I can’t wait for this update <3 will it come out before the new Pokemon games do? I'll have a tearing issue if it doesn't

  • Maks Fearless

    ConcernedApe, I’m waiting cooperative in the new patch 1.1. All the rest – if possible.

    • Riah

      This is being done by Chucklefish, not Concerned Ape. They have stated console ports are first (this holiday season) and co-op is next (2017).

  • 6xLord

    this update has me so hyped, it’s not even funny anymore. and it’s due to come out right when uni starts for me? oh noooo!!! oh well. this sounds amazing though, i can’t decide which map i’m going to pick though. with shane i wanted to have tons of chickens, i think the mining map would look pretty with lots of coops and grass maybe? i guess we’ll have to see how much space each one has. because the fishing one sounds awesome too, so does foraging… noooo, i’m probably going to start like five new saves. also need to brew lots of coffee because i can’t have wine or beer on my farm with shane around, the guy has a problem and i’m not going to encourage it. i WILL however plant lots of hot peppers for my boy

    • Hanna Metsoja

      you’ve really planned out your whole life together with Shane. That’s cute, but Sam is for me 🙂 We will be having a stable amount of chickens because he loves his mayonnaise and eggs. We’re going to live in the forest because I like the feeling of being surrounded by trees and I can go horse riding everywhere. The children will grow up knowing so much.

  • ajummasurfer

    Thank you for working so hard on SDV. I really do hope you’ll get like a month’s worth of vacation (at least). You did a great job with SDV, people who love the game will definitely wait for the new updates. So yeah. Take a break, Ape. Wishing you good health and more wealth! 🙂 (from someone here in Southeast Asia. You’re global, ape. You deserve some break, but be back okay?)

  • Joey Dell

    Instead of having a map specifically for the spawning of monsters, just have that as an option for the other maps so you could have spawning monster in the hill tops or forest.

  • Peter Bateman

    Aghhh, I can’t wait! Please put multiplayer in the game soon. You da best!

    • Riah

      Chucklefish is taking care of this, and they have said it should be done sometime next year.

  • katie stockdale

    Thank you so much for making this game it’s a brilliant distinction from depression

  • Jillian

    Looking forward to this update, it’s going to be fun!

  • C.Lonnquist

    I really like the new maps, but I wish they were add-ons to my existing save rather than something i had to start from scratch. I’d rather see the progression of years. I mean, I’m hoping you have time to do both in the future, and I love Stardew just the way it is, but it’d be cool if my current save got some new areas to explore! 😀

  • Digus

    Tons of great stuff.
    I plan to get back to the game after update 1.1
    Thank you for all the great work.

  • Misaka Mikoto

    ConcernedApe, I wonder whether you’re ever read Gary Smalley’s book “The 5 Love Languages”? It categorizes human love interactions in, broadly, 5 ways—that is, 5 “love languages” to which people are variously and innately attuned:
    • gifts
    • acts of service
    • time
    • words of affirmation
    • physical touch

    I’ve found this book very helpful in my own marriage, and I wonder whether you’d consider expanding the range of interactions with potential marriage partners to broaden them beyond, mainly, gifts.

    For example, I’d love it if, for example, just sitting with Leah beside the stream were to improve my relationship with her; or, say, hugging Penny or walking with her while holding hands could do the same.

    With everyone focusing so much on gifts, it feels as if I’m just buying love (can you tell my love language isn’t gifts?).

    If you could broaden the scope of interactions that lead to marriage so that the romance leading up to it feels even truer to life, I think I’d hyperventilate with excitement. 🙂

    Thanks for all you’ve done so far! My kids and I love playing together.

    • Riah

      It would take longer, but if you only talk to someone everyday, no gifts, their relationship bar will slowly increase.

  • Jericho B

    Was there any mention if the 1.1 update would be included in the console port?

    • Riah

      The update is likely to come out in October and console ports won’t be out until closer to the holidays, so yes, it will be included.

      • Jericho B

        Yes, that does make sense! My daughter and I love this game and I know she’ll be ecstatic to play this on console as well! Thanks for the response!

