Dev Update #30

Hi everyone!

The Chucklefish team just streamed a sneak peek of Stardew Valley. If you missed it, you can watch a recording here:

There’s about an hour of gameplay there, taking you through the first week of the game. Some things (like exploring the mines) weren’t even featured in the stream, so you’ll have plenty of extra stuff to discover when you play it yourself! I’ll understand if you want to keep it a surprise, though.

I thought the stream was a lot of fun, and watching others play Stardew Valley revealed some important areas that need work. Also, some people in the chat made suggestions that I will implement. Thanks!

The game is very close to being finished. I don’t have a set release date yet, but it will certainly be out this year. Single player is 99% finished, but needs a more polishing and debugging. Multiplayer still needs some work, and I am looking into possibly switching to MonoGame, which would allow for a Mac and Linux release. I can’t make any promises about that, but I’d really like for it to happen.

I added some critters, recently. Here’s one:squirrel

Let me know if you have any feedback about the live-stream!







  • gregson groob

    Just what I needed, thanks!

  • Jerônimo Gregolini Pucci

    I can’t believe I missed the stream! Thank you so much for posting it here, Ape. I’ll have a dlightful time watching it.
    As always, keep up the good work! 😀

  • Klintt

    Thanks, CA! Speaking for myself: it really helps waiting for the game. I appreciate that you let us know that its still coming this year even if theres no date yet. (and I understand if its delayed dont worry!)

    Any chances that we can see more streams on twitch of chucklefish or yourself playing the game and for those who doesnt mind getting spoiled? (Personally it doesnt ruin my hype at all to learn more or even know everything about the game,story… It even makes me even more hyped and It gives me some ideas/hints of what im going to do when I begin)

    I’d like to see a twitch like that but multiplayer when its done and if you dont mind.

    Also: A warning maybe to tell us a few days with a time if theres any SV streaming going on, on the website would be nice. I missed the twitch and came 1hour after apparently (doh!) but its ok. 🙂




    Heres my suggestions/comments about the game (ofc you’re free to ignore it or do whatever you want with it!). First: I LOVE IT!!!!! I enjoyed learning at little more about the residents of Pelican Town! (cant wait to play it! AAAH…. lol ;D )

    At the intro: I laughed. Because the old man from the first scene reminded me Santa.. and the scene at Joja: “terminated” and that skull…. When you see your farm for the first time: Your character and Lewis/Robin reactions LOL! Good job!

    I love the mysteries. It feels when watching the video like theres always something to do in this game, especially with the “quests”..!

    Theres some little details (I dont know if you can or cant it was not clear watching the video) but I’d like to interact more with things like sit on chairs,benches, play on the playground (even if you’re older, just for the fun of it or being silly!)

    The jukebox: I’d like to select the music to play and buy or build one for my home. Maybe some ways to unlock musics ingame?

    The arcade: I love that its not just a decoration but you can play some minigames!!! Any chances for a multiplayer mode from videogames/arcade machines? If not just being able to watch some play it would be nice.

    I dont really expect any of my suggestions to make into the game and I have a neverending wishlist for Stardew Valley (and any other games that I love). Im just sharing anyways and thanks for reading! 😀

  • pinkcatmint

    You just made my day! 😀 This was so much fun to watch and it makes me so excited to know the game will be out this year. I can’t wait to play.

  • Amanda

    Thank you for sharing that video. I usually don’t do well catching streams, but this was great to watch. I want to see more. (i want to play, to. xD) I want to see the wizard….maybe mary him. xP /shot

    You really are amazing. =)

  • FuzzyBubbles

    I skimmed through the video just to see how the game looks and it looks amazing! I would’ve watched the entire thing but i decided to let the whole thing be a bit of a surprise for me. Super pumped for the release!

  • Marie-Êve Nielly

    Looks and sounds awesome, you really are a one man army. ^.^

  • Switching to MonoGame would be awesome. If I could play this native on Linux from the get go I would be so psyched. I was part of the Terraria Linux beta using MonoGame and the developers were super helpful and actually got in contact with the Terraria devs.

  • Martin Whit

    Will you still be releasing on steam? I’ve been following for so long and if it doesn’t get released on steam i’m most likely gonna miss out on this great game! there’s an entire steam group just for this game ! lol

  • Matthew Garbett

    It would be great if the game also made it to Android!

    • Zael

      Now, let’s not demand touch controls from him. Maybe after he’s taken a break, or settled financially, he could then outsource that like Re-Logic did with Terraria. But I would not keep this on a high priority, I’m sure ConcernedApe needs a well deserved long vacation after the release and initial critical bug fixes. (Which are pretty much inevitable, considering the range of hardware people have.)

      • Matthew Garbett

        Honestly the controls wouldn’t be that hard to do since it uses a mouse. That being said I wouldn’t expect him to have it on Android at launch or even any os but Windows for that matter. But I’m sure if he can do it eventually he will. I’ll just be glad when the game comes out at all and he will be getting my money for his hard labor. He’s made no money from this project so far unless I’m missing something so I’m sure he’s wanted to launch as soon as he can to get paid. Well looking forward to the launch anyways it looks like it’s pretty close to being done after watching the stream.

        • Zael

          There’s a lot of UI re-design involved when aiming for touch, and judging by ConcernedApe’s uncompromising eye for quality, he’s not going to allow it to be done half-assedly. Thus, a considerably large undertaking.

    • Klintt

      That would be awesome, but lets see how popular,sales etc… first! But yeah I would like to see SV on android in a far future, I guess.. (hopefully not “freemium” 😛 )

      Also yeah I agree with Zael.. CA has been working for what… I think 3years or around that on SV? He clearly needs well long deserved vacation! (Understandable, he developed this game alone, its really impressive..! At least it is to me..)

    • screw that

  • jaykaylol

    This is sort of just a small suggestion from someone who spends a lot of time in character creation screens… Is there any way to include a height slider in the future, or is it a little too late for something like that? This game has been my absolute most anticipated game for a few years, and I’m so happy to hear you’re sure it’ll come out this year. Thank you for all the hard work!

    • Marie-Êve Nielly

      A height slider would require tons of new sprites, including all directions and animations in every direction, not to mention the clothes, for every height variation.

      • jaykaylol

        I ask because it looks like there are some height differences between the villagers, and wonder if it is possible to have it implemented into the player character as well. I understand it’s work, but that is why I inquired and did not demand it. 😛

      • Uni Whitebear

        Nah, just scale the sprite :p

  • Pesawat Melintas

    Coop is interesting. 🙂

  • Godhound36

    Im so hyped up!

  • enphoius

    Wow I’m so excited for this. Anybody else think this is gonna come out in November and then you will be stuck with trying to play Stardew Valley and Fallout at the same time.

    • so many games to look forward to!

  • Beautiful work Concerned Ape!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this stream, and I can’t wait to play your game when it releases.

    initial observations/suggestions:

    – increase the hit-area for NPC’s to include the entire sprite to make NPC interaction via cursor easier (it was very frustrating watching adam spam click the NPC’s to no result)

    – beginner fishing difficulty adjustment (seems quite hard)

    – day/night cycle seems very short

    (ps. you are a god for developing this entire game by yourself.)

    • ConcernedApe

      Thanks Adam! I already revised the hit area for the NPC’s and I’m considering adjusting the day length! I’ll need to see more people try fishing before I make any conclusions.

      • Klintt

        Maybe give some options so everyone can set the day length the way they like it the most!

      • Joshua Landry

        I’m kind of with Klintt’s suggestion here; the day feels way too fast for me. Coming here from wanting something in the vein of Harvest Moon (except for the first one, which was a super rush at times), such a fast pace is not at all relaxing in the same way. There should be some pressure to get things done, but not … you know, a scramble, especially in a farming and life simulator (essentially).

        I’m sure some people would probably like it to be dashy though, so an option would be awesome. Maybe a ‘classic’ version and a ‘laid back’ version, or something like that.

        • Keosu

          Two options for a classic and relaxed version would be nice to have, yes

  • DibJib

    “Polish”. Re-watching most of the stream the game already looks amazing. Every little detail I saw made me more and more anxious…

    My only nit pick from what I saw was how the text jumps on some pages, basically finishing on the next page. Probably not easy to get around that though with long sentences.

    I was in the middle of class when I saw a portion of the fishing on stream. Took all that I had to not lose it seeing the game in action…cannot wait for this game, x_x

    Great work!

  • ElectricPrism

    ZzzzzzZzzz let me slumber – wake me up in my RSS feed when this is done, till then…. get out of my sight.

  • Yoh1612

    I want to ask what were the suggestions that you will implement?

    • ConcernedApe

      Someone suggested to change the cursor icon in situations where clicking would result in talking to an NPC. I implemented that, so the cursor now turns into a little chat bubble.

      • Klintt

        Its nice that you take time to answer to us like that and tell us more whats going on, your plans. (including in comments, not just blog) I also appreciate that you just read and consider our feedback/ideas/suggestions, thanks! ^^

  • Jonas Johansson

    omg gief!

  • sn00ze

    Thanks for the stream. I really love your work.

    I have a small question:

    Is it possible to change the view of the camera? It is a bit too close for my eyes.

  • Mimi

    I’m so excited for this game! Please release soon, I cannot wait to play.

  • Flairrin

    Hey, this is looking great! I can’t wait to play it! Mind if I make a suggestion? I think the time runs a little too quickly. I suggest maybe slowing it down just a tad, and maybe having time run a little slower indoors? I think that would be a really cool idea. This game is looking really awesome though, thanks for taking the time and effort to develop something awesome and complete.

  • Christoph

    Please add this on Mac!

  • Sam

    I skipped the stream, although I knew about it. I dont want to spoiler me, especially not the beginning. I want to enjoy it at my first play <3

    I think it would be really cool if Stardew would be playable at Max/Unix, but switching a framework at such a late state of the game? 🙁 I think that will cause a lot of work – not to mention the testing that is required than again …
    Would'nt it be an option to do the switch after a first release? I understand that a parallel release on every platform would be great, but … switching sounds like months of work x_x …

    • ConcernedApe

      Yeah, it might be a lot of work. I’m going to look into it and decide if it’s worth doing before or after release. Switching from XNA to Monogame is often a relatively easy process, so there’s some hope.

