Stardew Valley Console Release Dates

I’m pleased to announce the official release dates for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of Stardew Valley!

Stardew Valley will launch in North America for the PS4 on December 13th, 2016.

Stardew Valley will launch in Europe for the PS4 and globally for the Xbox One on December 14th, 2016.

Pre-orders for the Xbox One (globally) and PS4 (Europe only) will begin on November 30th, 2016.


Stardew Valley will not be coming to the Wii U, however. Looking at Wii U and the current gaming landscape, we made the difficult choice to shift our development efforts to creating a version for Nintendo Switch.  I am really looking forward to the Switch, and I believe that the Switch’s unique capabilities could create some exciting opportunities for Stardew Valley. I do want to emphasize that I am absolutely committed to seeing Stardew Valley on Nintendo platforms, and I really do appreciate your support and understanding in this.


  • Totally there with you, but no 3DS?

    • Callie

      The Switch seems like it’s more or less going to replace BOTH the Wii U and the 3DS. There’s rumors that Pokemon S&M will be on it, for example. So I wouldn’t be surprised if most developers stop developing for 3DS and look to the Switch instead. 🙁

      • Why does Nintendo have to be so bad with good powered hardware. Why did i have to buy a wii u.
        But still. I totally understand.

    • Onkeljan

      Its probably a lot easier to port this game to Switch, as it targets modern platforms like xbox one, ps 4, pc. The Switch is a lot closer to those platforms than a 3ds.

    • Superscooter

      probably too taxing on the cpu of the 3ds

    • Stardew Valley will not be coming to the Wii U, however. Looking at Wii U and the current gaming landscape, we made the difficult choice to shift our development efforts to creating a version for Nintendo Switch. I am really looking forward to the Switch, and I believe that the Switch’s unique capabilities could create some exciting opportunities for Stardew Valley. I do want to emphasize that I am absolutely committed to seeing Stardew Valley on Nintendo platforms, and I really do appreciate your support and understanding in this.

  • Kevin Kermit Mitchell

    Stardew would make a great sizzle reel peek for when Nintendo are hyping the Switch’s digital offerings and such. Hope they see that too and you 2 pair up well.
    I’m definitely picking it up on either PS4 or XB1 for sure for some toasty winter play time, but I could certainly be tempted to re-buy on Switch next year as a means to play it somewhat portably for re-plays over the course of the future.

  • Paul Hein


    Why does Nintendo have to be so bad with good powered hardware. Why did i have to buy a wii u.
    But still. I totally understand.
    The Wii U is dead. It smells. It rots. And i somehow hope that the switch can fix it somehow. but i think in the end they will also fail.

    Have fun developing everything.

    • Tery Jaye Yazze

      was a waste to buy the wii U, I did. The only game I pre-ordered …terrible. But they still could’ve put it on the system, sure its not that underpowered..just lazy I guess

      • Leafshade

        It’s not lazy.

        I have a Wii U, I enjoy playing some games on it, making a game for it, now, is a horrible decision, sales have plummeted, consoles are no longer being manufactured, asking them to make a Wii U version is asking them to spend money porting it to a system almost nobody will buy it on, especially once the switch releases.

      • Tery Jaye Yazze

        Even thou the Wii U is no longer being produced doesnt mean all the consoles have vanished from the surface of the Earth, they still are out there. Be nice if they DID port it to the Wii U Im sure they would make money off of it and also make more money on the Switch.

  • Kresnik Ahtreide

    Still holding out for a Vita version, please 🙂

    • amak11

      Lol, if it skipped the Wii U it’s definitely skipping the Vita

      • ar4757

        Vita certainly has a better chance with indies than Wii U lol

        But I agree it probably won’t be on Vita.

        • gnysek

          Vita is greatly compatible to PS4 in some way, so if there’s no release, it’s probably cause they don’t believe in high selling on this platform, and don’t want to waste time.

          • BlackirisMnemocide

            It’s more difficult than that. Games that have not been optimized for a Vita release in the first place are really hard to port, even if they are “just” 16-bit-styled 2D games. You have to deal with significant lower specs that modern consoles and PCs, in addition to other pitfalls. That’s why many announced Vita ports get cancelled, and why indie developers that support a Vita release (like Zeboyd Games with Cosmic Star Heroine) have to dedicate a significant amount of time to get the game to run properly on the system.

          • Benjamin_nl

            with remote play almost every ps4 game is playable on the ps vita.

      • Kresnik Ahtreide

        At least the engine it’s made in is compatible with Vita (Gamemaker isn’t with Wii U) and the studio doing the porting have worked on it multiple times before (Sickhead Games).

        I’d say it has more of a shot.

        • KevDoy

          This is not made in Game Maker.

    • There is some good news.

  • JonathanisPrimus

    Any possibility of getting Sickhead to do a Vita port? Optimization for that build would probably help the game on all platforms.

