Dev Update #29

Hey everyone, checking in once again.

I’m still knee-deep in finalizing the “progression” content of Stardew. It’s a pretty loose category of stuff that I’m working on… but my overall aim is to make sure players feel like they have direction and purpose when playing. This is especially important when you start a new game and haven’t yet established a thriving farm. For example, I’ve added a simple quest log:


The word “quest” might convey the wrong idea, though; in Stardew Valley, questing isn’t a big part of the game. The quest log simply serves as an unobtrusive way to remind players of goals they might want to pursue. If you prefer to ignore it, you can certainly do that. However, the local townspeople will ask you to do things for them, and following through with their requests is a good way to make friends. The quest log will help you keep track of this.

I also added the pets. You don’t get them immediately, it’s something to look forward to:


They’ll make your farm and house a little more lively.

Other things I’ve added/improved in the last month:

  • A traveling merchant who stops in the valley now and then. She sells a wide variety of items… sometimes it’s junk, other times you’ll find something rare and special. Bad prices, though.
  • Private bedrooms. You can only enter someone’s bedroom after getting to know them a little. This gives players more incentive to befriend people.
  • Interactive world“… Added a lot of instances where you can “check” something and get a description of it. For example, you might see a letter sitting on a desk that you can read. This adds to character development and immersion.
  • Secrets and big end-game goals for hardcore players.
  • Craftable chests to store your stuff in.
  • End-of-the-night shipping summary that shows how much money you made that day. (It’s cooler than it sounds)
  • A cave on the farm that you’ll be able to utilize after certain conditions are met.
  • A new area that connects the farm to the mountains, so you don’t always have to run through town to go mining.

I’m still committed to releasing the game this year. Once I’m done with the “progression” stage the game itself will be essentially finished. My next step will be to work on technical stuff. For example, the options menu, bugs, graphics issues, optimization, etc.

Thanks for reading!



  • Nathan

    This game is gonna be so good!! Every update gives me something else to look forward to, thank you

  • yukovalis

    The want… is real. I like many, I cannot wait.. at all. we want this bad 🙂 With that being said, please still take your time. I do not wish for you to fall at the last hurdle simply because you rushed. This game will be glorious, I can feel it. But that polish only comes with time.

  • I’m so excited for this game to release! keep up the great work Ape. (:

  • Everything’s looking super swelllll! I’ve been here two years now and I haven’t once been left disappointed with your updates.

    Sometimes I frown it’s not the “RELEASE NOTICE” (let me gay marry my drunkard novelist kthx) but generally its just WOAH LOOK AT THIS SWELL NEATO UPDATE. I’M GONNA MARRY THIS GAME.

    • I am not at all impatient and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this game grow like this. My anticipation grows with each update and I am 9000% certain this is going to be just as good, if not better, than my favorite ‘Moons.

      • justincando

        not over 9000? thats dissapointing ;-;

  • Luke

    “End-of-the-night shipping summary that shows how much money you made that day.” Actually sounds really cool to me! I Was always difficult to tell what was making you good money in the older Harvest moon games.

  • FuzzyBubbles

    This is by far the most excited i’ve ever been for a game. Been following for a very long time and it’s looking fantastic. Keep up the great work!

  • joris2110

    YAY cant bloody wait for this

  • Josh McJunkin

    Ive been following your game for a while now, I really look forward to playing your game. It looks so far, better then the Harvest Moon games that have been recently released.

  • Klintt

    Still hyped for this game and good job (as always), Mr.Ape! 😉

    But I feel like a lots of things could be added later in patches like new areas,new dialog boxes etc…

    No offense, Mr.Ape! Its just that: I wanna plaaaaaaaaaay it!!! xD

  • Magzilla

    I was feeling really down, so I decided to check this site, and lo and behold, a new update! Made my day, Ape. Thank you for continuing to work so hard on this amazing game!! All the new stuff sounds really interesting and I cannot wait to discover all the secrets and mysteries of Stardew Valley!

    Again, thank you so much!

  • Yay, it’s nice to hear about you :). I already want to discover all of that stuff; everything is looking great! Cheers!