  • juan diaz

    Looks great CA! I cant believe the amount of little details you added, for example the chests expanding as they breathe… i mean really love the small details ! Quick question as for co-op play how will days pass? Do we all have to go to bed at the same time? Can’t wait for it to come out you have at least 4 sales 100% sure from me! Keep it up!

    • ConcernedApe

      It could be done multiple ways, I haven’t finalized anything with multiplayer yet. Most likely, the server host will be the “leader” in co-op. When they go to bed it would trigger a new day for everyone.

      • Klintt

        Personally: I’d like to use my singleplayer save for both singleplayer/multiplayer and work somehow like animal crossing so I can start,invite people to play online..

        The way I imagine it: You would probably play in the host world/farm (if you’re a guest and you can choose to go back to your farm while staying in the host world and leave that zone, the time freeze at your farm but not in the host world). The host can come visit your farm if you’re at your farm (as a guest in the host world) but theres a request popup and you can accept or refuse. (so if you dont know the person enough you can decline until you trust the person more to not get griefed)

        Autosaves for multiplayer before starting/joining a game, maybe up to 5 so you can always reload if someone griefed you.

        I think the key would be to add a lot of options with checkboxes mostly to avoid griefers example: like I saw in an update that you can be a butcher well there would be options if the guests are allowed to kill your animals or not.. (they can also be changed at anytime in multiplayer so you wouldnt have to host a game again to change something if you change your mind)

        As for the money I see 2options that the host can choose:

        1′ Money is shared equally at the end of every days.
        2′ You earn your own money and only for yourself from the things that you sell,put in the shipboxes.

        Im full of suggestions/ideas/feedback (also probably neverending, i warn you but at least im honest…! ;D) but I dont expect anything will necessary make it to SV I just like to share em. Its your game afterall and I’ll buy it (its going to be 2year or around that at the end of october that i found this game and been following you since!)

  • Semilhas

    Awesome one-man job. Being a long-time HM player, I can’t begin to describe how excited I feel about your game. After watching the video, allow me to make small sugestion (besides the ones I’ve seen on the comment section):

    Interface: Shift-clicking for multiples should be possible. Like creating 10 torches or selecting 10 seeds at once.
    -Time should stop when reading/talking/interacting, so that the game-clock stops (NPCs stop walking). Of course, this could be an exploit in dungeons for a quick potion, so I would sugest a pause button as well for bathroom breaks and so on, instead of stoping when going to the menu.

    Cosmetics: Text-boxes should be smaller and wider, taking the full windth of the lower 1/4 of the screen. If spacing between lines is reduced, maybe most text could fit in a single frame.
    -The church clock could display real-time.
    -Since you’ve only played in spring, I’m not sure if this is a feature, but nights are longer in fall/winter and, as such, at 6AM should still be night time (as well as 4PM should be near nightfall).

    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down
    Scroll down

    “Grants Room
    We the Bunimo are happy to aid you. In return we ask for gifts of the valley. If you are one with forest magic then you will see the true nature of this scroll”

    Nice substitution cipher.

    • ConcernedApe

      Interface: Shift-clicking for multiple actions does work for a lot of things, I’m not sure if it does for crafting but it will by release.

      Time: (copied and pasted from above) I’ve been coding it to work with non-paused menus because that’s how multiplayer needs to be. I’ll probably make it paused for single-player, though.

      Cosmetics: I might fiddle with the text box width. Right now it’s designed to work with the minimum window size that the game is functional with (1280×720).
      -By “church clock” I’m assuming you mean the community center? When you start the game, the community center is run-down and the clock is broken as a result. Who knows what could happen if the community center were restored? 😉
      -winter has a different sunrise/sunset than the other seasons

  • Gerald Liaw

    Great stream! Even if I mostly skim through parts.

    Here are some things which bothered me

    – When the seeds were planted on the first day it seems to be unlimited, since he gets 15 bags of seeds and the numbers won’t drop when he sows the seeds.

    – All that frantic clicking when trying to talk to NPCs, maybe increase the character’s clicking hitbox?

    • ConcernedApe

      Yeah I noticed that about the seeds. It’s on my bug list. I’m guessing Adam used the controls in a different way than I ever have. It’s useful to watch others play! And I’ve also made the hitbox smarter to hopefully solve the frantic clicking.

  • penguinsane

    The stream got me even more hyped! The only suggestion that I have so far would be to have time pause while in menus, while in single-player. Time pausing in buildings is a novelty, but unnecessary imo.

    • ConcernedApe

      I’ve been coding it to work with non-paused menus because that’s how multiplayer needs to be. I’ll probably make it paused for single-player, though.

      • penguinsane

        That is what I figured was happening. Understandable! But yeah, pausing for single-player would be fantastic, that way I can just bring up a menu and then AFK for a quick minute without worrying about wasting an entire in-game day!

        I didn’t expect a response. Thank you!

      • Klintt

        Good ideas or you could make it an option so every players can choose the way they like.

        (I think the key to make the most players happy overall is to add a tons of options so players can enjoy the game with the mechanics that they enjoy the most or closest to these options, thats just my opinion ofc…)

  • Uni Whitebear

    Did you ever play Graal Online? some of the animations are very reminiscent of some animations i’ve seen on servers there xD
    And the furniture placement system feels a lot like what some servers had, and what I once scripted for one too

    • ConcernedApe

      I may have played it once, maybe 10 years ago. The only thing I remember about it is that it looked like SNES zelda.

      • Uni Whitebear

        Ah okay ^^ Probably didn’t have some systems back then, sadly it mostly died (or rather the creator quit and now they only seem to push their iphone stuff instead of updating the PC stuff still, so people slowly leave the PC version)

  • Joshua Bays

    Looks amazing, I could only watch like 20 minutes before I got to excited and didn’t want spoil more than I already saw. xD

    • Uni Whitebear

      Your avatar fits your comment 😉

  • Courtney

    Ahhh I can’t believe I missed the live stream! Had an awesome time watching it now though! We all knew how amazing this game was going to be So excited for you Ape, and excited for all of us as well! Cant wait to play soon! Great work, and a job well done!

  • Pamela Collins

    Omg! I really hope I can get a squirrel pet somehow! =)

  • James DeRiven

    I don’t know what Monogame is, but as a Mac user who is tired of jerry-rigging games in Wine and CrossOver {Hello Viscera Cleanup Detail that I never got working], the idea of a native Mac build gets me very excited.

  • Chin Sy

    Finally, a new update! I’ve been refreshing this page almost everyday for a new post! This game is really amazing, especially knowing that it’s a one man project. I can’t wait for it to be released! 🙂 Although, i suggest that time should stop when player is in dialogue, buying things, looking at the map or fixing the inventory. Day cycle just runs way too fast for me.

  • Tenshiamon

    I really cannot wait for this game to be released.. I will be streaming it for all friends and followers to see.. Hopefully talk some other streamers into joining me. Keep up the work Ape and can’t wait..

  • Davin Dirgantara

    steam right ? good good

  • Kinjax

    Everything looks great, you’ve done an awesome job Ape. I’d have one small(i hope) suggestion, if it’s not too complicated to add. Any chance of a setting that changes how fast in-game time actually passes? It’s one of the aspects i always disliked about this sort of game, it always felt like a race, i never really felt like i had time to enjoy my surroundings and my farm, i doubt i’m the only one who felt this way. I’m not asking for many settings or anything, just something like 1x and 0.5x 🙂

    • Kiki Butt Plumb

      I’m fine with the system (like harvest moon), but 5 seconds for 10 minutes in game seems a bit too fast, I hope it can be around 10-15 seconds for every 10 minutes.

      • Kinjax

        Yeah that’s my issue with it, watching the stream it feels like the player has to sacrifice productivity if they want to go to town and meet NPCs or explore a bit, especially since NPCs are in different places at different hours. It shouldn’t feel like you’re being punished for wanting to see more of what the game has to offer.

        • pinkcatmint

          Can you imagine trying to handle large crop fields plus taking care of animals with this current time rate? There is just no way you could get anything done during the day. 🙁 I really hope he slows things down a bit.

    • Fantist

      Go with the tried and true method of one real life second is one in-game minute. Or an option to set the time scale. I’d love a real life time scale option like what Animal Crossing does. Also would like to see time stop advancing when in a menu or inventory as well as when you’re inside any building.

    • pinkcatmint

      I agree about adjusting the time. I am a bit OCD and it drives me crazy when I have to rush to get things done. I will obsessively clear an entire field of weeds, rocks, and branches in Harvest Moon if I don’t run out of stamina first. I can’t just stop for the night and finish something in the morning. I have to finish it NOW! Having more time in the day would ease my frustrations and help me relax more.

      • Kinjax

        I know your pain mate, it happens to me as well some times, the stamina system is enough of a pacing mechanic for progress, time passing really fast seems like too much imho.

        • pinkcatmint

          From the responses from ConcernedApe, sounds like he might give us adjustable timers or at least slow it down. I really hope so because I won’t enjoy the game if I feel rushed. I used to use cheat codes on the Harvest Moon games just so I could stop time. That way, I could get everything done that I wanted to, as long as my stamina held out (the hot spring in some of the H.M. games was awesome!). It kept my OCD from driving me crazy.

  • tyo

    gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmi

  • pinkcatmint

    Looks like there is a lot of trouble interacting with items and people. I guess this is why it’s great to have people try out the game before release. These guys and gals look like they are having fun. 🙂 I may have missed it on the video, but I really hope there is an icon showing your location on the map. I’m the type who gets lost in a closet, so a map won’t help me if I have no idea where I am on the map. LOL Also, please, please tell me there is a pause button for the game. I noticed that time didn’t stop when he was in his inventory or in the shipping bin, so I’m really hoping there is some form of pause function. Some of us have busy lives and/or have kids, so being able to pause or save anywhere is really important. If someone comes to the door, or the phone rings, or a child is crying, we need the ability to pause or save so we can handle things.

    • Chin Sy

      ^ Same observation. I hope Ape still has time to read our comments. XD

  • Thijmen Visscher

    This game looks amazing and I can’t wait till it comes out! I would love a Mac release by the way.

  • dontteaser

    stop teasing and release jeez.. it’s been way too long and you are over selling it!

  • Metasieg

    The moment the music started I fell in love, instant nostalgia. I’m really looking forward to the release.