  • Not shocked about the Wii U cancellation. We’re at the end of the rope with it– best to look towards the future. Having a farming game quickly on a new console will let you set the standard for it, after all.

    • WittyPixel

      This game is about farming??

      • James

        It not just about farming. You have mining and fighting monsters, community center, fishing, and friends.

        • CJ Gloria

          Basically like the Rune Factory series but more liberty and more features.

          • James

            Pretty much. I never played that game. I guess you could say I am stuck on Tropico.

          • Enmanuel Canabal

  • Heilige Genezer

    There plans for PC co op, But is possible if console has it as a update once have enough stability?

  • Frigg

    Would really love to be able to play it on vita as well!

    • Barret232hxc

      man I forgot I even had a vita 🙁 the thing has been collecting dust for years sadly. Last time I used it was to try and use it for the remote play features

      • Frigg

        I use it fairly regularly (mainly for rpgs) but I understand the sentiment. Still, I would play Stardew Valley for hours on a portable handheld 😀 The switch is an obvious choice for a port, but I still would love it on Vita.

  • Harry Sully

    i think the game would be a great fit on ps vita, i know its not the most popular device but it has a dedicated fan base and has a great attach rate.

  • Roberth Garcia

    Not cool. Gamepad it could being an awesome controller for this game.

    • Rinku

      Isn’t the Switch almost the same, but better?

      • ianschopa

        Wii U is dual screen – Switch is single screen – very different concept overall. Games like Axiom Verge and Wind Waker made good use of having map / inventory on the second screen. I’d imagine Stardew Valley could have made similar use.

        • Rinku

          I get your point, but Stardew Valley seems to do fine on PC and now consoles as well. I understand some people may like this idea of an extra screen very much, but for me personally, it weighs far more to be able to take the game with you, as the original versions are single screen anyway..

          That’s beside the point though, but to be fair; we don’t really know for sure if the Switch does not support dual screen like the WiiU?
          It does make sense if they want to ever port WiiU pad optimized games to the Switch, and while we didn’t get to see anything in the trailer and they surely didn’t focus on that aspect yet, the Switch might still have the same possibilities… We don’t know anything about how the dock works; wirelessly, with a connector…

      • Roberth Garcia

        They not confirmed yet that the screen is going to be touch.

  • Dante Mitchell

    I’ve been following since you were posting about elevator mechanics in the mines. Love this game and where you’ve taken it thus far. Can’t wait to buy it again on my PS4!

  • mafi

    This releases are translated?

    • Lord Xamon

      No, the translation will come later. At the same time as on pc, I suppose.

  • moviereviewrsports

    Yep begins. Indie developer are making the switch. Poor Wii U. Now let’s hope that Kerbal space program, Shantae, Darksiders comes to the wii u. Also I new this will happen because stardew valley was made in xna and Wii U does not support monogames and xna. I hate saying it Eric lied

  • Максим Федоров

    Maybe something about localization update?No?

  • TheUnderdog2020

    They’re missing out on the biggest market for the game, 3DS. A handheld, portable, on the go farm. Not to mention the huge number of possibilities in terms of online and local connectivity. A recent example would be the sales of the new Pokémon games that was released as a 3DS exclusive. It has had the most pre-orders of any other game in the last 5 years. There is a massive market out there for the 3DS and this game is perfect for it. Imagine playing this and visiting your friend’s farm (kind of like Animal Crossing). You missed an item or fish that can only be obtained during winter? No worries! Hop into your friend’s game where it’s still winter instead of having to wait a full year!
    Sadly, the 3DS may not have the best specs in the world to run the game and there would be mountains of hard coding work but in the end that would pay off ten-fold with the number of sales and fans the game would gain from this.

    • Barret232hxc

      I’m guessing you don’t know much about the switch yet? That’s the portable version of the game. But even better than the 3DS it hooks up to your tv as well so it’s like a hybrid of console and portable. No need for a 3DS version

      • amak11

        Switch is not a portable

        • Barret232hxc
          • amak11

            That does not mean its a portable. It means you can take it with you. Like the Wii U. The Switch is in nintendo words is a home console, the actual portable successor is coming after the Switch. I’d suggest you do your research before you make blind assumptions like this.

          • Tom

            You can’t take the Wii U Gamepad with you; it needs to be within range of the Wii U. The Switch is a portable as well as a home console.

          • amak11

            Take the Wii U with you, find a plug. Electricity is everywhere. It’s just a home console that you can take with you, like the Wii U. Again like I told the other guy. Don’t make blind assumptions. I can prove to you in 3 seconds that Nintendo even said it’s a home console.

          • Derrik Curran

            The Switch is a home console first but it’s clearly portable. The video right on http://www.nintendo.com/switch has people playing it while outside walking a dog, on a plane, in a car, etc. Nintendo says the Switch won’t replace the 3DS but they also said the DS wouldn’t replace the GBA.