  • Diovos

    Each month you get me more and more hyped for your game =D
    I can’t wait to play it with my friends…

  • Kay

    I am so very excited for Stardew! I appreciate how much thought, detail, and time you put into everything instead of just rushing it out. I’m sure the game will be amazing and I can’t wait to play!

  • Todimus

    Super excited! Thanks for your regular updates! If you’re interested in avoiding the connotations that “Quests” convey, you could call the quest log a “Journal” or “To-Do List.”

    • Magzilla

      Yeah, ‘quests’ doesn’t really fit with this game. I like To-Do List. Cause there’s lots to do on a farm. 🙂

  • Lucas Aquino de Assis

    Mate, fuck Fallout 4, fuck everything, I just want Stardew Valley(take your time, though, haha).

  • JakeBalmber

    Special cave on the farm procedurally generated?

  • Lommy

    Just a couple of months – can’t wait~ There is so much stuff that just sounds great <3 You work makes me want to learn how to code so I could do something this great myself… ^^°

  • Maxim Shamko

    I can’t wait for release… This game is gonna be AWESOME! Don’t give up, Ape and try to finish it as soon as you can.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Ah Ape, amazing work so far! As a suggestion, what about the quest bar having different “tabs” so we won’t get confused like “done” and “new”?

    • I don’t know what’s going on here but I get the feeling “Done” on that quest menu means it is a quest you have finished but not yet turned in?

      • Bruce Wayne

        Ah yes, that could be! Still, would be nice to keep track of your quests…

  • SimiIV

    I’m so hyped for this game! Keep up the good work!

  • as

    I’m looking forward to it.

  • Jerônimo Gregolini Pucci

    It really feels taht the game is growing in the right direction, Ape. Keep it up!

  • Cxarl

    No matter how slow, tired, or bad the beginning of my day is going, seeing a new update, even if it’s just to check in, always makes my day better. Everything about this game sounds amazing!

  • Keosu

    Very promising update. As some others have already said, take your time. Don’t rush because everyone else can’t wait anymore (myself included). How much time you allow yourself for polishing is the one factor that seperates a great game from a good game.
    However, I think, it would be good, if you have some beta testers in the last phase. You alone can’t find all bugs. This is stuff where people with fresh eyes and a new way to play come in handy.

    • pinkcatmint

      I totally agree with you. He really should wait until the game is as finished as possible, then let a few people play it for a month or so. That way, they will figure out the bugs and other problems and he can correct them before the final release. It’s always a good idea to get fresh eyes on a project.

  • Omega_Ryan

    So. AWESOME!
    *Gets wallet.*
    Hmmm…eh, whatever.
    *Begins throwing money at computer.*

    • Omega_Ryan

      xD But seriously, take your time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You sir, (Or ma’am, IDK) are going to make two wonderful things. A fun game, and a very large and strong fan-base.

  • Rhyze Ganitano

    Will this have steam green light upon release and be available?

    • moniablox

      Ape mentioned that the game was already greenlit in a certain release, and probably will be released for Steam 😉

  • HimochiIsAwesome

    I’m impatient, gosh I can’t help it, but I’d probably rather play it when you’re 100% happy it’s as good as you intended. 😛 Good luck on the future work, and it all looks great for now! 😀

  • Jake

    Aww yee, stardew hype m/

  • Sam

    CApe added Pets. Im dying. Thank you. Thank you so much. Not only I get – like it seems – the most perfect Harvest Moon-like Game, no, I also get a cat within. That is so gorgeus.

    And I love that you think so much about progress. One big problem of such games is, mostly on the beginning, I dont really know how to begin and what to pursue first. I love this update! Looking forward to the next one!


  • leeyamoon

    Why he doesn’t publish a BETA?
    In the beta you don’t need so much things.
    You be able to publish it and every month to do an update because some of the people are tired for waiting

    • Sam

      He adressed this point in an earlier update.

      CApe explicitly dont want to go for Early Access or an Beta (not sure if he mentioned the beta), because he want that everyone who play his game get right from the beginning the full, polished experience and go for the best of it, so he want to avoid giving out a not finished game.