  • awkwardkorean

    I can hardly contain my excitement 😀

  • James DeRiven

    I officially cannot wait for this game. And by that I don’t mean “I’m very excited,” I mean “I have never wished for a game to be released Early Access more I need it now I’ll pay double.” My life feels empty without Stawdew Valley. My Harvest Moon ROMS won’t cut it, because all I have ever wanted in life is a chance to re-arrange my throw rug!

    Question: can your sprite sit in chairs? Or interact with furniture in any meaningful way? I always loved checking the TV in HM, and was always bummed it didn’t have more content. Of course, saying that, I should recognize that adding that kind of content would take up a lot of time and resources, but while I’m dreaming I’d also like a pony.

  • RemnantDrive

    I love what I’m seeing, but the current timescale is scaring me. Your character wakes up at six in the morning. Five seconds = 10 minutes in-game time. It will be three minutes before it’s 12 PM. In nine minutes, it’ll be 12 AM, and high time for your character to hit the hay. Nine minutes is just not enough time to accomplish much. I suggest to make the timescale 1 second = 1 minute in-game. That effectively doubles the time, and allows slow, methodical folks like myself not feel so constantly pressured by the day/night cycle.

    I tend to sit down and play a game for 2-4 hours at a time. The current timescale, assuming I skipped the intro, would have me go through nearly a week’s worth of in-game time in the span of 2 hours. And nearly a month in the span of four. Consider as well the sheer amount of time it takes your character to walk home! It took nearly an in-game hour to get from the arcade to the house. And what if you’re delving into the mines?

    That’s enough rambling from me. I love what you’ve done so far. Good work, Ape.

    • Saitama

      I agree i really don’t want to be racing with the time to get 3 things done in one in game day

    • Joshua Landry

      I also agree. I don’t want a time management dash game. If nothing else maybe like, an option for time scales? A day shouldn’t take me only ~10 minutes.

  • Saitama

    The time is waaay to fast in my opinion a 1/5th of that speed is better

  • Lys

    The game looks absolutely stunning! It’s got an extremely unique feel to it, and I can’t wait to play. 🙂

    As far as suggestions go, I can only think of one, and it’s been mentioned by some other people here in the comments: time seems to pass a bit too quickly. It’s not a huge issue, but it sort of reminds me of Harvest Moon 64’s short days during which I had to run around in a panic trying to get everything done! xD

    Regardless, I’m extremely excited to play – I can’t express to you how much I admire your hard work and dedication! Thank you so much for making this game.

  • Ply447

    I absolutely love how fast the time goes in this, I prefer having to manage my time like in the snes harvest moon than the more modern ones where you have too much time, to the point where i dread having to wait for night events, please don’t change the time.

  • Júnior Nascimento

    It was great the game. *-*

    It would be great to be available this year even in Q4.

  • J.Kizt

    Oh, this game is so sweet! ♥
    But hey, time passes too fast, I think I won’t be able to do nothing. If it could only stop inside houses, when chatting or looking at your inventory it would be really great, and will be just like Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series that don’t pass time while in those circumstances. At less in single-player mode. 😛
    Or just make the time go slightly slower.

  • chirisu

    everything looks great and all but the dialogue box. It really bothers me of how big it is when there’s not much text. I rather have a small one and just keep scrolling down.

  • So great to hear there is a recording of the actual gameplay (I can’t watch it bc it requires flash :(, but hopefully “someone” posts it on youtube ;)..).

    Thanks for the update, keep it up! 😀

  • kakuloo

    There are so many people chiming in and saying “Slow down time! It needs to go slower!”

    …I just want to put in my 2 cents that I REALLY LIKE that the time goes a bit faster. Having a little bit of a challenge to be able to get everything done “perfectly” is a huge plus to me. I hate it in games when I get all the chores and things done…but then I have to just kill time and WAIT around for the next event, or so I can water my plants again, or for someone to open a shop.

    I’d much rather have to think ahead and plan my day “I can water until 9am, then I have to book it to the seed shop so I can buy these, then head to the lake so I can catch Sebastian and give him a present. Then I can fish for a bit and…etc etc.” Than have parts where I just leave the game running and go do something else in real life. That’s not a game, that’s a chore. =/

  • Manda Casey (Lunabell)

    I just can’t wait for the release!!! And thank you so much for the stream *-*

  • mike

    shut up and take my money…. i cant wait for this!!!!!!

  • Joshua Landry

    Really looking forward to this! Even though I’m in the “relax the time scale” camp, it looks like it’s gonna be great. I’m glad that you held out and didn’t give in to the EA criers too. It’s gonna be so nice to buy a full, completed game from a good dev!

  • ElfQueen86

    Saw the vid and iv been checking in everyday sence. Most anticipated game ever :). Keep up the good work.

  • VoiZZofAbyZZ

    the best game EVER…i want to play it soooooo badly ….even more after watching this great stream
    you are great ConcernedApe

  • ConcernedApe

    Just want to give you a little update on some of the changes I’ve made since the live-stream took place.

    In the stream, 10 in-game minutes = 5 seconds of real time. I’ve since changed this to 10 minutes = 7 seconds. I’ve also stopped time from passing when you have a menu open in single player.

    To me, it feels “right” so far. There’s definitely enough time to do a reasonable amount of things in a day.

    There’s a few reasons I’m apprehensive about making the days even longer. For one, my favorite Harvest Moon game, Back To Nature, had a brisk pace of 5 seconds real time = 10 minutes game time. Time went by quickly enough that it actually mattered what you decided to do on a certain day. That created a need for some strategy that made the game fun. In BTN, time did freeze when you were indoors, and the game world was fairly small. But I’m hoping that the 7-second pace of Stardew accounts for those differences to achieve a similar gameplay pace.

    Secondly, with the new 7-second pace, there’s around 50 hours of gameplay to complete 2 years in Stardew Valley *. That’s already a lot of time, and every second I add to the 10-minute-game-time span increases that number by 10-15 hours (depending on how late you stay up each day). I’d rather err on the side of things going by too fast than too slow. If the game goes by too fast, you can always play through multiple times and explore different strategies, date different people, etc.. If a game is too slow you might get bored and stop playing.

    Anyway, I don’t want it to be too slow or too fast. I want it to be just right. I might still tweak things further but so far I’m liking the 7-second pace.

    Other things I’ve fixed/changed:
    -It’s easier to click on NPC’s now. Also, the cursors changes to a chat bubble when hovering over an NPC that you can talk to.
    -Other adjustments to make the controls “smarter”.
    -Fixed the problem where seeds weren’t consumed when planted.
    -Redrew the map to reflect the current game world. Also, it shows where your character is on the map.
    -You can shift-click to craft 5 things at a time.
    -Fixed the problems with fishing (getting no fish after successfully fishing, no animation during fishing)
    -Fixed the problem with the inventory slot that wasn’t supposed to be available.

    There’s tons more that I’ve done but it would take too long to list it all. Some examples: nicer looking torches, visual details in town, campfires and other lighting possibilities, ambient sounds that fade/get louder depending on your proximity.

    *Just to be clear, you can keep playing after 2 years in-game. I just figure 2 years is about how long it would take to fully experience the different aspects of the game if you were being reasonably productive on the farm.

    • wy

      I’ve been following this game for years. I’d check back for updates every few weeks or so, maybe even go a month without checking back. But now that I’ve seen the live stream and how far its come, how close it is to completion.. its all I can think about. You’re doing an amazing job here ConcernedApe and I am VERY eager to buy this game.

      I think the adjustments you made to the passing of time is fair. I prefer there not be too much time In a day. Time passes WAY too slowly in the newer farming games.

      Keep up the great work. 🙂

      • Christopher Veach

        I agree, with the time. At first it seems to fast, but eventually once you get things settled and a routine the game can become boring if the days pass too slowly.

    • Klintt

      Out of curiosity: Are you currently working on the things that you did mention or are you finished with all those things, already? (because you’re already done: WOW that was fast! Nice work!)

      Also: I love those little updates and that you keep us updated, thanks! I like to hear every bit more of infos about SV. It might sound like nothing for you but for me every little bit infos drives me more and more hyped (and insane! hahahaha..) 😉

      I hope that all your hard work will be rewarded in the end and I hope that it will be much more than what you’re expecting because you deserve it, really!

      • ConcernedApe

        Thanks, Klintt… and yes I’m already finished with those things!

    • Lara Halamka

      I am currently playing Harvest Moon Back to Nature and wishing I were playing Stardew Valley, so I think the apprentice has surpassed the master.

    • Júnior Nascimento

      I believe it would be interesting.
      10 seconds = 10 minutes.

    • Júnior Nascimento


      According to: Dev Update # 30

      (Video Analysis)
      It would be interesting to include in the update.
      Collect: herbs, mushrooms and bright mushrooms, fruits, stones (in other places).
      Animal: Firefly, rabbit, bird, bee, bee hive and frog.
      Pets: Cat and Dog.
      Build: The crafting system could be indoors or use a furnace or anvil.
      System: Fireplace could put a wood and light it.
      Other: Bazaar, Flower Pot, Character (Why the character has no stamina)

      I do not know the list of what would be added in the game.
      I’m sorry if I said something that was already in the list.
      My intention is to collaborate in some way.

      (Regarding time)
      I believe it would be interesting.
      10 seconds = 10 minutes.

      Characters, Dialogues, Effects, Time, Climate, Day, Music, Fishing, Night, cultivate …
      Everything was very excellent!

      Congratulations on the project.
      It will be available by the end of the year?

      • ConcernedApe

        Most of those things are already in the game! Adam (the guy playing the game in the live stream) didn’t forage at all for some reason, but it’s there. Yes it will be available this year.

        • Klintt

          About cats and dogs: is it possible to have both in 1game/save?

        • Júnior Nascimento

          I would like to thank you for the answer. *-* Wow!!

          • marcus94x

            A minute for a hour, but you don’t want time taking to long lol

    • Keosu

      I think 7 seconds = 10min is okay, but I don’t like it at all that the time continues indoors. I particular dislike every harvest moon version that does that. Because when I’m indoors and time doesn’t continue, it is like taking a little time-out, having the chance to breath again. Especially after a long day out, when you come back home from the farm, time freeze has something relaxing and so your house is always a welcome retreat.

      And when you have the option to decorate your own house and move stuff around, I wouldn’t like to be pressed by the timer then. That strikes me as rather unconvenient. I would never change stuff in my house if I knew time would still continue.
      Unless you know of some game-breaking advantage, if time does continue indoors, I hope, you will consider changing it.