          • amak11


            Again, research helps. Don’t add to the misinformation going around please

            By the way, the amak12 unvoter is pretty hilarious dude. Upvoting your own comment

          • amak12

            Nah this is actually someone else who was so astonished at how stupid you are I made an account just to say that you are a moron. All people are saying is that the Switch is portable, literally portable. It can be taken on the go to play games. That’s all it means. I don’t understand your delusion/confusion and your need to debate others on this.

          • amak11

            I dont understand your need to create an account to upvote. I’m not the one here who’s intentionally misinforming people about a console that a company themselves have dictated what it was.

            People are saying it IS a portable that replaces the 3DS as evident by “That’s the portable version of the game. But even better than the 3DS it hooks up to your tv as well so it’s like a hybrid of console and portable. No need for a 3DS version”

            I dont even need to quote that as it’s right above. I think the only stupid one here is you because you willingly gave your information to discus to “refute” me.

          • amak12

            I suggest you look back at what you typed. “Switch is not a portable” This is what I am responding to. The Switch is LITERALLY portable in that way that a 3DS is portable. I understand what you’re saying about the WiiU being portable, because it totally is. A bit less convenient but yes, it is. What the people here responding to you are saying is that the Switch is capable of on-the-go gaming. You don’t need to bring the base with you because the screen/tablet itself is the console.

            The comment you replied to said this: “I’m guessing you don’t know much about the switch yet? That’s the portable version of the game. But even better than the 3DS it hooks up to your tv as well so it’s like a hybrid of console and portable. No need for a 3DS version” This person says nothing about the Switch replacing the 3DS as Nintendo’s main portable. And no one else has suggested anything of the sort. You are in fact the one spreading misinformation.

            Also, to sign up I gave them my info? One email? Oh well…? It was even my alternate email I use for junk accounts. Try again.

          • Bitcoon

            You are so mad about the most inconsequential possible thing right now, it’s hilarious. You’re really trying to argue that the Wii U (the one you have to haul around a large 5 lb box and power brick along with a massive ‘tablet’ controller for, which requires that you plug it into an AC socket and be stuck in place while you play and yet still is limited to a paltry 3 hours of playtime until you need to charge the controller? The one where a large part of your game library will be unplayable and you won’t even know which you can play until you try it and find out that the gamepad refuses to display anything but a map/inventory screen because it assumes you’re connected to a TV?) is as much a “portable” as the Switch? And that a system which is a tiny bit larger than the Vita isn’t a portable because Nintendo didn’t specifically say it would replace the 3DS?

          • Frdjck

            Nintendo Switch is a portable console no matter what Nintendo or anyone say.
            I will use the tomato analogy to prove my point.

            If you go to the supermarket, in the vegetable section, you can buy tomatoes. If you ask the clerk what are tomatoes, he will tell you it’s a vegetable. If you check on the box or bag that contain tomatoes, it will say that tomatoes are vegetable. If you ask the government agency that regulate fruits and vegetable and ask them what tomatoes are, they will tell you that tomatoes are vegetable. However, if you watch a tomato grow, you will notice that it come from the flower. If you open a tomato, you will notice that it contain seeds. If you look at the definition of a fruit, it’s the part of a plant that come from the flower and that contain seeds.

            So, even if the tomatoes is indeed in the vegetable section and not in the fruits section, It’s still a fruit. Even if the seller is telling everyone that it’s a vegetable, it’s still a fruit. Tomatoes will be a fruit no matter what argument or proof that it’s a vegetable you find.

            It’s the same thing as the Nintendo Switch. Even if Nintendo is marketing it as a home console, even if it is sold in the same section as the PS4 and XB1 at Walmart, the Nintendo Switch will always be a portable console because it correspond the the definition of a portable console. The fact that it can be mistaken as a home console doesn’t make it a home console as the fact that a tomato look like a vegetable doesn’t make it a vegetable.

          • Rinku

            You are talking shit, and just want to be right.

          • Txus Di Fellatio

            what about now? would you still say the same? hahahah

          • Nintenbo

            Switch is both a home console and a portable.

          • amak12

            I don’t think we’re going to get through to him.

          • Derrik Curran

            Seriously? I literally just said Nintendo says the Switch won’t replace the 3DS and you replied that Nintendo says the Switch won’t replace the 3DS. It doesn’t matter if it replaces the 3DS or not! It IS irrefutably portable, by definition of the word.


          • Superscooter

            idigitaltimes is a shit source that uses clickbaiting titles in order for their nonsense writing with no actual evidence to get views

          • amak11

            Oh look: http://www.nintendo.com/switch

            “A first look at Nintendo’s new home gaming system”

            Reading helps

          • Pete


            “Nintendo Switch is designed to go wherever you do, transforming from home console to portable system in a snap. ”

            Its clearly a portable. And a home console.

          • Barret232hxc

            able to be easily carried or moved, especially because of being a lighter and smaller version than usual.

          • ar4757

            Japan markets it as a handheld. The West likes home consoles (lame-o’s) so they market it as such. I do think they’ll make a smaller Switch though.