    • yukovalis

      Beta’s are horrible actually. Even if they are somewhat decent, you are then playing an unfinished product. It is very easy to get burned out on that, and not care about it when it is finally released.

      Think about it this way. You make your way to a fair, and find out it is only half set up. They tell you “oh we are having it now, but the full thing should be up next week” How many people are going to return you think? my guess is not many, and sure you had a bit of fun when you were there, but you will have missed the full glory of the event.

  • Cole

    You’re doing it right, Ape. I honestly believe your hard work will be rewarded being one of the very few games that isn’t being released half-assed or early access. Not only that but it is a game that meets the demands of many occult followings of Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Animal Crossing, many games like that. Me and my mates are all looking forward to doing this 4 players. Keep up the great stuff! 😀

  • Joseph Hoss

    So excited for this. I will be buying day one for sure! Unless you allow for preorders!! 😀

  • Christoph

    Will this be on mac, i hope?

  • Christoph

    Will this be on Mac, I hope?

  • moniablox

    The Hype, The Stardew Valley Hype <3

  • WirlWind

    If no-one already has, I’d like to suggest that maybe you just change the name of the “quest log” to something like “To-Do List”.-

    That changes the feel of it entirely, imo. Much more fitting to the setting as well.

    (::EDIT:: Was already mentioned, but count this as a vote for the change 😛 )

  • dawnbomb

    i really wanna see lots of end game goals, and tons to accomplish. also have you played rune factory 3 or 4? consider adding some systems from those games, like temp guest villagers if the town has a inn, or ‘important but not villagers’ who visit every so often at random, to help boost the population walking around and liven the hustle and bustle.

    really try and focus on the not farming aspects, the bigest gripe i think i can agree on, is farming, rushing to gift the person you want, then going to bed at 9AM. give more to do in the day, make it so fishing isnt lame and useless later, or mining, ect ect. try and keep the player playing past noon every day if you can 🙂

  • Khalus

    Sounding even more awesome!

    Why not call the Quest Log a “Journal” then if they aren’t quests persay…its your chars log of stuff you heard about and could pursue.

    • dawnbomb

      i heavily agree to renaming the term quests to something more life friendly, your a farmer not a adventurer. considering the kinda lifey game it is, you can literally call it “The to-do list’ and get away with it. altho i think i’d prefer something more clever like …well i can only think of bad things right now, but like ‘life goals’ or ‘requests’ or ‘what to do next’ or something.

      • Jack

        “Jobs, Errands, Tasks, Job Requests” just to add to the list of ideas. Love your work so far. 😀

  • Kita

    at least let us preorder the game on steam already!

  • vomov

    It feels like you’re getting very, very close to a release…

  • Sam

    I am so EXCITED!! to this game and wishing it would be released with smooth and perfect gameplay. No need to rush but hoping the progress would be as quick as a roadrunner 😀

  • Glacialis1337

    SOOOO GOOOOOOOD, i’ve been following your game for a long time now, i’m super excited for the release.
    Don’t rush it though, i’m sure we are all willing to wait some more months if it’s needed.

    Great work bro, Cheers

  • Zero Blossom

    YAY so happy to see another update! can’t wait to play your awesome game keep up the good work!

  • Kuroneko

    Ooooh yaaa! Cannot wait to play!

  • PlotmasterX

    I love the community that has grown around this game. It is a great mix of excitement, appreciation, and patience. The amount of effort that has been put into this games is apparent and I think we all feed off of that. Thanks everyone!

  • Rivaldi Lukman H.

    I’m rarely buy a game, but i make sure to buy this game no
    matter what!!

  • Drofnats

    Finally the definitive Harvest Moon game. Has a little bit from each game in the series. It doesn’t just focus on the farming or just on a story like certain Harvest Moon games, but does both.