      • ConcernedApe

        The main reason I have time continue indoors is that, unlike harvest moon, NPC’s go about schedules both indoors and outdoors. For example, you might be in the saloon and see people coming in and out, having a drink, dancing, etc. Since these schedule behaviors are triggered at certain times, things would be pretty stagnant indoors if time didn’t pass. I agree about the decorating and relaxing at home, and I’m considering pausing time in your house for that reason.

        • PeterTheDieter

          That’s a very good point. In Harvest Moon Back to Nature, I hated that people would leave or enter the Inn only when I was outside but never when I was already on the inside. At the evening, you had to make sure to be there just at the right time to be able to speak with all the people.

        • welfarebox

          What if indoors you slow the timer down to about 10 seconds = 10 minutes or even 12 seconds. Then when you are indoors you have that same aspect where you can still see someone leave and you can still enjoy your “relaxing” time. Just a thought. Or will that make the game play mechanics too difficult?

          • Don Carbajosa

            I totally agree with this idea as well. like a few seconds of slow-down would be nice.

        • Keosu

          Ah, that makes sense, I didn’t thought of that. Freeze time only in your own home would be great. That would be enough for me and would make decorating your own home much more enjoyable.

        • Joshua Landry

          I would definitely like paused time for decorating and in the home. The shifted time scale sounds better as well.

        • James DeRiven

          Time stopping within your own home sounds excellent: that way I don’t lose a week of time making sure my table, chairs, and carpet are adjusted just so. The only issue I could see this raising is if there are any scripted events for people to come into your home of their own accord.

        • A possibility to satisfy both wants, in case people come to your home on a schedule too, is that when you come into your home, you can approach a table clock. It would display a message something like “It looks that the clock isn’t running again. You give it a swift smack, and it comes back to life in a whir of ticks!”
          In case that needs clarification, that would turn it on for the remainder of the time you are in your home.

        • Zeph Harrington

          From what I’ve seen from your old work and the live stream by chucklefish the game just keeps getting better, but I would love if time stopped in your house, if not anywhere else, like another user said: its suppose to be your sanctuary and a place to plan the day or relax after work.

    • SF

      Somehow I missed this little note: so unlike some HM games, SDV operates on a 365 day year, rather than 120-ish? Honestly, between that an the explanation you gave, I’m in full support of what you’re doing with the pace.

      Anyways, I just love the preview of the game. I’m really excited for it to come out, especially after seeing all the care and work being put into it. You’re amazing at what you do, haha.

    • Metasieg

      7 seconds = 10 minutes seems fair. I do feel that time should be slightly slowed down indoors. And of course time needs to stop in our house so we can decorate and what not. I suppose even just drastically reducing time in our house (like by half or a third of normal) would also work.

    • Kanedork

      I’ve been loving the project for as long as it’s been in development, and the stream got me very excited! However, I’ve got a few bits of hopefully constructive feedback:

      The conversations with NPCs seem to be chopped up rather awkwardly – you talk to someone and they introduce themselves succinctly*, then you talk to them again and they continue their introductions. I think making the introduction just flow in one piece would be best.

      *Which I would personally prefer if it was a bit less generic and more reflective of their own personality – unless their personality IS generic, in which case :(. I doubt so, but y’know. The best Harvest Moons tend to have a distinct, colorful cast. I bet and/or hope the dialog further than that is as good as in the events though (which are a-ok!)!

      Minecraft/Starbound/Terraria-style inventory management would be fantastic. I don’t mean the big inventory along with the toolbar (I imagine something like that would happen with backpacks or so) and the mouse wheel’s function is neat, but you know what’s even neater? Having that, in addition to numbers bound to toolbar slots, shift and right click to store and pick things from storage (backpack?) and pick smaller stacks or individual pieces of a stack. Maybe some of this is in already and the stream didn’t show it, but it’s still worth saying! In games like these, smart management is paramount to the game feeling good. Especially considering the brisk pace here.

      And apropos of that… perhaps this is one of those things that can be improved via beta-testing? Seven seconds SOUNDS fine in theory, but it’s hard to have an opinion on that without experiencing it. And yeah, if possible, making time stop at home would be neat. Other thing that occurs to me is the potential issue with caves in relation to the time – if they’re too deep without checkpoints, and/or if combat goes too slow and enemies respawn, you could run into some very prohibitive situations. It’d suck to get stuck killing the same enemies because the day ends before you can make any progress. All hypothetical, this bit – if it were the case, this would be also something that could be improved with beta-testing.

      On a slightly sillier note, choosing between pups and kitties breaks my heart. I hope at some point you’d be able to get the other? Also, can you name them? It’d be neat for them to have some purpose aside from being adorable, like the FoMT dog event or fetching.

      What about horses, by the way? Again apropos of the brisk pace, it’d be great to have some way to move faster around town. In one of the trailers was Sam(?) in a skateboard, which could also be nice for this purpose, but will never beat the feeling of a horse. You’ve probably addressed this already in an update, but I’m a potato and can’t seem to find it.

      Anything that makes the game more convenient and fluid and smart in its systems is great. That’s kind of the basis behind the paragraph about the chopped-up introductions – why do I have to click twice to get a satisfactory introduction when it should take one? Obviously the challenge of farming is the point of the game, so convenience there would mean making sure stuff like tilling and watering is accurate and smooth. In the stream it looked a bit janky, not sure if it was the player or the game, but y’know. Feedback.

      Oh, one last thing: Why is there no color slider for the shirt? It seems a bit odd to have the pants but not the shirt. I suppose it may be because each shirt is its own thing and it’d be hard to accommodate the various bits of tops. It’d be lovely to be able to get those overalls in brown, or the plaid shirt in red and black.

      One last last thing: The intro cutscene looks great… aside from the envelope. It just… doesn’t look like it fits the cozy, cute, pixel-y atmosphere of the scene or the game at all. Maybe it’ll grow on me. I’d still, however, prefer it if the envelope simply disappeared from gramps’ hand (it still stands to reason that you take it), and appeared in the desk drawn in a style more consistent with the game.

      And one last last last thing, which is not really a suggestion as much as a wish; I hope the OSX release pans out alright. Someone I love adores this kind of game and so do I, so we were planning on playing it together and, uh, maybe perhaps possibly do the marrying thing. They’re stuck on a Mac for quite a while, sadly. Ah well, I’m sure we’ll get the time at some point.

      All this gigantic post of feedback comes with the caveat that I’m horribly picky with these things, which is a blessing and a curse for testers I guess. I just want the game to be the best it can be, you know? And it’s great so far, I have no doubt it’ll blow my mind once it’s out. Good job!

    • João Rafael Romero Reato

      I remenbered this image… lol.
      Anyway, when the pre-purchase will start? Do you have a porcentage of the completion of the game development?
      Maybe a sooner release with updates to year 3 and 4?
      Just kidding man, this game looks amazing. Hope can play it soon. 🙂

      • Ilham Rusyd

        99% if you read…

        • Ilham Rusyd

          And I didn’t read your commend to the end. lol 🙂

    • Ben

      Why not have it adjustable by the user?

      • pinkcatmint

        I was really hoping for a time adjustment option in single player, but at least he slowed it down a little.

        • marcus94x

          yeah but that could be vary buggy, and unfair… making it so time does not move so I can finish the whole farm? -disagree- Maybe a setting for Slow – Normal – Fast [ 9 – 7 – 5 ] 10 Per second, and in multiplayer Host gets to choose

      • McWhite

        Because for that you might need to rewrite huge parts of the game.

        • Ben

          Being a developer myself, I was getting the impression that this would not be a difficult task, aside from exposing it as an menu option alongside with any additional asset. Of course, I could be completely wrong and that Ape may need to rewrite huge parts of the game like you’ve said.

          It would be sweet if @concernedape:disqus could comment on this.

    • Kinjax

      It’s great that you’re listening to feedback and using it to adjust the game, i also understand that you want to hold true to your vision of what the game should be like, however i’d really like the option to adjust our own “game speed”. I for one always hated feeling rushed in harvest moon, i get that some found something enjoyable in this but i did not, and from the other comments here i’m not the only one.

      The big difference here tho is that your game seems to have much more content to explore, which is awesome, but the passage of time, coupled with the stamina system which already restricts how much you can do in a day, might make a lot of people miss some of that great content. Sure, you can say that people can replay the game multiple times in different ways, which for some is fun for the first couple of times, but to many people that as boring if not more boring than the slow passage of time is to others and might feel like a grind/chore.

      So again, as i posted below and as other suggested, if it’s not too much work for you, can we please get a slider, or even something like 2 keybinds that slow or speed up time, to adjust our own passage of time? I know it could be an issue for co-op/multiplayer, but you could just keep that locked to whatever speed you feel best. I think that would work best, people who like the game to move fast could keep days short and people, like me, who like to take their time could do so. Again if it’s not too much extra work for you 🙂

      • marcus94x

        @kinjax i can see why he holding off his game, there a game like harvest moon but is horrible because they early released it, rather later release it then early for great gameplay 🙂

        • Kinjax

          Yeah Wild Season is… of very poor quality… to be polite about it. I’m happy he took his time with it.

          • marcus94x

            Same, its gonna make it 100 times better ^_^

      • McWhite

        You might have to rewrite/rebalance a lot of the game to do that. Do we really want that so close to release?

        • Kinjax

          I don’t see how that could be the case considering he slowed it down himself after the stream. Like i said it does not even need to be a graphically represented slider in the game, i’m sure 2 keybinds will suffice.

    • Klintt

      Suggestion for the map: When you mouse on a shop (or something that they’re open between ?? to ??hours) it will show you the hours that they’re open/closed when you mouse over it on the map.

    • Optimus Primal


      Please go back to the original graphics as seen in the steam trailer. That classic look is what a lot of gamers are looking for. In my honest opinion the new graphics and especially the character design and movements are a major disappointment. I think my opinion is also shared by others, even if they don’t mention it.

      • Joshua Landry

        Don’t assume that. I like the way the game looks. My opinion is *also* shared by others. ;p Besides, do you realise -how long- it would take to “go back” to graphics that were never final in the first place?

        • James DeRiven

          Pshaw. All he has to do is re-drawn every single art asset and animation from scratch right before release. Easy.

          • Optimus Primal

            What are you people smoking? The older graphics were obviously already drawn..