          • Jinx 01

            I want one a cheap one that doesn’t have the tablet. I’m not taking that thing with me.

          • bunnyfreakz

            “it means you can take it with you”

            If it’s not definition of portable, IDK what is this

          • Rinku

            “That does not mean its a portable. It means you can take it with you.”

            is… isn’t “portable”, and ” can take it with you” almost the same?

        • SweetMilkyRita

          The Switch is being marketed by Nintendo as a home console. It is, however, clearly portable.

        • D4rkh4x0rer


          Did you not watch the trailer?


          Even Reggie here said the entire console is the tablet. The dock is just for charging and being able to play on the TV.

      • TheUnderdog2020

        I know all about the switch (so far). But there are a few errors in your argument. First of all it may be ‘Portable’ per say, but there is a vast difference between ‘Portable’ and ‘On the Go’. 3DS is streamlined and efficient for playing while on the move. It has a sleep mode and folds down to fit snuggly into pockets, Purses or bags. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be dragging around that Switch controler in public, whether it be sitting in the park or commuting on the bus. It is not designed well for travel. The screen can be easily damaged or scratched, the controllers can be lost and it is to big to fit into any pocket or bag without being a hassle. Another issue is battery life. Since it’s a home console it is designed with the idea in mind of having a power outlet nearby for charging, therefore one can only assume that the battery life on is not going to be great and maybe even comparable to the Wii U controller.
        I will admit though, the linking up to the TV is a cool concept, but you also need to remember, it’s not released yet. It has not been finalised in terms of price or technology. Things can change. Take ‘No Man’s Sky’ for example. They promised everything and delivered nothing.
        However, the 3DS is already released and has 60.9M units sold. That’s almost more than XB1, PS4 and Wii U COMBINED. http://www.vgchartz.com/analysis/platform_totals/Hardware/Global/
        Taking these sales figures into account, even if the Switch does somewhat well, there is NO WAY it is going to catch up to 3DS sales anytime soon. I’m only speaking logically here that releasing Stardew Valley on 3DS would be their best marketing decision currently.

        • you know what else isn’t portable? Tablets. nobody takes tablets anywhere – I never see anyone using them on planes or in coffee shops – it just never happens.

          Laptops too.

          • Jinx 01

            Tablets are also designed to be portable, come in several sizes, and are fairly cheap (Kindles are under $100). Also doubt the Switch’s battery life will be as long as a 3DS.

            I really hope they don’t intend to replace the 3DS with it, because it just isn’t the same thing. Too big, bulky, and expensive for me to feel comfortable dragging it around. Phones and 3DS’s I can at least put in a pocket or something. This looks far more fragile (if you drop it they thing is probably toast) and it’s not like I have a purse to shove it in.

          • Rinku

            You never see people taking portable devices like tablets and laptops with them?
            I guess you should get on the plane more often then, or in coffee shops!

          • Dammit sarcasm you failed me yet again!

    • Jover

      Stardew Valley as it stands is single player , but there is a multiplayer coop ” 4 player ” getting added as soon as its finished

    • Jen D

      I agree completely. When you consider their fan-base has arrived even from the DS system, that’s way more fans rather than households with questionable incomes playing the I-want-this-console-but-I’ll-play-my-XYZ-until-I-can-even-afford-the-Switch dance.

      Oh wait, I can’t even argue that (reads an article how the Switch broke sales records, posted 3 days ago: http://www.cinemablend.com/games/1660460/nintendo-switch-sales-just-broke-a-record). Never mind, this generation is clearly loaded, and buying Nintendo Switch systems like hotcakes. *Put it on the Switch, if people are crazy enough to drop $400.00 on hardware that hasn’t even seen major public testing, go for it. And good luck trying to earn your money back on the Switch game, when the users are now too broke to buy games for the thing.

      PS – I’ve bought multiple games for the 3DS AND Wii/Wii U; if a game is GOOD, it’s got playability on anything, and will often give a different gameplay experience. So I’d love to hear you guys at least consider the 3DS along with the Switch.

  • Sérgio

    I almost had a heart attack thinking this post was the Localization Update’s release 🙁


    Anyway, good luck in the console’s release! I’m sure will be such a success!

    • Américo Santos

      Quem eh Rosana?

      • Sérgio

        Bordão brasileiro da Tulla Luana? nunca ouviu? kkk

    • Carlos Eduardo

      Achei que era tbm ;'(

  • Hank Hill

    This would be perfect for the 3DS and would make great sales

    • NES_style

      I have to agree with you. I would be happy to buy 3DS version!

  • Brittany

    You have my money on Nintendo Switch! Looking forward to it!

  • Rinku

    A Switch version is exactly what i’ve been hoping for, i’m hyped!
    I think it will fit the Switch VERY well; one of the reasons i haven’t bought Stardew Valley yet, is because i feel i’d be glued to my PS4 or PC for ages… It would be very nice to just take it with you, and do some stuff in some spare moments. So now we get that portability, PLUS the ability to just play it on a big screen! I was waiting for a Vita version, but i this might be even better because of the home-console mode. ( Though i’d still also welcome a Vita version!)