  • Paul

    Mr. Barone, I hope you see this comment before you finish your update. I love fishing in this game almost above even farming. It is highly addictive challenging and fun. I can tell whats on the hook by the way it fights. Please don’t change it. Please add more fish. Lots and lots of more fish. I own virtually every Harvest Moon game since the SNES version first appeared back in the 90s. As one of the most die hard fans for the cathartic effect it has on my soul I can say that your game is superior in every single aspect. It was the Harvest Moon that always should have been. There is no only Stardew Valley in my life. Some people use Tetris as a mental zen relief. I use Stardew Valley. Thank you so very much for this flawless game. PLEASE… please… add more fishing perks, treasures, fish, anything. Thank you sir.

    • Misaka Mikoto

      Okay, I have to second this. If you make the fishing easier, please make the easier fishing a TOGGLE. I love it as it is. In fact I am going to restart with this update as a fisherman only. I absolutely LOVE the fishing. And the thing is it was horrifically hard at first, but as I practiced, it has become easier—not too easy yet—and I love how I can tell what’s on the line by how it runs.

  • Wild JeSTeR ☠

    I’m looking forward so much for this patch :)! Thank you so much for your dedication on such an amazing and addicting game 😀

  • Rodrigo Souza

    Hi, i have a suggestion . Please we get hit so easyly with daggers because of the range i guess can you work with it to make it better? Can you make speecial atack better? Like if u press fasr the attack button is the same as the speecial só its useles…. And add some more porwerful daggers thanks

  • Xorko

    Just looking what does the game become and I see this. Amazing !

  • eduardo kania

    my anxiety problems are driving me crazy!

  • Aseem Lalfakawma

    this looks real fun but i really wish it was all incorporated into one map or Can you travel to all these other maps using the bus or something? that would be a boon, since we all wanna experience the best of all these worlds and starting over for each map, damn, that’s cool but, I just wish it was all woven into one map.

  • Ross Richner

    Almost october.. hope it comes out soon

  • GG

    Maybe ConcernedApe could make the glasses accessories look less hideously ugly in this update. I wanted to make myself in the game but I couldn’t stand looking at any of the glasses options because they were so bad.

  • Kaz

    aww! I’m so excited for Shane! Definitely gonna make a new save after the update! I really love this game! Thank you CA! 😀

  • Nohirexi

    You remembered my Sebastian locket! I wish my cosplay had been more obvious that I was my farmer, but I’m so happy you remembered! It was fantastic to be able to meet you and get your autograph (twice! Don’t ever lose your PAX pass, friends), and to share my appreciation for your creation with you. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/af2e6b6ae99da6dd5ef75b001cc52a0e2faa6e1de7227094a30c76d9b598b569.jpg

  • ava

    not sure if you’re thinking of doing this already but if you could make the fridge storage bigger that would be amazing !!!

  • Anjalea Ayres

    for the maps, i’m choosing either mining or foraging. the combat one seems scary, like i hope the zombies don’t have moans…
    i do hope the update comes next week.

  • Kim

    Definitely going with the combat one, looks like it would make for a good distopian, post apocalyptic storyline.

  • Guido Jacobs

    It’s a lot of fun, and the new farmlands add a lot of replay value, but I can’t help wondering how it’d be to take on the role of others in town, to be the town fisherman instead of Willie, for example, instead of just having a lot of water where the standard player farm would be.

  • RCT

    Man, I can’t wait for multiplayer and Xbox One release. This game was already fantastic at launch, and it’s only become better over time.

  • Paulo ☝

    Add a way to end the dating ‘-‘

  • Dancap
  • warren agassi

    Creative suggestions ! I learned a lot from the details ! Does someone know if my business can access a blank FL FAR BAR ASIS Form document to complete ?

  • Janice Roadee

    Invaluable piece ! Incidentally , others are wanting a a form , my company edited a sample form here https://goo.gl/fdMHaB

  • Jessyl Abrenica

    I am looking forward for this game :))))))))))))) i really love stardew valley 🙂 Hi ConcernedApe, I would like to ask if the new version of stardew valley will be launch before December 2016 ends? just asking :)))))

    • LLouG

      with new version you mean the multiplayer? because he said on PC Gamer’s interview that will come early 2017 if I’m not mistake, now if you’re talking about the new layouts, the update has been released about 2 months ago.

  • hila

    hi! where can i get the updade? can someone help me please? my son wants it so bad…

  • Shu Ohma

    Stardew Valley Staff, correct the error when buying the pigs and the cows and when I buy the bug