          • James DeRiven

            Yes, and I’m sure absolutely nothing has changed in the two years that have passed. The assets that comprised a two and half minute trailer are unquestionably enough to fill an entire game.

        • Optimus Primal

          It’s idiots like you who will be asking for a 3D version in a few months. The graphics were perfect in the trailer. Not *everyone* is a pre-pubescent toddler who wants farmville-like goofiness such as yourself. Some of us enjoy the classics like Harvest Moon.

          • Lys

            You heard him, folks – if you don’t prefer static pixel art above all other graphics, you’re just a filthy casual. Go back to playing Farmville, you plebs. Stardew Valley is exclusively for us HARDCORE gamers who prefer the CLASSICS. 😉

            Seriously, though – you’re entitled to your opinion on the game’s art style, but being partial to old-school graphics doesn’t make you superior or any more of an authority on games than the rest of us. Basically, stop acting like a butt, please.

            (Also, what the heck is a “pre-pubescent toddler”? Sort of redundant, don’t you think?)

          • Optimus Primal

            What do you mean by “static” pixel art? Are you mentally retarded or blind? Pixel art is the greatest style of video game graphics, PERIOD.

            And do you prefer the title “pubescent toddler”? Kind of a contradiction don’t you think? Well, not in your case apparently!

          • Lys

            Haha, calm down there, buddy. When I say “static”, I mean that pixel art tends to lack the anthropomorphic feel created when using 3D graphics. This is not an insult to the art form, merely an observation – I’m a huge fan of pixel art and grew up on a lot of games in that style. But I’m open minded enough to respect others’ opinions despite having a personal preference.

            The reason I said that your insult was redundant is because (as you know) “pre-pubescent” refers to someone who hasn’t yet gone through puberty. So using it as a descriptor for “toddler” is not only extraneous, but laughable. Trust me, simply going with “toddler” would have been a much better jibe. And accusing me of being blind or handicapped for disagreeing with you is hardly original. 🙂

            I maintain what I said in my original response: I respect your opinion on this matter, despite my objections to the way in which you presented it. Of course there are some people (yourself included) who prefer the original art from the trailer – no one is contesting that. What I was critiquing was your extreme bias and the petty insults, not yourself as an individual. And I like to think that I did so in a relatively humorous (and fair) manner; I’m sorry if you misinterpreted it to be otherwise and took personal offense.

            Anyway, I’d prefer we end this unpleasant exchange here. Everyone’s had their say, and I’d like to keep any more of our bickering out of a comments section which is meant for meaningful discussion and ideas. I sincerely hope that you haven’t been completely put off by the art of Stardew Valley, since I anticipate this being an incredible game! Here’s hoping you enjoy it just as much as I do, Optimus.

      • Klintt

        Heh, not shared by me and speak for yourself. 😛

        • Optimus Primal

          Why don’t you kiss my ass?

          • Frejman

            Why don’t you guys do your ranting elsewhere?
            This is not of any use to anyone,

    • Matthew Cattron

      Stick to your guns on the time thing; tension makes or breaks these games whether or not people realize it. Some of the best times are when you plan your schedule out and you realize you have time to kill to explore, socialize, or relax. Makes those rainy days feel exciting!

    • Nayoki Yakazami

      You say “Play through multiple times” Does that mean that after you beat the ‘story’ there won’t be an endless mode?

      • ConcernedApe

        You can keep playing on one farm for as long as you want. It never ends.

        • marcus94x

          I have a question about the game, is there a release date being announced soon? I reallllllly wanna play and I was gravely disappointed when it was not released on Feb

        • Nayoki Yakazami

          Good god man, could you make me want this game any more than you already have. @[email protected]

          Looking forward to the future of this great game.

    • coolLane

      Will the game have multiple save slots and does single player progress carry over into multiplayer? I ask because I want to have a separate save for playing with my friends and it is one of the few things I’ve been wondering and I can’t remember if it has been mentioned before.

    • I agree that it would be better to err on the side of caution with making the game too long. Part of what bothers me with the latest HM games is how long it takes just to progress through the seasons.

      I’m wondering whether you’ll be adding controller support, if you haven’t already? I’m particularly curious about the Steam controller.

    • Optimus Primal

      The new character design and movements look absolutely goofy. Revert back to the old graphics

    • Rylen

      Why not make it so that while indoors, you have the ability to pass time? Keep it frozen unless the user presses a certain keybind, at which case time advances at it’s usual speed?

    • Ashley

      That sounds great! If you say it feels right, I’m ready to try it.

    • WeasleX

      Or, let players eventually mod the game so everyone is happy, set it to 10 min = 7 sec’s and let modders go about doing little changes to the game itself. It’s a compromise everyone can enjoy.

  • Júnior Nascimento

    Hi, Available only next year?

  • Júnior Nascimento

    It is available this year?

  • Tim

    Thanks so much Concerned Ape for all the dedication you put towards Stardew Valley and answering all these questions from fans just like myself. I’m not sure if this has been answered or not but does our pet in the game have more functions than cosmetics? Like will the dog or cat be able to hunt with us, protect our animals and crops etc?

    This game will definately pry my girlfriend and I from playing Don’t Starve together :D.

    • ConcernedApe

      Hi, Tim. Currently, the cat and dog are cosmetic. They don’t serve any purpose aside from being cute and comforting.

      • Júnior Nascimento

        It would be interesting to use the dog to find hidden item.

        • Chin Sy

          ..and that you’d have to win your dog/cat’s heart first (by feeding them daily) so they could hunt/find hidden items for you in the farm 😀

      • Keosu

        A competition around a dog race or something like that would be thinkable. I remember a harvest moon game that had that.

      • Klintt

        About cats and dogs: is it possible to have both in 1game/save?

      • jaykaylol

        As Junior said, it would be interesting if the pets had some sort of function! The newest Harvest Moon features cats, and dogs. The cats will bring home items, and the dogs brought the animals in, and out of barns. Might be a neat thing to look into.

        Another thing though… do you have plans to release potential expansions, or downloadable content in the future? Even updates that add more things?

  • Pesawat Melintas

    Can’t wait to buy and play this game.

  • Michael Baker

    One thing I noticed that could get a little tedious, is the mouse control for the watering can. If you watch Adam while he’s trying to water the crops he keeps trying to water the one he’s standing on and I’d expect that to work aswell. The main issue is that you’d effectively have to crab walk to water the patches (Water 8 squares, move over one water the square you were standing on, repeat). I’d suggest, atleast for the watering can, to allow the player to use the tool on the square you’re standing on.

    Other than that I’m thoroughly excited for this game! ^.^

    • Júnior Nascimento

      Yeah! 😀

    • Joshua Landry

      It doesn’t really make sense not to be able to water where you’re standing, even if you’d get your feet wet. Hahaha.

      • Michael Baker

        Oh yeah, definitely don’t think it makes much sense, but if I were to take a stab in the dark I’d probably say the code he’s currently using just changes the direction the player is facing, which is fair enough, just like to be able to water my feet (I carry plants around in my shoes, you see?)

  • Michael Baker

    Oh and Linux/Mac support would be absolutely fantastic if you do decide to do it! Even if it’s not at launch time. It’d be great to get some more top-notch games on operating systems other than windows. Personally I use Arch Linux about 99.99% of the time, though I do keep a windows computer around for playing games that don’t support windows (which I haven’t touched in about 3 months). Regardless, I’ll be buying and playing the hell out of your game XD

    (I’d have kept this comment attached to my other comment, but discus won’t let me)

  • Christian “Chad” Dudek

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but I will later today. As a Mac user I would love to have a native Mac version. Or I would hope that the game works under Wine.

    Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for the release!

  • FrostyWolf

    The game looks great so far, but I noticed you missed one very simple to add feature, commonly overlooked, that will alleviate a ton of potential frustration and confusion. Please put numbers on each of the sliders/options during character creation. This simple feature makes it much less frustrating to compare/share options. It can be such a pain to try to find, say, a certain shirt again, especially when there is a large amount of options.

    • ConcernedApe

      Hey, nice suggestion. When you’re making a big game it’s easy to forget the little things. Thanks : )

      • FrostyWolf

        Nothing but respect for you taking on this entire project on your own, my biggest game to date is a fishing game for a TI-89 calculator, lol. I help a lot of friends out though with their projects, because I tend to have a good attention to detail, especially when it comes to UI elements and play-ability. Like I said in my original post, the game looks amazing and you should be extremely proud of what you have, even without the multiplayer.

  • Júnior Nascimento


    1º The gameplay is possible only by mouse?
    2 Another question is the game is run by the browser?
    3. It will be available through Steam?

    Thanks a lot!!

    • ConcernedApe

      1. You’ll need to use the mouse for certain things (navigating menus/placing furniture), but you can use the keyboard for the actual gameplay. I might eventually add in a keyboard-only mode, which would allow for pure gamepad use as well.

      2. no, it’s stand-alone.

      3. yes!

      • Júnior Nascimento

        Thanks again for your attention.

        I believe it would be interesting to play with mouse and the possibility of using a joystick.

        Thanks a lot!!

        • Matthew Cattron

          I’m planning on playing with a steam controller. 🙂

          • Júnior Nascimento

            Cool! *-*

      • Joshua Landry

        I do hope you add kb / gamepad only. Xpadder can likely be used right now but I know I (and several of my friends) give a lot more preference to games with gamepad support, so chiming in as something I’d love to see. It’s especially helpful since I have nerve problems and some days can’t use my mouse at all.

  • Mitz gamer

    yes… yes… stardew… valley… preview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a suggestion: when you are ready to release it, in my opinion, a demo of like a week or a month on a partway-through farm would be epic! and once it is being released (like the release is shown to public) maybe have a countdown and when it is FINALLY out, once the demo is over, it has a option to quickly head over to steam and buy it. i’d love to try a demo of it 😀
    (title screen looks nice. 5 min in and hype!)

  • UrbanVibes

    Great game! It really looks very polished!

    A few remarks from me. I am a long time Rune Factory fan. Harvest Moon not so much, as I like the fighting aspect. Sorry for comparing your game directly to Rune Factory, I know it is a whole different product and so much polishing has gone into it!!! But I noticed a few aspects when comparing the two =) Of course, this is only represents my personal opinion. Others see things differently.