    Will absolutely pick this up when it releases!

  • But, Vita though? Pretty please?

  • Yasu

    I’m so sad that the Wii U version got canceled, I was looking forward to it so much.

  • Justin Paul

    This is exactly what I was hoping for. After the Switch announcement, I wasn’t going to buy this for my Wii U. I’m so happy, can’t wait!

  • Chad Hinman

    Very excited, in fact I’ve been waiting for the ps4 port to try out version 1.1.
    Curious if that is the version that will be released on consoles. Going to return to the valley regardless.
    Gotta get those trophies 🙂 As always, thanks for such a wonderful game, Ape!

  • Andy

    Hope a physical console release is in the cards.

  • Bat

    Will there be a port for 3DS or just nintendo switch?

  • Josh Barkley

    Are the console versions gonna have all the content from the latest update or will they be like the origional steam release?

  • Legend21

    Can’t wait to play the switch version.

  • Eva Valentine


  • Arthur

    I really wanted a Wii u port of stardew valley. I don’t want to get another console or a expensive computer to play stardew valley. Show wii u owners some love and please continue the Wii u version.

    • Leafshade

      I have a Wii U, I enjoy playing some games on it, making a game for it, now, is a horrible decision, sales have plummeted, consoles are no longer being manufactured, asking them to make a Wii U version is asking them to spend money porting it to a system almost nobody will buy it on, especially once the switch releases.

  • Eva Valentine


  • Bruno Henrique

    where is the multiplayer and translations ?

  • Dancap
    • Benjamin_nl

      that will never happen the 3ds is to slow.

  • Angel2

    I wonder if they are considering porting this to mobile. I know I would love to play it on my iPad if I can’t get it on my 3ds. I do have it on PC but I would like to be able to play anywhere.

  • Tery Jaye Yazze

    how hard is it to put this game on the wii u. Could be turned out on one weekend and put up on eshop.

  • August Pro

    Better finish localizations first. :/

  • camiloei


  • Peter Hardy

    Please could you test the game properly on the couch in front of a tele, it’s so disappointing when devs move a game across from PC to console and then my enjoyment it’s ruined because the game was developed my people sitting a foot away from a monitor who didn’t consider what the game was like to play on a tele. It really spoiled my enjoyment of Wasteland 2 having to squint at the screen because the UI elements and text were so ridiculously small, even cd project red didn’t even think to consider this and had to work on a later patch for the Witcher 3 as the text and hud were so tiny that console gamers were struggling. Please could you let me know if you are on top of this as I’ve been looking forward to this game for a long time and this is my no1 concern, thanks!.

  • Miguel Angel

    For when in Spanish? I already bought the game i’m just waiting for the translation.

  • Miguel Angel
    • Conrad

      Dar actualizaciones para PC es mas facil como para consolas. Las actualizaciones para idiomas aparecerá mas temprano en PC, pero las versiones del juego para consolas solo tendrán ingles, y actualizaciones para otros idiomas aparecerán un poco más tarde.

  • Ryan Ryugamine

    Finally! A release date! it took time. Going to maybe pre-order it if not then i will just buy it soon 🙂

  • Anyzhs

    Could you release the Localization Update as soon as possible. As a Chinese player, I think there would be over 10 thousands of Chinese player that is waiting for the localization updates! For me, I checked your guys websites and steam-updates everyday! I really love this amazing game and I really want to recommend it to all of my Chinese friends! I can`t wait!

  • vova

    Russian where?

  • Erin

    Hell yea.

  • Pheen!x

    So happy about this. I was eagerly awaiting an announcement for the Switch.
    It may be said for the people who were waiting for the Wii U but the Switch is the better choice atm. It will also give the game a portable advantage. Also developing for the Wii U is supposed to be a pain but according to reports Switch should be more port friendly.

    So smart and right move. Thank you ConcernedApe for the great Game and your continued efforts.
    I tried out the game at a friends place and had a blast being able to play it on the go and from the comfort of my couch is gonna be a blast. Have my day-one-purchase!

  • AHAW Weber

    e a tradução nada?

    • Welliton Marques Nolasco Junio

      nao seria hoje?

  • gnysek

    There’s no PS4 preorder yet, is it just because store will get updated later today, or it preorders will be delayed?

  • Poor Wii U! I was really looking forward a dual screen stardew valley, where I can organize stuff in my backpack with a touch screen. Guess nobody able to pull this dual-screen thing off just Nintendo itself. New 3DS version perherps? I’d love to bring along my farm with me.:D

  • Renan Lopes

    I am so happy for the Switch version. Will be getting Stardew Valley for it day one!

  • Augusto

    What about xbox 360 and ps3??=(

    • Deadly Viper

      unlikely, those consoles are old….

