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Steam Greenlight (Stardew has been Greenlit, Thanks for voting!)

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  • Larsalon

    This game has so much potential

  • ???

    nice :)

  • Maestergoob

    wannnts it 😛

  • Wugabuga

    Starbound is gonna be awesome. And now this game ? Wow i really need a LOT of time when they are released..

  • DeadlyTalent

    I am very excited to see this. I have wanted a Coop Harvest moon type game for a very very long time. Is there a preorder option out there somewhere. TAKE MY MONEY!

    • Junpei

      He doesn’t want a pre-order so he doesn’t feel stressed to owe people a game as soon as possible

      • Al

        This is game developing done right in my opinion. No mindless screaming masses yelling and screaming and kicking for a finished product when they bought into an alpha. I’ve been Following this game for a year, and I’m still excited to play it. I may even buy two copies once released. Props to dev.

        • Skarn22

          three hours till release, still can’t prepurchase. talk about principled! hehe

  • Sheepsheep

    I love this game soooooo much and expect it coming soon!

  • WMoose

    The moment I saw this, my soul lit up. I have fiended for a retro style Harvest Moon reboot, and having looked this over will definitely be buying it the moment it’s available. I even green-lighted it!

  • medoessam

    its like minecraft and terria but new and from above camera and coolerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • rob

    I Green Lit this one but its going to take more votes for it to get on steam, If your looking for the next new harvest moon / farming simulator this is the one… its even got adventures and fighting!!! and co op :O VOTE grean lite this one

  • JBonkerz

    I keep throwing my money at the computer monitor but nothing is happening!

  • SuperphilQc

    Harvest Moon but a lot better, it can’t be a bad game 😉

    • Rosamelando

      Maybe better than the original, but no even close to FoMT

  • Buckstabu

    I’m very interested in this… Hoping for a Linux version. I really don’t want to have to run it through WINE.

  • jaden fire

    Wow great game! Will this have a offline feature? Or only online…

  • Timothy Kean

    these people will be drowning in money when this finally comes out I’m so sick and tired of using emulators for harvest moon

  • Moeed Rahman

    can you guys release a beta version of it

  • yasin yildirim

    cmon!!! stop torturing me!! make a beta!!! :'(

  • Hiro Wb

    Minecraft+Harvest moon = BUYING THIS COOL SHIT

  • Snoul Glam

    When is the release date of this game?

  • John Offergeld



    Cant wait for this game to come out!!!!

  • Scyfer

    I would not be suprised if this game does very well. Even if it dosn’t, I will be watching it very closely.

  • Hunter Folden

    i think u should add the idea of pets to view or a little magic of the evil variety :)

  • DJFreckles

    Its Like Terraria, Harvest Moon, And Minecraft In One!!!! I Just Wanna Print Out A Picture And Make Out With It!!!! x3

  • Leo Klaus

    I don’t wanna have it now. I just wanna pre-order it XC

  • AdamP

    I am so excited for this I literally check my computer 6 times a day waiting for this!

  • Bryan Richards

    They have a fanbase with money in many areas, runefactory, harvest moon, minecraft, as well as their other games pulling people over to this one. These fans have money, money they would like to spend in advance for a game when it comes out for small benefits. It is a two fold benefit, they get money, and fans get to know right when the game is released as well as get early access and appreciation from the devs.

  • mcookie5


    • Jim.

      Too bad it’s already going to Steam

    • fieldmouse88

      I wouldnt even know about this game if it wasnt for steam =P This is the best thing since harvest moon for SNES ;D Also, having it on steam is so convenient, I dont even buy games outside of steam anymore.

  • *Clicks with mouth noise*

    I am transferring all my money to this guy named “ConcernedMonkey” though “ShadyMoneyTransfer.Biz” But you are not giving me the game you promised!!!

  • Trent Breckenridge

    Can’t you just release the game yet?! D: It looks so good!

  • jason wong

    when can I play?

  • josh

    this game will never be finished

  • Jo Aldridge

    I want to play this so BAD!!!!!

  • Val Dum

    Oh my shitting goddess I am excited for this beyond words holy fuck

  • When this game comes out it seems that I’ll have seen the end of sunlight, because I’ll live in my room for the rest of my life playing this.


  • aleyab

    how to download this game ?

  • Louie Struthers

    I check this game everyday just wish I could have a taste of it, Im a huge fan of similar games but it looks like this one is just the icing on the cake it has so much content throughout different aspects.

  • Stephen Prew

    where to buy and what is price?

  • Konstantin

    Omg i want this game!

  • Diogo Fidalgo

    No alpha or beta to download? :/

  • Wsensor

    Game looks nice…

  • darkbit

    Will there be a german translation pack?

  • Oath 2 Order

    Should fix the wiki link here

  • Marcus Skaroh

    What about adding to Community Links? :)

  • Goose

    Will there be Linux support??

  • Leon van den Hoven

    When will the game be available for Mac/Linux (if ever)? Dying to play this!

  • Wafflecakes

    Guys I found this great Stardew Valley Quiz, it also tells you which villager you are:

  • Verus

    Are you thinking about an iOS version (iPAD)?

  • Zuck Tortilla Ex


  • nada

    can i download it on MAC BOOK devices?

  • Zacko77

    Seriously, thank you for this game. So simple. Yet so much of the awesome sauce.

  • Psychotic Gamer

    This game is beyond amazing. I have nothing but good things to say about it. I wonder if you’ll be able to actually interact with your furniture/family more in the future.

  • Manuel H. Orozco

    What about the Mac version? Is it ready? I need this game!!!

  • dredonkey

    is there a way i can accsess the old version please!!!!!!

  • Ramon Gonzalez

    Im addicted in Stardew Valley. Amazing game!! Thanks!

  • Not to sound greedy and I am sure they get a lot of comments saying this but… When is multiplayer gonna be ready? Me and my bro in law have been playing this game non stop and can’t wait any more!

    Please let us know.

  • Willian Breno SN

    cade a tradução para portugues??????!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paulo

    stardew Valley em espanhol, português brasileiro, alemão, russo, japonês e chinês simplificado…
    vai demorar muito a sair? se ativar o beta no steam conseguirei ter acesso?

  • M Marill

    Seriously I can’t find any way to get this game AT ALL? How do you get it? I know it’s around £10 but how do you actually go about downloading I’ve been on this site for ages can’t find any possible way?! Does it even exist?

    • Bonne Elzinga

      Just buy it through steam… Loving the game BTW!

  • Wildblood

    @Eric: You’re a God amongst game developers. Stardew Valley is pure perfection, and far and away my favourite game on the PS4 so far. In a different age, or with a bigger publisher, this game could have been considered one of the all-time classics, mentioned in the same breath as Chrono Trigger, Metroid, or Animal Crossing.

    Thank you for a truly engrossing experience! Not sure what you’re planning on doing next or even if you have any plans for future games, but I will be eagerly following news. You sir, have earned my 10 hearts!

  • Kadek Nusa

    Keep moving!