    1) Saving via the diary
    SDV saves the progress automatically at the end of each day. My guess is that this is intentional and should stop you from just skipping ahead in days possibly spoiling story triggers which are about to come. On the other hand, I always liked the way Rune Factory was handling this, leaving the choice when to save to the player by providing a diary.

    At least for me when playing Rune Factory, there was always the fear that the (expensive) fertilizers wouldn’t take effect if you didn’t use them properly (e.g. putting them on the wrong square by accident or using them on crops which were already beyond the seed state). For this, the option to skip days without saving really came in handy, as you could check out whether the fertilizer is taking effect as expected. Also, you could check out how many days the fertilizer would shorten the crops to become ripe in that way, as not all Rune Factory games stated how many days that were.

    Another thing with Rune Factory Frontier was, that the trader only showed up on Sundays. For getting house expansions, the carpenter wasn’t providing his services every day, but only every other day. For this, it was also handy to skip ahead and check whether the trader/carpenter would be available that day and whether you would be able to purchase their upgrades if you had enough money. Therefore, you could prioritize making money to purchase the upgrades or focus on other tasks if you can’t afford the updates anyway. If the game saves every day, you are forced to plan ahead for days focusing on the tasks at hand. Also, you wouldn’t get away with re-loading the game after realizing that you forget to do something important the last day (e.g. buying seeds) when starting a new day.

    If you’re like me and are obsessed with getting things perfect (I know it’s silly, but some people are that way), you could just go on with the next day, even if you’re not so content with how the current day went and see how the next day goes. E.g. you just got back from a whole day of scavanging resources and only got mediocre stuff and you’re unsure whether it’s worth to go on with the next day or to just re-play the current day.

    Having multiple save slots in the diary would also enable you to pick up the game from certain points in time (e.g. when deciding what will become of the the community center) and go on from there, without having to restart the whole game from the beginning.

    2) Crafting and difficulty
    What I really liked in Rune Factory Frontier was how you had to go to more dangerous areas and had to beat enemies a lot stronger that you were at first, in order to get the required materials to craft better equipment and thus compensating the high difficulty at the beginning of new dungeons with time as your equipment improves. Balancing the difficulty is a quite tedious task, you wouldn’t want dungeons/monsters get too easy too fast or staying difficult for too long.

    3) Stacking
    SDV allows you to pick up multiple items without having you to stow each item away separately. This is a hugh improvement! That was always kind of a hassle in the Rune Factory series.

    4) Cooking and crafting multiple items
    What was nice in Rune Factory Frontier was that you had a slider with red/yellow/green areas when cooking or crafting, which would decide whether crafting is successful or not and would allow you to raise the level of the finished product if you hit that tiny green spot.

    What I disliked in Rune Factory Frontier was that even when you reached the highest proficiency in cooking/crafting/pharmacy/accessories, you would still have that slider and it would show up for every single item that you craft. Instead, I would have preferred that if you’re a master of a trade, easy products will automatically get the level improvement and no slider shows up (e.g. being a master smith, an easy leather band should pose no problem for you and you would get it perfect every time). Also you could allow crafting more than one item at once when reaching the master level. This was also kind of a hassle in Rune Factory Frontier: at later stages in the game, you would have a large farm, thus harvesting, say 100 strawberries every week. To increase profit, you would process all 100 of them to strawberry juice. To get yet more profit, you would process the 100 juices yet another time to a more complex product. This becomes very tiring if you’re processing a large amount of items. Some kind of automatism would keep up the game flow and would reward you for the reaching the master proficiency.

    5) Randomness
    What I also missed in Rune Factory Frontier, was a bit of randomness. With every start of a new game, things could change a litte, e.g. what person likes what gifts, what day the trader will arrive, what materials are more frequent to find and what are more precious, initial NPC alignment towards you etc. This cannot be done with many gameplay elements of course, but at least you would have to put some effort in finding out these things and cannot just look them up on the internet, because they are always the same.

    • Júnior Nascimento


  • Júnior Nascimento

    I wonder if the producer would have the interest of providing a pre-order?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Will B.

    Been following this game since 2013 or so. I am so excited that I will be able to enjoy this game soon. I was wondering if you decided on a price range yet Ape? Also, I was wondering if you will be continuing to create new content for this amazing game as time goes on based on how well of a response it gets?

    P.S. Thank you for all your hard work Ape, your fans, and the fans of this game love you and are going to be nothing but excited once you share this game with us. 🙂

  • FrostyWolf

    Couple of other things I noticed now that I have had time to watch the whole thing.

    You might want to add tooltip popups while mousing over things on your hotbar. I noticed during the stream there where a couple of times they could not identify what something was on their hotbar, some simple tooltip pop ups with the item name in it (and maybe other relevant info?) would alleviate that problem.

    A little nitpick, but when he places a torch during the day, the torch appears lit, but has a dark shadow ring under it. Might consider turning the torches shadow to a light ring instead. The shadow is there at night as well.

    I’m not sure this is a bug, or a intended feature, or just a oversight, but the chicken crows when you wake up, despite him not having a chicken yet. Of course it could be someone elses or a wild one, but it would be a neat little detail for it only to crow if you had one on your farm.

    The “out of water” pop up “stacks” if you keep using the watering can with no water. Woiuld probably be better if the current one just “refreshes” instead of flooding the notification section. Same would go for similar pop ups.

    • ConcernedApe

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

      I’ve put toolbar popups in since the stream.

      The chicken thing is a fun idea, but it wouldn’t make sense anyway since you don’t get a rooster, only hens. My goal with the crowing was to evoke a feeling of “it’s a new day and I’m in farm country”. In my head, the rooster lives on Marnie’s ranch, south of your farm… you just can’t see him because he’s inside her farm building. :p

      I agree with you on the stacked pop-ups. I’m going to fix that.

      • FrostyWolf

        To be fair, my mother-in-law has a couple of hens, and they do crow. Apparently it is more common for a hen to crow if a rooster isn’t around, but I see your point. It was just a random thought running through my head. Keep up the awesome work. I look forward to future videos.

  • Rose

    I have a few questions.

    1.) I noticed while watching the video, that the game saves when you sleep. I was wondering, is there going to be a way to save the game without having to sleep? Possibly on the menu? Or would that be too complicated for multiplayer? Maybe there can be a consenting save option, or the host can save?

    2.) I heard in the video that there will be separate houses for multiplayer. Will it be like all players have to sleep in their bed at the same time before the next day emerges?

    3.) I’m not sure if this was covered already, but will there be a way for us, if we are trying to woo one of the eligible [NPC] bachelors or bachelorettes, to see the progress / heart level or heart color somewhere?
    Also, if we want to marry each other on the multiplayer, will it just be like consenting then almost immediately, or will it be like we have to progress it as well, like we have to give each other presents and such as well?

    • ConcernedApe

      1) You’ll only be able to save at night. This is more for technical reasons than anything else… it simplifies some aspects of the game from the development side.

      2) It might work that way, but more likely the server “host” will have the real power. When he or she goes to bed it triggers the change of day. I haven’t made final decisions about multiplayer yet.

      3) Yes, there’s a social tab in your game menu that shows heart levels and more. If you marry another player there will probably be some non-trivial fee (marriage license?) to show you’re serious.

      • Klintt

        Can we use our singleplayer save for multiplayer?

        If theres really more than 1house in multiplayer maybe your house from singleplayer (or multiplayer) save could just be placed somewhere temporary in the host world until you leave. *shrug*

      • Rose

        Oh okay, thank you so much for your reply Ape! 😀
        I was wondering though, what do you mean about “haven’t made final decisions about multiplayer yet”? 😮 You mean features of it, right? or do you mean multiplayer possibly not being part of the game? (I’m pretty sure you mean the features of it, but just making sure hehe!)

      • Frejman

        @ConcernedApe Concerning the sleeping issue for multiplayer, just throwing an idea out there.
        if you could go to sleep at any time (in the evening) and the game
        remembers what time it was, and once everyone is asleep, it warps to
        when the first person is to wake up. If at this point, some people
        oversleep, they keep being asleep in their bed until they are supposed
        to wake up, rendering them unable to move. Some might think of this as
        unfair, but the others would’ve already waited the same amount of time
        when they went to bed in the first place. (And seeing as an hour
        currently is no more than 42 seconds, I don’t see what the issue would
        be about)

  • Malachxaviel

    Honestly, I don’t think the time passage will be an issue especially if it turns out to be moddable. I think you should go with the time-frame you think works best. Nobody knows this game better than you right now

  • OMG. NO.

    No, No, NO.

    Go back to the original graphics in the TRAILER.

    The character in this stream is bouncing around so unrealistically and reminds me of Starbound. NO!!!!!! DO NOT RUIN THIS GAME!!!!!!! The mechanics were perfect before!!

    Who is responsible for this?!?!?

    • Kareen

      Wow, rude.

    • jaykaylol

      Wow, you are incredibly rude.

  • Apparently my first comment was deleted but the truth needs to be voiced: GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL GRAPHICS!! The character and its movement looks absolutely HORRIBLE and goofy!! It was fine in the trailer! Now It’s like a goofy bouncing graphic that has nothing to do with its surrounding world.

    • Kyle

      I can’t be certain, but I have a feeling you’re actually in the minority on this issue. The art style has improved greatly over the past couple years. He’s really developed his own style and I believe that’s what’s going to make this game stand out as opposed to flail around in the shadow of other games of this genre.

    • sharlike

      I disagree completely

    • jaykaylol

      There is no ‘truth’ in your comment, it’s entirely opinion, and an unpopular one at that.

    • marcus94x

      TBH, I Like the graphics its different and its ConcernedApe Style for his own game 🙂 10/10

  • Mitchelle Ackerman

    I am extremely excited about this game. As a Harvest Moon fan, this game is going to be EPIC, way beyond what Harvest Moon was. I cannot wait. Thank you so so much for developing a game like this, i just know it will be loved world-wide..

  • Richard Murray

    game looks insanely beautiful. Im super excited to play! I hope all the criticism doesnt deter you – i think people forget how much time you put into this xD

  • Austin

    The game looks really great and all, but the one thing that bother me is there is no option menu at the title screen. Is it in-game or will that be added before release?

    • ConcernedApe

      There’s an options menu that you can access while you’re playing. Among other things, it allows you to adjust sound and music volume, change key bindings, and change between fullscreen/windowed/windowed borderless.

      • Austin

        Thanks for telling me this. I prefer customizing my options on the menu before playing but I guess its not much harm to do it in game since I can see if I like or not right away. Hope everything goes well on release day whenever it may be.