  • Levy

    Although it’s a little disappointing that it’s not coming to Wii U, I will still play it on PS4/Xbox One regardless. This is a beautiful game that deserves to be played by everyone.

  • Joshua whitaher

    put it on the 3DS. when the multiplayer feature is available people can play online or LAN connection!

    if they can put Terraria on the 3ds you can put stardew Valley too!

    • Deadly Viper

      Exactly what I was thinking!

  • Timecraze

    Having a DS version would probably be the best thing ever for me, but this Nintendo Switch is definitely going to overtake the DS world. Too bad since I can’t afford it or any of these other consoles. TT^TT
    PC is fine though. I just wish I could carry it with me all the time.

  • Dustin Brinnon

    Looks like I’ll own this on PC, PS4, and the Switch then. Woo!

  • Martin Brennan

    No! I was so excited for the Wii U version :(but

  • xxTheGoDxx

    What happened to the October update?

  • CJ Gloria

    Are they not considering the 3DS? They’ll earn more fans and more money if they’ll put it up on the 3DS.

    • Enmanuel Canabal

      The 3DS is at the end of its lifespan it would be pointless to do sl as they would take a long time to port a game over to a console that is not relevant

      • J0NNYBOY

        WTF? It is not at the end of it’s life cycle…
        It’s not the Vita

        • Jadams01

          yes it is

          • Anoraki

            You’re an idiot.

          • James Stephen Delaney

            Your an idiot

      • Sergiy Dementyev

        🙂 3DS is far from the end of the life, they have announced the games for 3DS for the next three years, Even tho Nintendo said that they have huge plans for 3DS after releasing Switch.

      • Nargy

        Maybe you’re talking about the Wii U, because 3DS will be alive within the next few years.

        • Enmanuel Canabal

          Nvm you are right i guess they just dont want to port it over to that many handhelds as it hasnt been on phones vita psp or 3ds and only home consoles as of now

          • Holtzy

            Yeah or maybe because Stardew requires so much power and the 3DS is kinda powerless but I really think the 3DS can handle it.

          • Enmanuel Canabal

            I think the new 3ds can handle it

          • Enmanuel Canabal

            It could just be that they dont want anything to do with the 3d feature

          • Holtzy

            I don’t think it’s because of 3D functionality,because it’ll be useless with Stardew Valley. I think it’s because of the amount of work they’ll put on if they port it to handheld devices.

      • weslyadvancesp

        Nintendo anounced that the 3DS will be supported until after 2018, so I think you’re he one wrong here.

    • This is not made in Game Maker.

    • This game is about farming??

  • Peterson Jesus

    Eu espero noticias desde outubro pra chega e ler essa merda ?? Não quero saber de console cade a TRADUÇÃO pro PC ?? Que falta de responsabilidade pelos jogadores que joga em PC tamos no aguarde faz 2 meses ….


    • Então cara, eu só acho que os devs devem estar cagando para oq um BRzinho que está putinho por não terem lançado uma tradução PT-BR para a versão do PC. Com certeza para eles a conquista de estarem lançando o game para duas outras plataformas e tendo uma terceira em vista é muito maior dq adicionar uma língua que vai atingir tão poucos jogadores. O mundo não fala Português fera, eles falam inglês em sua grande maioria, aprenda a língua deles e pare de se prender a esse mundinho pequeno. Up

      • Carlos Eduardo

        Para de babar ovo dos cara burguesinho ..

    • Welliton Marques Nolasco Junio

      parece que sai hoje

      • Peterson Jesus

        haha ta dificel isso, mds da nem animo de jogar

  • Claire Read

    Woo hoo! Just in time for my Christmas break from work 🙂

  • Daniel

    I have a question for the Multiplayer.

    You say, that we can play “local” but means that, that we can play for example on 1 PS4 with 2-4 People? That would be awesome!

  • KC82

    Got my preorder in already!

  • BornFlunky

    Honestly disappointed. I shelled out my hard-earned money ’cause I thought this was going to be coming to the platforms I currently own. What a backhanded, dishonest way to–

    Just kidding, I know this wasn’t crowdfunded.

    Saddened by the news, but of course, it’s perfectly understandable. And the fact that I’ll be able to take this game on the go excites me.

  • Jamie Beauchamp

    are we still getting it for xbox one in usa? like texas?

  • Hikari

    Someday it will come globally to PS4?

  • Willian Backhaus

    What about new 3ds, would buy again in no time

  • Jacob Payne

    Very excited about the Xbox One version and already pre-ordered within 5 minutes of it being available, but will there be a data transfer or any way to continue on my PC farm? If not, a large portion of stardew valley gamers would only be interested if there was multiplayer on console so is there any form of updated time table for that?

  • Tim Seitz

    still no localization update tho…

  • KinglyGoldenFuzzy

    Will the PS4 version be equivalent to the PC 1.1.1 version or a previous version? I’d like to buy it on my PS4 but I’m just hoping it’ll be up to date, unlike certain other games. Namely Minecraft (hence why I will stick to Minecraft on PC).