  • João Rafael Romero Reato

    Were i find the green people? 😉

  • MewKitty

    are you going to do different types cats and dogs? maybe you have to befriend them? just curious and suggestioning things

  • Fredde Nilsson

    I have been following the development of this game for almost 3 years. Thanks to one of the mods with some kind of petty vendetta against me (who ignores other bad behaviour, ignores clearning up the forum, but if I put one toe out of line, I find myself banned). Now I’ve been banned, no reason given, unable to figure out why, no response from chucklefish.

    I went from being a huge supporter of this game to feeling like I’m being pushed out the door. It’s a shame. I no longer feel interested in being part of something that doesn’t want me around. CA I wish you the best

    Chucklefish: I don’t need your games to exist. You need people to purchase your games to exist. Your community practices are petty and disgusting.

    • Freddle Crymore

      mad cauz bad

  • Matt Brauer

    this game looks like it can cure depression

  • Sznejk
  • The Inimitable Pool

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaan, I can’t wait for this game. Hoping the technical stuff doesn’t take that long, but, then again, I want you to polish this as much as you can, too. Can’t wait for the next update!

  • Drake

    So excited, Cant wait!

  • Pedro S

    Good to hear it’s coming along. Good luck! And my your can of bug spray be potent! Honestly can’t wait to get my hands on it 😀

  • Gennah

    Thank you so much for keeping us updated as you work! I am getting more excited every time about this game.

  • Snusbagaren

    Very nice summarize.

  • Júnior Nascimento

    Hi! Is very beautiful design. What is the release date?

  • Júnior Nascimento


  • Júnior Nascimento

    Is very beautiful design. What is the release date?

  • Number13teen

    I always enjoy coming to this sight around the 20s and finding a new update on the site. It seems you added adorable pets! It’s fine if they don’t do much, the fact that they look cute is fine by me! When I saw the cave on the farm I was reminded of the first Rune Factory dungeons where you can grow crops in dungeons, but I doubt that’s the purpose.

  • Jeremy

    There will be A LOT of let’s play for this game. I’m thinking of PewDiePie, Ihascupquake, Markiplier, LDshadowlady etc.

  • Lyndsey Evenstar

    Been following for almost a year. I CAN’T WAIT! Seriously, my two sisters and I are so pumped. We need something new to get into! Keep it up Ape.

  • Pesawat Melintas


  • Dustin Brinnon

    Considering the lack of remaining months in this year, this is definitely exciting.

  • Hunter

    This quest log seems kinda weird to me. Will it make the game more stream-lined or does it really add to the environment. I just feel it doesn’t add to the game correctly, but if you feel you are putting it out right, the by all means CA, do it.

  • Snusbagaren

    Very very nice, still pumped!

  • Samantha

    the hype it’s killing me!!!!!!!! :))))))))

  • Jake

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Pesawat Melintas

    It’s September! Please update us with something new please!

  • McWhite

    It is almost time for another update. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Mike Lawrence

    I can’t believe it might come out this year. I’ve been following your progress for so long, waiting and wishing for this news!! Woohoo!!! Keep up the good work!

  • Jess

    Thank you so much to do a Harvest Moon better than Harvest Moon (and moreover on Steam !). I love you Ape more than my own husband. From your best french fan. See you soon on Stardew Valley !

  • I am not going to lie, I think I have checked this website at least ten times a day for the past few weeks, my hype meter is a little too high. I’ve been following progress for so long and I haven’t lost even a single bit of my childish excitement. I just want to farm and gay marry my little drunken author or lesbian marry one of the girls. I love farming sims so much ;;

  • McWhite

    What if we don’t get another update but a straight up release?

    • Diovos

      It would be really nice, but I think you’re being too optimistic xD

  • Kelly

    I been following this game forever!! Can’t wait for the release. I’ll get it the day it comes out!! Thank you Ape for putting so much time and effort into your game! I know it will be a success!! Hope it is going smoothly for you!

  • MewKitty

    do you get to name the animals or at least the pets? just curious. this game is looking great! me and my friends are so excited about this and cant wait to play it n.n

  • Shawn Dugger

    Looking good! Keep up the good work. Me and my friends are so pumped for this game!

  • yukovalis

    You better still be alive! cause if something happened I will track down your ghost and force it to continue making this awesome game. 🙂