      • coolLane

        This game is even more amazing, it has a windowed borderless mode!

  • Amanda Poupis

    I don’t know if i missed it but after watching the stream I was wondering if our character has a birthday?

    • Klintt

      personally I was wondering if theres a stubble beard option in the character creation..

  • Kwan Gwyneth

    hey. Do you need EN-Chinese localization? I have localized many indie games . I have been following this game since 2 years ago. Really want to do something to help .

    • Júnior Nascimento


  • Júnior Nascimento

    Please do not know if I could explain to us some questions.

    1. Available is between the months of November and December?
    2. Available in a “pre order”?
    3. Do you have in mind the value of the price?
    4. Availability for all mobile devices (Android, Iphone and WP)?
    5. When buying 2 or 3 or 4 by the “steam” will get discount? I am interested

    Thank you!

    • kakuloo

      1. We have been told that the release will be sometime before the end of 2015.
      2. No pre-orders have been announced.
      3. No official price has been announced.
      4. This is a PC game only, as far as we know at the moment. Not a mobile game.
      5. Unknown! (I hope that we can get steam bundles too!)

      • Júnior Nascimento


        Thanks a lot!

  • Júnior Nascimento


    I do not know if you already have in the game.
    But I would think it would be interesting to have the possibility to grow in the game.
    Wheat, barley, corn, flax, oats, malt, rice, rye.
    I say this because it is a game of agriculture will be just interesting.

  • J.Kizt

    Oh, it would be really nice if the Mayor, or some other welcoming person, presents the town for us. So we would be less lost, and it would be just like every HM game. (of course, you can skip it though)

  • Alice

    Some things I noticed from the stream that I know will irritate me (and possibly others):
    Character’s movement speed. Is there a run “toggle” opposed to holding down the run button all the time? Holding it down hurts fingers after long hours of play in my experience with other games. The walking speed seems extremely slow, but if there’s a run toggle that wouldn’t be much of an issue.
    Night time seems EXTREMELY dark. Is this intentional, or did the stream intensify how dark it actually is? I couldn’t see a thing!

    Overall the game looks great and I can’t wait to play it! Superb job, ConcernedApe.

    • ConcernedApe

      Hey, thanks. To answer your questions… yes, there is an auto-run toggle. Also, night becomes quite dark on purpose. Not only to be realistic but also to encourage players to make use of light sources or to simply go to bed.

      • marcus94x

        I like how its dark, if it was still -bright- at night, then what would be the use of the torches

      • Xecense

        hey its October 9th now how are things coming along. I am really hyped 😀

  • marcus94x

    What the release date for Stardew Valley?

    • sharlike

      “I don’t have a set release date yet”

      • marcus94x

        Weird my comment was deleted O.o

  • Júnior Nascimento

    ConcernedApe, Hello!

    I think about the dollar due to increases.
    By how much will not disclose date and amount?

    Thank you!

  • youngmasterE

    i watched the live-stream and i have to say that this is one hell of a game,you should start a petreon after releasing the game. I’m sure people will support you greatly since your the only person who does this genre justice and love how you try to put great detail into it.
    also I have a few questions which i hope are not heavy :
    do the npcs change cloths when they go to the beach and other special places?
    does water in your farm run out in summer?
    also is there going to be sequel or will it depend on the sales or a gold edition ?

    i just can’t ask anymore questions the game feels perfect.

  • marcus94x

    What you working on this week?

  • marcus94x

    can we choose our birthday?

  • marcus94x

    ^_^ *Watched Video Again* :3 Waiting for the next status report, should be here someday 😀

  • McWhite

    While in theory being able to configure how fast the game is going sounds like a really good idea, I have to strongly disagree with everone who wishes for such an option. In a lot of cases when you build such a time-schedule system in your game it can become quite the complex system that reaches deep into your games core and everything is entangled with it. I am afraid that a change like this might cost the game months of rewriting code and a lot of time that could have been spend otherwise. I really hope ape sticks to his vision here and is not trying to please everyone. We played harvest moons in the past and they were fun and they did almost everything they did for a reason, even the missing of a time-scale option.

    • caprontos

      Based on him saying he changed the time from 5sec = 10min to 7sec = 10min means its not super hard to change.. It’s just a mater of how hard is it to make it a setting or a line in a config file to change this.

      As an in game option I’d just go with 5sec = 10 min .. 7sec = 10min and 10 sec = 10 min as a fast, default slow day options. Multiplayer always = default. This is like a 12min to a 24min day..

      Which should be plenty to give people who want the heavy time management can have it and the people who want a slow day where they can actually visit features other then farming, without giving up farming, Can have that to.

      So I assume its not a huge amount of extra work – Just a matter if he wants to do it.

      If he chooses to not do it, I wonder how moddable this game will end up being? Has that ever been discussed?.. Perhaps a mod for time setting can be a thing though..

      I’ll buy it regardless of the time scale of course but I’d really like the time option because I’ve always wanted it.. In every Harvest Moon.

      • marcus94x

        Well, I agree with the time-Management but to-be-honest I don’t plan on using it but I think it be simpler to use 7sec-10Min in game along with that isn’t the same thing happening every year? so if I Miss something the first year I can go back in Year 2 and grab it and long the lines of multiplayer I already have a ton of friends who all gonna sit in a room and everyone gonna play Stardew-Valley, along with those lines, No idea how many players will be allowed in one game at a time, but currently waiting for Update #31… Yeah along with harvest moon I wanna go find a PC one I can play until Stardew-Valley comes out, I been on this website everyday since I found it, along with that I wonder how the energy system works in the game, is it always the same or do you get more energy for task or do the skill upgrades decrease the energy usage. So many questions to ask and so many days left to wait. Well off to find a game to play 😀 peace
        { I think the way he probably has the game is the timer is hooked to the SYSTEM and SYSTEM Controls the Events, No Idea how to program at all, so this is me taking complete guesses }

        • Klintt

          ”Q: Will it be multiplayer?

          A: Yes! Stardew Valley will have support for up to 4-player co-op online
          and over LAN. There are no plans for a split-screen co-op yet.”

          -FAQ page.

          • marcus94x

            Well I’d rather have it on a computer but I have a 60IN TV I plan to use to play this game on :D.. 4 players huh……. I’m pretty sure SC would suck though, there be absolutely no room to see once so ever

          • marcus94x

            Sweet, -cheering- ITS TIME TO FARM -waiting-

  • Klintt

    @concernedape:disqus Is the “Stardew Valley hero” competition is still a thing..? (the old trailer did mention: “If you do well you might just become the next Stardew Hero!” )

    • marcus94x

      No Idea, but when do you think the next update will be up? C A N T W A I T

      • Klintt

        If only I knew… haha.

        I wonder if hes going to announce a release date in October or November. *fingers crossed* 😉

        • marcus94x

          *Fingers crossed* better if its October xD, but there is no game that I want half as bad as this haha

          • Klintt

            I guess it depends how it goes with multiplayer and switching to monogame (assuming that he have enough time)… Oh and finish that missing 1%! 😉

            Then I guess its more polishing,bug fixes while waiting for the release. *shrug*

          • marcus94x

            True True, but that 1% is vary important 😉 and I don’t mind waiting

  • Pesawat Melintas

    Where is the purchase button? loool cant wait

  • Bluevyper

    Hoping for some good release news in the October update, I’m about ready to get lost in this game

  • Dude

    I really dont wanna hand you extra work this close to the end, but somthing kept screaming out to me while watching them play.

    The trees and bushes… they’re so still…
    Would an occasional falling leaf or slight breeze animation in the leaves be asking for too much? I think it would go a long way in terms of atmosphere and feel…

    • sharlike

      I really like the idea of having animations to give a more life-like feel to the plant life. There are already some animations in the preview when walking through the tall grass and such. Maybe it wouldn’t be too time consuming!

      • Dude

        It was seeing those animations that really drew my attention to how still everything else is. I don’t think everything needs to dance like those flowers in town do, but it just adds so much to have breeze effects in trees and the like.

        This really becomes an issue when you consider how much time is going to be spent interacting with and looking at plants, this being a farming game and all. Looking at those still plants next to the still weeds just seemed unrewarding in a way. There was nothing to show value to the plants that the player had grown successfully. It all just seemed kindof blah… I dunno, maybe I’m just being picky.

        As an aside, adding in sway effects to the leaves on trees, shubs and the like allow for new weather possibilities. The game could have windy and stormy days take place where wind/slanted rain particles go across the screen while the sway effects on plants is more pronounced and more frequent to add to the atmosphere.

        Speaking of bad weather, wasn’t it a feature of Rune Factory where, when really bad weather hit, there was a chance that some of your field could get messed up and some plants could be destroyed? That could be a really nice addition to the game if it isn’t in there already. It’s always good to have some setbacks along the way as you play.

        …geez, I’m really asking for a lot, aren’t I. All of it polish at the end of the day, but… everyone’s so eager for the game to come out this year, I’d hate for it to be delayed too but these features would certainly be nice…

  • The Kraken

    One thing mentioned in the stream is the addition of a bicycle to move faster; I think that would be an excellent addition to this game, which looks absolutely amazing by the way. I love the new animations and the delicious sounds and sprites. Adding bicycle skills or upgradable parts could be awesome too, like snow/sand tires or the addition of a motor! Wishful thinking perhaps, but just my two cents on what is already looking to be something I’ll be playing for many years to come.

    I’ve been a follower of this game’s development updates for a very long time, nearly three years, and I absolutely can’t wait for its release! You are doing a great job, keep up the great work. I highly respect you taking your time to perfect the game before its release, and I am excited to try the branching storyline and multiplayer! So much Kudos for this instant classic 🙂

  • Glacialis1337

    i really think you should animate the bushes and trees so they have a little more feel to them, but we can still live without it, you’re doing an excellent job btw.
    Really looking forward to this

    • Pesawat Melintas

      I will buy 2 copies if he did add the animations.

    • Júnior Nascimento

      It would be interesting.

  • Xecense

    Just wondering how things are coming its been awhile since we heard anything from you. i cant wait for this game so please any news at all??