  • StichFace

    Are there going to be any notable differences with the ports from the original? Like is it going to be 1.1 or pre 1.1?

  • Zhu397

    when will multiplayer come out? 🙂

    • Lexi

      Multiplayer would be awesome! I’d love to be able to have a farm with my friends, and split the work load between us all. But better to fix current bugs and problems before getting the MP.

      • XxIR3DEEM3RIxX

        There are not really many bugs. I almost never seen one. 1-2 graphical bugs I saw. But more… hmm… dunno

      • This game is about farming?

  • Daniel Romlin

    I would buy it again if it came too vita

  • Where Gundams lie

    How much will it cost on ps4/xb1? will it have multiplayer?

    • Brandon Potter

      All the games will have COOP multiplayer when the feature is released.

      • Daryl

        If he doesn’t keep going back on what he say’s…

  • Preston Pierce

    Hello I bought this game with the promise of co-op soon. This was said May 1, 2016. So I bought this game on sale thinking it would be able to play with friends within a at least 3 months. It has now been 7 months and so could we have an update on this?

  • Elias Warholm Nærø

    Will the game be out on disc or will it just be a Digital Download?

    • Brandon Potter

      Who the heck uses discs still? The game is less then 500 MB, no need to even use a Disc for something that small.

      • Elias Warholm Nærø

        Well i’d love to have a disc just so i could have it on my shelf. Stardew Valley is probably my favorite game of all time so that’s why i asked. But still, thank you for your answer.

        • Brandon Potter

          You can always make the Disc yourself. Just burn the games backup to a CD, make a label for the case…. Not too hard XD

      • James Jeans

        Shovel Knight got a retail release specifically for people who want to collect physical media, so there’s always a chance Stardew Valley will get the same.


    When is the pre-order for playstation store US coming out?, i’m seeing other places have the pre-order, i know its coming out earlier in US, but i’d still pre-order it, while i still have the money xD, either i’m stupid and not seeing it or it’s just not out for pre-order yet :/

  • TheRaven81

    I have a curiosity…
    In this post here, back in June: http://stardewvalley.net/stardew-valley-coming-to-consoles-q4-2016/
    You said:
    “It’s very important to me that playing Stardew Valley with console controllers is intuitive and effortless. I’ll be the first to admit that the current, rudimentary controller support in the PC version is far from ideal, and it will need to be adjusted prior to the launch.”

    So now that PS4 and XBox One have release dates, is there going to be an update to the PC version regarding the controller support?

  • Doti Hicks

    Is there anything diffrent from the pc vs ps4 edition

    • James Jeans

      The PS4 version (and Xbox One version) will have heavily refined controller support. The PC version’s controller support was sort of secondary, whereas the controller is the core method of play on console. Presumably, the interface will receive an overhaul to be more controller friendly.

  • stephaine skinner

    Which version of Stardew Valley is it that will be coming out to the PS4 – will we be getting the 1.1 updates, out of curiosity? (sorry if this is a dumb question).

    • Brandon Potter

      Seeing as that there might be cross-platform multiplayer, all versions of Stardew Valley would have to be identical…

  • bf

    I’ll definitely be picking this up on PS4. Would love to see a Vita version as well!

  • CallMeMaster

    im glad its coming to ps4, but if we bought it on pc do we get any kind of discount?

    • Brandon Potter

      Why? Two seperate games for different platforms.

      No company gives out those kind of discounts… IF you cant afford it, just wait till there is a sale.

      • Tim Seitz

        that’s not true. microsoft games can be played on both, xbox and pc if you bought it for one platform

  • Wagner Nunes Dos Santos

    official translations??????????????

  • Does anyone know if this is going to be a disk release or if it’ll be strictly on the PSN Store

  • Deadly Viper

    Again, any chance for 3DS? I will Gladly donate towards that, and wheres the XBOX hype at? I’ve heard nothing about xbox players being excited yet 3DS players are desperate for a port? doesn’t make sense to me. and honestly I’ve stopped playing stardew valley mostly because the fact that there will be no 3DS port just depresses me, and I cant play it on my PC anymore, so this is the end of stardew valley for me, so long concerned ape, you somewhat provided an escape from my depression, for a short amount of time… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/63b58aa2f24a08e5bd298a7d24492709ab1e83aed54ed64ce51f002d0fe2955c.png

  • KadiZ Brah

    we wait languages

  • DragonFireFox

    But what about the land down under Australia what if i got ps4 not xbox ??? how do i survive the traumatic event!! TELL ME

  • Ruddy Klein

    I’m returning the game and also deleting my review from steam. No translation and no multi-player despite the promisses. I’m done waiting. Concerned Ape became Greedy Ape and forgot what the game needs in spite of the community urging for it everyday.

    • Daryl

      I’m right there with you….lifetime boycott and bad review for this man

  • jeff kjata

    I have 2 important questions that im sure most console customers like myself are going to be curious about.

    1. Will we be receiving updates and fixes at the same pace as PC?

    2. Will Online Multiplayer be added and can you give us an idea of around when it will be, if so?

  • Does this mean the PC version will gain full controller support?
    The only reason I haven’t bought this game yet is that I have no keyboard/mouse on my PC.

  • Mike Dijital Turcotte

    one more day, one more day…

  • Willyan Bezerra

    A quela famosa jogada de marketing das desenvolvedoras, provavelmente a tradução só irá ser liberado no dia do lançamento pros consoles como frisado acima.

    • Joao Victor Faria

      Sabe qual vai ser o valor? Nao achei em nenhum lugar

  • Dustin Brinnon

    I’m just bummed that pre-ordering the PS4 version is exclusive to Europe. Now I just have to hope it pops up at either 9 or midnight (I am PST).

  • Eric Miller

    Where is the pre-order on PS4? Even in the search menu I don’t see anything. Love that game I have played 100h on PC and ready to start over on PS4!!!

  • josh80

    Looking forward to the Switch version!

  • Citra Dian Pratiwi

    Will it release for region 3 as well?? 🙁

  • Eva Valentine

    eu esperei por ela ontem o dia inteiro,ansiosa e nada! a dois meses estou esperando e o cara simplesmente não fala nada :/

    • Welliton Marques Nolasco Junio

      Você joga no pc?
      Então , tipo eles devem está trabalhando muito para isso.
      Sou desenvolvedor game, e sei com é complicado.
      Espero que saia logo para a versão do Xbox…

  • Bruno Silva

    This game would be great on 3DS

  • Daryl

    If I have to wait a year or more or have to buy nintendo switch for co op, I will be furious. I bought this game 2x on Pc and Xbox one BECAUSE of co op announced in MAY. Don’t be like the creator of no man sky…if your not doing co op I would like a refund for at least of my copies!!!!

  • Daryl

    To hell with Nintendo bum switch

  • sebastianboehm

    It should not be so difficult to bring this game to wii u too 🙁 My Partner loves farming games and we have a wii u in the living room. That would be great. We are not going to buy that nintendo switch, at least not in the near future. Wii U has 12+ mio units shipped and this game seems to be typical nintendo stuff. If i would have been asked, where this game is published, my first guess would be wii u and my last guess would be ps4. I have a ps4 but this is not my kind of game and i am not moving my “precious” ps4 from “my castle” to the living room. 🙂

  • paveu87

    I’ve got SV on my PC, and it was super cheap. It will launch on 99% of the PC’s, because the requirements are very low, so I guess everybody can have this game for small money. So there is no point buyin it on PS4 for me. But if I could play SV on the go – I think I’d buy it again for Vita. Please make Vita port.


    Woooow… great! I have neither XBox nor PS4. And there are many more people. Because we are no gold shitting donkey! (sorry for my language)
    From the other side I’m thankful for waiting long for the localisation and the multiplayer. So the developers can look out for making mistakes. Take your time and develop with love on the game.

  • Simmi Gaming

    is there any chance that it gets a vita release? 😮 I already have STV on my PC/Mac but I would love to have it on my vita as well! (I wouldn’t mind buying this game again for my vita really xD)

  • Rachel Sywolos

    Damn. I was hoping Wii U would happen. But I understand why you would focus on the next gen. Idk if I’ll be able to afford the switch, though…

  • Brooke

    Will there be a version coming out for mobile?

  • Koneko

    Pls make vita version of this game :<

  • Nicholas Robshaw

    Is it on 3Ds?

  • pilkjaer

    Hi! It’s sad to hear that WiiU won’t see the release of you amazing game. Do you have any estimate on the cost how much would it cost you in order to make a release for WiiU? May be something that you can offer as a Kickstart project? I think this game belongs on a Nintendo platform and I have hardly any faith in NSwitch. So I personally would love to see this game on WiiU and I’m ready to pay extra for this. I’m sure that there are other people out there.

  • Steve Demir

    I really want to play this game on my commute to work, so I’m hoping for a PS Vita-release.

  • Zach

    Huzzah for indies on Switch! The perfect platform for games like this.

  • Inuchan

    Will multiplayer be cross platform?

  • Andy Yoshitsune

    Please consider making the physical copy for the Switch version.

  • Shauna

    Ugh, I was hoping for a wii u release. I don’t wanna get the switch (nor can I even afford a new console)

  • Денис Суворов

    3DS This is a very favorite console gamers, so I think that you need to optimize the game and for it.

  • Tibbi

    Wish it would come to the 3ds. If Minecraft can this game should be able to Port. Play ds more than the switch.

  • Ghoosty

    Aurait il possibilité de le voir apparaitre sur la Nintendo New 3DS ? Je pense que cela pourras faire venir et faire connaitre bien plus le jeu. Et puis ce jeu en “8 bit” ferait un tabat sur console portable, et non elle n’est pas en fin de vie la 3ds !