  • Ashley

    So excited for this to be out this year! I’ve been following this game since Greenlight. Everything looks amazing, like a true labor of love. :]

  • Jacob Richardson

    So is there any other gamers here who played breath of fire growing up? The fishing heavily reminded me being inspired by breath of fires fishing mechanic. That’s a huge compliment by the way. That game had such fun fishing. The only thing I miss is the voices. ConcernedApe you should do some silly voices like that. “GGRREAT”

    • caprontos

      Yeah I noticed the first time they showed fishing that it was like Breath of Fire’s. 3 and 4 both have really good fishing systems.. 1 and 2.. I only played some of each so I am not entirely sure on those..

      Shame what Capcom has done to that series..

  • Magzilla

    Well, today is my birthday and this game is still not out. Worst bday ever! 🙁

    JK. The day this game comes out, it will be the best day in the entire world!!!

  • Júnior Nascimento

    Please finish to publish the game so that we can buy it. *-*

  • Kairon Woulfgang

    will there be an option to NOT have a pet? personally if given the choice I would pick neither.

    • Number13teen

      Why? It doesn’t seem like the pet bothers anyone.

      • Kairon Woulfgang

        I do like animals in general, I just don’t care to live with them.

        Also it would be nice to walk away instead of having a pet forced upon you. (IRL issues)

        • Number13teen

          I suppose if you have a pet or not doesn’t really affect much. I only have fish, but I’ve always wanted a cat.

  • Ms awesome


    sorry for the caps, thought it’ll have ur attention, just for a bit? >< Sigh, stardew will be awesome if it can be released on our mobile devices as well <3 definitely definitely awesome

    • Ae

      You do realise that this game is made by one person only and that would be an huge hassle to do and most of the audience wouldn’t even be interested in that.

  • WeasleX

    I didn’t want to watch this, cause, spoilers, but… I can’t help it. I have no self control.

  • Pesawat Melintas

    Who the hell check this website everyday? Me.

    • sharlike


    • Digus

      I was checking here once a month, but after watching the streaming, it seems so close to release that I can’t hold it anymore.

    • wy

      I’ve even watched the stream a few times. 🙁

    • Júnior Nascimento

      Me..! 😀

    • Windof Ice

      me too! can’t wait

  • Thomas Hilz

    Choo choo

  • Lolgamer

    Nuu, I kinda liked Abigail’s blue hair instead of purple hair.

  • Chin Sy

    I hope the next post is about the release date XD i can’t wait!

  • Noel

    .I recommend removing most of the intro. I know it can be skipped, but I think viewing it would give most people a bad impression of the game. I think the game will look much cleaner if it is presented in only one style (without any large drawn cut scenes). The game would have a better overall feeling if it started during the scene where the bus is driving up to the town. I also dislike that the intro defines the character for the player. You give the player so much customization ability, but then you take away the ability to define their character’s backstory/motivations for themselves. It is okay to tell the player that the farm used to belong to their grandfather, but if you leave the motivation for going there abstract, you give the player much more freedom.

    My other gripe is the characters. I find them difficult to like and generally flat. There were several places during the video where the dialogue made me wince. It breaks immersion at the moment. It would be awesome if they were mostly likeable, but flawed characters, that had a sense of depth. What does each person want? What do they need? What do they struggle with? What are they afraid of? What/Who truly matters the most to them in this world?

    I can’t tell at the moment whether the characters are truly shallow or whether it is just the dialogue needs work. The quickest way to improve the dialog would be to make the character saw what they are trying to say more directly, in fewer words. Try to have what they choose to say define who they are instead of how they say it.

    For example, a portion of the Mayor’s dialogue rewritten:
    I am Mayor Lewis.
    Everyone has been asking about you.
    New residents are a big deal in a small town like this.

    I am a little disappointed that the time is going to be slowed down. I like a faster, more challenging game myself, but I understand and am sure it will still be awesome.

    I know that is a lot of criticism, but I honestly am mostly in love with this game. This is the sort of game that I have been hoping for a long time would be made, and it looks awesome. The art for the game is looking lovely too.

    I am looking forward to this game. I am definitely going to buy it when it comes out!

    • caprontos

      You can hope for mod-ability.. Its only one guy making it so, he’s already done an impressive amount.

      Also all that’s really shown is intro “Hello I don’t know you” stuff so we don’t know how in depth the heart events go (I assume this has those, I can’t remember off hand if it was said in an earlier dev update) or how many they will get, and how much they develop as you get to know them and pick out one to pursue.. Or how much your choices in the two “Story paths” will impact what they say/do.. There may be more depth then you can see.

      There are plenty of routes to expand the characters out… Just a matter of how much is done with it all…

  • Diovos

    I thought today there would be an update. Because today is…

  • ultrasam

    I think you are a very amazing developer just by making this whole game by yourself. And I really love it

  • Zoe

    Please please please make it Mac compatible! ;_; I’ve been following your progress on the game for 3 years and would be devastated if it were only for Windows.

  • Desbones

    This is looking great! I’ll definitely grab it when it comes out. Since you seem open to feedback, I have a suggestion for the chat interface. Could you change it so single sentences do not get split up across multiple dialogue windows? When this happened in the video, it was trickier to read and it made the conversation seem less natural. If a sentence can’t be appended to the current window without overflowing, the whole sentence should be moved to the next window.

  • Laurence Lefebvre

    Please please make it available for Mac too! My friends and I have been planning our epic farming adventures for over a year now, and I really really want to play with them so please?

  • PhoenixStar

    So, generally speaking, I think people are used to the time freezing indoors, I would agree 7 seconds per outdoor 10 min is a good clip, giving 70 seconds to the In-Game hour.

    As for indoors perhaps there could be 3 options. That are either chosen from at the start or able to be adjusted by the player in games, providing as much choice as possible I feel is something all people interested in buying could agree to 🙂

    7 seconds (normal)
    10 (slow) seconds
    Indoor Time Freeze (classic)

    If there are events that require time to pass, such as festivals, that occur indoors, these could be an exclusion to the rule, passing at either 7 or 10 seconds per 10 in-game minuets. The same goes for areas like the mine, if you want to make exploration of the mind cost time, it could flow there at either 7 or 10 seconds

    As a long time fan of harvest moon I am very much looking forward to the completion of this game, If it had been in early access Id have bought it then, but I respect the desire to have it more complete.

  • James DeRiven

    And lo did the chant begin: “Update. Update. Update. Update. Update! Update! Update! Update!”

    • McWhite

      *tunes in* Update. Update. Update. Update. Update. Update. Update. Update. Update! Update! Update! Update! Update!

    • Pesawat Melintas

      Update. Update. Update. Update. Update. Update. Update. Update. Update! Update! Update! Update! Update!

  • McWhite

    I want to gift this game in the secret santa session on the christmas party of my student game developer club. I hope I am able to do that then. 🙂

  • Digus

    For anyone desperate for some update, we got a picture of the horse on twitter today:

  • Achaes

    I can not wait for this. I have been itching for a new Harvest moon style game and you nailed it. Take your time, no rush, keep up the good work. Excited as hell.

  • Hariyanto Maou

    i have been checking this website everyday 🙂 hope this game would come this chrismas.

  • SimiIV

    Oh no… now i’m even more hyped!

  • Klintt

    Update#31 on October31, pretty please? 😉

    Oh and it was my bday this year.. *cough* 😉

  • Jess

    Hello Ape,

    Serious question : How to give you money ?

    Your devotion to your game is remarkable, count on me to talk about Stardew Valley around me !

    Bye !

  • Hunter Gallegos

    Ape, I just need one more update. Month and a half has passed
    Please don’t leave me like this.

    • Digus

      He just replayed someone on twitter saying the update is coming soon:


      • James DeRiven

        Is it soon yet?

        • Digus

          If you watch the trailer from 2013, it says “Stardew Valley, coming soon.”, so, who knows.

          • Sam

            Urgh. You just crushed my small hope q-q

            Nah, I think we will get one next weekend. I think. I hope….

          • Digus

            I think we will get one before the weekend, but it’s better not to set our expectations to high.
            When people hear “soon” they start to hit F5 every minute and get frustrated really quick.

          • Sam

            Ah, I’m with you here. Luckily I’m used to think of a “Blizzard soon” not a “every minute from now soon” 😀

            Let’s hope we are right and get something new until next Monday!

          • Digus
          • Sam

            OMG! That are really good news! Thanks for sharing! I searched for it on Steam but it isn’t up yet. Seems like that takes a day or two more. Excitmeeeeeennnnnt!


          • Pesawat Melintas


        • Pesawat Melintas

          soon = 1 more year.

  • Nina Uraara

    My body is so ready.

    • Pesawat Melintas

      How much do you think this game will cost?

      • Marie-Êve Nielly

        Around 10-15$.

  • Holly Lynn

    I can’t help but notice that the mouse is used for everything. I’m more tuned to play console games and I really don’t like the idea that you have to use the cursor for things that are not intuitive to be that way. I can understand that it’s supposed to be an improvement but it’s really not. For example I noticed the seed placing was 1 per click whereas in classic harvest moon games when you used a bag of seeds it did a 3×3 grid including the spot you’re standing on. Your tools could be upgraded to do the same thing. That was the best way, IMHO, and I hope that controller support will allow me to not use the mouse at all.

  • Jonathan A Dunlap

    +1 for linux support!

  • Amber

    ” I am looking into possibly switching to MonoGame, which would allow for a Mac and Linux release.” How is this looking? Right now I play the game on my boyfriend’s PC and I absolutely looove it, but he saw me play, then started to play, now won’t stop playing. Is a Mac release going to happen? I’m keeping my fingers crossed (otherwise I’ll be digging an ancient laptop out after I fought of the dust bunnies :-))

  • This game is awesome. And hope this game has a mac version that I will spend a lot time on it 🙂

  • @concernedape:disqus Have you seen/heard of FNA https://fna-xna.github.io/ ? It is a reimplementation of XNA 4.0 for open platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.). I just wanted to share it incase it would make the port and maintaining of the game on Mac and Linux easier. Thanks!

  • Nick Crawford

    SteamOS version please. Would really appreciate it, I am really enjoying my Alienware SteamOS console, but it is a real drag to boot into windows. Would love to support your game though

  • Rainbow Girl

    I wish Every Release Of Stardew Valley Would be all Finish! Since I Would Always wanna See The Co-Op And the Final Release! And ConcernedApe I just Wanted to tell You The Archaeology Office Quest is Still not Finish! I got Every Single Mineral and Artifact! Please Tell me What Else I have to do?